How We Wore It Series: Pink Blush


I am so sad to see this series come to an end - but it is finally time for day three of the How I Wore it series! I have been teaming up for four other bloggers to show off some items from the Pink Blush closet. Day one was all about the gold and black cardigan and day two featured my favorite pink knit sweater. And today we are rounding it all out with a color block dress.

Dress: Pink Blush c/o
Necklace: Pink Blush c/o
Leggings: Pink Blush c/o
Boots: TJMaxx

I wanted to bring you a different look than I brought the first two days. The first day was all about a classic night out look, the second day I went more casual, and today I decided to take the color block dress and put together a fun look for a girls night out or a concert. First things first, I have pretty long legs so I decided to use the dress as a tunic. I paired it with my favorite black leggings and a pair of heeled boots to add the sass. Then I layered on a fun colorful necklace to bring a little pop to an otherwise neutral outfit. You can see how the other ladies - Samantha, Medge, Natalie, and Lauryn, style the same piece by checking out their blog!

How We Wore It Series: Pink Blush


Welcome back to day two of the three day How I Wore It Series! I am teaming up with four other lovely ladies to show how to style the exact same item from Pink Blush for five different styles and body types. Yesterday we shared a gold and black cardigan. I decided to dress my cardigan up for a fancier outfit. Feel free to head to yesterday's post to check it out! Today is all about a more comfy item - which I love - a pink knit sweater.

Sweater: Pink Blush c/o
Pants: Pink Blush c/o
Watch: Feral Watches c/o
Shoes: Payless

I decided to keep this one really simple. This outfit was the first one I wore once the package arrived at my house and I cannot get enough of it. The sweater might not be the most flattering on my shape, but I feel so comfortable wearing it that it doesn't bother me. It is a relaxed outfit that makes me feel confident. I decided to pair the sweater with some cropped pants and flats to keep the look casual. But, also - trade out the shoes for heels and it can work for a business casual outfit as well. The first day I wore this combo I put it on in the morning and wore it to work with pumps, came home and traded in the heels for some flats and accessories - like you see above - and I was able to wear it out to coach some girls for pageants. It is a really versatile outfit, which I love for my on-the-go days. You can see how the other ladies - Samantha, Medge, Natalie, and Lauryn, style the same piece by checking out their blog!

How We Wore It Series: Pink Blush


These next three days I am joining up with four other lovely ladies for a how we wore it series. Let me tell you how it works. Each of us have one item that is the exact same from Pink Blush and we have all figured out our own way to style it. We want to give you a few different ideas of how to wear some of the most popular items found at Pink Blush - that way you can feel comfortable rocking any item and gearing it towards the way you prefer to dress. For example, my closet has a lot more of the "classics" like blazers, cardigans, dresses, leggings, jeans, and t shirts. But I add in spunk a with sequins and leopard. So my outfits over the next three days will reflect my style - which I like to call classic sass. First item in the how we wore it line up? A gold and black cardigan.

Cardigan: Pink Blush c/o
Dress: Pink Blush c/o
Tights: DKNY at Costco
Shoes: Famous Footwear

I decided to use the cardigan to make a more dressy outfit. Something that I could wear to a nice dinner or a show. I decided to really let the gold in the cardigan be the focal point - so I paired it with a black dress, black tights, and black heels. I felt like keeping everything black, not adding in more colors, helped create a sleeker and more mature look. But the gold accents on the cardigan add in a fun element that is my unique twist on the traditional little black dress look. You can see how the other ladies - Samantha, Medge, Natalie, and Lauryn, style the same piece by checking out their blog!

Bachelor Season 19: Episode 3


Welcome, welcome Bachelor Nation. Ready for a recap of last week before you get your Bachelor on tonight? If you have yet to catch an episode you can catch up on what has happened so far in last week's post. So I have to be honest about my start with episode 3... in the fact that is was late. You see, Adam and I have gotten hooked on Scandal and we needed to finish up the episode we were on before we could dig into the bachelor goodness. So I missed the first tenish minutes. But I hear it was full of introducing Jimmy Kimmel to the episode which included him calling all the ladies sister wives and putting up an "amazing" jar in which every time someone said amazing they had to put in $1 - Jimmy will be rich.
Kaitlyn gets the first date. Which happens to be a real life trip to Costco. This is where I tuned in - when they were looking for ketchup. I didn't fully grasp it, based on the sheer amount of food and items they were getting I thought they were planning a house party for everyone. Turns out it was just Jimmy, Farmer Chris, and Kaitlyn. With questions from Jimmy ranging from, "Why are you dressed like that" all the way to the real question "Don't you have sex with everyone in the fantasy sweet?" Jimmy also didn't mind to get out of the way during their makeout over Kaitlyn receiving her rose and he joined them in the hot tub during their makeout sesh.
Next up. The group date. In which the ladies had to do some bizarre farmer relay race. Milk the goat, drink the goat milk, jump the fence, catch a pig. All the ladies were super intense and got knocked off one by one. And in the final pig chasing round we get a full censor of Jillian's rear, once again - should we really be surprised - and Carly the big catcher knows to wait for the pig to come to her, not chase it around. So she wins with that little snippet. Her prize? A reenactment of American Gothic. Then off to the cocktail party once they all get that goat milk rinsed off. The cocktail party was basically every girl pulling Farmer Chris aside to make out with him. And Mackenzie decided to call him out on it... so awkward. Onion girl only gave one extremely crazy look that I caught. And Becca gives Farmer Chris the cheek instead of making out with him - solid move - then tells the cameras, "I hope you don't need to kiss to get the rose!" Well surprise. You don't because Becca gets the group date rose and all the ladies that macked on Farmer Chris instantly feel retarded.
Meanwhile back at the house the next one on one date comes. This one is for Whitney. She gets to go enjoy a day on the hillside with Chris and her voice has instantly gotten less annoying, Chris' laugh however is driving me bananas... Alvin, is that you?! And down the hill is a wedding... just happens to be a wedding. That Chris and Whitney just happen to decide to crash. And then while they are there they just happen to talk to all the people in the wedding party. And no cameras are spotted. And I am sure everyone that did not have a blurry face signed a release. And also there just happened to be a rose in the wedding decor - great thing that bride was so in tune with what ABC would need, right? But besides all that - I really love Whitney. Good soul.
Once everyone is settled in the mansion Jimmy Kimmel comes to let them know there will be no cocktail party, but there will be a pool party! Which makes magic lamp belly ring girl VERY upset because she really wanted to do her Kim Kardashian look that night. She also goes crazy at the party, but more on that later. Jimmy Kimmel leaves with his amazing jar full of cash. FULL of cash and the party begins as soon as Farmer Chris takes off his shirt. Lots of girls showing off in bikinis. And then the saddest part every. Juelia shared the store of her husband's suicide with Chris. I can't even imagine what she has been through - amazing and strong woman. Jade steals Chris away after that and takes him to his house. Bold. And while they are inside Jillian waits in the hot tub. She also wont get out when other girls come to ask for his time. Which is where Ashley I freaks out. Laughing. Crying. Running away. And then almost pulls Chris of the balcony while they makeout. Then they all change and look shiny and new for the rose ceremony.
Nothing too surprising here. Roses given and the girls with less air time get the boot. The usual. Jimmy Kimmel also gets the boot at the end of the episode and I think his farewell was the best one of the entire series. Best cocktail dresses go to Jillian, Kelsey, and Kaitlyn - simple dresses with not too much airtime, so feel free to disagree with me. My favorites right now are Britt, Becca, Kelsey, and Whitney - Jillian is hit or miss and Kaitlyn is growing on me. Who are your favorite ladies for Farmer Chris? Any predictions for tonight?

Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 50.


"For me...this is something that has evolved over the years. Truly... I can say at one point in my life I didn't quite understand what real beauty was. There was a time  when I was guilty of looking at the cover of a magazine to show me and it really didn't make me feel very confident!  Over the years I have grown to understand that beauty is something achieved through your character and how you respect yourself and others. In my eyes, beauty isn't using photoshop to make a thigh gap or erase your laugh lines. Beauty is embracing your body the way it is and winning people over through your personality.
I would describe my body type as athletic. But most importantly healthy! When I dress for my body type I try to keep things modest and comfortable. Comfort is always a big deal, if something doesn't feel good it is a no-go!
My style is really a random mix of things. I can't really pin point one particular "style" that fits me. Black is my go to color and I love to dress casual and then add a fun piece to pull the outfit together or give it a unique feel. For example, if I am wearing black skinny jeans and a plain white t-shirt I will toss on a leather crop jacket to spice things up - always keeping comfort and modesty in mind!
Fashion fits everyone in that it is versatile! It is unique to each individual and can be used as a form of expression!"
- Samantha from Samantha Elizabeth
Interested in being a part of Fashion Fits Everyone? Email with the subject Fashion Fits Everyone and we will get you scheduled.

Shabby Apple


Let me tell you all about this skirt and how it came to be. I have had a Shabby Apple gift card in my possession for too long. I am a gift card hoarder for those of you who do not know me. And I have been saving and saving my Shabby Apple gift card for the most perfect of items. For the longest I thought that perfect item was going to be one of their tulle skirts - but I kept debating if I could just make it myself, so I kept the gift card tucked away. And then all the sudden Shabby Apple released their new line and I was in love. Every time they posted something on Instagram I would swoon. And I finally decided, I would spend my gift card. So I pulled up my favorite items, sat down next to Adam, and showed him a bunch of A or B options to see what he liked - because that is always what I do when I can't make up my own mind. And finally we landed on this skirt - that I didn't think he would love, but I knew I loved it, and happily he loved it too.
Skirt: Shabby Apple
Chambray: Gap
Necklace: Chicos
Shoes: Forever Young
When it showed up in my mail box I was SO happy. It is so beautiful. I tried it on instantly and was even more in love. And now I have the most beautiful waltz skirt that I have ever laid my eyes on. And that, my friends is the perks of saving your gift cards. Because someday you might find the most perfect of items and you will just be able to get it because you have free money on a little plastic card. Where do you wish you had a gift card to? Do you save your gift cards for moments just like these?

Bachelor Season 19: Episode 2


Are you ready for another love filled week on The Bachelor: In the Field of Love and Crying? If you aren't you can get a refresh and recap on last week's episode to prep you for all The Bachelor glory. If you don't want to get any spoilers - stop here because I am going straight into the heavy stuff. If you remember, last week ended with some heart broken women heading out after the first cocktail ceremony... but one decided she wasn't quite ready to leave. And this is where is all begins, Bachelor Nation.
We start with the New York yoga queen begging to be back in the house. She just really feels like she needs to be here. It feels right. But if it feels so right then why the heck didn't you make an effort to talk to him? Because you clearly stated you got eliminated because you did not talk to him. But Farmer Chris, being the nice guy he is gives her a second shot at love. And the girls are surprisingly cool with it. I say surprisingly because they were not that cool when they thought there were 15 girls and there were really 30.
Host Chris brings the first date card and a huge announcement - Farmer Chris is living down the driveway so bug him as much as you want. This should be promising! First group date. A pool party? Awesome. Wait... scratch that ladies! Put on your heels and we are walking to a remote location in our swimsuits - cue the honking cars driving by - to race tractors! Which, apparently no one realized are slow? SURPRISE! And Ashley I. wins a little one on one time by somehow cutting off the other tractors and almost dying while she cheers. And once Farmer Chris and Ashley I. return to the group of ladies, he proceeds to send them all home for a one on one date with Mackenzie.
But before we get to their one on one time, let's go back to the house where two young ladies decide to raid Farmer Chris' end of driveaway mansion and try on his motorcycle helmet. And then they decide to test it out by running their head into brick walls and fridges. "Don't tell a soul!... A Soules! Get it?" Also - a sad story telling where the sweetest lady shares about how her baby's father killed himself shortly after he was born. Strong woman. Lots of tears. I couldn't do it. She is so strong and positive - I admire that! Now back to the date.
First three topics of choice? Former ear piercings, big noses and their appeal, and aliens. Off to such a good start! And then she starts talking about how she hasn't dated in so long, which leads to her talking about her 1 year old. Which seems strange because she also sort of talks like a 1 year old. But Chris digs it and she gets a rose and a kiss. Then she proceeds home to tell the girls they kissed 5 times. She can count!
The first real one on one date arrives. And the girls are all sorts of jealous. A private plane which leads to an epic helicopter ride. All good things. Then a desert wine tasting and another sad story. Her father died of a massive heart attack shortly before the show - there is so much death in this episode! All the feels. Seems like a solid girl. Solid enough to get a rose. And she seems totally shocked by it, but I am not. A rose for you. Not much else to say about this one.
The final group date has arrived. And boy is it a doozie! A zombie killing date. This sounds like all of my video gaming dreams come true. Accept, I am also terrified. Scream and shoot girls. Scream and shoot. But don't forget. FIND THE BEACON!
Crazy onion girl keeps talking about shooting her teammates. Shoot zombies. Not each other. How does she not understand it? ZOMBIES. THEY ARE DEAD. Probably gross looking. Not in makeup, heels, and sequins. "I would never shoot you!" Why does she talk so slow? She is clearly taking this very serious. "We will kill you." And then she keeps shooting them as they lay there on the ground. The Mesa Verde. The Mesa Verde. And then she just walks through a cloud of dust and zombies like no big. But her scene comes to an end because they found the beacon. And now they party because the girls "really killed it today" - good one Farmer Chris.
And back at the mansion we have Jordan. Better known as Drunk girl because she is apparently drunk every night.. Not concerned at all with anything accept free booze. Twerking on the wall. And then she starts doing impressions, talking about hairy behinds, and who knows what else. Slurred and slurred.
And then back to Onion girl and her paint ball escapades - "Did you shoot me in the ankle?" To which Onion girl says, "I would never shoot a person. It might have ricocheted." Then she talks about angels - in the candle, getting roses, you name it. More Ashley. Wandering. Listening in on people. "Heard the truth. Like boom!" And then the other girls are told to go find their own way to the truth. Long pauses. Hide and seek? Adventure? I am so freaking lost. It looks like Farmer Chris is too. Mesa Verde again. And then she walks in on his interview. "I'm not just going to be fake with you. Your leather smells really good." Her quotes could be a post all in their own. So I will stop with this one. "You don't want to loose the whole world. But you don't want to gain the whole world. You don't want to loose your soul."
Britt again with the good conversation. He is so into her. You can tell. And I love it. He brought her a "Free kiss from Chris." And then she wins again with more Farmer Chris kisses. And the group date rose goes to Kaitlyn - the foul mouth girl from episode one. But she isn't as awful this one. But I also don't love her. More to come.
Whitney's voice is much less annoying. She surprises Chris with a nice little back porch date and it is so cute. So I am feeling better about her.
Ashley I. is a virgin! Which is great because Farmer Chris is a renounced virgin. Oh... and Mackenzie is jealous that she is a virgin? That is actually disgusting that she is so in love with that wishes she would have had that? Well... you could have been. And then Ashley offers him three wishes on her magic lamp belly button ring. But he has to rub the magic lamp belly ring to get his wish. What? Wait? And then everyone gets to see them make out. Like hardcore makeout.
And the bartender says, "I want to kiss you so hard! Is that allowed?" Of course it is. Kiss away! Jordan is drunk again. Lots of slurred words. "Don't be weirded out. I'm only kind of a stalker." Enter Host Chris, symbolizing the end of the cocktail party. Then end of the making out. And the end of some girls dreams to be a farmer's wife.
The rose ceremony begins. Only two things of note for the rose ceremony.
Juelia and Jillian stood way to close together for their similar names. He called Juelia, but Jillian heard and started walking forward...
But wait. As if her walking forward for the wrong name and then realizing it and going back is not enough, it gets better.Wait for it. Wait for it....
So awkward. I feel so bad. And then her laugh. Oh, wait, and then she offers to fix the rug. Poor soul. But at least she ends up with a rose. I cannot say that much for some of the women. And the final rose goes to... Onion girl!? Onion girl with the final rose? All my wtf thoughts come barreling through my mind.
Now the top picks. The best cocktail dresses go to Ashley I, Tara, Kelsey, Becca, Samantha - which I will be honest, were hard for me to pick because they didn't give me great views this week. But I knew I loved Ashley I's because it was the same one that Amanda wore last week but in red. My favorites overall? I am still fond of Britt and Jillian - but I think I am also going to love Whitney, surprise, right? I will keep you in the loop as I actually get to know the women a little better. It can all change in the blink of an episode. Who are your favorites going into episode 3?
Shoutout to Zap2It for the GIFs and for the photo!

Weekday Wardrobe


If you are new around here let me tell you how Fridays work on Deidre Emme. You all get a lot of opportunities to see me dressed and fixed up for fashion posts - but I have had a few readers ask what I wear on a day to day basis. And since I am all about full disclosure and being totally honest with my readers I decided to let you into my house - and it to my forever messy closet because I cannot seem to get my act together and unpack and organize those last few things that will show up behind me throughout all the outfits - to see what I wear on the weekdays. I have thought about including the weekends too but you would see the same thing - cheetah jumpsuit on Saturday morning, date night clothes Satuday night, Sunday best on Sunday morning, and cheetah jumpsuit again on Sunday night. It is just how things happen over here. I always posts the outfits from the week previous, so this Friday's post ends with last Friday's outfit. I also like to include the deals for the upcoming weekend for all my shoppers out there. That way if you were planning on hitting the mall or the online store, you at least know where the bests are to save a few dollas. So without further ado - here is the weekday wardrobe and all of the weekend sales.

Monday / Top: Lucy and Lyla / Scarf: Luxe & Lace / Leggings: Pink Blush / Boots: TJMaxx
Tuesday / Cardigan: Old Navy / Plaid: Target / Pants: SexyModest / Shoes: Famous Footwear
Wednesday / Sweater: Forever 21 / Skirt: Downeast Basics / Shoes: Macy's
Thursday / Cardigan: Old Navy / Top: SexyModest / Skirt: Lularoe by Bri / Tights: Costco / Shoes: Francescas
Friday / Scarf: Pink Blush / Tunic: Caralase / Leggings: Gap / Shoes: Francescas

Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 49.


christmas eve

"One of my favorite quotes is “you have to look good, to feel good, to do good.” It’s so true! I feel my best and have more confidence in who I am when I am put together on the outside. A cute pair of shoes and a little mascara can change your whole day around! I try to look my best so that I can feel good about myself. It’s the easiest way to boost my spirit and its how I’m able to portray the person that I want to be.

I’m only 5’1 so I’ve definitely struggled over the years to learn how to dress for my height. Being short is tough! I try to focus on wearing outfits that make me appear taller – skinny jeans, high heels, anything that elongates my figure. That also means staying away from harsh prints or lines that cut me off and make me look even shorter. I’m pretty petite so I have to do a lot of tucking, hemming, or rolling to ensure items fit me correctly. If you are short – find a good seamstress and get your clothes tailored. It’s the best investment!

I like most things feminine and classic. Neutrals? I’m obsessed. My fashion style is not that crazy and that’s okay with me! There are a lot of things out in the fashion world that are trending that I don’t like. My advice? Don’t wear something just because other people are wearing it. Do you! You hate high waisted shorts? Don’t buy a pair. The flower crown is not your cup of tea? Don’t wear one. Make every outfit something you love that represents who you are.

Style is an individual journey and something that changes for everyone over time. Everyone’s style is their own and you can represent who you are through the outfits that you wear. That’s what I love above fashion – it helps me feel good and show people who I am and what I love. It can do that for you too. Just be you, stay true to your own taste, and have fun! And remember, a good outfit didn’t happen if you didn't take a picture in it."

- Karissa from Karissa and Company, Owner of Aro and Company

Interested in being a part of Fashion Fits Everyone? Email with the subject Fashion Fits Everyone and we will get you scheduled.

Luxe and Lace


I have been living in leggings and scarfs this winter. They are so comfy and so easy for any occasion - plus they can go for a dressed up or dressed down look depending on jackets and footwear. When I saw this blanket scarf on my friend's new boutique I knew I had to have it. Also - it pairs perfectly with her basic tops. If you are looking for a solid neutral top - you will want to check out her basics. This is one of my most favorite outfits for winter with a blanket scarf, legging tights tucked into booties, and a leather jacket.

Scarf: Luxe and Lace c/o
Top: Luxe and Lace c/o
Jacket: Forever 21
Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Forever Young

Just like you stopping by here to see the outfits I put together, I have blogs that I stop by to catch their looks. There are some I swing by every once and awhile and there are some I swing by on a regular basis. One of my favorite fashion blogs is actually a girl I was able to meet while I lived in Utah - Jalynn of The Red Closet Diary. She has a very similar build and style to me, so I love checking out the way she puts outfits together since I know I can relate to her in a fashion sense. A few weeks ago she put together a great blanket scarf look and it was the inspiration for this outfit.

Bachelor Season 19: Episode 1


And Season 19 of The Bachelor: In the Fields of Love - as I am so lovingly calling it because I really don't get why Jake is the only season that got a real name for his season - is underway. If you didn't catch my first looks and opinions at the ladies, there is still time to see all my thoughts based solely on head shots and bios. But here is where it all begins. A three hour - way too long - premiere of The Bachelor: In the Fields of Love, starting with a LIVE red carpet event where all the Bachelor nation celebs showed up. Here is my recap of last week's episode to give you a refresher for tonight! And you get my very own commentary, combined with all those I was watching with - shout out to my parents - and texting - shout out to Karissa and Madison.
Let me start with the LIVE Red Carpet event. Which was a bore fest and partially missed because I was enjoying a grilled cheese sandwich. While I was eating I did catch some fans saying they wanted Michelle Money to be the next Bachelorette - and I can say this much to those fans, me too! I have a huge girl crush on Michelle Money. Loved her during her season, loved her in Bachelor Pad, loved her in Bachelor in Paradise - I know what you are thinking, Deidre has a serious Bachelor series problem - and I will always love Michelle Money. But back to the red carpet... It was a nice time to mix intros of Chris, the ladies, and interviews with the Bachelor alum for one whole hour of complete nothingness besides these few highlights:
Introduction for Farmer Chris and all things farming and farmer. Plus a cameo of Cody Code who was hired on as Chris' personal trainer for the season. And then we have a little about him wanting to find love, a few shots of him shirtless - this is the Bachelor of course, a preview into him getting fitted for some suits... Plus, what is that!? A motorcycle!? So Chris is apparently a "badass" farmer. He gets more interesting every day.
Update on all the Bachelor couples. Starting with Sean and Catherine who apparently have babies on their radar. No one knows how big the radar is, but it is on there. Also, Sean gives a recap on his experience as the Bachelor and what Chris can be looking for. He also gives a plug on his new book  which I am interested to hear what people think about it. Next up is Marcus and Lacey. They are currently planning their wedding in their minds. Lacey plans, Marcus "helps" was the joke. They don't have an official date but Lacey said they are "80/40" on solidifying a date... so that sounds promising. And we end with the most adored Bachelor couple as of right now, Andy and Josh. Basically they are living life and enjoying it. Still engaged. No plans for marriage anytime soon. Just ready to be together and experience it all. Then we get the honor of hearing from Niki, sans Juan Pablo luckily, about the breakup. Host Chris was trying to pry something mean about Juany boy out of her but she was very nice and ladylike about it all. She said "I mean", "like", and "you know?" more times than my father could handle. It was also the longest interview in the history of boring interviews. So I was happy when they ended it and went onto some pre-intros of a few of the ladies.
There was Britt who talked about how it is hard to be single in LA. Then there was Jillian, the intimidating new producer than thinks love is a competition. Following those two was Amanda who said she was still single because she is basically crazy... which is true. I loved her and I hated her all in one tiny little box. She is legit nuts and lives at home with her Mom. Her Mom also said she would be kicked out of the house if she embarrassed her on national television. After that was Whitney. Cute girl, annoying voice. But only her interview voice drives me up a wall. Besides that she seems great. Following that was a few ladies I do not remember that much and Kelsey. Kelsey is the most darling girl and a widow. I didn't give her too much credit in my opinions but I think I will like her solely based on her pre-intro.
And then finally the LIVE red carpet event ends. THANK YOU! And the show starts with he women arriving in limos. And as the limo pulls up we get to hear all the girls squeal and then ballerina Amanda makes her debut by saying Chris' smile is a "panty dropper" - you are done, I knew it at that very point - and I wanted to love you so much. You were so promising with your Sherri Hill dress and stunning ballerina legs. I can't remember all the limo intros because seriously... so many. So here are the standouts.
Britt: Longest hug ever. All I could think was "Never let go Jack!" And as Karissa's husband said, "Lock it up - there goes that." But she has great hair. And a great dress.
<script>Whitney: Yellow shoes. Bad choice.
Kelsey: Great hair. Can't recall anything else.
Ashley: "Miss USA? Is that you?!" Girl legit looks like a pageant queen. Stunner to the nines.
Reagan: I almost threw up a little... a heart in a cooler!? Why would you even think that is a good idea!? Oh.. it is fake? Still gross.
Tara: Oh hey Daisy Duke! Why dress in a cocktail when you can show Chris you are ready for the farm? Oh jokes. You went and put on a cocktail and re-came out of the limo.
Amber: SHE BROUGHT HER TEDDY BEAR! I called it. I literally screamed SO loud when it happened my napping Dad woke up and was worried I was injured.
Kaitlyn: I really hope Chris doesn't think it is cool that girl offered him to plow her bleeping field. Gross. I cannot even with this girl.
And then Bachelor was like super cool and pretended that was all the ladies coming. "Go inside Chris, meet the women!" And all the women are inside saying, "There are always 25 women! I have watched this show my whole life!" Well if you have watched it your whole life you should also know that Bachelor producers prefer to screw with your head. So Host Chris comes and pulls out Farmer Chris and 15 more women arrive in limos. And it is instantly clear that the Bachelor producer asked the women which ones had clever intros and put them in the back half so the first half of the women could watch from the windows with sheer jealousy.
Samantha: All I could think about is how her neck was not as long as the photo made it look. Also the first 15 women tried to block her from coming into the house, real cool.
<script>Tandra: Motorcycle girl. I love her. She and Chris can join a biker gang together.
Jordan: "I brought you some whiskey because the house isn't entirely stocked with free booze." Start the night off right!
Brittany: OH MY GOSH WHAT IS SHE WEARING!? It is the WWE Diva. Wrestlemania! It looks like lingerie but it appears to be a $230 dress that is surprisingly sold out. Barf.
Carly: Barbie karaoke!
Jade: I cannot love her dress. It looks like she wanted the rhinestones to be strategically placed so they looked to be covered her boobs and the rest is skin toned.
And honestly the rest of the back half of the ladies were a blur of cleverness and women getting mad from the window. From there it is a battle for Chris at the cocktail party. There is a lot of drama, women getting drunk, and fighting over Chris. Highlights of the episode between all the cattiness? Britt gets the first impression rose and the first makeout of the season. Go in for the kill kiss Chris! Kaitlyn says more inappropriate things in one hour than I think I have said in my whole life.  Ashley S. spends a full 5 minutes talking about an onion and then she sees one that turns out to be a pomegranate and rips it from the tree with her Hulk strength. Tara gets so incredibly drunk I thought she might drop at any moment yet she still receives a rose which is a Bachelor first that the drunkest of them all lands a rose after they cannot hold their liquor. It literally was the focus of the rose ceremony... Tara crosses her arm, Tara starts blowing into her hands and rubbing them together, Tara looks like she will fall over in two seconds. I couldn't. And at the end of the rose ceremony there are 10 very sad ladies sent out the door that were there for love and did not drink themselves silly. Except... one of them comes back!? What the what!? And of course they end it as she walks into the house to grab Farmer Chris so we don't even know what happens from there.
And then they showed the season preview which makes me think the show should be called Living on a Farm wont be easy because of all the crying that happens. But this post is already long enough without me going into details there.
Best cocktail dresses go to Amanda with her Sherri Hill two piece, Tandra with the tasteful lace and nude number, and Britt with AB stones for days.
My favorites as of the small things I know about them are Jillian, Kelsey, and Britt. I think I will like Whitney once I get used to her voice. But we will see how things change over the next little bit. Who did you love? What were your top moments from episode 1? Can't wait to see episode 2 in all of it's glory! Hope you are ready for it too.

Arvo Watch


Braids and watches. That is what it is all about these days my friends. I cannot tell you how much I am swooning over them both. A lot of my friends have been showing off their new time gear and I have been growing in envy. I am not the best at wearing accessories, but I can't help but love a good watch. In my mind, a watch states sophistication. And then there are braids... how can I not!? I am learning the art of the dutch braid right now. I keep seeing braids in every corner and I just started following Instabraid on the gram - clearly I am not alone in my braid obsession because they have over 1 million followers. So you can follow along in my attempts to braid through all my posts. Here is attempt number one with the dutch braid.

Top: Pink Blush
Cardigan: Downeast Basics
Jeans: Gap
Watch: Arvo c/o
Shoes: Forever Young

So those are a few things I will be incorporating more into my wardrobe and looks in the upcoming months. Braids for days. Watches forever. But you will probably be seeing more braids than watches - especially if you follow me on snapchat because I def just got it. You can add me at deidre.emme. What sort of things are you loving lately? Any hair styles, accesories, or fashion trends? Let me know because I would love to try to incorporate them in a post.

Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 48.


"Once upon a time, there was a girl who tried to be the carbon copy of society's expectations. She would buy tops-- that she would wear once and never touch again-- simply because she saw them on the cover of her latest Teen Vogue. She hated shopping. It was boring. But, she went to the mall anyways. Her wallet may have decreased but her closet grew and that pretty much balanced her happiness equilibrium out. Right? Right? It didn't matter that her Instagram models were petite, rail thin, and boobless and she was not. She ignored her figure. She only wanted to be trendy or dare I say "hipster." Yes, yes, yes, I'm sure we all have been here. And, yes, yes, yes, that was me.
These past few years have  changed me. Well, maybe change isn't quite the right word. It might better be described as the blossoming, refining, and cocoon shedding we go through when we move out of our childhood home. (YAY FOR GROWING UP!)  Grown up Katie picked up the matra of: having less, spending less, and using less. Basically, I have learned not to do anything I don't want to do. There are millions of people and opportunities in the world. You control your schedule. You control your focus. You control you.  And maybe my preferences haven't changed but I've learned to say no to things that don't quite fit that. Similarly, my closet has undergone that transformation. THIS IS ACTUALLY NOT EASY.
“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.” -E.F. Schumacher (1911)
I knew that I didn't like baggy t-shirts with obscure words, flannels, and combat boots. I longed for Kate Middleton-esque, pretty, and powerful. It took a little piece of my fashionista heart but I eventually threw out my crazy wardrobe. So, instead of being lined with the new, the trendy, the hip, my closet is currently filled with classic pieces. I have a collection of quality jackets, blazers, button ups, t-shirts, dresses, jeans, leggings, boots, and sweaters that I know look good on my figure. Becoming more minimalist wasn't easy. However, clothing that reflects my personality, preferences, ambitions and figure makes my life easy.
Now, I know what you're probably thinking: BORING! I get it. I get it. Fashion is fun. Fashion SHOULD be fun. I'd like to call my style "class with a little sass!" So, once or twice a year, I will add a few FUN pieces. For example, this year I picked up a cheetah print belt, patterned scarf, and wine colored ankle boots. Last year, I added leather leggings, romper, and statement necklace. I use these pieces to create variety in my combinations. I try to never wear the same arrangement twice in a month. (Yes, to keep it fresh but also because laundry only gets done at about that rate. OPPS! *Cue Christina Perry's "Only Human")
Fashion"S" fit everyone. Never mind Pinterest, Instagram models, or magazines, the clothes you put on everyday should make you feel like the person you want to become."
- Katie from Katelyn Strobel
Interested in being a part of Fashion Fits Everyone? Email with the subject Fashion Fits Everyone and we will get you scheduled.

Christmas in Yucaipa


Apparently Adam and I are super good about packing our camera but not super good at using it. We mostly used it for a new set of married photos to replace the frame in our room, family photos, and to capture some Christmas day candids. So the rest was caught on one of our phones - and I think mostly on Adam's. So here is a recap of Christmas in Yucaipa as told by my fairly poorly taken photos. I also need to learn how to use an iPhone to get better photos.

Top left - These photos all look the same. Mostly because my brothers in law took them all without me knowing. In fact, I didn't even realize until I went to email the photos for this post to myself.

Top right - I felt like they deserved their own collage because of the sheer sneaky-ness of the photos. When the heck did they even have my phone!? I don't even remember them having it anywhere near them.

Bottom left - I also felt like you needed to get a good look at what I had to be with all week. These boys are out. of. control. In a good way though. Love them dearly.

Bottom right - Missing is the third Miller brother - my dear husband Adam. These three can make you laugh for days.

Top left - This one is sort of a cheat because it was taken on a nice photo and then saved to my phone. Adam and I snuck away to get some updated "family" photos - basically engagement photos since our family is just us. Adam's brother Mike is an AWESOME photographer so we use him when we can.

Top right - Yucaipa has the most amazing street of lights. All of the houses are coordinated to the same radio station. We had one too many for a 5 passenger car so we all squished in for a drive to the lights. One of the most jammed and entertaining trips. Ever.

Bottom left - Adam and I stopped to take lots of photos as we got ready for things. Usually with Adam saying, "I hate the lighting here!" or "Turn the camera around, I don't want to look at myself!" But I am grateful for the photos still because they capture us being us.

Bottom left - This got text to me from one of the mothers of my friends. This is myself and two of my dear friends in our kindergarten play of The Littlest Christmas Tree. Great memories. Amazing to think that I still talk to both the people in this photo! Apparently when they cast us, they cast life long friends too.

Top left - I finally got to meet Melissa from Pink Blush in the flesh! One of the perks of blogging is making real life friendships. I have been working with Melissa a ton so we figured out a way to meet up when we were so close. A night at Downtown Disney and a great friendship. Love the girl!

Top right - Showing off our Christmas Eve jams! My family has a tradition of one gift on Christmas Eve and it is always pajamas. So Adam and I are carrying it on. I got him duel purpose Nike jams/workout attire. And he got me a CHEETAH JUMPSUIT! What, what!!!

Bottom left - This photo was snagged on the first try. Only after about three minutes setting the coffee table up with 6 books stacked to make sure the self timed camera was at the right level. Nailed it.

Bottom left - Another selfie with my hunky husband. Soon the quality will be better because we got a selfie remote for Christmas. Ha. Wait for it. Be amazed!

Things not pictured? A Christmas Eve shopping trip with lines that extended to the BACK of the store. A lot of bean and cheese burritos, See's chocolate, and good food. All about 50 of Adam's family members into one house for Christmas day photos and celebrations. A trip to give Christmas to a family. Two Target visits. And a million more laughs and great memories. It was a low key Christmas, but we were lucky to be with people we loved. How was your Christmas? What are your highlights from the holidays?
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