Dear #30DaysOfThanksgiving,


Showing gratitude is important all year. But November is when we are brought to Thanksgiving. It is a month that reminds us to be thankful and to show gratitude. I feel so lucky for everything in my life. For my trials and my blessings. For my happiness and for my hard times. Life is an adventure. I learn from the good and the bad. And all my experiences make me who I am. So who am I to not be grateful for every moment? I participated in the #30DaysOfThanksgiving on Instagram. It was fun to think of something every day that I wanted to share with those around me. Here are my 30 days in photos and words.

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I am happy to be who I am. I am happy to be where I am. I am grateful for Thanksgiving and the reminder it gives me to show gratitude.

Dear Aloha Hop,

In the midst of a winter coming we could all use a little sunshine, a little beach, and a little hop! Join the fun and join me for a happy Friday!

Aloha Friday Blog Hop
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Aloha Hoapili translates as Hello Close Friend. So, without further ado let me introduce you to this week's featured friend ...
Hannah from Thirsty World Designs.
Hannah is a postcard enthusiast who occasionally allows her cat to take over the blog (so cute and adorable!). She blogs about recipes and restaurants, art and travel stories.
Want a little taste of her blog? Check out these posts to find out what you've been missing:
A Post from Einstein (the cat, not the scientist!)
All the Fun of the Fair
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Dear Black Friday,


On November 23 I became a member of the Black Friday crowd. Never before had I dared participate in such an activity. Crowds and pushy people aren't my type of scene. As it turns out, all of my previous conceptions of Black Friday were correct. BUT, I am most likely going to participate in Black Friday from this year on.

The first story I have to tell happened in Walmart. At 8:00 PM on Thursday night, Walmart had a lot of pre-Black Friday deals. One of them was a super good deal on DVD's. My post was waiting for a 32' TV for Deidres' Dad. At the strike of 8, the hundreds of people that were previously withheld by caution tape stormed towards the DVD stands. As I watched the craze begin, I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the event that was occurring before my eyes and the opening events of The Hunger Games at the Cornucopia. People were shoving each other to the ground. There were people ramming other people with their shopping carts. I stood in amazement as I watched the frenzy happen. See for yourself if the two have any similarities and you will notice that they are  eerily similar.

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday, and may the odds be ever in your favor (but really. I saw some people who were 31st in line and they only had 30 60' TVs to give out... they were not happy campers).


Dear Friendly Friday,


This week is exciting. And this post is exciting. First, why is this post exciting? Because this marks my 600th POST! Say whhhhat? That is a lot of ramblings. And now. Why is this week exciting? Because not only have I watched 3 seasons of Saved By the Bell but I am also co-hosting a really fun blog hop. Check it out.

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Dear Lipstick,

Awhile ago I saw an awesome lipstick tutorial over on The Beauty Department. I have been using it ever since and it works like a charm. After a night out exploring and playing my lips still look like they did when I left the house. It is one of the best lipstick tutorials around, especially for those RED holiday lips. Or... any color holiday lips as the party season gets into full swing.

I couldn't seem to find it to share with you so today I am recreating it.

  • STEP ONE: Apply lipstick over the entire lip area.
  • STEP TWO: Blot. Folding a tissue in half, open your mouth and place it in between your lips, then press down.
  • STEP THREE: Dust lips with a powder. Loose, pressed, or transulecent.. whatever you prefer. Use an eyeshadow blending brush and powder your entire lip area until they are completely mattified.
  • STEP FOUR: Apply another layer of lipstick.
  • REPEAT STEPS 2-4 to make it last. Now go party!
If you are a gloss girl dap a small dot in the middle of your lips to add some shine. If you are going out to eat try not to wrap your lips around your fork/spoon. Just use your teeth mostly. Sounds weird, but it works. Hope you enjoy your holiday lips and embrace that color! What lipstick color are you wearing?

Dear Thanksgiving Spread,


I know everyone has put their Thanksgiving decorations away and pulled out the Christmas tree... but I wanted to go back to last week's holiday because I loved it! Adam and I spent the holiday up in Idaho with my family. My Mom had me help a lot this year. I helped bake and cook as well as do all the table settings. And I must say, I was pretty proud of our work... so here you have it. The Edmunds' Thanksgiving celebration from table setting to serving table.

I love Thanksgiving. 
I love being with family. 
I love having an excuse to be in the same town as all my friends.
I love making pie. 
I love decorating.
And I love the reminder that I have so many good things in my life. 
What do you love about this time of year?

Dear Mom's Best,


Last week I had the great opportunity to go to the Mom's Best event to raise awareness for the Utah Children's Justice Center. It was an incredibly inspiring night and just a good time. I am so grateful that Miss Gentri invited Elsha and I out for a blogger's night. I loved spending time with the two of them and I loved being involved at the event. The night went a little like this:

Walk in.
Sign in.
Rate some awesome Utah products.
Take some photos.
Win some prizes.
Eat some dinner.
Learn all about the Children's Justice Center.
Live auction.
And now for some photos.

Here are the vendors.


My number was drawn two separate times for a few awesome prizes. I walked away from the evening with a full bully, an iStabilizer, and two fancy slips. And let me tell you. These prizes are awesome. If you are looking for some Christmas ideas check out these two local businesses. I will be giving more details on both later. But the iStabilzer is very helpful for iPhone photos and videos and the Fancy Slips are handy for making all dresses long and modest.

This is the table settings and buffet table. Just to give you an idea.

This doll house is from the doll house festival held earlier in the year. All the houses are handmade and donated. There were four auctioned off at the end of the night.

Besides learning all the wonderful things the Children's Justice Center does the night was wonderful for bonding. I loved getting to know Elsha and Gentri a little better. It was fun being included in this good cause. The live auction at the end of the night raised over $4,000 dollars for the center. Sadly, I wasn't one of the buyers... I know, it is for charity. But what I learned that night is I have auction stage fright. My heart sank and my stomach hollowed every time I went to raise my hand. A lot of good items came and went and I walked away item-less... next year I will buy something for CHARITY! Next year!

Dear .... No title,


After 5 days of EATING like I had never been able to taste food.
And sleeping as if I have never taken a nap in my life.
Spending a lot of time with my family.
And a lot of time just hanging around being funny...

I am back.

The theme of the Thanksgiving break was "Eat, drink, and be merry for Monday I diet." I have not eaten so much and drank so much soda in a long long long time. I don't think a second went by that I wasn't completely tummy satisfied. Now... It is Sunday. And tomorrow for reals starts a diet.

Dear Thanksgiving,


Today is all about thanks and giving thanks. And today I am giving thanks for...

... a studly husband that works hard and plays harder.

... sunrises and sunsets.
... the Flying J on my drive home so I can get a treat when I am sleepy.
... puffy Cheetos.
... parents that are loving and supportive.

... fresh starts.
... showers.
... friends. All of them.
... movie nights.
... dips, one handed or two handed.

... cuddling to sleep and good morning kisses.
... high fives.

... dress ups.
... growing up with only brothers so I am tough.
... my brothers.
... home videos.

... postcards and letters.
... Disneyland. And Disneyworld. And all things Disney.

... E woks.
... opportunity.
... public speaking.
... slurpees and snowcones.
... dancing.

... The Miss America Organization.
... fresh cut flowers.
... wrestling matches.
... an awesome and competitive family.

... the U.S. of A.
... cheese graters.
... the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

... and so many other things. Before we all run out to buy a bunch of things we probably don't need on the consumer's favorite Black Friday... let us spend some time to say thanks. Thanks for reading. Thanks for comments. Thanks for making me feel happy. Thanks for being you.

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