A lot of people have been asking about Adam and I lately. In person and on the blog. Our love story is the strangest of all. Mostly because I was really difficult. But after eight months of dating he proposed, and, of course, I said yes. After three months of engagement and waiting for pageants and baseball to end we were wed. And now here we are a little over seven months later, more in love than ever. Two weeks ago Adam was gone for about a week with away baseball games so I decided to pull out our wedding flash drive full of all the edited and unedited photos and videos my Uncle Alan shot and make our wedding video as a welcome home surprise. I actually ended up making three. One of just the temple, one of just the reception, and one of everything in it's place. So, without further ado, here is our special day || 8.16.12. Enjoy.

Takin' It Back


Every Thursday I open up my instagram to a bunch of these hashtags


Apparently the throwback Thursday train has grown because it is filling my feed. I haven't been one to post #tbt photos on the instagram, so I am pleasing my old school photos by posting them here. I'm takin' it back to the old school, 'cause I'm an old fool who's so cool. 50 points to Gryffindor if you can name that song.
 Goggles. #ftw.
 Oh musical me. With my Shirley Temple hair.
 Acorn pre-school. You were always good to me.
I can still name every single friend in that photo.

And last but not least, t-ball team photo.
Look at me, posing like a champ!

Let me tell you a little about t-ball. I was most often found in the outfield doing cartwheels or picking grass, I guess I thought grass was fun? I don't really understand that. But one time they let me play pitcher, and in t ball that means you just throw a fake pitch so the kids know when to swing. Obvs I was going to have a sweet pitch so I wound up and my pitch became a baseball version of the Perfect Cast from the Goofy Movie, for a reminder of what that looks like please click here, I was so confused why the ump laughed every single time... I know understand. And the ONLY play I made all season was when a kid hit a line drive straight to the mound and I put the glove up to block my face. The ball landed right in my glove. Awesome. So there you have it. Those 4 photos and story will do for now. I feel like I had a pretty awesome childhood. Full of beanie babies, playgrounds, music, and family. And apparently also goggles. What was your childhood filled with? Do you have any great memories?


Weddings Upon Weddings


One thing that I really love is weddings. Not only mine. But all weddings. Adam currently has three teammates that are engaged. Wait. Scratch that. Four. One of the baseball wives to be and I have become really good friends since season has started. She is getting married right smack dab in the middle of end of semester, finals, and graduation. Oh, and of course add baseball season since that is what her man is busy doing. So, as you can imagine she has a ton going on. So I offered to help. Just like me, she doesn't like asking for help, but I finally got her to give me something to do! She asked me to make some prints for her wedding reception. Her colors are grey and white with black and gold accents, so the prints are fairly simple.  But I wanted to share a few with you!

I mean, not to toot my own horn, but toot toot. I think I did pretty good! I just emailed them all to her, so we will see if she likes them too. Otherwise it is back to the drawing board. You can snatch the prints here if you want any for yourself!


Living on Fast Forward


I have the best intentions to post every day. Really. But then my life is like, "No way Miss Thang! Aint nobody got time for that!" And then my life requests the my body shuts down at around 7:30 PM and I am TKO, knocked out, and in bed at 8:00 PM. It did feel good, I got a solid 11 hours of sleep last night. Thanks for that body. But now this week I feel like I am on fast forward. 4 baseball games, a trip to Salt Lake, a trip to Idaho Falls, a presentation to make and then give at Miss Idaho Orientation, the Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen pageant, shopping for Easter, and then regular work. What the heck? How am I supposed to fit all that in? I just am. And right now it is all about getting up, getting ready, and getting going. Living by my favorite Marilyn Monroe quote.

So forgive me if my posts are scattered, short, and somewhat sporadic over the next week or so. You know I love ya, right? Thank you for reading. Thank you for following. And thank you for constantly encouraging me to succeed. You are the best internet blog friends a girl could ask for. What motivates you to get moving? What is keeping you busy these days?


Big Number and Big Day


A little history about this blog. I started my blog freshman year of collage, 6 years ago, to keep my family and friends up to date on what I was doing. Some months I would post a lot, some months I would post nothing. But it wasn't until last year I realized the blogging community existed. About a year ago I stumbled into this wonderful place where you can make friends and have total strangers read and comment on your life. Which brings us to now. And what is now? Today and today is a big day. Not only have I finally crawled into the 700 followers range with a decent amount of followers in all my social media avenues. But today, right here, right now you are witnessing my 700th post!
Say whhhhat?! 700 POSTS?! Who knew I would have enough to say fill up that many posts. Wait, who am I kidding? Everyone knows I can talk a lot about nothing and everything. But I feel like that is a ton. And so to celebrate this wonderful occasion I am going to share with you my TOP 7 posts from the blog, not from views, but from the ones that I liked the best. We will go oldest (when I wasn't aware photos were cool) to newest. Okay?

Engagement His Side | Her Side
10 Things About Marriage His Side | Her Side

Picking 7 was a lot harder than I thought. Which is why I actually posted the his and hers posts for some of the good ones. But... I couldn't post a few so I will figure out how to get those into your viewing eyes later. But for now those are the 7. And ya know what else is cool about 7? I graduated in 2007. James Bond is agent 007. A lady bug commonly has 7 spots. Most of the mammals' necks have 7 bones. 7 has the highest probability of occurring as an addition when rolling dice. What do you know about 7? What is big news in your life today?


3 Winners 3 Times the Fun || Giveaway


Who doesn't love a winner? Well... let me rephrase that. Who doesn't love to BE a winner? Coming from a very competitive family, winning is in my blood.. or at least the desire to win. And today is your chance to be a winner! Because we are picking THREE of them. Three of you lovely people out there will have a chance to win a $100 VISA. Coming just in time for Spring Break trips, summer clothes shopping, and to get all your summer beauty needs (lightened hair? eyelashes? nails? a tan?) taken care of. So don't be shy. Step on down. I am here with 11 other GORGEOUS woman to help you out. Enter away!

Spring Break || One Haole Girl

First day of Spring! Which means warm weather. Which means Spring Break!! And who doesn't love a break for sunshine? Well.. I haven't had a Spring Break in... almost 6 years now. Lame, right? And I never realized how incredibly AWESOME they were until I got to BYU and they didn't offer them anymore. I mean, I guess I got out of school for Summer in April, so that was cool. But it wasn't cool that I was stuck in the frozen tundra with snow until March with no excuse to drive to California. So... since I have very little Spring Break knowledge besides my fond memories of a cruise and a trip to Disneyworld, I have Tarole here today to tell you all about it. She is a babe. And very fashionable. And we are soul sisters ever since we bonded over Miss America and pageants. Love her lots, and here she is!

Aloha readers of Love, The Skinnys!

I'm Tarole and I blog over at One Haole Girl!

I am a twenty something southern girl who followed my heart to a beautiful island in the middle of the ocean. I blog about daily life in Hawaii and everything in between including fashion, health/fitness, recipes, beauty, and much, much more. I host a fun blog hop every Monday as well as a link up about all things Harry Potter every Wednesday. I am a Sweat Pink Ambassador who loves all things healthy living - I have a whole page dedicated to motivation, recipes, work out tips, and anything regarding maintaining true healthy living. Sports lover? I host a weekly series I call Saturday Style where YOU submit your favorite college team for me to put together a style spread just for you! I hope you stop by to say "Aloha"! :)

I'm super thrilled Deidre is allowing me to take over today! I consider her my soul sister and absolutely love her and her blog. 

We are well into March now which means SPRING BREAK. I personally am not in school, but who says you can't celebrate the arrival of Spring anyway? I love putting style spreads together to show my taste in fashion, so today I'm bringing you my personal essentials if I were vacationing for Spring Break 2013 (although I pretty much am always on stay-cation :P).

Spring Break Essentials Beach

Spring Break Essentials Beach by onehaolegirl

I'm starting with beach wear. When I was studying in Arkansas, my friends and I would venture down to Florida for Spring Break - beach wear was essential! I put together a couple different bikini styles (mine never match!) as well as the essential SPF and a tropical drink of course (hello Mojito!!). I also included a couple tunics for cover-ups and you can't forget your slippers (flip flops) or sunnies (sunglasses)!

Day Time

Spring Break Essentials Day

Spring Break Essentials Day by onehaolegirl

Next I'm bringing day time wear. I would usually go somewhere that was warm. After having enough of the winter cold, I am ready for shorts, sandals, and fun spring colors. Here I have a couple different choices, a sun dress and a shorts and shirt combo. I'm a sucker for wedges so I paired both outfits with that as well as white, spring-y jewelry. I would totally wear this out for a day of shopping or a fun lunch at a grill on the beach!

Night Time

Spring Break Essential Night

Spring Break Essential Night by onehaolegirl 

Last I'm bringing night time wear. I am a huge maxi dress lover and always enjoy wearing them out to a nice dinner. I also am showing a more casual pants outfit just in case some of those spring nights are a little cooler, but added a dressy touch with the heels and jewelry. Perfect for any night time occasion (ok maybe besides the clubbing).

Well dears, there you have it! My personal Spring Break 2013 essentials! I hope you enjoyed - please stop by the blog any time and say hello! I'd love to have you :)

Thank you SO much Deidre for allowing me to take over today. I had a blast sharing my fashion with your readers. Love you!


"...And You Wont Know Until It's Gone"


Alright. The madness has begun.... I just finished a few of my brackets. Does your bracket need a little loving? Do you struggle with what teams to pick because you can't remember their stats, mascot, or who has the sickest jerseys? Well... Here is a quick and easy fix to get your bracket going. Super easy to give you a fast template, then change your teams as needed before you submit...

Go to PickMyBracket.com and then you can pick the stat you think most important and the random factor you think most important... and TA DA! Bracket completed.

Did you know my Alma mater BYU is ranked number 2 for "Coed Hotness"?

But in case PickMyBracket.com isn't helping enough let me show you a video that will give you some insight on at least one team.... 
Clearly Duke will be going far... but at a terrible cost. I have my final 4 as.... Duke, Gonzaga, Michigan, and Miami... Gonzaga and Miami going to the finals with Miami taking it all. Are you entering any bracket challenges? Who is in your final four?


The Winning Combination


Because everyone deserves to have a happy Monday, I bring you the winning combination. Harry Potter and Mean Girls. Because, let's be honest. You can't go wrong with that. 

Hope that helped start off your week in the right way. 
Have a Tom Marvolo Monday!




Guess who is coming to hang out 
with me today?

Ahhhh yeah! My parents are coming to town for my Dad's soccer meetings, which happen to be at the hotel I work at. They are here for about 24 hours only. So I my Mom and I will get to hang out while Dad is at meetings. And tonight we will all pretend we are in San Diego watching Adam pitch while we listen online and watch the tracker. Can't wait. SO pumped. I am going to try and keep them away from my house though... because I haven't cleaned it since the weekend. And it is bad. What do you do when your parents are in town? Do you always try to clean before they get there... or is your house already looking dandy?


Daylight Savings.


This whole time change thing has been the worst. I cannot, for the life of me, wake up in the morning. And it doesn't help that my usual alarm of a husband is on a road trip this week. I have to be held accountable for how many times I press snooze all on my own. Which means I wake up late. I grab whatever I can find a throw it on. No jewelry. Not much make up. Hair brushed, not actually styled... And then out the door to make sure I am to work JUST on time. So I am calling all of this week's outfits simple business. Because they are seriously the bare bones of a wardrobe.

Nude heels: Target | Maxi: Gap | Shirt: Cotton On | Cardigan: Costco

How are you holding up after Daylight Savings?
Are you liking the new time or struggling with it big time?
Loving the extended daylight?


A Funky Tale


Dance is important to me, if you didn't catch that from yesterday's post. And since I don't dance like I used to I like to watch all dance shows humanly possible. And since I go to all of Adam's baseball games, he likes to go to dance performances with me. Even the ballets. Even though almost the whole time he is bored out of his mind and can't seem to grasp why a man would want to wear tights that are that. Especially in the man area. Last week Adam had a baseball game at 3 PM on Friday. And last week my work gave me free tickets on the 5th row for the ballet (at least they said it was a ballet) Romeo and Juliet at 7:30 PM. If all things worked perfect of it being a normal speed game, no rain delay, and a win so there wasn't a disappointing speech after we could hurry from one event to the next. The game would go from 3-6 PM, Adam would shower and change fast, we would be in the car by 6:30 PM and on our way to Salt Lake just in time to get to Kingsbury Hall.

Friday at work I found out it wasn't a ballet at all. But it was ODT: Shut Up and Dance - Romeo and Juliet a funky tale. Which meant instead of ballet all night. The show would be like this.

Cool, yeah? Well I thought so. And then I told Adam, "If you don't want to hurry there after your game. We don't have to. BUT.... it isn't a ballet." And he said, "It isn't a ballet? Then what is it?" And I said, "Hi hop and contemporary. It could be pretty sweet." He said we might as well go, 5th row seats for free? Why not? So we went. And it was sweet. Beyond sweet. I love watching ODT Thriller every year. So this was just a nice little mid year treat. And Adam didn't even have to be befuddled by tight tights on men. He could just enjoy. My favorite line from Adam all night? When the hip hop dancers started he whispered to me, "Look... they are crumping!" Do you like to watch dance performances? What is your favorite type of arts to watch?


Feel Beautiful.


I wasn't going to post today. But then I saw this and needed to share.

We all have those things that are important to us and make us feel happy and beautiful. For some it is being a mother. For other it is volunteering. For some it is work. And for some it is just wearing makeup and getting your hair done. Besides being a wife and having my husband help me feel beautiful daily, dance really does make me feel better. From the inside out. And I feel young, free, and alive. Dancing is something that will always be important to me. What keeps you young and free? What makes you feel beautiful? 


Winning Pitcher!


This weekend was really great because I got to spend it watching baseball. Not just any baseball. But Adam playing baseball. Which I love. And the weather was nice. And Adam got a "magic shot" to keep him at 100% for four hours, two of which fell during game time. And Adam got his first win of the season. Wanna see a little of Adam being interviewed for the radio and television? I thought so. (Watch for the double play (1-2-3) from from Adam to home base to first to get him out of the inning that could have destroyed their lead. Adam is really proud of it!)

And then here we are after this big win and interview.

It was such a great way to start off at home. I would go into a lot of statistic jargon right now, but I feel like you would be bored. So I will pass on that. The Cougars have now beat two ranked teams. We are hoping it becomes a habit. What did you do with your warm weathered weekend? What outdoor sports are you looking forward to this Spring?


Praying for Sun


Yesterday was a great win for the Cougars. Beating a ranked team 6-3 has got to boost a team's confidence, yeah? I can tell you how much there confidence was boosted by the level of music and pumped WAY up base in the clubhouse post game. After the home games all the player's loved ones wait for them downstairs outside the clubhouse. It is a fun time for us wives to catch up, since for the most part we all sit with family at the game, while we wait for our husbands to finish their post-win dance party and shower. And yesterday we knew it would be a long wait. Here is hoping that confidence carries over to today for another win! Adam has had three starts and sadly, three loses due to lack of hitting support. Baseball is such a mind game. Then of course, there is a hope for sunshine! The forecast says 60-70% chance of rain for the REST of the day. It was supposed to rain all night, but we didn't see a drop. I sure hope this forecast is wrong because it is Adam's start day! And he is finally feeling better from all the medicine to play. So please pray for SUN and a healthy husband so the game can go on!

Dresses from Shabby AppleIn other words. The winner of the Shabby Apple giveaway has been picked! Congratulations to Jane Edmunds. But for those of you who didn't win take advantage of the buy one, get one half off sale of the Ferris Wheel collection! Jane, please email me within the next 24 hours or another winner will be picked. So here is fingers crossed to all you ladies that she doesn't email, right?

Prayers for sunshine.
Prayers for Adam to be healthy.
Prayers for a confidence carry over.
Prayers for a good game.
What are you praying for today?


Oh So Delicioiso || Guest Post


It is fun to find friends that blog. And one of my friends from my hometown has a recipe blog with her sister and some friends. And let me tell you, these ladies know how to cook. You've probably seen their recipes on Pinterest and didn't even know it! So I invited Aubrey to come and share a little love and cooking. Ain't she a doll?
Hello there, Aubrey from Oh So Delicioso {A Cooking Style Blog}. My hometown girl Deidre invited me over to her lovely blog to share! I’ve enjoyed reading Love, the Skinny’s.. It takes me back to my newly-wed days when all was romantic and exciting and just blissful. After 7 ½ years, 3 years and maaaanny many years of school, I am happy to say, I am still in love. Am I lucky? Yes, but it wasn’t luck that brought our marriage to this day. It is good ol’ fashioned labor of love. LOVE is totally a labor!

When Brandon and I were first married he had a personal encyclopedia on the foods he would NOT eat. This left me quite a trial trying to come up with nutritious meals. Many nights I would give up and say “fine you cook it!” This was the perfect strategy in to me learning his likes. After eating many of his boxed meals or frozen dinners I learned his flavor. I tried to focus on seasoning and herbs that he liked and apply them to the black listed foods. Over the years he has trashed his encyclopedia and now just has a page or two. And I honor that. Nothing makes me happier than him saying, “mmm.. that’s really good, what d’ you put in this?“
I have to be honest though, I haven’t always been a great cook. From experience I’ll give you a little advice, don’t mix up the sugar and salt! Cooking is a skill that for some is natural and other is learned, although I feel to most it is a learned skill (you don’t usually see many natural prodigy cooks on food network do ya?). And what a rewarding skill! I mean who doesn’t love to eat warm soft rolls right out of the oven that melt in your mouth?! For me there is also the reward of serving others.
I was raised to know that when you serve someone, you gain a love for that person. And that is why I cook. I cook to serve my husband; to serve my children. And I’ve gained a greater love and purpose as a wife and mother. Please call me old fashioned, because I feel that some great wisdom has been lost in the modern family. I am not in the least judgmental of other family situations, because I may someday be in their shoes. For now, I have to opportunity to fix a home cooked meal ready for the Mr. when he arrives home and to teach my children the variety of foods and flavors and how to keep their sweet little bodies healthy and strong. To show my family the adventure of cooking and the bond that food can bring across cultures and most importantly with in a family. So many of our recipes on our blog are “grandma” recipes. The foods that we ate as children at grandma’s house, and we still love them today because of the sweet memories and love that went into those meals.  Will be children survive if I don’t ever fix Chicken Cordon Bleu? Sure, but they will be missing out. Could he cook for himself? Sure, he’s actually a good cook. But what a sweet thing I can do for them by providing a nutritious dinner. They don’t always pat me on the back, and I don’t get any promotions. The happiness that dwells in our home is the best reward I can have.

I’d like to share one of my husband’s favorite meals he requests regularly. It can also be found on our blog under Pastas in the recipeindex!
16 oz farfalle pasta (bow-tie)
1 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
4 chicken breasts
1 cup thawed peas
1/2 cup chopped sundried tomatoes (packed in oil) *optional
3-4 cloves of garlic
1T pepper
3/4 cup butter
1 lb bacon (previously cooked and crumbled) **must be real, fresh cooked bacon. not "bacon bits or real bacon"
3/4 cup shredded Parmesan Cheese
1 120z Lawry's mesquite marinade with lime juice

In Crock Pot cook chicken in marinade on low for 6 hours. About a half and hour before serving boil pasta. Pull marinated chicken out of the juices and shred. Set aside. In a small sauce pan melt better, add garlic, whipping cream, pepper cheese and bacon. Wish together on low heat for 3-4 minutes. In a large bowl pour sauce over cooked drained pasta. Add chicken, stir through. Sprinkle with a little bit more cheese for presentation on top.

Cheers to cooking and serving our families, the most important people in the world. 

Just How Boring


I wanted to do an Instalife post to sum up all the things I have been doing. But then I realize just how boring my life is without Adam. Do I sound like a broken record talking about Adam being gone? Well. Sorry. Because my record is broken. Because I do the same thing every day when he is gone. One Tree Hill. Unless I am going to Idaho for a wedding. But that is about as unique as it gets people. So here is a smaller version of Instalife to sum up my last few weeks.

feeling fiesty in my animal print // found my keys and my Jesus - autocorrect win // my bestie and me
leaving Idaho skies for smog // HI ADAM! // Adam eating crawfish
my besite and her hubs with Adam at LSU // sleepover with the pup // rhinestoned and 5 inches

So basically it goes me dressing in clothing to go to work. Leaving work for a trip to Idaho. Spending time in with friends and family. Adam on the road. Me on the road. Sending text photos back and forth. Sleepover with my puppy to keep my company. And then I bought some ridiculously AWESOME shoes to make up for not having anyone to share a bed with for about 10 days. Sweet. What have you been up to? What do you do when you are home alone? And.... what do you think of my new shoes?


Just Another Pretty Face.


One of my favorite things to do is make people feel really awkward. And a few summers ago my answer to everyone's whys and hows about me was, "Well. It is because I am so pretty." And then it turned into a long running joke about how I am more than just a pretty face. And I still have one friend that refers to me as pretty face. That is story one of this post.

Story two. I do pageants. In case you didn't know that. And because of that people assume I am picture perfect always. Adam had a photo shoot for baseball the other day and the guys said, "Did Deidre train you last night?" Come on people. Pageant girls use Photoshop for head shots. Sorry if you thought we didn't. But we do. But his baseball team always refers to my pageant life, which is funny and I secretly (not so secretly anymore) love it.

And now to the last story about Adam. I mean, I have always thought Adam was a good looking man. Clearly. Otherwise I wouldn't have made a fool of myself at that football game way back when. But over the last month or so I have had many friends express their opinion of Adam's looks. From one girl saying, "Is your husband here? I haven't met him... but he is so hot!" to another saying, "Adam is so handsome and just a great guy."

But I am here to tell you all this pretty face talk is incorrect.
This is what we normally look like.

My family knew that we were a match made in heaven when they saw the amount of funny faces Adam makes. They thought I would never meet someone as out of control as me. And boy were they wrong. I will at least smile 25% of the time. For Adam, it is closer to 3.6%. So I am here today to teach you the art of the funny face. 

Start with the eyes. Make them big. 
Or one squinty. Or crossed.

Next the nose. Basically you have two options. 
Flare it or suck it in.

Next the lips... any shape that isn't a smile will do.

Add the chin or an awkward hand position.

Put it all together and you are SET!

That is actually the most hideous funny face I have ever seen. I am so glad I could put it together for you. Need some more funny face inspiration? Here are some of my favorites... 
And then one normal for good measure. 

Well. Hopefully I didn't frighten you TOO much. Do you like to make funny faces? What is your go to? Or are you a smiler?


[CLOSED] Coupons and Giftcards || Shabby Apple Giveaway


With the temperature starting to change, at least it was changing until it decided to show rainy snow all weekend in the forecast, it is time to brighten and lighten up your wardrobe for the sunshine ahead. And what better way to do it than with a discount at eShakti and a giftcard to Shabby Apple?

eShakti is an awesome website full of customization options. And for you, from now until March 20, 2013, I am giving a DISCOUNT code! Use LVETHESKNN at checkout for 20% off. Awesome? I would say so. Also. Look forward to a product review from them, because I just got a beautifully bright color block dress from them.

And in other news. Shabby Apple. They have some awesome things right now. And some BEAUTIFUL items. And new swimsuits. How can you go wrong? Well I get to give away $100 to Shabby Apple to ONE LUCKY WINNER this week! And don't worry, if you don't win, there will be a consolation prize. Here are a few of my favorite things.

So what it holding you back!? Let's do a giveaway. The winner will be announced FRIDAY! Let's get shoppin'.

A Little Self Promotion.


Today I don't have much. With Adam off being an athlete I don't have much motivation to go explore and live life. Mostly because I have spent all week watching One Tree Hill and I am pretty sure you don't want a recap of the episodes. But if you do, let me know.

Besides watching too much TV and Netflix and Hulu... I have a serious problem... I have spent a lot of time designing. And so here I am to do a little self promotion. I enjoy designing, it is really therapeutic for me. And so if you need something. Let me know. Blog design, web design, invitations, decorations, so on and so forth. I got you. You can see a very small sampling of my work here. And I will also show you one my latest designs...
For those of you who don't know, after my years competing in pageants I was very sad to not be involved anymore. So I am not volunteering on the Miss Idaho board as the Public Relations Chair. Which is why I got to design all of their blog and webpage. And now... Well. That is about it. Let me know if you need anything by emailing lovetheskinnys@gmail.com. And enjoy your weekend which will probably be more eventful than mine.

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