Big Number and Big Day


A little history about this blog. I started my blog freshman year of collage, 6 years ago, to keep my family and friends up to date on what I was doing. Some months I would post a lot, some months I would post nothing. But it wasn't until last year I realized the blogging community existed. About a year ago I stumbled into this wonderful place where you can make friends and have total strangers read and comment on your life. Which brings us to now. And what is now? Today and today is a big day. Not only have I finally crawled into the 700 followers range with a decent amount of followers in all my social media avenues. But today, right here, right now you are witnessing my 700th post!
Say whhhhat?! 700 POSTS?! Who knew I would have enough to say fill up that many posts. Wait, who am I kidding? Everyone knows I can talk a lot about nothing and everything. But I feel like that is a ton. And so to celebrate this wonderful occasion I am going to share with you my TOP 7 posts from the blog, not from views, but from the ones that I liked the best. We will go oldest (when I wasn't aware photos were cool) to newest. Okay?

Engagement His Side | Her Side
10 Things About Marriage His Side | Her Side

Picking 7 was a lot harder than I thought. Which is why I actually posted the his and hers posts for some of the good ones. But... I couldn't post a few so I will figure out how to get those into your viewing eyes later. But for now those are the 7. And ya know what else is cool about 7? I graduated in 2007. James Bond is agent 007. A lady bug commonly has 7 spots. Most of the mammals' necks have 7 bones. 7 has the highest probability of occurring as an addition when rolling dice. What do you know about 7? What is big news in your life today?

Amanda Schroeder said...

Yay! Congrats on your 700th post! You are so cute. And I LOVE reading your blog. So I'll be a lifelong follower :)


Erin said...

Sounds like 7 is your number girl!! Congrats on your 700th post and over 700 followers! Blogging rocks :)

Amberly said...

Hooray! I just stumbled upon your blog this week, probably through one of the giveaways! I look forward to reading!


eryka {from abcde} said...


Cece said...

Congrats! That's awesome. I discovered this blogging world 3 years ago and I love it. Glad you posted the Skinny post. I did wonder about the origin of your blog name and now I know.

Rachel Sayumi. said...

way cool! Congrats! I learned in my humanities class that 7 means DUAL MAN: 3 + 4 (3=godhead, 4=earths) hahaha.

PS I miss working baseball!!! soooo much fun! i might ask to work a few games since my current job won't get me enough hours spring summer

Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

Congratulations, girlie!


Melissa Jo said...

700 posts, you go girl!

Stopping by from Alisha's giveaway - I'm one of the cohosts. Have a great week!

SarahJane Miller said...

I can't believe you have been blogging that long!! Actually... now that I think of it, I think I may have been too. Crazy how time flies! I, too, discovered the blogging world this past year and it is so much fun! I can't believe you are on your 700th post! I am amazed. And you are adorable. Can't wait to meet you this SUMMA!

Brittany B said...

Congratulations on 700 posts! I don't think I'm anywhere near there yet!

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