Big League Spring Training


Another big baseball announcement for Adam means another set of questions from all our friends and family. I love sharing our baseball journey with all of you - and honestly these posts after big announcements are some of my favorite to write. Because that means that people are asking questions about what we are going through and they want to learn about life in the baseball world. And more than anything, it means they care about what is happening with my sweet husband, Adam! Last week I shared this post on Instagram and I have received even more questions - once again - so I wanted to fill you in on all the details of what it means to be invited to Big League Spring Training.

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Didn't he already go to Spring Training?

Yes he did. Adam goes to Spring Training every year before the season starts. So this will be his third time heading down to Arizona to get ready for the season ahead. The first year was really great because we were in Arizona when he went but last year and this year Spring Training adds a little extra time to our length apart. The last two years Adam got invited to what is called early camp - which is an invite only pre-spring training camp. Usually the organization sends their potential prospects that weren't invited to Big League camp there. But basically - everything I am saying right now leads to the same answer. Yes, Adam goes to Spring Training every year. It is just part of baseball.

Then what does it mean to go to the Big League Spring Training?

Big League Spring Training is also invite only. There are about 70 men invited to Big League Spring Training - forty of them are current on the Big League roster, or the active 40 man. Then every organization is able to invite top prospects from their pool of players to Big League Spring Training Camp. So in Adam's case - he was one of the prospects invited to the Arizona Diamondbacks Big League Spring Training. He will play with major league players in the major league Spring Training stadium. The whole idea of behind being invited to Big League Spring Training is to give guys an opportunity to play at the higher level - that way organizations can see how they do at that level of play and get an idea of what needs to be fixed and adjusted to move them up eventually.

Then what does that mean for Adam?

For Adam it means he will report a week or so earlier than normal. He will get to be in the Big League locker room, he gets a nicer jersey, he gets to be a part of Fan day - all those sorts of things. Basically he gets a major league player's experience without actually being on the 40 man or 25 man roster. It also means he was one of 23 non-major league players invited to the Big League camp. That is right, only 23 guys not currently on the 40 man were invited in the Diamondback Organization. So it is a huge deal for Adam! It means that he did something this past season that the organization was impressed with and they would like to see him again.

Does that mean he made the Arizona Diamondbacks then?

Technically, Adam is already part of the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization. He was drafted by them in 2013 in the 20th round. So unless he was traded, if he were to make it to the Majors it would be with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Currently he is a minor league players and plays with one of their minor league affiliates. But being invited to the Big League Spring Training Camp is the next step to potentially making the team. However non-40 man players can be cut and moved back to the minor league side at any time during Spring Training. In fact, they make cuts once a week. So we are hoping that Adam's hard work pays off and he stays in with the major league club team as long as possible. If he stays on until they release their roster he has the opportunity to make the official 25 man roster for the Arizona Diamondbacks right out of Spring Training.

Where is Spring Training at?

Spring Training is in Arizona and Florida. For the Diamondbacks specifically it is held in Scottsdale, Arizona at Salt River Fields.

How can I watch him? What games will he pitch at?

This is a great question. There will be some games on TV, some will be just on You could also make the roadtrip to Arizona to watch him live. Which would be awesome! Adam always appreciates support from our friends and family. Generally speaking with guys that come out of the bullpen, like Adam, you never know when they will pitch. You just have to wait and hope they get in on a day you are watching. During Spring Training, they like all the guys to get time pitching live so they will assign them games and innings. Adam will usually find out the day before or the day of that they plan for him to pitch.

How long is he gone for?

Adam will be gone for about 7 months. The first month and a half will be at Spring Training. Then from about the first week of April until Septemberish - give or take depending on his team and their chance at playoffs - he will be in season. So once he leaves for Spring Training he is gone until the season is completely over - he doesn't have any breaks to come home for the most part unless he doesn't make the All Star team. But I always hope he does his best and makes the All Star team, so we will just pretend he doesn't get any breaks.

If I didn’t answer a question you have, feel free to ask! Basically these are the handful of questions I have been asked since the announcement of Adam getting the Big Leagues Spring Training invite. We are taking this journey one step at a time and can't wait to see what this season will offer us! I said it last baseball Q&A post, but I will say it again. It is crazy to me how much goes into baseball and how many options there are for your regular season – then add in all the off season options and your mind will be blown. I am just excited for the opportunity for Adam and I to work towards our goal to be a permanent part of the Diamondbacks family.

Weekday Wardrobe

Getting this post written and up proved to be a lot harder than normal. First, my blog server went down - again. Then once my site was live, the backend was broken so I couldn't even log in to do anything. Then once I finally got everything uploaded once I could log in again the internet at my house broke and I couldn't make the final tweaks and type in all this first paragraph. So why am I telling you all this? Because I want you to know it was hard and I still did it because I feel it is important! I love sharing my weekday wardrobe with you. I want you to see my on the day to day, not just when I get put together for an outfit post.

Monday | Cardigan: Eleventh Avenue | Top: SexyModest | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Francesca’s
Tuesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Dress: Target |Shoes: Missing... clearly
Wednesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Sweater: NoVae | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Old Navy
Thursday | Sweater: Aro and Co | Scarf: Soel | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Friday | Top: Pink Blush | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Forever Young

This week was the last for mostly glasses because I finally got into my eye doctor! But it was funny to me how many people loved them on me. Because I am always thinking - glasses, no thanks. I also started getting sick - which meant hair in a bun or pony because I just couldn't. I also couldn't see to do my hair or makeup because my vision is the worst and my glasses were in the way. Promising, yeah? With all that being said my favorite outfit was probably Wednesday. It was so comfy and cozy - and really the first day that I was thought maybe I don't need to get all the way done up always. It felt good. Which of last week's outfits do you love most?

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 3


Here we go! Another week of Bachelor. I really love sharing these recaps because it helps refresh my memory for the upcoming episode. So in case you need a little extra reminder of what has been going on in Bachelor Nation you can check out Episode 2's recap before you read this week's! And away we go.

I missed the first few minutes of the episode because I was eating the most delicious pot roast that my friend Meg made. So basically all I know that happened is that the first date card went to Lauren B and the card read "The sky's the limit." Which makes sense because she loves airplanes... right?

Basically we kept enjoying our pot roast - guys, it was seriously so good - until they were walking to a hot tub in the field. Which brings you to the question - who the heck puts a hot tub in a field? Oh that's right. The Bachelor. Okay. Basically they just make out a lot and talk - and Lauren B talks about the kiss and how it was magical and something else and all of the above...

I just really don't like the way that Lauren B described that kiss. It felt weird. #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 19, 2016

Even with that really weird description of their kiss I am a huge Lauren B fan. During this date she jumped into my top 3. She is just really normal, and I appreciate that about her. She also refers to how everything with Ben is just normal rather than talking about how much she loves him and wants to marry him and Ben could be her husband. The best part of the night was when Ben was talking about his parents and she said, "I want to meet your family... wait that was weird." Sold. Sold. Sold. I love her.

Okay - date is over. Back to the house for the next date card. "Love is the goal." And the invitees are Amanda, Haley, Jennifer, Shushana, Leah, Amber, Lauren H, Olivia, Jami, Rachel, Lace, and Emily. And while they are reading off all the names everyone in America is thinking....

I can't tell if I don't recognize these girls because they don't have makeup on or because they haven't gotten any airtime. #TheBachelor
— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 19, 2016

Its like they are coming out of no where. But they have been there the whole time. Right? Okay. So goal. Soccer date. That is very obvious, right? The girls are trained by a few Team USA champs - in which they all prove to be less than impressive and they all talk about getting injured so they can sit on the sidelines with Ben. To which I say, STOP! I really hate it when girls play the stupid "weak woman" card. Get up and compete. That is way more cool. And you get a lot more respect from not only Ben and me, but the world. Am I right? And then Chris shows up - with what would be bad news. The losing soccer team doesn't get to come to the cocktail party that night. Shocker! I know. But not really. This exact thing happened on Juan Pablo's season.

The girls are ready to roll. Pumped. Yelling. Cheering. And the game begins. Basically Twin goalie is rocking it. And Jami is a beast. And then all the sudden Racehl gets hurt, twin goalie starts missing things, and Olivia decides to take advantage of it and has an assist to Amber and team Olivia, Lace, and drama wins! Perfect. The best cocktail party is about to happen. Basically the cocktail party can be summed up like this - Olivia takes Ben first and goes somewhere private and personal. All the girls get really mad and start trash talking about her toes. Someone tells her she has ugly toes - remember that part, it is important for later. Amber gets her first one on one time and first kiss and her first rose. And Lace is crazy.

Next up is the final one on one date. In which there are only a few options and Jubilee is crying saying she isn't his type - which is awkward. And then of course, she gets the date card, "Love is in the air." While she goes to pack up all the girls are shocked and like whhhhat? So Jubilee goes to pack and put on her velor white sweatsuit - keyyyyute. And Ben shows up and she tells him he is late. And I instantly feel uncomfortable. Then they go to catch a helicopter and she says she is scared and who would like to take her date. Then they go on their date and she pretends she is hard to get. And then she spits out the fancy foods because she likes hot dogs. And basically this sums up the date....

Jubilee spent the first minutes of their date making him feel bad and then the second part telling him what's wrong with him. #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 19, 2016

And everyone in America is thinking Jubilee is going home. Even the girls at the mansion are thinking that because we get a little sneak peek. While all the awkwardness is happening with Jubilee and Ben we get to hear the cats at the mansion over and over. But I know that Jubilee is going to let her guard down and tell her why she is slightly weird and Ben has a tender heart and will give her a rose. And just as I am explaining that to my people, it happens. And Jubilee has a rose. The next morning back at the house all the girls are shockkkkked. But shockkkkker. Welcome to Bachelor. Why are people always surprised by the weird things that happen? I don't understand.

That night the cocktail party starts on a sad note - two very important people in Ben's life have passed away in a plane crash. And he wants everyone to know that so there can be meaning and compassion throughout their conversations. And Olivia is first - this is where the toes comes in - and apparently the toe talk from earlier in the week really got to her. Because instead of talking to Ben about all the things going on in his life... she starts crying about her cankles. Clip away to Ben in the confessional - "This is just not what I want to talk about."

The rest of the cocktail party is all small talk until Jubilee pulls out her massage table. "Hi producers, can you set that up over where the girls can see if they look but not really see if they aren't looking for Ben?" And while Jubilee is doing something nice for Ben all the girls get really mad because she already has a rose. And then they decide to call her out. And she doesn't feel like girl drama. And then she goes upstairs to be sad that girls suck and Ben follows her. And then Amber also feels it is important to come up and make herself look like an idiot in front of Ben by whining - good thing she already had a rose or she would be long gone. And I can sum up this whole rose ceremony with these words which were said over and over at our house, "I just feel really bad for Ben right now."

Onto the rose ceremony. Lace decides that like her tattoo says she needs to lover herself first before she can love Ben and that is why she is acting so weird and excuses herself from the competition. I think she knew she was finally going home and so she decided to do it on her own. And all the drama comes down to whether or not Olivia is getting a rose. Which you would think after only talking about her cankles would be a not, but the producers just left her name for last in Ben's earpiece. We get at least one more week of the largest mouth ever. So going home tonight is self eliminated Lace, cat lady Jami - she went on and on about not being able to trust people only cats it was all very weird, and Russian Shushana.

Best dresses for the rose ceremony go to Lauren H, Becca, Caila, and what would have been Olivia if her dress wasn't an awkward two piece cut. Has anyone noticed how the cocktail party has gotten more and more casual feeling as far as dress? Do you think that is just because of budgets of women attending the show or something producer directed?

My favorites are Lauren B, Lauren H, Caila, Amanda, and always Becca.

There you have it! An episode three recap and now you are all ready for tonight's episode. Who are you cheering for?

Weekday Wardrobe


I have really started to love sharing my weekday wardrobe with you. It is giving me the creativity my closet needed so I don't always think, "I have nothing to wear" - because clearly you can tell by the mess of a closet I am in there are things to wear. This past week was pretty busy - as they all seem to be lately - it was thing, to thing, to thing but luckily I felt like I totally crushed it. Generally you can tell how well I am keeping up with my schedule based on how many times I wear a top knot. So let's count below - ZERO top knots! I killed it. Okay - now onto the outfits.

Monday | Dress: Downeast | Cardigan: Old Navy | Tights: Costco | Shoes: Francesca's
Tuesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Undershirt: SexyModest | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Wednesday | Sweater: NoVae | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Old Navy
Thursday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Old Navy | Pants: Old Navy | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Friday | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: DSW

My favorite look of the week was Thursday - mostly because I got that cute new top for Christmas and I couldn't wait to wear it. I loved the relaxed yet professional vibe the outfit gave off with the button up and cardigan plus booties. It was also so comfy to wear all day long. And my second favorite is Monday - solely thanks to that awesome floral dress - that Adam hates because he says it looks like Grandma's drapes - but I love it! Even with it being form fitted I never felt self conscious about my body while wearing it, which I feel says a lot about the form and shape of the dress. Which of these weekday wardrobe outfits would you love in your closet?

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 2


Another Monday means another recap of The Bachelor. We are heading into week 3 this evening so don't forget to check out last week's recap if you are behind on all things The Bach.

Episode 2 starts with the obvious getting out of the shower and getting dressed shot of Ben as he prepares for week 2 of dates. Only, this time The Bachelor took it one step further and showed him in his underwear getting dressed - to which the whole world thought, "I think I just saw his pee pee outline." Maybe the whole world didn't think it. But ABC - too far. Here we go with the very first date card. "Let's learn how to love." In which Jackie, LB, Lauren H, Becca, Amber, Mandy, Jojo, Jubilee, Jennifer, and Lace were invited. I am so glad Lace's name was on that card because it was too early for fire eyes.
The girls are all jazzed in the limo and it pulls up to school. Most of these girls probably thought they would be back at school. Night. Mare. City. Learning?! Gross. As they all walk into school I only have one thought - I am confused why this season is full of girls that don't really know how to dress themselves. And then - scratch that, two thoughts - that girl is definitely too old to be wearing shorts where the pockets hang out the bottom. The girls are here ready to learn and do some learning. And Ben leaves us all with this gem.

"If my teachers in high school looked this good..." Then that would be illegal. #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 12, 2016

Alright. Time for some crazy volcano explosions. Bobbing for apples. And then the geography thing... which is so sad. First. None knew where it was. And second. Embarrassing that two didn't even know which direction it faced. I feel like if we would have listened to Miss South Carolina Teen USA's on stage question all those years ago then maybe everyone would have a map and know where the states are and such as. Onto a little basketball and a foot race. In which rose head Mandy is crowned homecoming queen which isn't really a prize because they all go on the night date.

Onto the night date. Which is really a bunch of drama and crying and Lace being crazy. And Jojo wins the group date rose after a quick kiss on the helicopter pad.

Next up. A little one on one date. Caila and Ben head out on a double date - so not so much one on one - with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. For the cheapest date. They drive around town. End up in a hot tub... with naked Kevin Hart... at the hot tub store. Which if you ask me - looks very sketchy and I feel like getting in that water was a bad call. But that is just me, what do I know?

After that they head to dinner for a serious chat and one on one time. I actually really love Caila more every time she gets screen time. She is darling and sweet. Throughout dinner they just talk... no eating?

They literally just went to dinner to not even eat. I'm so confused. Are they not starving? #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 12, 2016

I am pretty sure when they left they haven't even touched their food. And they head into a private concert with someone I don't know who they are? Whoops. And I fall in love with the idea of Ben and Caila because they are seriously the cutest ever dancing and listening to that concert.

Next is one last group date. "Are we a perfect match?" In which Emily, Shushana, Sam, Olivia, Haley, and Amanda are invited. Also in which we first realize how large Olivia's mouth is and it is so awkward every time she opens it....

They head to a special love lab that is so weird but also that I would really love to try out sometime. They are all given a chemistry score in which Olivia is highest and Sam is lowest and she finds out she smells sour. Awk.

At the night part of the date Amanda let's Ben know she has two darling little daughters and he receives the news a lot better than I expected him to. He is actually really amped about it. He also apologizes to Sam for calling her sour. And then of course he loves on Olivia. And of course she gets the group date rose. And it is in this exact moment that all my love for Olivia disappears. When she talks about winning and loving Ben and all of that is seems so staged and not sincere.... I feel like she is totally faking it and saying what she thinks is right. And I am not pleased.

Now onto the cocktail party and rose ceremony. Ben does an excellent job of making all the ladies feel special. I really appreciate that about him. He takes the time to tell Lauren B he has thought about her and gives her a picture of their first conversation together. So cute. He pulls Amanda aside to make hair clips for her daughters. He is just really thoughtful. Also, Lace once again proves how crazy she is. Pulling Ben aside upstairs and to a place where awkwardly the women can hear from downstairs...

Lace: Crazy, right? Everyone else in the world: Absolutely. #TheBachelor

— Deidre (@deidreemme) January 12, 2016

At the rose ceremony LB decides to leave all on her own - which makes me sad because she is really so cute - but ya know, if you aren't feeling it. You aren't feeling it. So LC self eliminated and Jackie, Mandi, and Samantha - I guess he did care that she smelled sour - did not receive a rose. Best dresses of the night go to the twins and probably Becca because she always dresses well... I know I liked a few others but right now I can only remember the twin's. I am still loving Lauren H and Lauren B as well as Caila and Becca - and I am starting to replace my love for Becca with Jojo. Let's see how this week makes me feel. So much to weigh in still. It is only the third episode! Who are your favorites? Are you pumped for week 3?

Weekday Wardrobe


Can you believe it!? The first Weekday Wardrobe of 2016. That is right - TWENTY SIXTEEN! Can you believe I said?! I sure can't. Life is cruising by way too quickly. I don't think it helps that my job is always looking months and years in advance. But whatever. Here we are. These last few weeks of 2016 have been all about getting the year scheduled, figuring out what my plans are, getting ready for my last month with Adam, and getting into my routine for all the things I have going on. But I feel like I am going to kick 2016 in the booty. What about you? Let's head straight into some outfits - shall we?

Monday | Top: SexyModest| Cardigan&Belt: Little Black Fashion Truck | Pants: Target | Shoes: Payless
Tuesday | Cardigan: NoVae | Dress: Downeast | Tights: Costco | Shoes: Old Navy
Wednesday | Cardigan: Target | Top: Agnes & Dora | Leggings: Old Navy | Socks: Diamondbacks | Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Thursday | Dress: Agnes & Dora | Shoes: TJMaxx
Friday | Vest: Jane | Top: Old Navy | Leggings: Gap | Shoes: Norstrom

For me - Tuesday takes the care. I am going to be totally honest with you and say I wore this outfit like 4 times within a week. I wore it to church two Sundays in a row since I was in different towns, I wore it to a wedding reception, and I wore it to work. Sold! I did swap out the cardigan, however, for when I wore it to work. But this striped shift dress from Downeast was a steal at the 40% off sale and I am so happy I snagged it. It is so comfortable and works great for any event - obviously... I wore it to three! And then Wednesday and Friday are a close second - love both of those outfits right now. Which of the outfits are your favorite? Any that you would love to have in your closet?

Styled by 5: Dolman Days


It is a new year and I am excited to be bringing Styled by 5 back. It has been fun planning out how to style a specific item to match my style and then seeing how the other women styled it as well. This month we are featuring an Agnes and Dora dolman top. These are the perfect tops for any outfit - and you will see that with how we all styled it so differently.

The weather over here in Idaho has been slightly gloomy so my outfits have been all big sweaters, braids, and booties. I had all these different ideas for outfits as I was getting ready for this shoot - but I ultimately had to go with what has been the basic styling I have been wearing on a daily basis around here. I started with the obvious - the striped dolman top from Agnes and Dora. With the muted colors of the top and the cute floral pocket - I wanted to leave the pocket as the focal point, rather than add in colors somewhere else. So I paired it with a cardigan that matched the cream stripes in the top. To bring in the black accent around the neck I wore my plain black leggings and black booties. I felt by pairing in items that matched colors in the top it helped the floral stand out a little more. And then to keep the casual look I went with a chunk side braid.

Top: Agnes and Dora
Cardigan: NoVae Clothing
Leggings: Gap
Shoes: Francesca's

That is my styling of a the dolman tunic from Agnes and Dora! Since we are all sharing the same piece on a different body type here is a reminder of my sizing – I am 5’9″ and I generally wear a 10/12 – 10 on a good day, 12 on a not good day… you understand, right? So I ordered this top in a large. It fit perfectly and with a cardigan over the top it was the perfect cozy outfit. I love sharing my style with you, but I also want you to see clothing I style in other body types so you can find what is best for you. So feel free to check out how Kaylynn,Bethany, Jacque, and Sarah styled this outfit as well! And watch for a new piece of clothing styled by 5 every month.

Alt Summit Summer 2015


Remember that one time when I went to Alt last year? Well... I forgot to publish my post. Whoops! Here it is for you! All the things that I learned at Alt Summer 2015. Maybe it will help you as you prepare for your conferences for 2016 - and I hope it does. Because a conference is only as great as the lessons you learn.

Alt... I mean, where do I start? I guess the beginning? But there is seriously so much I want to say and share. The experience was wonderful and I am so grateful I was able to attend ALT this summer. I would love to fill you in on all the classes and all the blogging things I learned... but at the end of the day I think it is most important to share what I learned about being a blogger at ALT. How to be the best you and how to make the best of a blogging conference.

Round table with Twin Tested // Front row in class // Back of the class // Photobooth with roomies
Pinterest and Facebook blass // Black and White party // WovenPear // ALT Stage
First Day Photobooth // Front row at Alison Show // Macy's Dinner // Listening intently
Socks on socks // My girls and ALT // Create something // Macy's dessert

Make friends. This is without a doubt the most important thing you can do at any blog conference, work conference, or any social gathering. I have one motto I live by at conferences, "never suppress a generous thought." I spend my day sharing the thoughts on my heart because sometimes it will just make someone smile and sometimes it leads to an amazing friendship. The best part about conferences are the friends you make and the relationships you build. And I stand by that. The educational aspect will always offer a few nuggets, but the friendships can offer a few gems.

Hand out your card. Design something that represents who you are. Get 500 printed. Take them all. Hand them out to as many people as possible. And if someone doesn't know if they had your card, hand it out again! There is nothing bad that can come from handing out your card. And on that note, collect cards because there is nothing bad that can come from you having someones card either. Business cards are gateways to collaborations and opportunity. You never know what doors will be opened from a card exchange.

Take photos. This one should be obvious. Photos and memories and all of the above. Make sure you have something to share and to look back on. Especially if you are a blogger. You want to be able to pass those memories on. Plus, you will want to be able to remember the experiences later. Photos are a quick scrapbook of your experiences.

Laugh a lot. Laugh at the good and the bad. My favorite quote is, "You win some, and you win some." Because no matter what - if you can learn and laugh you are winning. Make sure you aren't taking yourself to seriously. Be the person with an infectious smile. Be the person that draws people in with your wining attitude. Be the person that everyone comes to when they need a pick me up.

Make memories. Don't hole up in your room. Don't put all your focus to your phone. Don't pull away from the experiences happening all around you. Take every hour as an opportunity to make memories and connections. This is a life goal. I never want to look back on something and say I missed it because I wasn't open to the experience. I want to look back and say I have great memories because of the experience. Memories shape who we are. They make us better. And they help us grow. The memories from yesterday will help launch us towards tomorrow.

Email after. This is one I live and swear by. After all the friendships and connections, the business cards, and the memories - look back and think of the people that really stood out to you. Email them! Relationships do not have to end just because you are not in the same place. Let people know that you appreciated them and you appreciated the opportunity to meet them. And who knows, maybe they felt the same way - the start of a beautiful new friendship. But never pass an opportunity to continue a connection that you felt really great about.

So those are the things that I learned at ALT this year. About me and about how to enjoy every single moment of a conference. The classes were wonderful, the presenters were a wealth of knowledge, the swag was spot on, the rountables were informative and educational - but what I walked away with wasn't an incredible business plan. It was an incredible life plan. And I can't wait to grow and develop from those moments.

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 1


America’s favorite reality TV show is back, my friends! If you didn’t catch on to the fact that The Bachelor is returning from my introduction of the contestants – then let me clue you in… The premiere was last week and today we start to get to the real crazy stuff since introductions are done. And this season is a nice group of odds and ends as far as the women are concerned.

We start with Ben – of course. Because the world needs to see he is much more than he appeared to be on Kaitlyn’s season. Let’s be honest, during his season as one of the 20 men he seemed sort of plain… but now we see that he is the all American pretty boy. And grand marshal for the homecoming parade? We accept. WE ALL ACCEPT. And as I am sitting here I am thinking – I think this is the longest a Bachelor has gone without a shirtless swimming/shower/working out shot. Okay, I didn’t notice the mole on the side of his face last season. Did anyone else? Is this a new mole? Should he be getting it checked for cancer because if it wasn’t there last season that is a fast growing mole.

Now let’s get to know his deeper side, shall we? No more of this athletic, dream boat side of the man. Let’s get reallllll deep. Poor Ben, the unlovable snowman… wait… but seriously. So much talk about him being unlovable. And rejection. But there is hope – his cute, cute parents have toasted love. CHEERS to love! And then a little more talk about him being unlovable. And they know he is more than unlovable Ben. THERE IS LOVE IN THERE! And his parents literally are the cutest. I love them.

Commercials. And for once I am glad I don’t have DVR because this McDonald’s commercial would have been so sad to miss. Ben… what do you pick? Breakfast or lunch? Chris is there to cheer you one. Des made the right choice. So did Sean… Poor Chris didn’t so he just gets to hide behind your back and tell you to pick. You must pick. Okay… that commercial. All the yes. Back to the show.

Ben and his boys are now at the mansion. We have Ben, Chris, Sean, and Jason. The first thing he says is he wants to be a part of the married Bachelor club like them – again, sorry Chris. They all give their advice. Make sure to separate relationships. Don’t close your heart. Kiss all the girls… that was horrible advice, Chris! Horrible. I get that Chris was the last Bachelor, but his relationship was one of the shortest ones of most recent seasons. And the conversation is done and there is so much sweat. California is hot, wear black boys.

Now a sneak peek of all the ladies – so much going on. We have Catherine 2.0. Twins! What the heck, twins!? Becca is coming back. I love Becca. A chest tattoo girl. Okay… let’s get to the limos. Oh wait. A little more Ben. And a quick shirtless snippet of a very hairy chest. I now know why he isn’t being sexualized like previous Bachelors. Let’s leave him as the sweetheart all American boy that everyone loves. Thanks ABC.

The limos are here! The first group of ladies is pulling up on the freshly hosed down driveway to make it shine. Starting with….

Lauren B. So darling. And the best simple dress ever. If you remember from the review, she is the flight attendant so she brought him his own pair of wings. So they could soar on this journey together. Catchy. Very punny. Also she would have done really well on Jake’s season. On the wings of love.

Caila. Aka Catherine 2.0. Cute girl. Horrible intro. Run and jump – bad call. So awkward. At least yell catch me!

Jennifer. Bad hair. The end.

Jami. The Canadian gem that mentioned Kaitlyn - aka the last woman that told Ben he was unlovable – right off the bat followed by a really weird “big” joke. Awks.

Samantha. We get it. You are a lawyer. Your lawyer joke was not funny.

Jubilee. She kept saying like, like, like in hopes that he would like, like, like her. This is the chest tat friend from the girls preview. And you can see her chest tat sliiiightly peeking out.

Amanda. Or as we call her. Mermaid hair.

Lace. She looks a little nutty coming out of the limo. And then she mouth raped him. She is aware that is sexual harassment, right? She is going to be a kick in the pants tonight.

Lauren R. As my Sunday school kids told me, you never admit when you stalk someone on the line. Which I always do when I get nervous meeting someone for the first time. So I get it. She also talks strange.

Shushana. English please? And as she walks away Ben just says he is getting tired or losing his mind. Maybe both? Just kidding, Shushana totally just punked you.

Leah. So cute to so bad all at the same time. If you are going to do the sporty thing with a hike – don’t wear a mostly sheer to your whoha dress. Also. The hike made her look like she was going to the bathroom. I don’t know. All bad.

Jojo. Unicorn. Girlfriend… the mask is slightly terrifying. And how is her face not so sweaty after being trapped in that plastic mask!?

Lauren H. She just looks like a Kindergarten teacher. And I love that she brought the bouquet with her. A sign!

Laura. Red Velvet is my favorite cake. And that is all I can think about as she talks about her nickname. I should go to Costco and get some red velvet something. They have the best red velvet cake. Which once upon a time someone told me the red comes from beets, did anyone else ever hear that?

Mandi. Coming in with the rose head. That she picked from her garden. And he can pollinate it later? Okay. Nope. I can’t.

Twins. They never date the same guy and Ben is the exception. So much drama. Can’t wait.

Maegan. With an “a”. Can’t be trusted. She shows up with her Huey mini pony. Says he is the only thing that can beat twins. I am just confused why she is taking him in the house. I would be like, “NOPE! No mini ponys in my house.”

Breanne. Let’s break bread because carbs are Satan…. NO! That is the worst way to land a man. I don’t really know any men that don’t eat bread. What a let down.

Izzy. Showing up in a onsie is bold. I thought she would have a dress to change in to. Not so much. Good luck.

Rachel. Cute girl. I want that hoverboard. Of course she is unemployed and has a hoover board. Thanks Obama.

Jessica. Hugs on hugs on hugs.

Chicken girl. I only have on note and that is Disneyland…. So.. I honestly don’t remember.

LB. Very normal. Cute. I like her. Great color of dress and makeup to match.

Jackie. She stomps like a man. Too short. Brought a wedding invite. Leave, Jackie. You are ruining everything.

Olivia. She is beautiful. Like stepped out of the limo knockout. And you can tell Ben loved her too.

And since we all know Becca and Amber are coming everyone is wondering where the heck they are… but it appears Chris has a trick up his sleeve. Why not through everyone off their game? Including the new contestants.

Okay everyone is here now – except the two returners –so Ben gives his parents a quick call on the phone and then tells them to head back to bed. Ben heads in to toast the ladies and is interrupted by Mandi before he can even do it. Balls, Mandi. And the chatting begins. Mandi starts with a dental exam. From there we have a bunch of small talk. Olivia says she quit her job. And in walks Becca and Amber! You can tell he is in complete shock that they walked in. Drunken Lace is pissed because she knows the world loves Becca. But they don’t dwell on the returners from too long. Basically the night is full of a lot of conversations I don’t remember so here are the highlights - Caila and Ben talk about how software is sexy, Lauren H. was just so gracious when Becca walked in and I love her even more, Lace is drunk as drunk and nuts, Lace asks for a kiss, as Ben is explaining why he wont Mandi comes back, Olivia wins the first impression rose – no surprise there, and then the horse steps on people’s dresses.

Rose ceremony time. Basically with them all being new there are no total shockers as to who he keeps and sends home. Because he really keeps almost everyone. The only one he kept that I was surprised about was Mandi but I am guessing that is ratings driven. Going home is Breanne the bread breaker, Izzy in the onsie, Jessica with all the hugs, Laura aka Red Velvet, stalker Lauren R., Maegan with the mini pony, but somehow Huey stuck around with Chris for a bit, and Tiara the chicken girl. Best dresses of the night go to Becca, Olivia, Lace, and Lauren B.

And just as we are wrapping up Lace comes in and snags Ben to tell him he needs to look at her and basically says she is a nutcase. Ben of course, is just hoping the producers don’t need her crazy for too long. The ratings will be fine!

Oh and of course the preview of next week. Some twin drama – one stays and one goes? Something tells me they will both still go at the same time. Mermaid hair sticks around. Jubilee with the chest tat appears to stay a lot longer than I thought she would. And Olivia is the villain – shocker, I always love the villians. Glad to see Becca stick around… I think that is about it. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight! You can follow along with all my thoughts as I live tweet them. Find me @deidreemme on Twitter! Catch ya there. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Black and White and Bows


This summer at Elevate I was able to meet the talented and incredibly stylish owner of Cents of Style. It was so fun to meet her in real life, but it has been even more fun to follow her shop now that I know the integrity of the woman behind the shop. If you have never seen her shop I would say check it out, and if you have never heard her story I would suggest you learn about her. Today I am sharing a cute black and white outfit featuring one of her skirts.

Skirts: Cents of Style c/o
Top: Cotton On
Shoes: Cousin Couture
Hair: Laced Hair

This little ensemble I wore for finals night at Miss Idaho's Outstanding Teen. I wanted something that was sophisticated, yet stylish because it was my first official Miss America event as the Miss Idaho Executive Director. So I went with this look - and during the day I was able to pull my hair back, and during the night I was able to dress it up a bit with a hair down and red lips. I started the whole look with the Cents of Style skirt. With my skin being so white combined with the thin pinstripes, I wanted to up the contrast with a black top and black shoes. I decided to do a loose fitting top tucked in and bloused out a bit to add some shape at the skirt band. To add a little flair I went with bow heels. I really loved the simplicity of the outfit while still looking dressed up. What is your favorite type of outfit to wear when you have a long day of events?

My 2016 Word


Every year I pick a word to focus my year around. Last year my word was strong. I wanted to become emotionally strong while Adam was away. I was able to support him and be happy even when things didn't work perfect. I wanted to be mentally strong for my own confidence. I was able to put other's opinions in a box and realize that all that mattered was my happiness, I didn't need to please others. I wanted to become physically strong, and I am still working on that one every day. But I made steps with workout and diet. I am really happy with how things went in 2015, but I am very excited for 2016 and the word I selected.

Hustle. Basically my life has gotten really busy since we moved to Idaho. Not only do I have my job, but I have been offered opportunities volunteer, teaching dance, and I finally have friends again. That means there is always a lot going on - because I have to balance all of those items with Adam, family, baseball, and my own sanity. So this year I decided to focus on hustling. Working hard, playing hard, and overall just doing a good job. I want to feel accomplished this year. And I never want to feel like I am behind. My word and my resolution aline too. I decided for my resolution this year to get a planner, use it consistently, and stick to it. That way I can stick to my hustle without falling behind. But I will share more on my resolution later. Right now - I want you to focus on the word HUSTLE! Because that is my plan. Every day I will be hustling to work hard so at the end of the day I can look back, relax, and feel accomplished for what was done - whether it is a million tasks or one. Hustling isn't about working hard, it is about working smart. And that is what I plan to do. To kick booty this year. So watch for me - everyday I'll be hustlin'. What word will you use to help guide you in 2016?
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