Weekday Wardrobe


Would you look at that!? Look what I found hiding in the wings of my blog space. A very old Weekday Wardrobe that never got posted. This was perfect considering I am trying to get into the blogging swing of things and needed another something or another to give me a little push. This week was good. Getting back into the swing of life. And over the weekend I have a temple trip planned at some point, a hair cut, and just getting some much needed R&R. But in the meantime you can take a look at my very monochromatic weekday wardrobe from February. That's right. February.

Monday | Top: Eleventh Avenue | Leggings: Gap | Booties: Nordstrom Rack
Tuesday | Scarf: Soel | Top: Lucy & Lyla | Leggings: Gap | Booties: Old Navy
Wednesday | Top: NoVae | Pants: Old Navy | Booties: Old Navy
Thursday | Jacket: Cents of Style | Top: Gap | Leggings: Gap | Booties: Francesca’s
Friday | Jacket: Cents of Style | Top: Pink Blush | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: Converse Outlet

See what I mean. Blacks, tans, and greys. Oh so monochromatic. But I will be honest, this is my color palette so I actually really love all the outfits from that week. And I remember liking every outfit from that week. I finally felt like I was able to style properly every day. And this was the first week of my last weeks of good clean laundry… which is probably why I stopped taking photos. And since I did all my laundry last weekend that is probably why I started taking photos again. I now realize I have a pattern. My favorite look of the week is probably Tuesday. It was such a comfortable and simple look with a little cheetah flair. Second place is Friday. Which outfit would you love in your closet?

How We Wore It: Brights


Back to back on group stylized posts? I'm not mad about it. I am really excited to get into styling some new outfits for you now that the weather is warming up because I feel like it gives me a lot more room for variety. And this inspiration photo was the perfect one to get us all in the mood for the season change with the blossoms overtaking her photo. In case you need a refresher, this is how it works. All of us were given the same “inspiration outfit” and we were asked to create our own take on it once we let our creative juices flow. Any outfit can be inspired by the colors, the patterns, the pieces, or the textures is fine. So our how we wore it is coming from the inspiration side – with things we already have! Because not many people have the luxury to just go buy a new outfit based on what they see on Pinterest, so you have to work with what you have. First up is the look we used for our inspiration.

Alright. So confession time. I had the most perfect outfit planned out – at least I thought it was perfect. I had a long cobalt jacket like hers, a tourquoise top to get the two tone feel, black skinnies, and some cute fringe booties. And I even wore my new Firmoo sunglasses to show you all this awesome pair I snagged. I got the photos, they looked great, stuck the memory card in my pocket, headed home. After I got home I had to rush rush rush to the gym and when I finally got home that night – my memory card was MISSING! I cannot find it anywhere. And since I didn’t have time to snag a new card and retake photos, I am winging this one today. Luckily for me, when I originally picked out this Chic Street Style photo I like it because it looked like a top I already had – I thought, “I love that top, I bet it would be fun to recreate something with those colors separately.” Obviously I ended up following her style and not her color pattern with what I had planned… but since I lost those photos I was able to pull out something from the archives to share with you that went right along with the inspiration photo. Also, this is a tale to tell you that blogging isn’t always easy and great and you just have to roll with it. Here is my archived take on this look.

Top: Pink Blush 
Jeans: Gap
Booties: Francescas

My thoughts when putting together this outfit was to let the top be the focal point. With the bright colors and the pattern, I didn’t want to take away from it with a lot of other details. You can see the top already had all the details you could dream of. Two bright colors, a fun pattern, and lace detailing. Sold. So I kept it simple and paired the top with a pair of skinnies and booties. Most of the time I don’t cuff my skinnies, but for this look I did. I wanted to add one last simple texture and contrast to the look. How do you think you would rock the pink and red combo?

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Styled by 5: Jane.com


April is here. Can you believe it!? Every time I feel like I am getting caught up on my life another month sneaks up and reminds me that I am always playing catch up. But I am excited, because it is time for another round of Styled by 5. And this time we are doing things a tiny bit different - instead of showing you everyone's outfit here like I normally do, I am leaving it up to you to join this fun little thing we have going on with Jane.com.

Okay – so instead of getting a sneak peak of everyone’s outfit, you get to play a Styled by 5 game with all of us and Jane! Each of us styled this killer hustle tee with our own twist. And you can win your own by visiting @VeryJane on Instagram and voting for your favorite styling of the top. Voting starts a little later today so keep your eyes peeled for it!

When this hustle tee showed up at my house I was THRILLED! Because, if you remember, hustle is my word for 2016! I had been on the hunt for the perfect hustle tee to encompass my word of the year, and this one pretty much hits the mark. And I had such a fun time styling it. I wanted the gold foil hustle to stand out – so I paired it with black leggings and black booties. My original plan was black hat and black cardi too, but I left my cardi in Arizona at Adam’s place, dang it! So I swapped out the all black everything for a nice army green jacket and hat. I wanted my outfit to be mostly monochromatic so the hustle really stood out. Here is my take on the Jane and Cents of Style hustle tee!

Top: Jane.com via Cents of Style
Leggings: Gap
Jacket: Pink Blush
Booties: Francesca’s
Shoes: Nordstrom

Since we are all sharing the same piece on a different body type here is a reminder of my sizing – I am 5’9″ and I generally wear a 10/12 – 10 on a good day, 12 on a not good day… you understand, right? So I ordered this top in a large. With tees I always feel like it is a little tricky. I never know if they are going to be more of a women’s fit or a unisex fit – so I went with a large to be safe and the sizing was right on the money. It is not too tight but not baggy loose. I love sharing my style with you, but I also want you to see clothing I style in other body types so you can find what is best for you. So feel free to check out how Kaylynn, Bethany, Jacque, and Alexis styled this outfit as well! And watch for a new piece of clothing styled by 5 every month.
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