Dear Mother Nature,

Last time I checked today's date was May 24th. Hold on one second....

Okay, I just checked again. It is May 24th. Why is it snowing? I am not okay with this. And I am pretty sure no one else is either. I am going to give you a little tip. In May it is supposed to be sunny so I can wear my sandals, roam the hills, listen to birds sing, and pick flowers.

Thanks for your time,


Dear Kid on Teen Cribs,

You are right. Your house is REALLLLLY cool. And I am glad you invite your friends over to watch movies on your fifty different screens, swim in your Olympic sized pool, and eat treats from your basement candy store.

You are so sharing.
You are so giving.


PS. Wanna be friends?


Dear Medicine,

You make me sick. And for that. I hate you.




Dear Facebook Friend,

I am so flattered right now. When I looked at my news feed and saw you quoted me, I was like, "Wow... people think I am funny. This is a great feeling!" I have never been quoted. This is a great day.

Thank you.

Tattoo night.


Well. Sarah and I decided press on tattoos sounded fun. But. Walgreens only had little ones. And Smiths failed us majorly when their quarter machine did not work. So rather than quit. We decided to make our own. Results posted below.

some summer.


Well. Things have REALLY started to work out. My summer is officially planned starting in June, back to back to back. I will just say the Monday of each week and what is happening that week. Okay? Okay.

June 1-Home to do some last minute preparation for Miss Idaho
June 14-Sports Camps Counselor
June 21- Sports Camps Counselor
June 28- EFY Counselor
July 5- EFY Counselor
July 12- Sports Camps Counselor
July 19- Sports Camps Counselor
July 26- EFY Counselor
August 2- EFY Counselor
August 9- Sports Camps Counselor

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