Weekday Wardrobe


This week has been a good one! I worked two and a half days before heading to Twin Falls to celebrate Thanksgiving. We went to a Pink Floyd laser show at the planeterium on Wednesday night with a bunch of family friends. Thursday was full of turkey, ribbon jello, and family time. And then today we are heading out shopping. And since I know more of you are only reading this because you are taking a shopping break or waiting in a REALLY long line I am going to cut straight to the chase. Here is the weekday wardrobe.

Monday / Top: Cotton On / Skirt - Thrifted / Shoes: Famous Footwear
Tuesday / Top: ToAdorn / Sweater: Target / Jeans: Target / Shoes: DSW
Wednesday / Top: GroopDealz / Skirt: Pick Your Plum / Shoes: Dillards
Thursday / Top: The Loft / Skirt: Agnes and Dora / Shoes: DSW
Friday / Top: Pink Blush / Scarf: Pink Blush / Leggings: Pink Blush / Boots: Macy's



I didn't participate in any of the Thanksgiving challenges this year. Not because I am ungrateful or un-thankful, but because I felt like it was something I needed to step away from. To really think about what I am thankful for and how I could have a heart of Thanksgiving rather than a month of Thanksgiving. There are so many things in this world to be grateful for. So many things that are taken for granted every single day. And in any instance a complaint can be turned into a prayer of gratitude. That is something I have realized. Those moments when my feet hurt from walking around at events all day. I am grateful I have a wonderful job that I love, even in the crazy times, and I am grateful to have feet so I can walk around all day. The days when I am so tired that I don't want to go to the gym. I am grateful that not only do I have a gym 1 minute from my home, but that I am able to have a body that I need to take care of. The times when I get super annoyed with my phone because I have poor reception. I am grateful that I have a cell phone that connects me through call and through text to family and friends within seconds.

There are a lot of things I am incredibly grateful for. But I am not going to list them. Those are personal prayers from my heart. And I am every day grateful for something new in my life. I have taken it upon myself to turning my complaints into thanks giving. Every day. Not just in November. So my challenge to you this day? Say thank you to your loved ones, to your God, and to whoever else you need to. Remember the simple moments and give thanks for that. Make Thanksgiving a part of your every day. Turn your bad moments into the best moments. And be grateful every day for the things you do have, even if sometimes there seems to be fewer things to be thankful for, there will always be something.

Pleated Skirt


Looking for a holiday skirt? Look. No. Further. I am OBSESSED with this Walk in Paris pleated skirt from Lucy&Lyla. I got it in green so I could wear it for all the holiday parties without being too flashy - plus I couldn't get over the deep forest color it had. But it also comes in red, black, and purple. I wore it last weekend to the Miss Idaho High School pageant and it got rave reviews from everyone. It is my new favorite skirt. I would wear it every day if I had a reason to. Just a heads up - the sizing runs a little small, I had to order a size up.

Top: Cotton On
Tights: Target
Shoes: Famous Footwear

Beautiful skirt, right? Lucy&Lyla really nailed it with this beauty. At first I was a little worried it was too much - I put it on and said to Adam, "Is this too full?!" And he assured me it looked fine. Then when I got to the pageant and got a few compliments I knew it was the perfect holiday skirt. Just enough dressy and class without being over the top. And while the holiday parties aren't here quite yet, I am already planning my next time to wear it because really. How could I not!? I feel like Blair Waldorf or Serena Van Der Woodsen in it, just ready for my next shindig! Are you buying a new dress or skirt for this holiday season?

Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 44.


Fashion Fits Everyone

PHOTO: Left to Right, Our childhood friend and adopted sister Kendra, Me (Shelby) and Haley

"My name is Shelby and I have a little sister I’d like to tell you about, well more like about us. First let me tell you about me. I am shy, not frightened to speak shy but quiet, I am also 5’2” with crazy bohemian waves and thick caramel blonde hair. My 'little’ sister, Haley, and I are 2 years and 9 months apart. I say ‘little’ because she is 5’9” tall, she has dark brown hair with amazing kinky curls, the kind women cry over because they can’t ever have curls like hers. She loves to wear heels and is and always has been super stylish.

From an early age I looked up to my sister, seriously I think we were the same height when I was in the 6th grade and she was in 3rd. We also moved that year and had to change schools. The dynamic between Elementary School and Junior High is insane. There is almost a protective bubble still in Elementary. Let’s just say I didn’t fit in with the new cliques so I got comfy in my blue jeans, tee shirts, glasses and art class.

In high school, I had figured out a way to be a wall flower for the most part and was kind to everyone. I was still wearing those same tee shirts and blue jeans…my sister on the other hand went from Junior High Cheerleader to Freshman Cheerleader. Always willing to tell people what she thought and very loud. My teachers couldn’t believe we were sisters. She was popular, in with the cool kids. She dressed cute, halter tops, but never skirts. Her legs are so long she was self conscious about not only the boys AND girls would think if she wore a short skirt but if she would get in trouble from Administration.

One night in high school, (by the way, we went to the same university too) I told her that she had no idea how lucky she was to have beautiful curly hair. She responded with you don’t know how lucky you are to not be towering over all the boys. We were so even. It never occurred to me that my size was an advantage when dating. She was taller than any boy she had ever dated. She loved that I could wake up and decide to curl my hair, leave in natural or straighten if I wanted to, whereas she needed at least 2 hours to flat iron her curls. She is tall, lanky and model-esque. I am short, a bit stockier and fairly average. Haley’s closet was always full of cuter, dressier and more daring clothes. Mine was full of tees.

I am in my mid/late 20’s and like to think I now know a thing or two about fashion and style. Clothes that make me feel pretty and confident. Something I call bohemian casual. I crave native designs and natural fibers. You can find me in skinny jeans almost any day of the week. I wear moccasins and roman style sandals. Cardigans are a natural part of my wardrobe. Maxi dresses are about as dressy as I get. I like clothes that fit me, Hourglass me. I frequently wear those skinny jeans I was telling you about with a tee or tank. If it’s cool, I throw on a cardigan and call it a day. There are always days I wish I had this or that or the cool new thing but it’s the classics that make me feel confident. A chambray oxford and dark indigo skinnies with moccasins are my jam all day pretty much any day.

Haley’s style is different than mine and it’s ok. She dresses for her career and is very professional; what she wears makes her confident. She has an an important job and needs to look it. However, our evening and weekend wear is the same, sweat pants and tees.

WHY does it matter if my clothes make me feel good? Because it’s how we feel in what we wear that gives us the confidence to do our best job. No matter where you are or what your doing. If what you wear that makes you confident and do well at whatever you do, then it is important. It’s not about ‘fitting in’ it’s about showing how you are through your clothes, style and accessories. Fashion is an art and it’s for everyone. How we use fashion to embrace our bodies and show off who we are is different for everyone."

- Shelby from Shelby Clarke

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Lace Trim Tunic + Fish Tail Braid


Like I said, scarves galore over here! My go to outfit is scarf, tunic, leggings, and boots. Pair it all with a braid - fishtail for me since I have finally mastered it - and I you look ready to take on the world without putting in all that effort. This is always my go to look for a busy day of Black Friday shopping, or as my husband likes to call it... Black Friday Hunger Games. I will definitely be packing this lace trim tunic from Lucy&Lyla for our Thanksgiving trip to Twin Falls so I can sport it for deal shopping. It is the perfect mix of comfort and style for when I go out into those holiday masses.

Do you have any plans to head out into the world for Black Friday? If you do - or even if you don't - you'll want to keep scrolling past this outfit for a little lot of holiday cash.

Leggings: Target
Scarf: Soel
Boots: Payless Shoes

What do you usually wear for your Black Friday shopping? Are you an all comfort person or a mix or style and comfort? If you are looking for a Black Friday tunic, check out Lucy&Lyla - they have got you covered on every base. I had a hard time picking, but I knew which one I needed when I couldn't this lace trim tunic out of my mind. But now... onto that holiday gift card giveaway I mentioned...

These lovely ladies and I have teamed up to bring you SEVEN $25 gift cards from our favorite stores, just in time for some holiday shopping! Get everyone on your list their favorites from Target, Anthropologie, Etsy, Amazon, H&M, Sephora, and Gap. You can enter below. Giveaway ends on November 27th. All entries will be verified. Good luck!

Floral Scarf + Mint Clutch


Most people consider these months "sweater weather" but if you didn't catch it from last week's weekday wardrobe I consider this scarf weather. All scarfs. All the time. With the snow, without the snow - when it cools off the scarves go on. And this year is no different. I kicked off this scarf season with a floral diddy from Pink Blush.

Sweater: Gap
Bracelet: Pink Blush c/o

So what do I do to bring a little more fun and color into my outfits? I add a bright colored clutch that matches the floral hues in my scarf. When this mint clutch showed up in Lucy and Lyla's inventory I knew I had to have it! It is the perfect size for a grab and go bag. Plus the weave on it is to die for. So a bun, a clutch, and a scarf - I am good to go! How do you dress up your scarves? What is your favorite thing to add to your wardrobe once it starts to cool off?

Weekday Wardrobe


There is sometimes a misconception about style bloggers and their wardrobe. Yes, I do put effort into my outfit everyday. No, I do not have high quality photos of every outfit I put together. Yes, I do have my husband take photos of my outfits - usually a bunch all at once on the weekend. No, I don't have time to get professional photos all the time - when I do it is a serious treat that I love and embrace. So with that being said, a lot of people have been asking me what I wear on a regular day to day. Not just the outfits photos I take. But what do I look like on a Monday when I go to work? What do I look like on a day when maybe my hair isn't the happiest? So I decided to let you into my weekday wardrobe and my slightly messy closet every Friday as I share the outfits I have been wearing throughout the week. Not just the ones I share in my outfit posts.

Monday / Pink Blush Scarf / Gap Sweater / Sexy Modest Jeggings / Forever Young Flats
Tuesday / Scarf (similar) / Old Navy Cardigan / Kiss Me Mint V Neck / Halogen Skirt / Hanes Tights / Francescas Booties
Wednesday / Cotton On Top / Little Black Fashion Truck Belt / Gap Slacks / Famous Footwear Heels
Thursday / Soel Scarf / Old Navy Cardigan / Pink Blush Dress / Target Leggings / Macys Boots
Friday / Little Black Fashion Truck Sweater / Gap Jeans / Target Boots

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 43


"Fashionable? For me fashion and style are two different things. Fashion to me is general and style personal. My fashion is an extension of my personality. It is basically about how I feel at any given point of time. I would never wear or buy something just because it is in fashion.
My personal style is defined by golden jewelry, contrasted with subtle shades and black. I always try to set off my outfit with a statement necklace. I have a huge fetish for unique pieces of jewelry. My Indian heritage has influenced my style a lot, specially when it comes to selecting beautiful traditional Jewelry from different parts of my country. You will mostly find me sticking to black and often when I am in a mood to pep up my look, I team my look with a bright piece of jewelry.
You would more often see my in draped dresses. I feel experiment is the key to success in terms of style and I try to follow exactly that. How can I forget the essential Indian wear, I'm equally at ease in an elaborate saree as I am in Western outfits. I believe in dressing according to ones body type and in clothes that one is comfortable in. I dress according to my mood. It needn't always be a luxury brand, I love high - street fashion as well.
I don't wear make up unless I have to, Kohl and lip gloss would be my go to look for the mornings. If you have a good lifestyle than your natural beauty will shine through. My signature look is the red mouth - a classic shining look for the night with dark eyes. I feel red lippy makes a statement of it's own and sets off my skin tone perfectly."
Karen D'souza from Kdizzle Designs
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Elephants on Parade


Maybe I am a little weird, but I tend to give my clothes a name rather than a description when explaining things to my husband. For example... my sweater with the face of a white tiger on it is called my "Eye of the Tiger sweater"... that is to keep it separated from all my other animal print sweaters - which would seriously be a problem. Or my black and white striped leggings with floral print are called my "Floral Beetlejuice leggings". Most of the time names come when a random memory pops in my head or I don't want to take extra time to describe exactly what item I am looking for while my husband and I are on a search rescue for my clothes. Which unfortunatly happens all the time because I am extremely slightly messy. Sorry Adam. And this top was no different in getting a quick name.

Top: Aeropostale
Cardigan: Aeropostale
Pants: Cotton On
Belt: Thrifted
Bracelets: Jane.com
Shoes: Target (similar)

When I bought this top I kept telling Adam it was my pink elephants on parade top. He didn't totally get the reference. Please tell me at least one of you knows what I am talking about!? I don't want to be crazy. I know there is at least one person that totally got it, shout out to my photographer for this outfit. She gets me. But clearly there are no pink elephants - just regular elephants - so we make it work. Do you have any clothing items that remind you of something else? Do you ever name your tops after the pattern, style, or design?

Love Completes Each Other


A little while ago my friend Tausha asked if I would participate in her Love Dare channel. She assigned me with Day 33: Love Completes Each Other. The pages themselves talk about how we are separate and individual. As a husband and a wife we are two totally different human beings with different skills, different families, and different personalities - but when we combine we can find strength and progress as a whole. The date for the day was to recognize that your spouse is integral to your future success. Let them know today that you desire to include them in your upcoming decisions, and that you need their perspective and counsel. If you have ignored their input in the past, admit your oversight and ask them to forgive you.
Love Dare
While I was excited to see what dare she would give me, when I opened the email I thought to myself, this could not be more perfect for Adam and me. I have always known that through a thoughtful Heavenly Father I would be put through different trails and successes to make me the person I am. I would have the ups and I would highs and I would have the lows, that is part of being here on earth, and everyone can attest to that. But I have never totally thought about how my highs and lows would become a perfect fit for my spouse's highs and lows. That our experience before we met would prepare us for each other and that somehow, so perfectly, we would be each other's rock through it all. I always just thought of it as some give and take, but it is give and take with the strength from a mightier power.
There have been many times that something has gone completely wrong and upside down for one of us, in turn making it a huge point of discussion and topic in our marriage. Because now we are not two, we are simply one. And when something happens to one of us, it happens to both of us. When I got laid off, we lost our income. When Adam for drafted, we had a life in minor league baseball. When I got a job offer in Idaho, we moved together. And when Adam got an arm injury, we had to discuss options in case things didn't work out the way we had planned. And right away we knew we needed to create a plan to make a strong marriage through times of decision, so no matter what was in front of us we were a united force.

Discuss what the problem is. We decided it was important to really discuss everything that happened. Every option. Every success. Every failure. Everything and anything that could contribute to what got us into the place we were now. We wanted to make sure we both fully understood what the other person was going through. Because if we didn't know that we would not be to give our input into solutions. Plus, just being able to get inside the other person's though process and really understand helps to be empathetic.
Discuss solutions. And when I say solutions, I mean it as solutions. Don't just think of one solution and run with it. Really make sure you consider all your options, and discuss every option. As you do that make sure you present and concerns with things being brought up. Be honest and be forward with how you feel. Don't let one person drive the conversation and you resent them later. Make sure you are on the same page through all the solution conversation.

Remember that you will need to compromise. Once you have a few options, narrow it down to one solution. The one that feels best and is most reasonable for both of you. There will be a lot of give and take here, because while no answer is perfect one answer will be perfect for both of you with compromise.

Pray about your choice. Prayer is important in our family, and for some people prayer might come in the form of talking to someone or journaling and really pondering it. But for us, we pray. Once we have a choice we pray about it to see if we get the good feels about what we decided. We pray together and we pray individually over multiple days. Then we come back together and discuss any thoughts or impressions that we have had over our choice during that time.

Agree and move forward. This is the most important part. Once you have done all the discussing and pondering together and on your own, come back together one last time and make sure you both still agree. Then move forward. Don't look back on other options, just move forward and know that you made that choice as a team and it was the right one.
Marriage is a team sport. And through his strengths and her strengths you become a team that can win, but only when you put your trust and love into your what your spouse has to offer. Only then can you become one complete unit, a game winning team. I can honestly say that Adam has been my rock through some of the hardest times, and I think he would say the same thing for me. When we see one person softening and weakening, we become strong for them to help lift them and raise them. Because our team, our marriage, is only as strong as we make it. It is only as strong as we let it be. Sometimes Adam will carry me through the storm and sometimes I will lead him, but that makes us strong. And that is where our love steps in to complete each other.

Paint Nite


This little gem has been tucked away in my drafts for four months. Way too long. I am just slow at getting things off my camera these days. And once I got these ones off I took a sabatoical. Also coming soon are photos from our anniversary in August. Just pretend all of this happened really recently, yeah? So this is a date that I mentioned in our anniversary questionnaire a while back. Our date night at Paint Nite. We always take turns planning date night. Usually mine revolves around whatever treat I want and something that Adam swears he would never want to do - like pedicures, which he loved. Okay, that is not totally true, but that was one date I planned over his time home to rehab his arm. Adam's is usually something far more creative. He is really good at searching out the fun things in the area. And one thing he found was called Paint Nite. How it works - you sign up online for a class based on the photo you want to paint. It is usually at a restaurant so you can eat and drink while you paint. We botched that one when we went to Costa Vida first, but Costa was oh so good. They give you a smock, a canvas, and all the paints. Oh, and an instructor to make sure you know what you are doing. The painting for the night we went was the Boston skyline.

We had so much fun cozied in a booth trying to figure out how to paint and be artists. And what do you know? I think our paintings turned out pretty well. Apparently we do have some artistic ability. Well, we already knew Adam did... just ask him about his fish - or if you ever come to our house look in the main bathroom because we always hang it in there so most guests will see it. It was fun to get some new artwork, to try something different, and try out our hand in painting. These beauties will be going into our guest room at the new house. So when you come visit us you can see them up close and personal. Have you ever gone out on a crafty date? What is the favorite date you have gone on?

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 42

"To me fashion is a canvas of individuality.  It is not only defined by what you wear, but also the way we express ourselves, our unique personalities and confidence.  It is multi-dimensional, and we change our trends and colors to suit our moods. I personally love to challenge myself and experiment with different colors, accessories, makeup and hair styles to see how far I can go.  It is all about how comfortable you feel with yourself to allow you to take on a different dimension.
I like to describe my body type as petite with curves.  My style of clothes and makeup varies depending on the occasion and mood that I am in.
Ultimately for work I love to wear knee length dresses that show the outline of my petite curves.  Being 5”3 I tend not to wear long ankle dresses as I feel it can drown me and it loses its appeal.   However I do love long skirts with a cute crop top when I am out with friends.  The crop top is a nice balance to the long skirt, which avoids the look of drowning in my outfit.  I like to add an accessory piece especially form our collection Kdizzle Designs.  Just to add some character and a splash of uniqueness.
I am originally from London, so I tend to spy and buy the latest trends from hair fashion to make up to shoes to clothes.  I like to stand out from the crowd, not by showing too much skin but by wearing something that hasn’t been seen before.  I recently purchased these ankle brown boots that have side holes in them.  I am in love!!  They are perfect for autumn.  It brings winter and summer in one.  Our Kdizzle Designs collection is so unique and fun, we always love to add a piece when we go out.  We get a lot of stares and everyone asks where we got the jewelry from.
You will never find me rocking the same style of outfits; I am constantly switching my style up.  I went from long hair to short hair in a second.  Even my manicure has cute designs and playful patterns.  I take risks in my appearance! I like to have fun with it but making sure I still feel comfortable.  It's exciting trying new things on.
Red lipstick is my hidden passion.  When I go out in the evenings I will wear something simple like jeans and a plain top but I will bring out the red lippy to add some color and fun.   I tend not to go over the top with makeup and clothes.  If I wear my evening body con dresses I will ease off my makeup.  The attention will be on the dress, so I will not overpower it with makeup.  Alternatively if my outfit is simple and less colorful, I will enhance my makeup.  I love switching it up but making sure I have the right balance, otherwise I will scare my audience.
My advice to the ladies is to never stay with one look throughout your life.  I understand there is always a look that suits you best; however women should explore other trends, styles and colors.  Life is too short to be one dimensional.  But always remember keep a right balance in your choices.
Fashion is for everyone!  There is no right or wrong, it is all about personal preferences.  Whoever you are - a girly girl, conservative lady, revealing goddess, Goth or sporty.  Take pride in your appearance.  You will always hear the media criticizing outfits, but everyone is different.  We all have different occupations and lifestyles.  Be free to choose it with confidence.
Adding a piece of Kdizzle Designs to the outfit will boost your confidence and appearance! Check it out!"
-Isabella Dugbartey from Kdizzle Designs
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