Splurge and Save || Outfit 12


Splurge and Save || Red Dress

Mint seems to be sticking. A lot longer than anyone thought. And to welcome in fall and say goodbye to summer pair summer's favorite color with a bold red! This is perfect for any back to school dinner, homecoming dance, or just a night out on the town before you need your cardigans again. Go bold and mix the jewel and pastel tones for a fun new look. I always add gold accents, but any metallic will look stunning.

*All outfits are built on Polyvore.com. Styling is built to suite my personal taste and dress standards.*

Paper Anniversary || Part Two


Like I said, our anniversary was spent with a lot of baseball. I loved being at the field with Adam. I got to watch three games in Montana, and I met a lot of wonderful people while I was there. Two of the games Adam was in the chairs charting and one of them he started! It was perfect timing. I love seeing Adam pitch. You can just tell how dedicated he is.

Adam is such a wonderful role model. He has made a lot of friends on his team and with the fans because of his friendly personality and his example. Fans are always coming to talk to him after the game. People just gravitate to Adam. It is so impressive. I feel very lucky to have married a man that is hard working in his sport, in his relationships, and in his example.

It was so wonderful to meet his teammates and the people that work at field and have become Adam's family. I loved meeting the fans. There are three couples with season tickets, and I sat by them ever single night. They are a hoot. They told me that they thought Adam looked like Buddy Holly the first night. the next night they brought him a Buddy Holly CD, Buddy's bio, and a headshot of him that said "Adam Miller AKA Buddy Holly". And the last night they talked the people that run the press box into playing a Buddy Holly song for Adam's walkout. It was so funny. But it might have helped Adam and I pick our new Halloween costume from Wezer's song Buddy Holly... Buddy Holly and Mary Tyler Moore! Oh, and they told me I look like Brad Paisley's wife.

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 2


Passion and fashion is here today. 
Today's Fashion Fits Everyone featured blogger is 
Jessica from Love, Love, Love.
 I absolutely adore her and I think you will too.
I think every girl has something beautiful about them. When you find what makes someone beautiful, share it! I remember the first time someone told me my eyes sparkled. I immediately lit up and felt special. My eyes are one of my favorite features; they give me confidence and help me feel beautiful.

My style is something else that gives me confidence. I don't have to be wearing the newest trend or an expensive piece of clothing, but when I'm true to my style, that's when I feel beautiful. I would describe my style as trendy, thrifty, and ultra girly! I love wearing heels, pearls and lace.

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngWhile I'm not the thinnest girl on the block, my husband likes my curves, and I've grown to like them too. I have an hour-glass body type, so I look for tops and dresses that accentuate my natural waist, like the fab army vest I'm styling above. I also love straight-legged jeans because they show off my figure, especially when they add a pop of color to an outfit.

One thing I've learned from being a style blogger is that fashion doesn't come in one shape or size. You can be beautiful and stylish regardless of the number on your dress tag. My advice is to find your look and then run with it! When you feel comfortable with yourself, people will start to notice. Don't let clothes intimidate you. Be true to yourself and remember that fashion fits everyone.

Labor Day Moneys


|| My Life, I Guess... || Seductive Mania || Dreaming About Someday ||

It's almost Labor Day and as a celebratory kick off my friend decided to put together a little giveaway with a few fellow bloggers. Everyone is looking for a FUN weekend ahead. So without further a do, let's do some celebrating :)

Giveaway Details:
+You MUST be a My Beautiful, Crazy Life reader.
+This giveaway will end on September 4 at 11:00p.m. so get your entries in before its too late!
+Winner will be verified, so make sure your doing what you say you are :)
+This giveaway is only open to US readers this time, sorry!
+Winner will be contacted via e-mail & need to respond within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen.
Good luck :)

A Paper Anniversary || Part One

A little over a week ago I was able to make the trek up to Montana to celebrate one wonderful year with my husband. It was so fun to see Adam, to see where he has been living this summer, to meet the people who cheer for him, to meet the people that take care of him, and to see him pitch. 

My flight left at 5:00 PM on Friday afternoon. I left work around 3:00 PM to finishing packing up. Not only did I need to pack my normal stuff for three days away, but I also packed Adam's gift and the top tier of our wedding cake! And I fit it all in ONE carry on ( I don't believe in checking bags for trips less than four days) bag, which I would say is pretty darn impressive.

When I got there I checked into the hotel, changed my clothes, and headed over to the field. Adam's team was in the third inning when I got there. But lucky for me, he was charting so I got to sit a row behind him rather than wait to see him when the game ended. After the game it was a quick dinner with the team and then off to celebrate with cake, cider, and gifts.

Look at that cake! Can you believe it travelled so well? I was pretty impressed. And I also need you to know.. the cake was SO yummy. Whoever said year old cake tastes bad clearly didn't package their cake well. And Adam got cider and fancy glasses for the party. Cute, right?

So. Per the title.. a paper anniversary. Why paper you ask? Tradition. Adam and I love a good tradition. Which is why he didn't see my wedding dress until the wedding. We saved our top tier to eat on the 1st anniversary. And now we will incorporate traditions into our anniversaries. Traditionally, each wedding anniversary is celebrated by giving a gift made from a different material. The first anniversary is symbolized with paper, and subsequently anniversary gifts become more precious or scarce to reflect the growing number of years a couple has remained together. So for our 1st anniversary, we agreed to incorporate paper somehow.

Luckily for me Adam had mentioned some paper items he wanted.
We had been talking a few weeks prior about books and baseball and history.
He mentioned how he really wished he knew more baseball history and wanted
baseball books about the greats. Done and done.
I got him three books to start off his collection and 50 handwritten notes.

 As always.... I am a little bit more difficult to shop for.
Adam did a wonderful job though. And I was so impressed.
First he got me new running shoes (for the third time) but this time I kept them!
He also got my a beautiful cameo locket.
Last of all, to include paper, he got me a message in a bottle.
It had some of the most beautiful words, and as you can tell from the picture on the right...
I cried.
It was perfect.
And so clever, how the heck is he so creative?

 All in all, it was better than I could have ever hope.
Baseball. A wonderful Jaker's lunch.
More baseball. A drive around town.
Meeting friends and fans.
Seeing where he lives.
And just spending time with the love of my life.

Funday Monday


I wish I had more to say.
This weekend was CA-RAZY!
Let me recap.
Friday was work. Dinner with the in-laws. Meeting my brother in law for the VERY first time after a year of marriage. Off to a Favorite Things party. Then a little girl time. Then home to sleep for three hours before Adam woke me up with a heart attack to say he was in Provo so I could pick him up.

Saturday. Slept in. Bigtime. Then my brother and his wife stopped by. After that Adam and I went to meet his family so he could see his brother for he first time in two years. Off to lunch. Then a drive to Fashion Place Mall so I could buy a gift for my father and a few of the favorite things from the night before... I am such a sucker. Then back to drop Adam off to pitch. Then dinner with my family. Then Adam's game! He pitched. And he did great! After the game we went to Applebees with the brothers and then to our house to hang out. They hung out. I went to sleep because my tummy hurt.

Sunday. Church. I taught a lesson. It was REALLY rough... I am learning though. Maybe young married ladies just don't like to answer questions? Or maybe I ask bad questions? Haha. Who knows. Then a baseball game. Then just a relaxing Sunday with Adam watching Miley get CRAY... literally... I couldn't like her performance. I couldn't even pretend to like it. Why did her toungue keep doing those weird things? Why did she keep using that finger to represent a male reproductive organ? Why did she think it was okay to wear two Scary Spice buns? Only Scary can pulls those off... But then it was all redeemed. Watching JT reunited with NSYNC! REUNITED! My loves. My life. Adam was so confused as to why I was so happy. And I just talked about it the rest of the night. I kept saying "I LOVE NYSNC!" Maybe I went a little overboard... but I couldn't help it. They were all there. All the boys. Right on stage. I die. I love. I wanted to fangirl cry. Just like every other girl my age.

Now here is Monday. Let's make it fun!



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Splurge and Save || Outfit 11


Splurge and Save || Black Maxi

Splurge and Save || Black Maxi by lovetheskinnys featuring a maxi skirt

Maxi skirts are the perfect end of summer transition to fall outfit. As everyone is running around crazy with school starting and last minute summer vacations, you will want to be stylish and comfortable. This is my FAVORITE way to wear my black maxi, paired with a chambray and a chunky necklace. And there you have it, a stylish get-up in the dressiest sweat pants around. Who said fashion had to come over function?

*All outfits are built on Polyvore.com. Styling is built to suite my personal taste and dress standards.*

5 Dates || Guest Post


I'm assuming if you are here on Deidre's blog you were drawn in by her love story. Well in honor of her love story, I wanted to share some fun date ideas so that we can all have more fun with our spouses because ya know, life can always be more fun. 

1. Pick fruit like apples or raspberries. This has been one of my favorite dates with Zac. Outside in the peaceful, calm weather. It's nice to be able to chat while picking these beautes.

2. Go to a batting cage and hit some balls. Ps baseball tees are super cute. If you don't have one, go treat yourself before the date. 

3. Watch the stars. The farmer's almanac will tell you when the best times are to see meteor storms, shooting stars and help you find constellations. If you don't want to bother with that, just go outside and make your own constellations. See if you can find your story written in the stars. 

4. Go to the movies and have a competition to see who can sneak in the best treat. I suggest Ben and Jerrys. Instant win. If you get caught, you didn't get this idea from me.

5. Train for a sporting event like a 10k together. Zac and I recently ran the Dirty Dash and we had so much fun getting ready together and even more fun in the race. Cheering each other on and helping each other grow brought us so much closer.

So whether you are happily married like our friend Deidre here, or just out to have some fun. Seize the day. Get out there and have some fun!

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 1


Body image and beauty have been on my mind a lot lately. After four years competing in pageants, a year or so in blogging, and a million girl's nights... how could those things not cross my mind? I'm a normal girl with normal girl insecurities. Am I fat? Are these clothes too tight? Can everyone see this acne that looks like a mountain? Is my hair long enough? Do my finger nails look weird? Are my pores too big? Do I have on too much makeup? The list of questions goes on and on and on. And maybe you haven't asked yourself any of those, but maybe you have. Or maybe your questions are a little different. No matter what the angle, it is our nature, as women, to compare ourselves to other women.

I always try to show confidence. In my walk, in my speech, in my fashion, in everything. But underneath it all. I am so self-conscious it is ridiculous. I'm not telling you this to make me you feel bad or to fish for a compliment. But confidence is a process... and it is a process that I am just barely coming to terms with. It has taken me a lot of time to push back those ugly comments from boys and girls that I grew up with about my weight, about my style, about my personality. There will always be critics. But before the critics come those who love and support you. And that is where my confidence stems from.

About a month into marriage, Adam and I were getting ready to go out on a group date. I got dressed. Looked in the mirror. And then told Adam I needed to change. I changed. Looked in the mirror. And then told Adam I needed to change, again. And this went on three or four times until I eventually broke down. I sat down on the ground in front of the mirror and put my head on the ground. I started crying and saying I looked awful. This was the first Adam had seen me acting like this. I am sure he was wondering “what the heck is going on”? But he was wonderful. He sat down next to me, made me look up at him, and said, "Deidre, you are beautiful. And if going out with these people makes you feel like this... then we shouldn't go out with them." He was right. So I put on the very first outfit one more time. Touched up my mascara. And we left. And I felt confident and I felt beautiful. Not because of my clothing. But because Adam supported me.

This has always been a struggle for me. I am a comparer. I always compare how I look against other women. Which is ridiculous. Because my body type is not the average woman body type. My body is the average tall girl body type. I am 5'9". I am a size 10. I have a normal shape. Hips and all. But I have skinny legs. And no tone in my arms. So how do I dress? First of all. I don't try to pretend I can wear a certain size. Who cares if I buy a large rather than a small? No one knows about that but me. Second. I wear things that make me feel confident. If I put on a shirt that feels a little snug or I look in the mirror and think... eh? I change. No point in going out feeling self-conscious all day. Some clothing have their off days. No harm in that. Third. I always wear straight leg pants to show my little legs, I never tuck in things unless I am wearing something high waist-ed, and I always wear something with sleeves to hide my lack of tone. You learn your best and worst features, and you learn to dress for comfort and confidence.

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngThere is nothing little about me. I will never be a size zero. And I haven't been 5'4" since I was in 6th grade. So why do I compare myself to those women? Because I am ridiculous. But in all my days comparing, reading fashion blogs, and looking through magazines I have also gained confidence. The one thing I have come to realize is that fashion fits everyone. I love looking flipping through photos of celebrities, girls I know, and girls I just admire and seeing that they are confident. The girls that are small, the girls that are average, and the girls that are larger... You don't have to be a certain size to rock the latest style. I admire all the different shapes, sizes, and so on of these women. And their examples of style have taught me something - that as long as I am confident with my body, fashion fits ME! That is the beauty of fashion. It is there for everyone. Want to wear a pair of leather pants? Do it. Want to wear a mini skirt around town? Do it. Want to try out the latest pattern? Do it. Want to wear you comfy sweater from 6 years ago? Do it. Fashion is for you and for me and for EVERYONE.

With that being said. I have finally come to terms with things. I am beautiful. I am unique. And I am stylish. And I am confident with who I am. I don't need to compare myself to anyone else. Because I am me. A one of a kind woman, and for that, I am grateful.

Foam Fest


It seems like new 5K races, half marathons, and marathons have been popping up everywhere. Dirty Dash, Tough Mudder, Zombie Chase (terrifying), Color Me Rad, Halloween Half... I could keep going but you get the idea. There are TONS of opportunities to race and run and make it fun.

Well today I am telling you about another race that will be in Salt Lake on August 31st! The 5K Foam Fest is coming to town! And there are only nine days left to register. And I have a special discount for you at the bottom of this post - so keep reading!
If we had to describe the 5k Foam Fest in a nutshell, here’s what you’d get. Take all the mud, the dirt, and the grime of a mud race, all the obstacles you’ve seen on TV shows like “Wipeout” and “Ninja Warrior,” and then throw that entire muddy obstacles mess inside the largest and foamiest carwash ever built, and you’d have the foundation for the good ole’ 5k Foam Fest. Whether you’re a seasoned mud runner or fresh to the obstacle racing scene, the 5k Foam Fest offers a unique and fun approach to obstacle racing never seen before in the running world! So lace up those muddy running shoes, pick out your racing wear, and get yourself registered for the most fun foam filled race of your life! Get Filthy Clean!

Want to end August with a bang? 
Then hit up this race. 
It is full of obstacles, mud, foam, and just a bunch of fun things. 
Don't believe me? 
Look at this video.
How could you say no to that?
Get your fitness on and run the 5K Foam Fest.

And a special insentive for my readers to get running? 
Use the code RHRFRIEND at checkout and your entry fee will be $40!
That's a $30 savings. Winning.

Check out the Foam Fest online!
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Just this.
Lucky for you the day I couldn't think of anything to blog came after the day I 
stumbled across this gem from freshman year in Hinckley Hall. 

Have a WILD Wednesday!
Get it?

Country Living


This week's playlist is inspired by my weekend trip. A weekend in Montana will remind you of your roots... just kidding. I never listened to much country until I met Adam. And Montana was a good reminder of those tunes. A little bit of cowboy. A little bit of country. And that pretty much explains my time in Montana. This week is all about country living. Kick up your boots and enjoy.

Side A
Why You Wanna - Jana Kramer
Cruise - Florida Georgia Line
The Way You Love Me - Faith Hill
My Wish - Rascal Flatts
Mean - Taylor Swift
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain - Willie Neison
That Don't Impress Me Much - Shania Twain
Wanted - Hunter Hayes

Side B
Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
Red Dirt Road - Brooks & Dunn
Wide Open Spaces - Dixie Chicks
Red High Heels - Kellie Pickler
Something Like That - Tim McGraw
I Will.. But - SheDaisy
I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash

*I am endorsing that the songs listed above make me want to sing and dance. I do not own the rights to any of these songs.*

Go With The Flow


Earlier this summer I was on the lookout for linen pants. My sister in law had this rockin pair on at my nephew's baptism luncheon, and even though she told me where they were from - they were no where to be found. So I spent the next few weeks looking and looking for some light weight pants during these hot summer months. And then finally... I found some! At Maurices. One pair, one glorious pair. And I went to pick them up... and they were a small. FAIL. So then a few weeks later I was in Idaho with Adam and we went to the mall. And there was Maurices, and I thought, if it is meant to be... they will have my size. So I walked in, I asked... and not only were they in my size, they were on CLEARANCE. That's right. What a deal and what a win.

Pants: Maurice's \\ Top: Gap \\ Shoes: Dillards - Jessica Simpson \\ Jewelry: Color By Amber

Splurge and Save || Outfit 10


Splurge and Save || Departure Dress

Today's Splurge and Save is going right along with the wedding theme. I am sharing a "Departure Dress" splurge and save. Because if you don't want to leave in a heavy dress, you want to leave in white, right? I am sharing a lace option - because that is what I did so it was similar to my dress. Accessories and everything was simple. I wore just my wedding ring and my go to diamond studs and then throw on some nude pumps. The bag is for the pre-honeymoon overnight bag. It is wise to pack your honeymoon suitcase with EVERYTHING you need - clothing, makeup, hair stuff, so on and so on. But I think an overnight bag for before is the way to go so you don't have to dig through your suitcase. My overnight bag had the following:

VERY basic makeup since we would be traveling.
Mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, lip/cheek stain, and basic foundation.
Travel size Perfume
Hair brush, Hair ties, travel size hairspray
Toothbrush and Toothpaste
Travel size deodorant
Night clothes
Travel clothes
I like to wear leggings, flats, a t shirt and a lightweight
cardigan or jacket. Keep it simple.
Regular purse contents

Everything else was in my suitcase. The fun makeup, the dresses and shorts, the regular size of hairspray, deodorant, and so on, shoes, hair dryer, you get the idea right?

*All outfits are built on Polyvore.com. Styling is built to suite my personal taste and dress standards.*

Our Year In Numbers


1 beautiful sealing in the Salt Lake Temple
2 receptions
7 days honeymooning
0 children
2 homes
3 cougar tails
4 different hairstyles for Deidre
1 layoff
2 new jobs - one for each of us
113 baseball games
2 baseball numbers for Adam
15 trips to In N Out... at least
57 lunch dates
1 baseball draft and professional contract
7 different trips and vacations
1 surprise trip from Deidre
8 surprise flower bouquets from Adam
95 days apart
569 between us during baseball season
dozens of date nights
hundreds of photos
thousands of cell phone minutes & text messages
millions of memories and laughs


Today I am heading to Missoula!
To see Adam for the first time in a month.
And to celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary.
You can celebrate with us by watching our wedding video.
And enjoy seeing the beginning of our eternity.

8.16.12 from Deidre Miller on Vimeo.

I cannot wait to share with you what I got for Adam!
And share with you how our cake topper tastes one year later.
But for now... have the BEST friday and a happy 8.16!
And I will be back next week.

Wedding Playlist


I know this playlist is late - but I didn't feel like I could leave you guys hanging right in the middle of our love story so I pushed it back a few days. Sticking with the wedding theme, today I am sharing part of the playlist from Adam's and my reception. This playlist is extra special because not only is it something that we listened to at our receptions but it is something we both have on our phones now to listen to. The other night we were talking about it and we both still listen to it, a year later, when we can't sleep or when we miss each other while we are apart. Because it is the perfect reminder of the most perfect day.

Side A
One Sweet Love - Sara Barellies
I Have and I Always Will - Dave Barnes
The Best Day - Taylor Swift
Bruises - Chairlift
Daughters - John Mayer
Hey There Delilah - Plain White Ts
Viva La Vida - Boyce Avenue
The Little Things - Colbie Callat

Side B
Out Of My Leauge - Stephen Speaks
Sky - Joshua Radin and Ingrid Michaelson
She is Love - Parachute
Lucky - Jason Mraz ft Colbie Calliat
World Spins Madly On - The Weepies
Two Is Better Than One - Boys Like Girls ft Taylor Swift
All About Us - He Is We

*I am endorse that the songs listed above make me want to sing and dance. I do not own the rights to any of these songs.*

Our Story || Part Seven


So I said, "What?" And Adam text back to say he could come with us to The Haunted Forest. So we head out on a date, which I planned to pay for since I invited him, but he paid. And through the whole first half of the scaryness he held my hand tight. But as soon as we exited to wait in the next line, he let go. And I was so sad. So I decided it was over. And I decided I would just make the best of the time I had with him.

But about halfway through the wait he looked at me, straight in the eyes, and he pulled me into his arms, and he said, "You are so pretty." And from there to the end of the Haunted Forest he held my hand and he held me close. And even when we left all things haunted and spooky. He kept holding on. And then the rest is history. One week later we were Facebook official. One month later we said I love you. He came to Idaho to see my home. He left to the Dominican for Thanksgiving week and we couldn't talk much if at all. I went to meet his whole family over New Years. Five months later he asked and I said yes. And then three months after that we were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple for time and eternity.

That might seem like a really quick end to our story. After all that buildup and hype.  And I realize that I left out a lot of dating details... only because those dates don't make up our story. It was everything leading up to that. After all the drama and things that went wrong... it came together really quickly. But that is because I knew it was right and I didn't want to put things off anymore. And Adam felt the same way. And when nothing seemed like it was going to work out, somehow it did. And I am happier for it. 

I love him more every single day. I couldn't have found a man more considerate and caring than Adam. He knows how to respect not only a woman, but everyone he meets. And he knows how to make me feel like the most special girl in the world. He can always make me smile, even when the world seems to be plotting against me... and even better, I get more laughing side-aches and happy tears than I have ever gotten before. I am lucky to have him as my other half.

And we are living happily ever after.

Our Story || Part Six


A few hours later Adam text me back, he was at practice but he would call me later. He called me within seconds of me walking in the door from work. I asked if we could talk in person, and when he got back from campus he stopped by.

Isn't he just so handsome in a uniform?
I felt like I had a lot of explaining to do... at the first of our relationship I was really aggressive. Mostly because I knew Adam was a good guy and I knew there were lots of girls in our ward pursuing him, even if he didn't realize it. But with all the girls pursuing him I wanted to be his first choice. But what I didn't realize was, first, that Adam would be so ready for a relationship and that me being aggressive would make me be the one he would want it with. And my second realization once he was ready to start something, I didn't totally know if I was ready to date someone again. I had gotten out of a long relationship only two weeks before I met Adam. Yeah... I pushed really hard for Adam. I wanted him to notice me. But at the same time, there were guys pursuing me, and I didn't totally know if I was ready to give that up... because I didn't know what I wanted. And I was confused. I was sort of mean to Adam. And I took for granted the guy that he was. I kept telling him I "needed time" even though I kept dating him... because I was dating other guys too. One of those guys being my ex-boyfriend for some odd reason. But Adam didn't know any of that. To him, I was just messing with his head... I don't know. I guess I was, because I couldn't communicate my feeling very well. Because I couldn't understand them very well. Either way... I needed to put it all together in my head. I needed to tell Adam that through the last couple weeks I had slowly ended things with each guy and that is why I was taking so long to get back to him on whether or not I was really ready to date. When he got to my apartment the nerves really set in.

The conversation was long. But to sum it up. I told him I was wrong. Because I was. I told him that I was not sure of my feelings and where I was before due to my recent break up. I told him I missed him. And I told him that I wanted another chance because I still really cared for him. After me pouring and pouring out my feelings. Adam told me he still had feelings for me but I really hurt him. And that it would take time for anything to happen, but he was willing to talk and things would get better. He headed home early that night to get some rest for his scrimmage the next day.

The next day my roommate and I head over to his game. He pitched one inning and did awesome. And I text him after to tell him he was great and asked if he wanted to come over for a little bit. Little did he know he was walking into a trap. My roommate and I decided we would invite him to the Haunted Forest with us that evening, even though we knew he already had a date. When he came over my roommate so brilliantly cornered him and made him feel like he should come. But he said no, no, and no again.

About an hour later I get a text from Adam, "Guess what?"

To be continued...

Chambray Three Way || Day Three


You might be waiting for the end of mine and Adam's story... but you have to wait! Because I need to finish up this series real quick. Okay?

Day One and Day Two have come and gone - so here we are for Day Three of Chambray Three Way. Sometimes I capitalize too many things.. but that isn't what this post is about! It is about my last way to style this versatile item. And to me it is wearing it opened up over a fun top. Sequins, patterns, and stripes - you name is, I will wear it. And a chambray is great to add some flair to it. And with this outfit I went for the monochromatic blue, a neon striped top, and then my summer time go to fedora. Throw on some snazzy jewelry and you are ready. to. go. And this outfit concludes Chambray Three Way... but chambrays can be worn more than three ways! So how do you wear your chambray?

Chambray: H&M \\ Top: Cotton On \\ Shorts: Shopko
Fedora: Target \\ Belt: Thrifted \\ Jewelry: Color By Amber

Linked up: WWIW || Plane Pretty

Our Story || Part Five


I told Adam to come over and lets talk. I had decided the night before after a particurally bad date and a long conversation with my roommate I was ready to get into a real relationship with Adam and I was going to tell him. But Adam came over and, before I could say anything, said, "I'm done."

One of the happier moments before, what we like to call, "The Off Week".
My heart stopped. All I could say was, "Well, I was going to tell you I was ready to date you." And basically from there on it went back and forth. He said no, I said yes, he said he couldn't do it anymore, I cried and asked him to change his mind. And then eventually I had to let it go and figure out what I was going to do. I talked to his roommate about it. I talked to my roommate about it. I talked to my family. I talked to his teammate. I went to the temple every night. I cried a lot. And then I decided... I needed to talk to Adam. No more waiting. No more games. It was now or never. And I needed him to know I was going to work hard and I was going to win him this time! And not only that.. I was going to ask him on a date.

So I text him, "Hey, can we talk?"

To Be Continued....

Our Story || Part Four


The next day during my lunch break I get a text, "Do you think she needs a Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese book?" And that began text after text after text. He bought the Book of Mormon for me, and so he needed to bring it over that night, obviously. He stayed over for an hour, but before leaving for FHE he asked me out for a breakfast date. He came over later that night. He came over the next day. He drove with my to the post office the next day. We watched a Red Box the next day. And then Friday was a bit of a football/ex-boyfriend/dance party/friends from home misunderstand... but we wont get into that. Unless you really want me to?

And then the next morning was date morning! At 7:55 Adam called me for our 8:00 AM date.... and woke me up.
Our third date.
But our first photo from any date.

Adam: Did I wake you up?
Deidre: Umm... no. But yeah.
Adam: Well do you want to postpone our date?
Deidre: No! Give me 10 minutes. And I will be ready. I really want to go.
Adam: Okay. I will be over in 10 minutes.

And ten minutes later I was ready to go get french toast at Kneaders. French toast, great conversation, then an invitation to watch conference at his house. And that led into many days together, many dates out and about, and many conversations. And Adam instantly became my best friends. Only... I wasn't smart enough to realize it. And after of Adam trying to win me over and me being stubborn - there is a lot more to this part of the story, but if you want more, let me know - Adam text me and said, "We need to talk..."

To be continued....



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