I have been holding onto these photos for some time.... and by sometime I mean nearly eight months. We took them before all the snowfall in Utah last year and got back all the prints in early February. They were our one year anniversary photos, but since we are almost to two years... I figure it is time I let the public see them. A women from our ward back in Orem, Utah offered to take them, and I LOVED all of them. They are hanging up all over our house and there have been a few that have popped up on Facebook. In addition to that I put on in a frame for Adam to take with him to Indiana. So without futher ado. Here we are. The Millers.

Too many photos of Adam and I? Whoops... but I couldn't just pick a few. I loved them all. If you are looking for a good photographer in Utah I would recommend J&H Photography. They are a darling couple and they have a good eye for what will look good. Plus, they shoot everything together which I thought was the cutest.

You can tell just how long I have been holding onto these based on the scenery... clearly it is no longer fall season. Whoops. I am slightly embarrassed. But as I am looking to schedule our two year anniversary photos I figure it is time to dust these babies off. Also it is an opportunity for me to just look bad and reminisce on how far we have come before we celebrate two years in a couple weeks. New jobs. New homes. New adventures... But I won't tell you all of that yet. That is to be saved for a future post. How often do you take new family photos? Do you like to post your family shots around the house or what do you use them for?

Bright Striped Top


Last week I talked about prison stripes and this week I am talking bright strips. Basically I am stripe obsessed over here. I was sorting my closet the other day and I realized that is ALL I have been buying lately. Seriously from one hanger to the next it is like striped tee shirt, cheetah striped top, neon striped tee, striped blouse... and you think I would have enough of the stripes, right? Nope. I added one more piece to my collection with this Bright Striped Top! I loved it because it was light weight (totally needed in summer) and I could wear it out with a casual outfit or to work. A lot of my work clothes are for layering with blazers. And now that I can live the Arizona summer dress code, meaning no blazers, I am in need of more short sleeve work tops!

White Jeans: Target
Bangles: Forever 21
Shoes: Target

Here is a casual take on it. I paired it with white pants so the eye goes to all the color on top, but then I brought out the mini royal stripes with my bright shoes. And just so you know, these shoes are the BEST because they zip on the back so I don't have to unbuckle them every time I wear them. So brilliant. I tied in some bangles that matched the more similar stripes as well so I could accessories, which is a never ending journey and lesson for me. What do you think of this bright striped top? I got it from a darling shop named Pink Blush that used to be maternity only but just introduced a women's line.

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 34


"I truly believe that beauty, fashion and confidence is all in the eye of the beholder. It is very hard to meet everyone's expectations, so you have to move forward in these areas with your own heart and understanding. I truly think that beauty comes from within. If you have a good heart, that will show through in your outside beauty and will be attractive to those around you. I also think that with inner beauty, can bring about confidence. To me, confidence = sexy. Finally, I think fashion is something that can be different to everyone. So you have to dress as your heart and style tells you. Remember to wear clothes that make YOU feel good, even if that means it is not what everyone else is wearing. You don't always have to fit in when it come to fashion. Be bold and be confident.
I would say that I am very AVERAGE haha. And I definitely have a ruler body (which means my shoulders, waist and hips are all about the same width. Can be very frustrating, but I have come to gravitate towards peplums and structured items that give me the illusion of having a smaller waist.
As I have developed my blog, I have learned that I am all about COLOR!! I would say that I have a very cheery and bright attitude towards clothing and I think that is representative of my personality. My advice would be to add some color or patterns into your wardrobe. It can be an instant boost and can be good contrasting pieces to the typical neutral colors that people gravitate towards.
I think fashion fits everyone, because clothing is a representation of everything you are. It is the one thing that helps show your personality to the outside world, and allows you to shine through on a first impression."
- Erin from The Fashion Canvas
Interested in being a part of Fashion Fits Everyone? Email with the subject Fashion Fits Everyone and we will get you scheduled.

Actors Theatre of Phoenix


Adam has come and gone. And while his rehab stint was short and it was absolutely the best having him home. I am happy he is back out finishing the season. We had a fun time going on dates while he was home. We had a great time going on a lot of different dates, and one of our favorites? The Actors Theatre. We got to spend one night dressing up and going out to the Actors Theatre of Phoenix. Now I have grown up going to plays, locally and professionally - but Adam isn't much of an arts person. So it was a fun experience to go to our first show together.

The play was called "The Book Club". And there was one set with 6 actors. I was a little skeptical, I won't lie. My thoughts, "How is this play going to turn out with only one set? I've never seen a play with one set..." But they KILLED it. And Adam enjoyed it too. So it was a win on all accounts. The play follows a book club that is being constantly watched for their independent film/reality television debut. It was action packed. Drama filled. And a high-ten-larious.

The best part about Actors Theatre of Phoenix? It is all local. Locally written. Local actors. Local support. All of the above. The actors are real people trying to make it in the world of show biz and so they put in their heart and soul for every act. If you are looking for a fun date night, go check out Actors Theatre if you are in Phoenix. And if you aren't in Phoenix, go support the local arts where you are from! It was a great night, and it feels good to watch people that are diving into their passion. What is your favorite date night? Have you gone out on any unique adventures lately?

Prison Stripes Trend


You might be visiting from I'm Topsy Turvy to see my own striped outfit after my trend alert post. And today I am taking it all the way with stripes on stripes. Have you been seeing black and white taking over the fashion magazine? Well after finding a top and a bag with the prison stripes trend I thought I would put together my own outfit and put it all together at once.

Top: Maurices
Skirt: Pick Your Plum
Shoes: Famous Footwear
Purse: Target

When I put together this outfit I couldn't decide if the purse and top were too much of the same. But when I got the photos I was in love. And the long pencil skirt really jazzed it all up for me. Don't mind how white I am, that was pre self-tanner which you will be seeing more of later!

I know a lot of you have said that you are loving stripes lately too. And it helps that every store has there own version of stripes on the rack. Are you loving the prison stripes or are you all about stripes in living color? What is your favorite trend that is showing up everywhere right now?

Skinny Mill Update


I figure it is high time I share another update about Mr. Skinny with you all. A lot of people are really confused when I say things like, "I don't do much because I am home alone." Or maybe something like, "I have all the time in the world because Adam is gone - so give me a call!" Because over the last month or so I have been posting photos with him. Well. That is because he was home for about a month. If you didn't know. Adam is a minor league player in the Diamondbacks Organization. I guess that is where this whole thing needs to start for the new readers, right?

Traditionally the summer baseball season goes from April until September. So every year Adam will be shipped off to some far away - sometimes not so far - town in Indiana, California, Alabama, or Nevada. This year he has been playing in South Bend, Indiana for the South Bend Silver Hawks. He left at the very end of March with plan on returning at the end of season. Well, as we all know, plans change. On May 15th Adam was up to start - he is a pitcher and was in the starting rotation so every 5 days he opened up the game. The few games before he had been telling me how his arm felt weird, but he was still rocking and rolling so we figured it was just season deadarm. Then in the 2nd inning Adam said he felt a "pop" and his entire arm started to throb. I cannot explain to you the anxiety and fear while you wait to hear from your husband as he gets pulled from a game due to an injury. After meeting with the trainer he took a few minutes to call me. And while I cried a lot it was good to hear from him and hear what was going on. Over the next few days they worked on his arm, did some strengthening, and waiting for some pitching swelling to go down to they could do an xray. It looked clean but his arm wasn't 100% so they sent him to Arizona for a little R&R - rest and rehab. And also for an MRI because they were thinking he tore his labrum.

Needless to say, I was SO happy to have my husband home. And without having to pay for his flight. It was like a gift. And something I really needed. I missed that kid. After a week of rest he got an MRI and we waited anxiously for results. He was ALL CLEAR! He just had some inflammation but nothing was torn. What a blessing. When he called to tell me that I could not stop smiling. What a huge weight was lifted from our shoulders. But then we still have a month of rehab coming after that rest. So for the next month I got my baseball husband home and he got to strengthen his arm here at home. After a few weeks in a program and then being moved to the bullpen for a few games he was back to Skinny Mill. And he struck out six guys in only three innnings while playing in the AZL league.

At the beginning of July he got sent back to South Bend. And that is where he currently is - unless the team in on the road. They left him as a bullpen guy so he pitches one or two innings every three days instead of six or seven innings every five days now. Since getting back out there he has pitched 8.1 innings with 6 strike outs and a 0.00 ERA. I am really hoping that I didn't just jinx him by typing it all out, but I am a proud wife! He is working hard and I am missing him terribly. But I can't wait to see what comes from this season of hardwork. And I am looking forward to going to visit him next month!

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 33


Fashion Fits Everyone
"In this age of Photoshop, fad diets, and unhealthy models, I think it's easy for any woman to feel self-conscious about their appearance. However, when I got pregnant, I learned the real meaning of feeling self-conscious about how you look.
Most of the time, I'm proud of my baby bump. I am growing a real life healthy human being, and that's a huge accomplishment. I like having my baby girl with me wherever I go, and my big tummy is a sign that I'm doing something amazing. But it has also thrown my self-confidence for a serious loop. It's weird watching the numbers on the scale go higher than you've ever seen them before (30 pounds higher!). When your favorite clothes no longer fit, and you have to buy clothes that look incredibly gigantic on the rack, it can be tough. Not to mention, my face and fingers have swollen up along with my belly, leaving me feeling large all over.
Fashion Fits Everyone
I remember crying when I got my first little stretch mark by my belly button. I felt like my stomach would never be beautiful again, and that I was starting down a path to lasting ugliness. I had to look myself in the mirror and tell myself that this stretch mark means I'm growing a healthy  baby. It's a good sign, and it's a sign that my body is doing something beautiful. It's not ugly at all. When I think about this, and focus on what's really happening behind my swollen belly, I feel confident in myself. I wear clothes that embrace and show off the bump, not try to hide it. And you know what? Since then, my pregnant self has felt like my most beautiful self of all. "
- Brooke from Silver Lining
Interested in being a part of Fashion Fits Everyone? Email with the subject Fashion Fits Everyone and we will get you scheduled.



A trend that I have been loving this year is kimonos. There are tons of great options too. Lace kimono. Floral kimono. Fringe kimono. A lace or floral kimono with fringe. The options are endless. And I have been on the hunt for the perfect kimono. And I have finally found two that I absolutely love. I have actually found three - but only two were in my price range. I am a girl with a budget! I loved this kimono because it is shorter and wraps around rather than hanging long.It is more of a cardigan kimono. Plus the silky fabric gives it a chic look that most kimonos don't offer.

Kimono: SammyDress
Undershirt: SexyModest
Necklace: Bluebird Bridal
Earrings: Macy's
Shoes: Target

Deidre Emme


We all have chapters in our life. And I felt like it was time to close one. If you are here, you might notice there are a few changes on the blog. Going from Love, The Skinnys to Deidre Emme was a long time coming decision. Some of my friends know I have been debating changing the blog name for nearly a year. And finally, after going back and forth many times... it just didn't feel right to be The Skinnys anymore. That was a chapter that Adam and I closed when we ended our time at BYU, and we officially moved onto a next chapter when we moved to Arizona.

A lot of you have wondered where the name, "Love, The Skinnys" came from. So maybe me saying that chapter is closed doesn't make complete sense. Awhile ago, Adam wrote a post on why we were the Skinnys. And while it was his nickname, it become our name once we got married. Whenever we would go to baseball events I was lovingly referred to as Mrs. Skinny. When we would walk into team parties and discussions the guys would say, "The Skinnys!"

Well now we are moved. We aren't at BYU. And his new teammates never knew him as Skinny - a few of them are catching on, but they are also giving him new nicknames. We aren't the Skinnys anymore. We are Adam and Deidre, and we are growing into our new chapter. And the only way to really grow into our new chapter, is for me to let go of something that was tying me to our time in Utah. So here I am, rebranding. To my name, because that is something that will move with me from chapter to chapter. The content wont change. I will still write fashion and lifestyle. I will still share about my relationship with Adam. I will still refer to Adam as Skinny . And who knows, maybe I will still refer to us as The Skinnys. And I will still write with the same voice. But it is time to make this place completely me. So welcome to my blog and my new blog name. Deidre Emme.

Because Freedom Rings + Kameleonz


Any chance I can get to rep a little U S of A gear - I will take it. Because any chance to cheer for America or show my pride is good. And this 4th of July was probably one of the best ones I have seen in a long time for pride and for cheer. The best line I heard? Why doesn't America have any knock, knock jokes? Because FREEDOM RINGS!

But in all seriousness. I snagged this scarf awhile ago, and I have been waiting for the next American holiday to sport it. And even better than that? A warm holiday. With a day off of work. Lots of sun. And lots of time outside. Which also gave me time to sport my new Kameleonz sunglasses which I am LOVING!

Sunglasses: Kameleonz
Leggings: Target
Top: Cotton On
Shoes: Nordstrom

I am a difficult sunglasses person. I like my outfits to semi coordinate. And I have always been a neutral sunglasses girl. Better safe than sorry, don't want to be the girl in bright colors with some clashing sunglasses, right? Or am I the only person that thinks about that? Whatever. But they are seriously great sunglasses and perfect for the sunniest of day because the lenses polarized and UV400. And they help me with my fear of clashing with interchangeable arms. That is right, I said INTERCHANGEABLE. I have a black, a clear, and a purple. How cool is that? So if you are looking for a new pair of sunnies head over to Kameleonz and use the code "DEIDRE" for 20% off! Because if you are anything like me, you love a deal. And 20% off sounds just right. What is your favorite style of sunglasses? Are you always looking for a new pair for your bag?

A Little Lace


It is no lie that I have REALLY long legs. I am 5'9" and a good portion of my height is found in my legs rather than my torso. So something that might be considered long on everyone else is always going to end up too short for me. But within the last couple years there has been a wonderful invention for us long-legged people. The skirt extender. And within the last year or so they have come out with more variety. It all started out with a lace skirt extender. That was the first I ever saw. Now they have sequin skirt extenders, leather skirt extenders, ruffled skirt extenders, scalloped skirt extenders, and the list goes on and on and on. And if you are planning on wearing a slip anyway (which I know seems to be a forgotten art) they are perfect because the details are attached to the slip! And I love how it adds a classy detail of a little lace to even my simplest of skirts.

I have tried out a few different brands of skirt extenders. Some have been a huge success and some have been a huge flop. Who would have thought the skirt extender was an art? Well let me tell you, it is! Because to offer a great skirt extender to the public it needs to be long enough to actually extend!

Top: Fabric Mill
Skirt: Downeast Basics
Skirt Extender: Rustic Couture c/o
Shoes: Dillards

You won't be able to find slip extenders everywhere. It is a boutique trend mostly. I have yet to find them in any chain stores - usually it is a specialty or boutique store with more unique items. But they really are a heavenly item. I love the feminine touch the lace extender adds to my skirts and the edgy-ness the leather extender adds to my dresses. I can make one outfit into three totally different looks just by switching out a slip. And lately, with the crop top trend, there is more opportunity for these extenders. I have seen a lot of women buying the shorter extenders and wearing them under short or sheer shirts to add a little to the bottom of the shirt hem.

My original purpose for buying skirt extenders was to help create more modest looks with skirts I already had or when I couldn't find things long enough. But the skirt extenders have taken on an entirely different meaning in my life. And they have added a ton of variety to my closet. Have you ever tried a skirt extender? Can you think of any skirts or dresses in your closet that would benefit from a little additional length at the hem?
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