It has been a good week. After reading a lot and talking to people a lot I feel like I picked up some treasures. I just wanted to tell you some of my favorites.

"We all need to walk on gravel at some point in our lives. And then we learn how to turn it into a paved road with the Lord's assistance."

"When you fish for love, bait with your heart, not your brain." - Mark Twain

Brigham Young said, in reference to his prayers to the Lord, “Give me patience to wait until I can understand it for myself.”

"Well the Lord loves you and we are all here to take care of each other. If not, this journey would be a purely solitary one."

"Love is not blind; that is the last thing it is. Love is bound; and the more it is bound, the less it is blind." -Chesterton

facebook vs. myspace/linkedin/all other online networking

I will be the first to admit. I am an online social net worker. I have a facebook, a linkedin, a twitter, and a myspace. I like to be in with the in and up on the new social routes. Although I have them all I use them rarely. I would rank my online socialness like this:

1. Facebook

The reason Facebook is first is because everyone has it. It is the best place for me to see what is going on in everyone's life without actually having to talk to them. Yeah, that sounds anti-social but you understand. At least, I think you do... If you don't let me explain. You know those people you used to talk to a lot, or you used to be in the same social circle, so you knew everything about them? You knew who they were dating, what they were doing, what color of hair they had that week, how they got in the car wreck, why they got suspended from school, you knew everything... well now you aren't in the same social circle, in fact, you aren't even in the same town. Well, you once had that direct link to them so you still like to know what is going in their life, but you don't want to call or text them to say "Hey, are you dating anyone?" Rather... you can just go to their facebook profile and see "In a relationship with Frankie Smith". Done. Now I know what I need to know, and I didn't even have to talk to them. Facebook is king of social networking.

2. Linkedin

This is second because I like to think that if I keep it updated someday it will be my direct link to a fabulous job. Simply put.

3. Myspace

Myspace is the white-trash Facebook. That is honestly how I feel about it. But I keep mine to stay in touch with my white trash friends ;) just kidding. I keep it because I like to be able to participate in random promos they have that facebook does not have. For example, I LOVE Glee. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Right now, Myspace is hosting a contest to audition for Glee. In fact, my roommate and best friend, Sarah Bevan just auditioned. So you can vote for her by going to her Glee audition page and giving her a GOLD STAR. Sometimes Myspace has its perks.

4. Twitter

All I can say about this one is most of the people on Twitter post their stuff on Facebook too. And frankly, I just don't understand all the ins and outs of Twitter, so I get on to enter for free prizes. ( I love free stuff! ) That is about it.

Basically. Facebook trumps. But I am an online net worker, I am a social net worker, I am a net worker in general. Don't judge.



Sometimes I think I am so clever... but no one else does. It isn't clever if I have to explain it to you.

Life has been busy though.

Over the weekend I had Miss Idaho orientation. I think I have my wardrobe all figured out. Now it is just time to GET IN SHAPE. Tone, tone, tone. If you have any tips or tricks on getting fit and fast, please feel free to share. I have cut out all sweets, soda, and most of my whites. Going to the gym an hour or two a day. That is a hard one right now because I am still getting over being sick. I feel like Miss Idaho is going to be amazing this year, and I can't wait!

We had our opening ward social yesterday, and then we have two more this week... they like to do an opening week of sorts. I really have a great ward. Wonderful people. I am looking forward to this summer and the friends I will have in the ward.

Besides those two things... Sarah and I are working on making our apartment perfect. Painting, cleaning, everything. It is going to be a good place to live, and whoever moves in with us is going to LOVE it. I think.

the end is near.


I like to think about today as if it were December 2011.... Where I know there is ONE YEAR LEFT... but in this case, I like to know that it also going to happen. In exactly two hours I should be DONE with my last final of this semester. And after today I only have ONE YEAR LEFT of my higher education.

I am rejoicing at this very moment.



I am a lucky girl. I very lucky girl. There has been so much going on in my life... a lot of change, a lot of heartache, a lot to look forward to. Through it all I have been so blessed with amazing people there to support me the whole way. Sometimes I am taken back by how inspired these people are. Giving me the strength I need to keep going, never doubting my abilities. Why am I so lucky?

Last night a friend gave me this scripture to read:

Doctrine and Covenants 45:62 "For verily I say unto you, that great things await you;"

This scripture touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This boy has no clue what I have been feeling or thinking. He didn't know I have been questioning my ability, questioning what is going to happening in my life. When I am in question of myself, these people have more faith in me. More faith than I have had for awhile. Why do they believe that so many great things await me when I can't believe it myself? This whole experience has humbled me and showed me what I can be and what I will be. I am a lucky girl.

easy things.


Here is the thing. After last night, I have come to realize that if a hard thing feels so easy. Then it is right. It isn't easy just because it doesn't mean anything. It is easy because that is God's answer. He likes for things to be clear. So when something ends, no matter how much you want to hold onto it, and you don't feel sad. It is right.

I don't take back any of my experiences. I feel like I learned a lot. Even though it hurts a little, it only hurts because of the important people in them. Not because it is done. People always leave. This time I would just prefer them not to.

Modest is Hottest


There is no need to worry about seeing those inappropriate swimsuits anymore. Order yours today.

School is out.


I love this feeling. Last day of classes. Last class of the day. PLEASE let this hour pass quickly?! I can't believe this semester is already done. I was sitting in class with a few friends the other day talking about how crazy it is. I don't feel like February and March ever happened... and it is April. I am thrilled though. This summer is going to be actually amazing.

BIG plans:

Trip to California
Rugby Nationals to watch BYU
First time to San Fransisco
Seeing my nephews for the first time in almost TWO years, Dallyn, Smith and Lars, and the first time ever seeing Soren
Miss Idaho pageant
Working at EFY
Just Sarah and I in an apartment
Re-painting the apartment
Sleeping in
Weekends in Idaho
Other road trips
Saint George timeshare
Disneyland for free
Working at the Hinckley Center
Lion King
Dear missionary friends come home... Marc Allan
So much more I am sure.

It is going to be actually wonderful.



I have CUTE nephews.


I had something I was going to write today. But I forgot what it was.

Looking forward.


I posted advice from Brother Bott yesterday. And then completely disregarded it. Silly me.

I have been thinking a lot about that post this morning. It seemed to be something I needed more than I realized. I didn't need it when I talked to Brother Bott, but I have needed it since. It is amazing to me how so people are so in tune with the spirit and can give advice, through casual conversation, which will be needed more than ever in the next few hours.

Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 "Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not."

Doctrine and Covenants 67:3 "Ye endeavored to believe that ye should receive the blessing which was offered unto you; but behold, verily I say unto you there were fears in your hearts, and verily this is the reason that ye did not receive."

Fears are not worth it. When I look forward, I want to be prepared for any outcome without fear. "We merely know what we want while He knows what we need." That quote in itself is enough reason to not fear.

Brother Bott


Well. Many of you have heard of Brother Bott. He teaches mission prep and Doctrine and Covenants here at BYU. He is the number one ranked professor on ratemyprofessor.com. He is an amazing man with great insight. I decided it was time to talk to him and get some advice, just advice, no emotions attached. After a long discussion our conversation led into other things. Eventually we ended up on fears. He told me a quote, by President Hunter, and I loved it.

"Let us not take council from our fears."

Then he followed up with 2 Timothy 1:7, his wife's favorite scripture, "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

It was such a great reminder. So often fear takes a toll on my appearance and performance. Brother Bott helped me remember that Satan gives fear. Heavenly Father doesn't; He wants me to feel power and love no matter. Why would I let Satan's fear council what I do?

So now I wont. And I will stay strong and confident.

Miss Southeast Idaho.


Well. I competed at Miss Falls Valley this last weekend. And won! I feel very lucky and blessed. I kept most things the same... Same platform: Redefine Service. Same talent: Tap dancing. Same dress: Yellow evening gown. I changed my swimsuit and my interview outfit though. After the pageant I was able to sit down with the judges to get feedback. I am very excited for Miss Idaho. Now I just need to get sponsors (if you, the business you work for, or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring me I would appreciate it!) and I need to raise money for Children's Miracle Network... with your help. Thank you for all your support and love. I am thrilled to be Miss Southeast Idaho 2010.

job interview.


I interviewed for a job a week ago to be a Wedding Catering Coordinator. I would me working with


It would be such a great experience. I would be working with a lot of weddings doing tastings, set up, receptions... things like that. Beyond that I would get to use it for my internship to graduate. They need a year long commitment at least, which is perfect because I have a year left of school. Last Thursday I interviewed with the girl who currently holds the position I applied for at Magleby's. I felt like it went really well, and yesterday I found out that it did! I got called in for a second interview with the coordinator at Sleepy Ridge. I am very nervous and excited for today. I hope it goes well!
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