School is out.


I love this feeling. Last day of classes. Last class of the day. PLEASE let this hour pass quickly?! I can't believe this semester is already done. I was sitting in class with a few friends the other day talking about how crazy it is. I don't feel like February and March ever happened... and it is April. I am thrilled though. This summer is going to be actually amazing.

BIG plans:

Trip to California
Rugby Nationals to watch BYU
First time to San Fransisco
Seeing my nephews for the first time in almost TWO years, Dallyn, Smith and Lars, and the first time ever seeing Soren
Miss Idaho pageant
Working at EFY
Just Sarah and I in an apartment
Re-painting the apartment
Sleeping in
Weekends in Idaho
Other road trips
Saint George timeshare
Disneyland for free
Working at the Hinckley Center
Lion King
Dear missionary friends come home... Marc Allan
So much more I am sure.

It is going to be actually wonderful.
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