2012 || A Year In Review


I know a lot of you are new here.
I know a lot of you probably wonder what the heck do these people blog about.
I know a lot of you are probably like "These people are so silly, what posts should I read?! There are way too many good ones!"

Whether you thought one of the previous statements above or are D. None of the above or E. All of the Above we thought we would help you out. Here are our top posts from 2012 first in a list and then one from each month. Enjoy.

January: This is the month where I decided to start blogging. That is right it has almost been a WHOLE year. And at first Deidre was going solo. A lot of posts with no substance. Whatsoever. Just jokes. But my post on Virtue definitely started me into a good year. To prepare me for Miss Idaho, for assemblies, for marriage, and to be an example.

February: In February baseball season started. Which meant Adam was gone a ton. So I went to Idaho a few times to do assemblies for my Miss Idaho platform S.T.A.M.P. Out Bullying.

March: A lot more of baseball and pageanty. A trip to Portland to see my brother and go to some of Adam's games. Miss Idaho orientation and the Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen pageant. And of course, the ever popular Mustache March and March Madness.

April: A few more baseball games. A few more trips to Idaho to prepare for the pageant. And a change to win the lottery.... pretty much sums up April.

May: There was a lot going on this month. Lots of Miss Idaho preparations form walking to talent to raising money. ENGAGED [you can find the link below]! I got engaged. And that was the best moment of this month. And from here until wedding month. My time is pretty spent in wedding mode, pageantry, and work.

June: Miss Idaho and wedding planning. We also took our engagements and ordered out invitations.

July: I crowned the new Miss Magic Valley, had a bridal shower, and MORE wedding planning.

August: Marriage. Honeymoon. Nothing can top that. Moved into our first apartment.

September: Lots of football games. Which meant opportunities to eat cougar tails.

October: A very special birthday and birthday redo from my handsome husband. Halloween. Which means costumes.

November: Laid off from work. Found a new job. And Thanksgiving in Idaho!

December: A trip to California to spend our very first Christmas together. But not before opening some gifts here!

And then a few more for good measure!

The Obvious:
Our blog really picked up a ton as we were planning our wedding and getting married. So it didn't suprise us that some of our most popular 2012 posts had to do with just that. Marriage. Also... we wrote mostly about marriage and love and all that for a solid 4-5 months... so that made it obvious.

His Side Engagement
Her Side Engagement
His Side Marriage
Her Side Marriage
Wedding Overload

The Not-So-Obvious:
This gems made it through all the marriage and love posts into the eyes of many viewers. They are the Aladins of the group... aka. The diamonds in the rough. Or... the rough in the diamonds, whatever way you want to look at it.

Claw Hand
Miss Idaho Prep
Dating Past
Melted Cake
Sleep Walker

Have any posts that you liked on Love, The Skinnys in 2012? Most memorable? Most hilarious? Most ridiculous? What is the best post on your blog? Let us know so we can go check it out!

The Skinnys

The Big 12 of 2012


Adam and I were talking about this last year and how crazy it has been. Last week we spent the holidays in California with his family and quite a few conversations with, "I can't believe it has been a year since we met you Deidre..." or "Isn't it crazy last year when you visited for New Years you were just dating and now you are married?" Well... Yeah. It is crazy. It has been a crazy year full of adventure and excitement. So now... we bring to you...


12. A day at Disneyland on one of the busiest days of the year. How the heck were we supposed to know they would hit theme park capacity at noon!?

11. We had our first of many weeks apart and Skype dates... pageantry and baseball splits up a couple more than we care for, but you gotta do what you gotta do!

10. Summer nights filled with fireworks, softball, snow cones, and mini golf.

9. Deidre learned all about baseball. And actually loves it.

8. Adam learned all about pageants... and thinks that are crazy!

7. The blog hit 500 followers. Humbling. And appreciated.

6. Deidre placed top 10 at Miss Idaho, won the community service award, and the Spirit of Miss Idaho. And officially retired from pageants.

5. Cruise. Cruise, cruise, cruise. We loved it. We want to go back. ASAP.

4. Adam spent last season as the Saturday starter for the BYU Baseball team and in November was announced the closer for the 2013 season.

3. Engaged. Simple as that. His and hers stories to match.

2. Our first apartment. Together. Which means. No more honor code hour for one of to walk home across the parking lot at midnight.

1. The biggest and best moment of 2012... well that is easy. Marriage. On August 16th we entered the Salt Lake Temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. And we are happily married. And in love forever.

All in all we had a great year. We went from dating, to engaged, to married, traveled around, had adventures, ate great treats and foods, and so much more. What did you do in 2012? What are you top moments?

The Skinnys

Fashion Is Back, Maybs.


It has been a long while since I did a fashion post. Sorry about that people. But I have a good excuse. Remember when I switched jobs? Well... during that time I didn't get ready for the three weeks in between jobs. So, unless you wanted to see the leggings and sweatshirts I wore. I don't know, maybe you did? If you did... let me know! Either way. Here is a post of my new dress. Starting with the least flattering picture, so scroll past is quickly, thanks.

 Dress: Soel / Cardigan: Target / Scarf: Soel / Shoes: Forever Young

I have a few good ideas of how to wear this dress now that I have it... so don't be surprised if it shows up again. Especially as soon as I find my long sleeve grey shirt. Somehow it has disappeared. If I had anywhere to go for New Years, this would be the dress... but once you become wed there aren't as many parties. Anyone got any ideas for me!?




Remember this guy?

Well... if you don't let me tell you about him.
He sometimes blogs. (I know, you are probably wondering where the heck he has been, maybe if you clap loud enough he will blog again!)
He plays baseball. Right handed pitched. BYU. Fancy.
He comes from a huge family - 11 kids. He is second to last.
He grew up in California.
He served a mission in Mexico.
He eats like crazy.
He always does the dishes.
He knows someday he will get a chance to wrestle Chuck Norris. And he will win.
He is kind.
He likes ESPN, the color blue, donuts, calories, and Modern Family,
He is loving.
He wants to travel the world.
He has some good dance moves, just ask him.
He works hard. For today and for our future.
He is a gentlemen.
He goes by Skinny on the baseball field. And at our house. And anywhere his teammates are.
He loves the gospel.
He loves me.
He is the most perfect man.
He is my husband and the love of my life.
He is celebrating his BIRTHDAY!

I hate to get all personal. But hey. This is my blog. So you can skip this part if you want. Adam! I love you so much. I am so lucky to have met you and be married to you now. You are the perfect example of a gentlemen. You have always been kind and caring. You never say a negative thing. You always watch out for me and take care of me. I appreciate how hard you work, in baseball, in school, in our relationship, and in the gospel. I appreciate the example you set for me and for those around us. I know you will be an amazing father whenever that day comes, because I see how you treat everyone around you. Thank you for being far better than the man of my dreams. I love you. I hope you have the best birthday. Ever.

Stop in and tell him HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Because not only will Skinny (aka. Adam) appreciate it, but so will I!

The Wife

Dear Aloha,


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National Kiss A Baseball Player Day

What is NKABPD? Well... I didn't even know that acronym existed until I got this on my Facebook wall from my thoughtful husband.

That little sneak! He just wanted a kiss. Not that he wouldn't have gotten one anyway, but I wanted to make sure it was extra special so I "had to stay late at work that night", or in other words sneak to the store to pick up some supplies. Then while he was in the kitchen get his late night snack I set it all up. Starting with this on his pillow.

Now don't get any ideas. "There is more where that came from if you know what I mean," only meant there was more. Meaning kissed hidden throughout our small apartment for him to find. One in the sheets. One in his scriptures. One in his computer. I hid a few in his drawers.

And then a bunch in our bathroom. The bathroom was more fun because he doesn't always look in all these places right away. Some spots hold things for getting ready for bed, some spots for getting ready for the day, and some just hit and miss depending on if his lips are chapped or not.

Happy National Kiss a Whatever Day to you. Because there always seems to be a reason for a kiss!


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