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I do agree that marriage is the best thing ever. It is also a change that requires getting used to. I feel that the previous 10 points were lacking details and clarity. SO, I decided to make my own points of marriage.

Serious faces are REALLY hard for us to make...

  1. Waking up seems to be easier for one person in the relationship. And more often than not, someone will say, "Turn off the lights. I'm sleeping." Someone has to be a morning person and someone has to be nominated the first day of marriage... otherwise no one will get out of bed. 
  2. Time passes faster for men rather than women. When he says that he will clean up, other pressing issues such as checking or watching the political debate seem to, who knows how, take priority. I don't know how that happens. By the time we check again, its already time for bed! Wow time passes fast!
  3. It is a lot easier to just say you like every outfit that someone is wearing. It saves time. And it keeps the bedroom more clean.
  4. The oven can be used as a perfect place for storage. With a lack of counter space, the oven becomes the next best place to store a recently made cake. Its becomes the worst storage place when the other person in the house doesn't realize that a cake is in the oven, and turns it on to preheat for dinner.
  5. Cleaning is taught differently at every house. Some people like to use dishwashers and some people prefer to wash everything by hand. And sometimes the dishwasher users like to say, "The dishwasher has HEAT and sanitizes better..." 
  6. Another dishwasher point. Not everyone loads the dishwasher the same way. The bowls, cups, and plastics don't always have to be on the top rack.
  7. Just because you love and support each other doesn't mean you always listen to the other person... "Stop eating that caramel corn! It is almost dinner..." and then five seconds later you will hear the rustling of the caramel corn bag.
  8. Sharing a mirror is more difficult than you would think. 
  9. "Treat" is a meal that occurs every night an hour before bed. It includes either cake, oreos and milk, or cupcakes. 
  10. Marriage isn't easy. But it is fun. But only if you make it fun. So.... laugh a little. Actually laugh a lot. Learn together. And do the dishes.

Well, marriage is the best thing that has happened to me. I fully endorse it. For amateur advice from two of the best amateurs around, feel free to review the previous twenty points/suggestions.

Angie Bean said...

#2 is SO my boyfriend... too funny!!

Whitney Leigh said...

I like all those words. you guys are so cute.

Alyssa&Chris said...
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Alyssa&Chris said...

This is so funny! #9 is the same thing we have in our home!!

Janette said...

Oh I like treat time!! A lot! And I'm a hands on dishwasher.. Dishwashers use too much water...
Loved theses HIS/HERS posts.. keep 'um coming!


Talisha Reupena said...

This is awesome! It's always fun to read the other version! I think this should be done again upon anniversaries! It'd be a nice tradition and a cool way to see how your answers change or even stay the same!

Rachel said...

I totally agree that it's easier for them to just say we look lovely! And of course we do! No need to change into too many different outfits.... lol!

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