Dear Twin Falls,

Here we come. Soul sister unit. On the road. Tomorrow. 3:30. Can't wait to see you again!



Dear Robison Sundell,

Happy birthday kid! A lot has happened since last year. Just know that my feelings for you are the same as always. You are a true inspiration to everyone that knows you. I know that I would not be half the person I am today without your friendship. I appreciate the way you lived your life. You were an example to me. An example of what it means to enjoy life, an example of a true friend, an example of taking a risk or five, an example of living life to the fullest, and, best of all, an example of what I someday hope to be. Always happy, always looking for new friends, and always watching out for those around you. You are wonderful. I will never ever regret doing New Student Orientation, because without it, I would not have you in my life. I am grateful they placed my group in the mud so your kind heart, and Blake's, would invite us over to sit with you and eventually create the super crew. Your mustache always looks nice. Happy birthday. Never forget that I love you.


Dear Parents,


Thank you for the flowers. It was a great way to start off the busy conference weekend. I do love sunflowers.



Dear Daddy,

Happy birthday! You are the best man I know. The smartest man I know. The most wise man I know. The most hard-working man I know. The most honest man I know. You are a forgiving, caring, charitable, and stubborn man too. The most wonderful father I could ever hope for. I know that you mean everything you say and that I can go to you for anything I need. Thank you for teaching me how to be a hard worker, even if you never saw the result of it. I often get complimented on my work ethic, and I can honestly say it is because my Dad made me learn how to work. Thank you for teaching me how to carry myself under pressure and to interview and speak in public. So many times people mention how I seem so cool and collected in a tough spot and I get comments on how well I interview; I know it is because I have a Father that has been in the public eye, serving for so long, and he has taught me to do the same. You and Mom joke a lot about, "All good comes from Mom and all bad comes from Dad." I want you to know, that isn't true. I got my looks from Mom (Except for the Edmunds brow and the abnormally large ribcage... which I am still bothered by. Sorry that everyone says I look like Mom, I know you want credit for that part too. Ha.) and a lot of my talents and skills from Mom, but I got just as many good things from you. I got my drive to work and serve from you. I got my stubborn attitude from you. I got everything that makes up my red personality from you. I got my singing skills from you. I am grateful to have a Father like you. You believe in me every day. No matter where I am or what I am doing. You are always willing to give me a blessing. You are honest with me to help me become better. You trust me. You want the best for me, your little girl. I can't even tell you how much you mean to me, even though we fight a lot... at the end of the day, you are always right. Remember I said that here, because I might NEVER say it again. I know you are always right, no matter how hard I push you on it. I appreciate everything you have done for me. Financially, in the gospel, in the home, and just out of love, I appreciate every single second. You are an amazing man, a great husband, and the best Dad in the whole world. I love you so much. I hope your birthday was the best.

Your Daughter

Dear Mallory Wagner,

Mal Pal. Happy birthday! I am happy that I have a friend like you. You are a beautiful person inside and out. I appreciate you always caring for me and wanting me to be happy. Thank you for being my roommate and for all the late night laughter. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful Diet Coke is and why I love a good treat after a long day. Thank you for introducing me to great shows and movies.... and of course, always supporting me in buying two bags of Cadbury holiday treats. You have always been there to support me, including coming all the way to Boise, Idaho to watch me compete in a double-mini pageant. You will never know how much that meant to me. You are an example of what friendship really means. Thank you for everything. I am happy to know you, and happy that you are in my life. I hope this birthday was wonderful, including spending part of it watching sports. Love you.



Dear Sean Edmunds,

Happy birthday big brother! You are getting older. And wiser, because you are at medical school constantly learning. I would say that qualifies you to be more wise this year than last year. I am really happy that you are my brother. I love joking around with you and having dance parties on the "dance dance rug" or in your kitchen with the sweet sound system. Thank you for letting us have pre-pageant activities in your house. Thank you for always making me laugh. Thank you for letting me call you when I am having a really hard time. Thank you for marrying such an amazing woman so I could have another great sister in law. Dad says I have a similar personality to you, I feel pretty good about that. Because if that is true, I am funny, outgoing, charitable, and caring. You are always good for some comic relief, for making random things happen, and for loving everyone around you. Thank you for being a great example in my life. I love you very much. Happy Birthday.



Dear M&M's,

Thank you for making mine and Nicole's favorite treat. I'll give you some hints... it comes in an orange bag, it has a middle surprise, and it helps me through all stressful and depressing times.


Dear BYU Couples,

I am really happy you found love here on campus. Really, I am. Everyone needs a little loving every once and awhile. Today is your day for that. I just have a few requests for you and your love.

Request #1. The lawn is not your bed, living room floor, or couch. Please do not spend time cuddling and having tickle fights as I have to walk by. It is awkward.

Request #2. Don't make out in the door way. I am probably running late for class.

Request #3. Just because you are holding hands does not mean you can walk slower. Keep up with the traffic flow.

Request #4. Be in love, just be in love. But be in love on your own time, not everyone else's. PDA is not appealing.

If you could follow these few guidelines you would make not only me happy, but every other other single person. You would probably make the couples that already follow these guidelines happy too. Thank you in advance.



Dear Music and the Spoken Word,

A perfect way to start my Sunday. Every week Nicole and I say, "We are so tired, we will go next week." And this morning we both woke up hoping the other would say that... after the realization neither of us were going to admit exhaustion we got up, got ready, and met up to drive to Salt Lake. We could not have made a better choice. Listening to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing and the orchestra play was beautiful. Sitting in the tabernacle with my best friend next to me, President Monson a floor below us, beautiful music echoing the room... what else could I ask for. Lloyd Newell talked about an inward silence, "Silence can be a source of strength, inspiration, and renewal. Stillness gives us a chance to tune into our heart, to hear our own deepest thoughts and feelings." After the message and the music, Nicole and I took a walk through temple square and got a quick tour of the gardens at the top of the conference center. Can't wait to go back.



Dear Pat Beta,

The infamous "Black Pat". I am happy thatyou decided to work EFY this summer and I am even more happy with the fact that you decided to be my friend. I will always remember the first day I met you and we went to Sonic for happy hour.You got a grape slush, don't ask me why I remember that, I just do. Since then there have been a lot of good memories. Hearing about you getting locked into a bathroom. Dinner at In-and-Out. Watching The Office. Having you so patiently teach me how to longboard. Lunch at Zupas. A week of EFY in Twin Falls. Introduction of the Fried Chicken Song and Bed Intruder. You have made a memorable
mark on my summer and in my life. I can't wait to see what adventures will follow. I have enjoyed getting to know a person like you. Someone that cares about everyone around him, loves to laugh, and has a testimony that influences everyone around him. You are one of a kind and I love having you in my life. I know you are a friend I can always count on and rely on. Thank you for everything and thank you for being you. It means more than you know. Happy birthday.



Dear Google,

Really quickly I wanted to tell you how I appreciate you for being the ultimate winner of all things internet for me. I frequently use the term, "Google it," in conversations. Normally that would sound weird... or creepy... but thanks to you, it is normal.

I would also like to thank you for creating this little beauty:

Now I can label and archive all my emails and can even prioritize them. The best part is this:

That's right gchat. Which is where the real love for Google steps in.

Now no matter where I am no matter what I am doing I can just talk to my favorite people from my email. Which is nice because my email can be open in class and I don't feel guilty like I do with other programs. (ahemm.... facebook...) Thank you for all my friends that have also found a Google love and have gchat. Now when we all go to the library at night we can chat and not get dirty looks for talking because it is all silent. Google I love you for you and I love you for your gchat.



Dear Bloggers,

I am just going to give you a heads up. I blog-stalk. So look forward to me finding you page, reading all about your life, and then commenting on it. Sometimes I will blog stalk out of boredom. Sometimes I will blog stalk because I need to know a little bit more about my friends that have gone m.i.a. Sometimes I don't have a real reason. I just do it. It isn't supposed to be creepy, but I guess it kind of is? Oh well.



Dear Headache,

I really do appreciate having company, but sometimes I just want to be alone. And you have been bugging me all day long. So, I am going to say this in the most friendly way I can. Go away.



Dear Devotional,

It was so great to hear from another apostle this week. Starting off the week with Elder Holland, President Packer, and Elder Scott and then today hearing from Elder Hales. It was just the spiritual push I needed. Elder Hales had a lot of good things to say. He talked about how Heavenly Father has a path for each and every single on of us. I need to use my agency to stay on that path. I need to seek a companion that can help me stay on that path, seek a career to help me stay on that path, and make the right choices that will help my future become bright. Depending on how I use my agency now my future agency can grow grow or diminish. I need to strive to make right choices for the right reasons. My favorite thing he said was "Opposition is NEEDED for growth in this life. The blessings come after tests and trials and how I handle them." I will be tested to my limit but not beyond what I can endure. These tests are to help me accomplish what He needs of me. Elder Holland also talked about how sometimes people say to "Get a life," to which he responds, "Get an ETERNAL life."



Dear Doctrine and Covenants 45:62,



Dear Facebook,

Bye bye. That is all I really have to say to you at the moment. After stake conference yesterday I realized how much I rely on the book of face. Sister Beck made a point of talking about how much time people spend on their computers and on the internet. Is is really helping anything? Are these pointless past times helping me become the person I want to be? The answer is no. Honestly, I spent way too much time on Facebook. It was open when I was at work, it was open when I was doing my homework, and then before I went to bed I was on it until late. Where are my priorities? So for this week my Facebook has been deactivated until I can set up a regular, non-Facebook schedule, and then I will go from there. As Michelle Branch once said, "Goodbye to you. Goodbye to everything I thought I knew. You were the one I loved; the one thing that I tried to hold on to." I am letting you go for a little. You will survive and I will become a better person.



Dear Anyone,

Are you out there? I feel like I am blogging to nothing. It is a good journal though!



Dear Returned Missionaries,

It is so great to see you all back at school. These last two years have honestly flown by. It seems like yesterday we were all living at Helamen Halls throwing water balloons, blowing up toilets, going to May Hall for parties, enjoying a nice freshman dance party, and eating at the Cannon Center. I am happy to see you all again.

Only one side note. Conversations like this are not the best:

*Frank: "Deidre! So good to see you!"
me: "Hey *Frank!"
*Frank: "Why aren't you married yet?"
What do I say now?... "I don't know, but thanks for pointing that out?....."

Probably not. Sure glad you guys are as awkward as I was warned about. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Welcome home.


* names have been changed to protect the image of others


Dear Just-Came-Across-This,

I love when I am just going to check in on someone and I see something that makes me smile. I decided to check on a few of my EFY participants that had posted things about school be hard or different little trials. When I went to check one girls I found this...

This made me smile more than anything. It feels so good to know that I really did help at least one youth this summer. This means more to me than this girl will ever know. It was great to just come across something that has changed my whole attitude of summer.



Dear Mindy Smith,

You are on replay.

Love, Deidre

Dear Self,

You made it. You have just finished your first week of your final year of school. Come May you cannot rely on school in the fall. You have to get a real job. Well... here is to nothing or I guess, here is to everything.

Love, Deidre

Dear Lion King,

Pure brilliance. I went to the show with my mother, Jo, and Kari Dawn. No matter how many times I see that show I will always be amazed. The first number was GENIUS. I cannot even fathom how someone comes up with an idea for all the animals and how they move. They look real.. brilliant. The whole show was great. The man who played Simba had a beautiful voice. The woman who played Rafiki was hilarious. It was just great. Thank you Dad and Mom for buying the tickets to a great girls night out.

Love, Deidre

Dear Last Week of Summer,

This was the best last week of summer I could have asked for. Starting off with the pool party, seeing Sarah Bevan some before she moved out, going to the She&Him concert, visiting Tiffany at her school, spending time with my soul sister, hanging out with my most favorite people in the whole world (no joke... favorites) and making the best purchase of my life.

Lets start with seeing Sarah. I miss her a lot. Best friends since second grade doesn't even begin to describe out relationship.... actually... I guess it does begin to describe it, but there is a lot more to it than just that phrase. She knows everything about me. She has been there through every laugh, cry, fight, song, dance, and boring moment of my life. I would trust her with my whole life. I am so bummed she moved out of the apartment but as Vanessa Hudgens once said, "I've got to move on and be who I am... I gotta go my own way." Sometimes, moving just needs to happen. Miss her. Love her.

Sometimes Nicole and I don't wear shorts to our knees... don't judge. "We are so getting judged tonight!"

She&Him concert. Zooey Deschanel is just as amazing in real life as she is on a CD or in a movie (eh hemmm... 500 Days of Summer. love.). A night in the SLC with Tiffany, Nicole, and Sarah. I would not have select a different combination of ladies for the evening. It was hilarious and we all are on the same humor wave... get on my level. I think Nicole was the most traumatized, let's get her out of Provo a little more. Winner quotes and pictures for the evening:

"Well just hurry go to that $3 parking."... "Oh my gosh!! You cannot go in here. Someone will definitely break into our car. Look how sketchy!"

"I am going to document this sketchy place... this man is probably going to lock our cars inside the gate and just be like... fools."

"Everyone is drunk."

"She needs to go back and change."

Two conversations were going on during this picture.

Conversation one.
Nicole: "Elizabeth. Smart."
Tiffany: "Nicole, his name is E-manuel."

Conversation two.
Sarah: "Quick, he looks like Jesus!!!"
Deidre: "Ah! Hold on. My camera isn't on!"
Sarah: "Quick! Snap My picture with him!"
*picture taken...man turns and stares right at us....*
Deidre:"Sarah. He totally knows what we're doing"

"Oh! I want a picture with him!"

"Drug deal just made..."

Songs sung frequently throughout the night... by Nicole...
"I am His daughter.."
"It takes courage to wait, when the battle is long..."

"This is not a family event. Who in their right mind would bring their CHILD to this?"

"I think I just spotted a Mormon."

"We are leaving so we don't get AIDS."

"What are you doing?"
"The bells just sounded like that one song..."

Before the concert we went to see Ty. He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack!

His {old} roommates seemed pretty... different. I am really used to EFY modesty. Censor this please?

Oh... and after She&Him we went to Wendy's. Look who we found.

On the way to see Tiffany... I almost killed us. What I learned driving that day? Never try to watch the cop in your rear-view mirror... I looked back for maybe one second and then I hear Nicole "Deidre... DEIDRE! LOOK!" and I yell "OH MY GOSH!!!" The car in front of my dead stop. I was going like 65 and had to swerve into the other lane. Luckily there were no cars there and luckily I didn't over correct. I honestly could have killed us both. Right there. And even though we were both tense and terrified all we could do was just laugh.. I kept saying "I am so sorry... I don't even know what else to say to you right now." And then the rest of the day Nicole made fun of my for it, thanks. It was karma. We had just spent a little time laughing at the mom in a mini that almost crashed and how weird it looked. Here is the after shock.

Tiffany Pasker is a SECOND GRADE TEACHER everyone. Teacher of the year award. Nicole and I went to visit her at Heartland Elementary to be her teacher's assistants. She is probably the cutest teacher in the whole world. Also, she made her class adorable. 32 baby-tots, no problem. Tiff is QUEEN... she just needs some boy treats in her treasure box.

Well... beyond that I have just had a good time hanging out with Nicole, Tiffany, Brittany, Parker, Zack, Pat, and all others that join in the group for fun times and laughter. Frozen yogurt trips, Walmart adventures, watching movies, making tie dye, and nights at the Haunted Mansion. Good times to follow summer. "I can't wait for the holidays with my new friends!"

Oh. And I bought a bike. No one though I was serious, but I was. Best purchase ever.

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