Dear Returned Missionaries,

It is so great to see you all back at school. These last two years have honestly flown by. It seems like yesterday we were all living at Helamen Halls throwing water balloons, blowing up toilets, going to May Hall for parties, enjoying a nice freshman dance party, and eating at the Cannon Center. I am happy to see you all again.

Only one side note. Conversations like this are not the best:

*Frank: "Deidre! So good to see you!"
me: "Hey *Frank!"
*Frank: "Why aren't you married yet?"
What do I say now?... "I don't know, but thanks for pointing that out?....."

Probably not. Sure glad you guys are as awkward as I was warned about. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Welcome home.


* names have been changed to protect the image of others
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