Dear Housing,


There is nothing I hate more than you at this very moment. First of all... why are you so overpriced? Just because you have a washer and dryer doesn't mean you should be allowed to jack your price up $100. Not okay. Also, why do you make it so difficult for a single individual to just move into a nice apartment? Whenever I find a good option it has just been sold. Really? Not okay. Then when I find a good apartment that is not sold my potential roommate plans on housing her three cats. Not okay. And all these applications... what is that? Since when does my shoe size, favorite Spice Girl, and the length I can hold my breathe make me a valid candidate for an apartment? Not okay. I thought we had gotten over this "hard to find housing" situation when I paid my dues during my undergrad years. Guess not... I can't believe you are making my life miserable once again. Treating me like we never had something special. Please just let me find a good place to rest my head each night. I really am not a fan of being homeless. Let's work something out? Thanks.

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