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Online shopping can be a daunting task. Making sure the fit and quality can be hard if you are looking into a new store, I mean, let's be honest... it can be hard even if you are shopping at a store you are super familiar with. Whenever I shop online I spend a lot of time reading reviews. I really value what previous customers have said about the product and the store. Sometimes I will even go online to check out reviews and see what items might be in a store before I head out to the mall. It saves a lot of time. And a lot of money because I don't spend just to spend. I have something in mind. And now there is a website that makes all the pre-shopping shopping way easier.

Before I Shop is a website that is dedicated to helping you shop better. Whether it be through product reviews or sharing all the sales and deals - they have you covered. And they want to help you have better shopping experiences at the stores that you already love, which sounds like a win to me! Before I Shop knows there’s nothing better than discovering a great sale, scoring an awesome deal, and then sharing your latest finds with others who get why you’re so excited. They want the Before I Shop community to be your platform to share and show off your savvy shopping skills.

Right now they have a handful of stores to pick from - but they will slowly start adding more as things pick up. You can create your own "shopper profile" and go in to share the deals you've found and share the items you love. Then, like any good social media platform, people can like your post by clicking the little heart or they can leave you a comment - either some social snaps or some questions about the items you have picked.

They want this to be a community where we help each other out. They say,"Before I Shop is about shopping. Shopping releases dopamine. Dopamine makes you happy. So please leave snarky comments, inappropriate images, and trolls at home. Use your shopping prowess for good, not evil. Let’s help each other make smarter shopping decisions." I would recommend making a profile - you can sign up with email or Facebook & try any of these ideas: an outfit featuring something you got for an awesome price, something you love that’s currently on sale, dressing reviews, haul videos, or your tips on what to buy & what to skip.

Oh, and a bonus for making a profile and posting a review? You can enter to win a $50 e-card to the Before I Shop store of your choice - compliments of Before I Shop! Doesn't that make you love them even more? If it doesn't... you are CRAZY! The giveaway is open to international followers. So what are you waiting for?!
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The American Dream


Something that I love about being in the blogging community is all of the shop owners you meet. No matter what get together or event you go to, you are bound to meet someone who is a well established shop owner or someone that is just starting their own shop. It really is a beautiful thing. On a daily basis I have the opportunity to work with men and women that are living the American dream! Of doing the things they want and building a life around that. These shop owners are building a path for themselves based on the freedoms around them. And that is poetic in my mind!

Like I said, I have had the opportunity to work with lots of different shops. You've seen them on my blog before. Shops like Our World Boutique, Bluebird Bridal, Alexa Z Design, 3eleven Design,The Little Black Fashion Truck, and so on. The list is endless. But recently I had the opportunity to work with two newer shops. 

Cowl: c/o Leather and Wool // Sweater Shirt: c/o toAdorn // Chambray: Gap
Leggings: Gap // Booties: Francescas

The first is toAdorn. You might recognize them from a giveaway I helped host last week. features brand new products every single day – and at a very low price. They sell products from vendors all over the USA that offer the best handmade, fashion, home d├ęcor and boutique items. ToAdorn is what I like to call the gateway dream. Because while they are building their own business, they are also helping other shops grow! And you can get 10% off your order with the code "Ilovetoadorn". The second shop is Leather and Wool. A shop that focuses on handmade cowls for children and adults. The unique triangle design of these handmade cowls is modern, comfortable, and trendsetting. Made with a real wool blend yarn for softness, durability, and authenticity and always genuine leather buttons.

Like I said earlier, working with these shops is one of my favorite parts of blogging. Getting the chance to team up and collaborate with people that are so passionate about what they do. It is a good feeling and they often fuel a new fire for me to work harder for what they want. Do you ever buy things from home-grown stores? What are your favorite local shops? 

Building the Best Running Playlist


I am one of those people that need some good motivation and a few lessons to get into a good workout groove. And I want you to get motivation and a playlist lesson so we can all get into the groove to get that summer time bod. Today I have Mary Kremer, from Sole Treadmills, here to help you build the BEST running playlist. Let's do this!

Always on the lookout for a great running playlist? Here are some tips and songs that’ll help you find the right music to pump up!

Tip #1: Start it Slow
Since people naturally match their stride to the pace of the music, start off your playlist with a song that keeps you at a moderate, warm-up pace.

Our picks:
Reflektor - Arcade Fire
Lana Del Ray - Summertime Sadness
Weezer - “Undone” - The Sweater Song
Animal Collective - My Girls

Tip #2: Motivation!
Songs with messages behind them – ones that tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to – are great ones to add to your playlist. You’ll feel invincible as you pound the pavement if you have a motivational song playing in your ears.

Our Picks:
Pink - Raise Your Glass
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger
Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
Tom Petty - Now I’m Free

Tip #3: Get the Right Beats Per Minute
According to legendary distance running coach Jack Daniels, the best runners take an average of 180 steps per minute. For this reason, 180 is the magical pace that most runners strive for. Again, since it’s natural for runners to match their stride to the pace of the music, finding songs that have a 180 BPM pace is extremely helpful. Since most of the songs with a 180 BPM are crazy fast (and pretty rare), you can also choose songs that fall in the 90 BPM, so that all you have to do is double the pace (i.e. one of your feet always hits on the beat). There are many software programs out there that will analyze the BPM on your songs for you.

Our picks:
Kanye West - Flashing Lights (91 bpm)
Cake - The Distance (183)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Scar Tissue (89)
Taylor Swift - Our Song (89)

Tip #4: Pick Songs You Enjoy
It’s always great to have a few songs strategically placed throughout your playlist that you can look forward to. These are songs that you find impossible to sit still when they are playing, urge you to pick up your pace, and put a big smile on your face. Its best to spread these songs throughout your playlist so that you have several boosts throughout your workout.

Our Picks:
Journey - Don’t Stop Believin’
Neon Trees - Animal
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Katy Perry - Wakin’ Up in Vegas

Tip #5: Have a Finale
Your finale song is the one that lets you know that you've reached the end of your workout, and that you just have to get through one more song. It should pump you up, motivate you, and push you to the end of your workout. This should be a song that you always look forward to hearing.
Our Picks:
Icona Pop - All Night
Tegan and Sara - Closer
Grouplove - Ways to Go
Capital Cities - Safe and Sound

Once you have your perfect playlist, there are two things that will help keep it fresh. The first is that make sure that you only listen to these songs while you are running. Resist the urge to listen to them at any other times. The second thing is to periodically swap songs in and out so that it stays new and current. By following these tips, you will makes sure that you have a playlist that will inspire you through every run.

Superbowl Snacks for the WIN


This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Rubbermaid
and Sharpie but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #RubbermaidSharpie

It is officially Superbowl Season. And everyone is gearing up for their Superbowl parties. Are you hosting a party? Or are you getting a dish ready to impress your party host? No matter what your Superbowl plans are, I've got some ideas for you to win the crowd.

Heading to a Party? Adam and I are getting ready to move to Arizona, which means no matter what party we need a conversation starter. An awesome bowl/container is the easiest way to grab someone's attention. Head to Target for some Rubbermaid and Sharpies to design your own bowl. Another option? Find a recipe that will win the taste buds of everyone around you. With a fun bowl or a tasty side dish you are bound to have a conversation starter.

Hosting Your Own Party? Create a spread that will please even the pickiest of taste buds and add a little flare to it! My favorite is a taco bar. Tortillas, chips, ground turkey, ground beef, cheese dip, lots of lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream - the list is endless. Make sure you have enough options for everyone to build a dish that they will love and that meets their dietary needs. And add the flare with pun-ny signs!

These are two of our favorite party recipes. Whether you are hosting or you are an invitee - these two sides are sure to score big smiles with the crowds!

Chip Dip
aka - the EASIEST recipe
One 10-ounce can beanless chili
One 8-ounce block cream cheese

Combine in pan
Place on stove
Melt and stir
Ready to serve!

Salsa: Restaurant Style
Two 10-ounce cans diced tomatoes and green chiles, such as Rotel
One 28-ounce can whole tomatoes with juice
1/2 cup fresh cilantro leaves (or more to taste!)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 whole jalapeno, quartered and sliced thin, with seeds and membrane
1/4 teaspoon ground cumin
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon sugar
1/2 whole lime, juiced
Combine the diced tomatoes, whole tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, jalapeno, cumin, salt, sugar and lime juice in a blender or food processor. Pulse until you get the salsa to the consistency you'd like.

And of course - the best part about hosting the party is the food. But the worst part is all the leftover food. So win your guests over with a Rubbermaid to go! And if you sign up with Target for their mobile coupons you can save $1 off your plasticware + $1 off you Sharpie 4 pack and impress the party at the same time. Text COUPONS to TARGET to get the Rubbermaid and Sharpie coupon offers that run from January 25 until February 8. Because the only thing better than impressing your guests with an awesome go home is to save while doing it! Now go get your Superbowl on. Who are you cheering for? Got any awesome recipes ready for your party?

The Bachelor Season 18: Week 3


Now that I am back in the U S of A to watch television, you can hear all my thoughts and side comments about The Bachelor. Aren't you lucky? So here we go with a week three review to get you all refreshed before week four starts airs!

Let's start with date #1....

Cassandra. She was very drama, drama about not feeling good about this. So this thing could be a disaster and she could be super awkward. But she is mega tall and very pretty, so I will give her that. She is also the baby mama for Rodney Stuckey from the Detriot Pistons (Does anyone else watch New Girl? The Pistons are getting a lot of attention these days. Blink twice if you know what I am referring to.), it seems she likes athletes. Basketball player now soccer play. You go Glen Coco.

JP doesn't want to waste her time because she is a single mom. That is super considerate considering he knows what it is like to be away from his child. But also, even if I was a single not-mom, I would still consider my time valuable and not want to be led on. So.... anyways. Now to the date. He picks her up in this wicked looking jeep... Scratch that. It is a driving speed boat? Because JP def just drove that into the water. Then off to a yacht for sunset. Then a home cooked dinner. This girl got a good date. You can tell her misses her NBA dance days by the way she moved while she was dancing with JP while waiting for dinner. Also... she said it was her first, first date in 3 years probably ten times. That is usually what happens when you have a baby daddy? Just sayin. Either way she gets the rose. And either way she is one of the normal ones that I like. I know a lot of people don't love her because she seems boring, but I think she seems sweet. So I say, good pick JP!

While the rest of the girls are home we hearing a touching conversation between Renee and Elise. They were talking about why they came to the show and so on and so forth and Elise shares a story about her mother. Her mom was very sick and while she was sick decided to submit her daughter the the bachelor. Well she got sicker and sicker and never sent the letter and then she passed away. Then Elise found the letter and sent it in, she felt like it was sign. I feel like it is too.

The group date note comes. All of the names are read except for the two girls with one on ones from the previous week and Elise and Chelsie. We don't hear much of Chelsie's side as to why she thinks she will get the date and that she really wants it. The whole thing is Elise saying how Chelsie is too childish (see Smack Tracker below) and how she really thinks she has a connection and deserves the date because her connection is better. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Date #2....

The ladies are driven to a soccer complex *shocker* to play a little game. As they walk in JP is playing a pick up game with the LA Galaxy. And then the girls do some warming up and some of them are really, really bad. Which I shouldn't be hard on them for because I got cut from the soccer team when I was 12 and cried a lot. Apparently those girls and myself have a lot in common. Then it is time for a red vs blue with golden bras (I wont lie, those golden bras were awesome) to win the heart of JP. After the game they have a nice little cocktail party where JP escorts the women one by one around the stadium to try and kiss them. And then when they find out he kisses other girls they get really upset. News flash. This always happens. Sorry, not sorry. Most awkward kiss? Sharleen. She is always awkward. Not my fave. And then Nikki gets the rose. Andi and Sharleen are mad because they both just made out with him. But Nikki's one on one time was the most genuine.

All photos courtesy of ABC.

Back at home Elise is still smack talking on Chelsie when the date card comes. And the date goes to.... Chelsie! I want to feel bad for Elise, but I can't. She seems like a snot.

Date #3....

JP takes Chelsie on a fun filled drive with spanish music to a bridge. To jump. I. Would. Die. So scary! In fact. I think Chelsie almost did. She made him walk out and back and out and back like ten times while she just cried. But JP was a good guy. He told her it was up to her. And so she did it, because she felt like he wasn't pressuring her. And after they jumped they kissed upside down with all the blood rushing to their head. And Chelsie says if they can jump off a bridge they can do anything. I agree. Bridges are scary.

Then it is off to dinner. Very casual, but they are cute. Chelsie gets the rose. I am pleased by this. And then it is time for the ever famous concert for just the two of them. Filled with awkward dancing. Also. I wonder. Do they pick the girl for this date based on which singer they can get? Like... does every girl say they fave singer and then they try to get each one but whoever they get for the best price gets the magical concert date? Think about it.

Back at home Elise is still smack talking on Chelsie.

The next morning rolls around and JP comes to surprise the women with breakfast. The dog lover is the first to see him and complete avoids him because she doesn't have her face on. Then one by one they come down. Some ready, some not, for breakfast. Followed by a pool party that will replace the cocktail party. I accept. Most of the women are whiney because they feel like they dont belong. Two meltdowns. And then everyone is happy and it is time for the rose ceremony. We must say good bye to Lucy the free spirit, which makes me sad because I wanted some more crazy. And also a good bye to Christy the marketing girl with awesome sequin dresses.

Favorite Ladies:
1. Andi \\ 2. Lauren \\ 3. Renee \\ 4. Nikki \\ 5. Chelsie

Top Dresses:
1. Renee \\ 2. Andi \\ 3. Christy

Don't forget to check out the Kiss Leaders Board and Smack Tracker courtesy of ABC.

Jewel of the Seas: Days 5-7


The next two islands were by far our favorite. First up we had Dominica. Which you think, at least I did, would be pronounced Doh-min-ick-uh but it is actually pronounced Dom-in-eek-uh. I really feel like an islander when I pronounce it properly. This was my favorite island to see when I stepped of the boat because the port faced a hillside covered in beautiful colorful houses. See?

Our excursion for the day was river to ocean kayaking. The tour group is called Wacky Rollers. If you ever make it to this island, go on a tour with them. They have everything from zip lining to tubing. They were my favorite tour guides of the whole trip as well. They really focused on making sure we were loving our time on the tour. In fact, there motto was, "If you aren't getting wet, you aren't having fun!" So they would paddle up next to your boat and splash you with the river water. But Adam and I can't complain because we splashed them right back. In fact... we ended up in a double tipped kayak with on of the instructors. It was seriously the best time. Plus it was good to get a little exercise. My only mistake was not putting sunscreen on my whole leg - so my shins got burned... booo!!

We ended up kayaking from a high point in the river through rapids and rocks. And it was the perfect day. They said it was the first day since November that hadn't rained in the morning. The island gets over 300 inches of rain annually (they also have only a 4% crime rate which has nothing to do with rain but is seriously impressive), so that was a huge deal! We kayaked straight down to where the river met the ocean and then we got to kayak through the ocean and swim for a bit. Then back to dry land for some sugar cane, coconut bread, and drinks. Of course, once again, there was rum punch. And of course, once again, we went for the water. Gotta stay hydrated, right!? Then back to the ship. After some lunch and a nap we got ready for the evening's events. Starting with 70's name that tune and then off to lobster night! After that was the marriage game show - which is always hilarious. And when we came back for bed we found this guy waiting to greet us.

The next day was another early one at Barbados. The most BEAUTIFUL island. Seriously. I have never seen water so crystal clear blue and beaches so white in real life. It was like a movie scene. Our trip today was some shipwreck snorkeling and an island tour by 4 x 4. Once again we failed big time at the whole photo in snorkel gear thing. But when we get the underwater camera developed I will share. The shipwreck snorkeling had less variety of fish, but it had more coral being built up on the ship. I did see some baby swordfish though! So that was pretty awesome. And we got to ride in a huge speedboat to get around. After the snorkel adventure there was some rum punch or sprite available and then 30 minutes at the beach before our 4 x 4 tour started.

Driving through Barbados I fell in love with the island. And not just because it is Rihana's home island. The beaches were perfect. The nature life was out of the world. The people are the most friendly ever, they consider it rude and disrespectful to not greet every person you pass, I have never been waved at and smiled at so many times. The area was beautiful. We got to see the 5 diamond hotels, the polo fields, the huge cricket sports complex, the sugar cane fields, and an awesome beach named Bathsheba. There is a huge surfing contest that is held at Bathsheba every November, but besides that no one ever swims there because the current is too dangerous. Our tour guide kept saying, "Surfers are not like real people... they are crazy! Watch out for them!" He said more swimmers die annually at Bathsheba than any other beach because the current and tide are so strong. But is was BEAUTIFUL! Most of the beach photos above are from our stop there. After our tour finished it was back to the ship for some lunch and a nap, then a show, then dinner, then one last dance party. And of course, we found this guy once we got back to our room.

The next day was just a day at sea. Full of sleeping in. Relaxing by the pool. Getting in our last meals at the Wind Jammer and the Tides Ballroom. There was a Sexy Man contest that afternoon too, but I couldn't convince Adam to do it. That night was a game show and karaoke. Overall just a good day not doing much. Then back to bed to wake up and head back to the real world the next morning.

Cruises will always be my favorite way to vacation because you can get so much done in such a short time. You don't have to stress about meal costs. The hotel and travel is included. And there is always something going on as long as you take advantage of the shows and games on board. Next week I will give you some of my cruising tips! What is your favorite way to vacation? Where are you planning to go next?

Jewel of the Seas: Days 3-4


With the nightmare over and our first night of game shows and over eating on the ship out of the way we went to bed early to wake up for out 8:15 AM excursion. We had to wake up a little extra early since customer service still had our passports, but no big deal. The first island we went to was St. Maarten. I had been to this island before with my family when I was younger, so I already knew what trip I wanted to take. It was an island tour, which is really awesome since the island is half Dutch and half French, with a pit stop to The Butterfly Farm. I loved this trip when I was younger. Spending a good solid hour learning about butterflies and getting a chance to hold them. Who wouldn't love that? They also teach you how to start gardening butterflies (Adam and I already have plans to make it happen once we move) wherever you live.

Most people just walked around taking photos and looking, but Adam and I went straight for the punch to attract the butterflies to our fingers. When I was younger I remember my family all got glasses of plain punch, because we don't drink, and the butterflies didn't seem to love it as much as the rum punch everyone else had. So this time I decided to go straight for the rum punch. Not to drink, but to get those darn butterflies to pay me some attention. So we dipped our fingers in and headed back to the farm to pick up some butterflies.

The blue butterfly loved the rum. Instead of standing on our rum covered finger it flew straight over to Adam's cup and started drinking. I have a feeling that is the party butterfly. We also made a few stops along the way to see some shops, an open market, and some of the most beautiful look out points. Adam was so excited to touch the warm water, any chance he could he was climbing to the shore to test it out. And I was just loving how bright and blue everything was!

That night was pretty relaxing. With our excursion being so early, we got back to the ship around 1 PM. So we went to the Wind Jammer for some food and then took a long nap. When we woke up we explored the ship some more and went swimming. Then back to our cabin to get ready for dinner. And after dinner a game show and a comedy show. I would say that was a successful first day on the ship. Then back to bed for a brand new day.

The next morning we got to sleep in a little since our excursion didn't start until the afternoon. Our new stop was St Kitts. The land of the monkeys. Seriously. Two steps off the ship and all these men with diapered monkeys are coming up to you so you can take a photo. For $5. Booo. We didn't want to pay so we tried to avoid all eye contact. After we spent some time walking around and exploring we head to meet with our group for our adventure.

The St Kitts adventure was snorkeling. Adam had been wanting to snorkel SO bad, so we signed up to go twice. For this trip, we were doing a catamaran snorkel adventure. It was so fun! The catamaran was super relaxing. You could lay out on the nets for our hour trip to our snorkel spot. Once we got there they anchored in and we got to dive in for some salt water exploring. We took an underwater camera - so once those photos are developed I will share them... because besides that the only photo we got was pre-snorkel.

There wasn't any coral reef where we swam but we got to see a lot of fun creatures. There were tons of those blue, white, and yellow fish right when we got in. And then as we swam around we found a sea turtle! Apparently she hangs out there a lot so the catamaran drivers had named her Lucy. And when we got really close up to shore we saw a tiny octopus! It was probably a little smaller than my head. I wanted to look at it longer but the current started pulling me towards the "dangerous yellow rock" so I freaked out. I am not awesome at snorkeling. I like to have control, but in the water I don't. I am getting better.. unless there is a current! Once our little adventure ended we took the catamaran back to shore. And then the rum punch started flowing. These islanders love their rum punch! And the cruisers drink it up like water. And then you have Adam and I... actually drinking water.

Once we were back to shore it was back to the Jewel of the Seas, up to the Wind Jammer for some burgers, back to our state room for a nap, then off to dinner. And of course, while we were at dinner Davis, our room attendant, made us that cool towel dog. Then that night it was a wild adventure at 80's night, including a Michael Jackson name that tune, an If You Know It, Dance It competition, and the 80's dance party and dance off... which I won - if you haven't seen the video head over to my Instagram! Then Adam had to do some throwing for his program up on the mini golf. He picked there because it was the most similar to grass and turf. Then off to bed for the next day's adventures!

Our first two days on board made up for the first two days trying to get there. And it only got better! Tomorrow I will share the final two days of our Caribbean Adventure. Have you ever been on a cruise? What type of excursions do you like to do? If you could go on any one, where would you travel to? 

Jewel of the Seas: Days 1-2


Let me start this post with saying that cruises are the best trip ever as far as budgeting and seeing a lot of things in a short time. We got to visit five islands in seven days with no stress about food costs or hotel or anything because everything was paid up front. Now with that being said I am going to fill you all in on our fun trip to the Caribbean... once we finally got there.

So a few of you saw my drama queen diva tweet about hating Delta and missing my cruise. Well, rest assured. I got on the ship. But a day late. And this is where our story begins. Adam flew back to SLC after a week of baseball training. We went to dinner and then headed back to the airport to catch our red eye flight to NYC. A two hour layover in NYC and then we would be cruising. The two hour layover turned into three hours. No big deal. We would still get there by 1 PM and then we could just explore until the ship left at 8 PM.

So the time to bored our flight rolls around. We get on. We settle in. We fall asleep. I am not sure when Adam woke up, but about two hours later I woke up... And we were on the ground. I think to myself, that was an easy flight. And then I realize everyone is looking not super happy on the plane. And then I realize... we are still sitting on the tarmac in NYC.... WHAT?! Okay... so the fog rolled in. Before I fell asleep I remember them saying we were 8th in line. Then we were 20th. Then I was out. They would figure it out. While I was asleep apparently everyone got out but us and we soon hit the 3 hour limit of sitting on the plane without leaving. Which meant. We had to deboard. And the second we got off the plane the pilots peaced out. They had hit their 14 hour limit... cool. But they assured us if the fog cleared we would have pilots and staff and be out by 2:30 PM. Perfect. We would get in at about 7 PM and still be fine for the cruise.

2:30 PM comes and we are all boarded on the plane. No pilots. 2:45 PM. No pilots. 3:00 PM. No pilots. 3:15 PM. No pilots... then the announcement that they cannot find the pilots and we have to deboard. There goes all hopes of making the cruise. I loose it. Seriously loose it. Tears and tears and tears... Delta wasn't very helpful at all. Not even at the help desk. We stood there for about 30 minutes before we finally got them to help us get a flight, a hotel, and another flight to meet our ship. That is a whole different story. But at least they helped us eventually. We get to San Juan. Get to our hotel. Sleep. Wake up. Eat. Back to the airport.

We go to check in to our flight. Cancelled. SERIOUSLY!? This trip is turning into a full on nightmare. Luckily there is a flight every hour or so. So we got on the next one. When we got back to the gate we were moved to the early flight leaving at that very moment. But before boarding us she says, "How much do you weigh?" And in my head I am thinking... that is pretty personal and I am not happy with my weight right now. Well let me show you a photo of why she asked....

THAT IS THE PLANE we rode in! That tiny little baby plane. With 10 seats total. Two of which were for pilots. What am I getting myself into? I am going to die. I know it. Well either way... we got on the plane. Tiny little thing. These photos are not zoomed in at all. And this was our plane ride for the next 45 minutes.

We didn't die. We landed safely at Beef Island. But... our luggage didn't. We reported our luggage missing. They said "it will come on the next flight" so we waited. But.... it didn't come. So we told them and waited for the next flight. Didn't come. So we told them and waited for the next flight. At this point I am very annoyed and angry because they were not helpful at all. Next flight comes in. Adam's luggage is there. Mine is not. I start bawling slash being so angry. Cool. I go to complain they say there is nothing they can do and that they will get my luggage to me when I can. Hi? I am leaving your country tonight. So I am getting all sorts of mad and Adam marches straight back to immigration (I have never seen Adam mad until this very moment) to get the supervisor, who in turn is so angry that he walked in that she refuses to help and goes to get a different supervisor. This supervisor comes out and says they will do all they can. And I said, "No. You will get me my luggage because I have been waiting here since 9:40 AM with NO help from your staff. It is now 1 PM and I am leaving on a cruise ship tonight at 5 PM." He seems bedazzled by the fact I was so up in his grill. But he gets the work done. Within 5 minutes I get confirmation that my bag is being rush delivered on a plane with a different airline. He also made up some lie of a story... but I don't need to tell you all that.

So then they say my bag should be on this next plane. I don't want to believe them. Because they lie a lot. But there it was. VICTORY! Adam and I have our luggage and we can go cruise now. So we catch a taxi with two Canadian girls around our age (who sadly didn't get their luggage that night, and were told they might never get it while cruising, and they cried a lot and I could not help them at all and I felt sooooo bad - but the next night we saw them and they did get their luggage and so we all smiled and cheered together at the club) to the cruise ship. We board the ship. We check out our room. We eat lots of food to make up for missing the first night. We go to a few shows. We make some friends. And we go to bed because the next morning we had to wake up early for our first adventure on land!

So now that you have listened to my nightmare of a start... get ready to listen to the fun. Tomorrow I will share our first two islands! Oh. And a tip for your cruising plans. Fly in one day early... jusssssst in case. Oh. And if anyone has a tip for writing an "I'm not happy with what happened" letter to a company... let me know.

toAdorn Giveaway


We all love those daily deal sites, right? Because a deal is a deal and we all LOVE a deal. If you prefer spending full price.. you crazy! Today I am teaming up with some more beautiful bloggers to introduce you to a new daily boutique deal site called toAdorn and to help host a giveaway for cash to spend on their site! I will be featuring some of their items over the next few weeks. But for now, enter for you chance to get a little spending cash for their site! Giveaway ends at 11:59 PM on the 22nd and is open to international followers!

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