The Bachelor Season 18: Week 3


Now that I am back in the U S of A to watch television, you can hear all my thoughts and side comments about The Bachelor. Aren't you lucky? So here we go with a week three review to get you all refreshed before week four starts airs!

Let's start with date #1....

Cassandra. She was very drama, drama about not feeling good about this. So this thing could be a disaster and she could be super awkward. But she is mega tall and very pretty, so I will give her that. She is also the baby mama for Rodney Stuckey from the Detriot Pistons (Does anyone else watch New Girl? The Pistons are getting a lot of attention these days. Blink twice if you know what I am referring to.), it seems she likes athletes. Basketball player now soccer play. You go Glen Coco.

JP doesn't want to waste her time because she is a single mom. That is super considerate considering he knows what it is like to be away from his child. But also, even if I was a single not-mom, I would still consider my time valuable and not want to be led on. So.... anyways. Now to the date. He picks her up in this wicked looking jeep... Scratch that. It is a driving speed boat? Because JP def just drove that into the water. Then off to a yacht for sunset. Then a home cooked dinner. This girl got a good date. You can tell her misses her NBA dance days by the way she moved while she was dancing with JP while waiting for dinner. Also... she said it was her first, first date in 3 years probably ten times. That is usually what happens when you have a baby daddy? Just sayin. Either way she gets the rose. And either way she is one of the normal ones that I like. I know a lot of people don't love her because she seems boring, but I think she seems sweet. So I say, good pick JP!

While the rest of the girls are home we hearing a touching conversation between Renee and Elise. They were talking about why they came to the show and so on and so forth and Elise shares a story about her mother. Her mom was very sick and while she was sick decided to submit her daughter the the bachelor. Well she got sicker and sicker and never sent the letter and then she passed away. Then Elise found the letter and sent it in, she felt like it was sign. I feel like it is too.

The group date note comes. All of the names are read except for the two girls with one on ones from the previous week and Elise and Chelsie. We don't hear much of Chelsie's side as to why she thinks she will get the date and that she really wants it. The whole thing is Elise saying how Chelsie is too childish (see Smack Tracker below) and how she really thinks she has a connection and deserves the date because her connection is better. Can't wait to see how this turns out.

Date #2....

The ladies are driven to a soccer complex *shocker* to play a little game. As they walk in JP is playing a pick up game with the LA Galaxy. And then the girls do some warming up and some of them are really, really bad. Which I shouldn't be hard on them for because I got cut from the soccer team when I was 12 and cried a lot. Apparently those girls and myself have a lot in common. Then it is time for a red vs blue with golden bras (I wont lie, those golden bras were awesome) to win the heart of JP. After the game they have a nice little cocktail party where JP escorts the women one by one around the stadium to try and kiss them. And then when they find out he kisses other girls they get really upset. News flash. This always happens. Sorry, not sorry. Most awkward kiss? Sharleen. She is always awkward. Not my fave. And then Nikki gets the rose. Andi and Sharleen are mad because they both just made out with him. But Nikki's one on one time was the most genuine.

All photos courtesy of ABC.

Back at home Elise is still smack talking on Chelsie when the date card comes. And the date goes to.... Chelsie! I want to feel bad for Elise, but I can't. She seems like a snot.

Date #3....

JP takes Chelsie on a fun filled drive with spanish music to a bridge. To jump. I. Would. Die. So scary! In fact. I think Chelsie almost did. She made him walk out and back and out and back like ten times while she just cried. But JP was a good guy. He told her it was up to her. And so she did it, because she felt like he wasn't pressuring her. And after they jumped they kissed upside down with all the blood rushing to their head. And Chelsie says if they can jump off a bridge they can do anything. I agree. Bridges are scary.

Then it is off to dinner. Very casual, but they are cute. Chelsie gets the rose. I am pleased by this. And then it is time for the ever famous concert for just the two of them. Filled with awkward dancing. Also. I wonder. Do they pick the girl for this date based on which singer they can get? Like... does every girl say they fave singer and then they try to get each one but whoever they get for the best price gets the magical concert date? Think about it.

Back at home Elise is still smack talking on Chelsie.

The next morning rolls around and JP comes to surprise the women with breakfast. The dog lover is the first to see him and complete avoids him because she doesn't have her face on. Then one by one they come down. Some ready, some not, for breakfast. Followed by a pool party that will replace the cocktail party. I accept. Most of the women are whiney because they feel like they dont belong. Two meltdowns. And then everyone is happy and it is time for the rose ceremony. We must say good bye to Lucy the free spirit, which makes me sad because I wanted some more crazy. And also a good bye to Christy the marketing girl with awesome sequin dresses.

Favorite Ladies:
1. Andi \\ 2. Lauren \\ 3. Renee \\ 4. Nikki \\ 5. Chelsie

Top Dresses:
1. Renee \\ 2. Andi \\ 3. Christy

Don't forget to check out the Kiss Leaders Board and Smack Tracker courtesy of ABC.

Brooklyn Jolley said...

I really like Renee and hope we see more of her this week!

Brooklyn Jolley said...

I really like Renee and hope we see more of her this week!

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