Jewel of the Seas: Days 5-7


The next two islands were by far our favorite. First up we had Dominica. Which you think, at least I did, would be pronounced Doh-min-ick-uh but it is actually pronounced Dom-in-eek-uh. I really feel like an islander when I pronounce it properly. This was my favorite island to see when I stepped of the boat because the port faced a hillside covered in beautiful colorful houses. See?

Our excursion for the day was river to ocean kayaking. The tour group is called Wacky Rollers. If you ever make it to this island, go on a tour with them. They have everything from zip lining to tubing. They were my favorite tour guides of the whole trip as well. They really focused on making sure we were loving our time on the tour. In fact, there motto was, "If you aren't getting wet, you aren't having fun!" So they would paddle up next to your boat and splash you with the river water. But Adam and I can't complain because we splashed them right back. In fact... we ended up in a double tipped kayak with on of the instructors. It was seriously the best time. Plus it was good to get a little exercise. My only mistake was not putting sunscreen on my whole leg - so my shins got burned... booo!!

We ended up kayaking from a high point in the river through rapids and rocks. And it was the perfect day. They said it was the first day since November that hadn't rained in the morning. The island gets over 300 inches of rain annually (they also have only a 4% crime rate which has nothing to do with rain but is seriously impressive), so that was a huge deal! We kayaked straight down to where the river met the ocean and then we got to kayak through the ocean and swim for a bit. Then back to dry land for some sugar cane, coconut bread, and drinks. Of course, once again, there was rum punch. And of course, once again, we went for the water. Gotta stay hydrated, right!? Then back to the ship. After some lunch and a nap we got ready for the evening's events. Starting with 70's name that tune and then off to lobster night! After that was the marriage game show - which is always hilarious. And when we came back for bed we found this guy waiting to greet us.

The next day was another early one at Barbados. The most BEAUTIFUL island. Seriously. I have never seen water so crystal clear blue and beaches so white in real life. It was like a movie scene. Our trip today was some shipwreck snorkeling and an island tour by 4 x 4. Once again we failed big time at the whole photo in snorkel gear thing. But when we get the underwater camera developed I will share. The shipwreck snorkeling had less variety of fish, but it had more coral being built up on the ship. I did see some baby swordfish though! So that was pretty awesome. And we got to ride in a huge speedboat to get around. After the snorkel adventure there was some rum punch or sprite available and then 30 minutes at the beach before our 4 x 4 tour started.

Driving through Barbados I fell in love with the island. And not just because it is Rihana's home island. The beaches were perfect. The nature life was out of the world. The people are the most friendly ever, they consider it rude and disrespectful to not greet every person you pass, I have never been waved at and smiled at so many times. The area was beautiful. We got to see the 5 diamond hotels, the polo fields, the huge cricket sports complex, the sugar cane fields, and an awesome beach named Bathsheba. There is a huge surfing contest that is held at Bathsheba every November, but besides that no one ever swims there because the current is too dangerous. Our tour guide kept saying, "Surfers are not like real people... they are crazy! Watch out for them!" He said more swimmers die annually at Bathsheba than any other beach because the current and tide are so strong. But is was BEAUTIFUL! Most of the beach photos above are from our stop there. After our tour finished it was back to the ship for some lunch and a nap, then a show, then dinner, then one last dance party. And of course, we found this guy once we got back to our room.

The next day was just a day at sea. Full of sleeping in. Relaxing by the pool. Getting in our last meals at the Wind Jammer and the Tides Ballroom. There was a Sexy Man contest that afternoon too, but I couldn't convince Adam to do it. That night was a game show and karaoke. Overall just a good day not doing much. Then back to bed to wake up and head back to the real world the next morning.

Cruises will always be my favorite way to vacation because you can get so much done in such a short time. You don't have to stress about meal costs. The hotel and travel is included. And there is always something going on as long as you take advantage of the shows and games on board. Next week I will give you some of my cruising tips! What is your favorite way to vacation? Where are you planning to go next?
Susie :) said...

I never read other people's vacation stories, but this is awesome.
And your swimsuits! Their cuteness just makes me happy.

Denise said...

We took a cruise two years ago and it was such an amazing week!

300 inches of rain??! Wow! Everything looks gorgeous. So fun!

Kelsey Eaton said...

This looks like such a fun trip! That water. Amazing!!

Amy Harris said...

super cute swimsuits! these posts have made me SO ready for summer... and a cruise!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

Yay I come home from my cruise (and spend a few days catching up to get to this point) to see that you wrote up about your cruise! YAY I'm so excited to go back through your posts about it. I am also excited to post about mine. But looking at your pictures is breathtaking already and I can't wait to read all about it!

OH also, remember how hard it was to find bathing suits around christmas? Went to walmart the day before we left--racks & racks of them! Seriously! In just a few weeks difference. *grumble grumble* :P

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