Jewel of the Seas: Days 3-4


With the nightmare over and our first night of game shows and over eating on the ship out of the way we went to bed early to wake up for out 8:15 AM excursion. We had to wake up a little extra early since customer service still had our passports, but no big deal. The first island we went to was St. Maarten. I had been to this island before with my family when I was younger, so I already knew what trip I wanted to take. It was an island tour, which is really awesome since the island is half Dutch and half French, with a pit stop to The Butterfly Farm. I loved this trip when I was younger. Spending a good solid hour learning about butterflies and getting a chance to hold them. Who wouldn't love that? They also teach you how to start gardening butterflies (Adam and I already have plans to make it happen once we move) wherever you live.

Most people just walked around taking photos and looking, but Adam and I went straight for the punch to attract the butterflies to our fingers. When I was younger I remember my family all got glasses of plain punch, because we don't drink, and the butterflies didn't seem to love it as much as the rum punch everyone else had. So this time I decided to go straight for the rum punch. Not to drink, but to get those darn butterflies to pay me some attention. So we dipped our fingers in and headed back to the farm to pick up some butterflies.

The blue butterfly loved the rum. Instead of standing on our rum covered finger it flew straight over to Adam's cup and started drinking. I have a feeling that is the party butterfly. We also made a few stops along the way to see some shops, an open market, and some of the most beautiful look out points. Adam was so excited to touch the warm water, any chance he could he was climbing to the shore to test it out. And I was just loving how bright and blue everything was!

That night was pretty relaxing. With our excursion being so early, we got back to the ship around 1 PM. So we went to the Wind Jammer for some food and then took a long nap. When we woke up we explored the ship some more and went swimming. Then back to our cabin to get ready for dinner. And after dinner a game show and a comedy show. I would say that was a successful first day on the ship. Then back to bed for a brand new day.

The next morning we got to sleep in a little since our excursion didn't start until the afternoon. Our new stop was St Kitts. The land of the monkeys. Seriously. Two steps off the ship and all these men with diapered monkeys are coming up to you so you can take a photo. For $5. Booo. We didn't want to pay so we tried to avoid all eye contact. After we spent some time walking around and exploring we head to meet with our group for our adventure.

The St Kitts adventure was snorkeling. Adam had been wanting to snorkel SO bad, so we signed up to go twice. For this trip, we were doing a catamaran snorkel adventure. It was so fun! The catamaran was super relaxing. You could lay out on the nets for our hour trip to our snorkel spot. Once we got there they anchored in and we got to dive in for some salt water exploring. We took an underwater camera - so once those photos are developed I will share them... because besides that the only photo we got was pre-snorkel.

There wasn't any coral reef where we swam but we got to see a lot of fun creatures. There were tons of those blue, white, and yellow fish right when we got in. And then as we swam around we found a sea turtle! Apparently she hangs out there a lot so the catamaran drivers had named her Lucy. And when we got really close up to shore we saw a tiny octopus! It was probably a little smaller than my head. I wanted to look at it longer but the current started pulling me towards the "dangerous yellow rock" so I freaked out. I am not awesome at snorkeling. I like to have control, but in the water I don't. I am getting better.. unless there is a current! Once our little adventure ended we took the catamaran back to shore. And then the rum punch started flowing. These islanders love their rum punch! And the cruisers drink it up like water. And then you have Adam and I... actually drinking water.

Once we were back to shore it was back to the Jewel of the Seas, up to the Wind Jammer for some burgers, back to our state room for a nap, then off to dinner. And of course, while we were at dinner Davis, our room attendant, made us that cool towel dog. Then that night it was a wild adventure at 80's night, including a Michael Jackson name that tune, an If You Know It, Dance It competition, and the 80's dance party and dance off... which I won - if you haven't seen the video head over to my Instagram! Then Adam had to do some throwing for his program up on the mini golf. He picked there because it was the most similar to grass and turf. Then off to bed for the next day's adventures!

Our first two days on board made up for the first two days trying to get there. And it only got better! Tomorrow I will share the final two days of our Caribbean Adventure. Have you ever been on a cruise? What type of excursions do you like to do? If you could go on any one, where would you travel to? 

Jessa @ Life of A Sports Wife said...

I love all these pictures.. We will be asking you a TON of questions..

Kelsey Eaton said...

glad you had so much fun!

Life with Amberly said...

How fun! those butterflies are GORGEOUS!!!

Kendra Klingler said...

I just LOVE your swim suit!!! <3 Where did you get it?

Samantha Manning said...

Hey Deej! What a fun trip! Jeff and I have been planning a Caribbean Cruise for this spring and your post made me even more excited to go : ) Hope you guys are well! xoxo

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