Pinterest Workout Challenge


For all of you looking for a new workout plan.
For all of you with a goal to get fit.
For all of that have "a few pounds" to shed.
Drumroll please....
We all have those boards on Pinterest full of "skinny" foods, 10 minute work outs, new fitness clothing, and models with rocking bods. But do we ever use them? I am sure some of you do, and I admire you for that! But as for me, my workout board is probably my most dusty. So starting today I am pulling out all the stops. Not only am I going to get fit, but I am going to use that board that has got neglected for too long. I am gonna put those workouts to the test and let you know which are my favorite - each month!

Okay... so I am not pulling out all of the stops. But, for sure, six of them! And I am putting down a calendar for each month. Here is this month's line up for you:

Tuesday: Lower Abs
Thursday: Lean Arms Workout
Friday: All Over Abs
Saturday: Waist Trimmer

Or if a month long calendar is easier for your schedule, check it out here!

So what are you waiting for? Join in with my. Follow along with the plan I am doing or make your own! You can put them in your phone and take them to the gym to do with your cardio and regular workout or if it is a busy day, just do it at your house!

Merrie @ The Skinny Student said...

SO doing this with you!! Awesome idea!

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I repinned the dancer legs work out! I'm really working on toning the legs and I've been working out at home which I love.

Robyn Lee said...

Looks awesome! I try to do this each month as well. Most of the time I mix it up with some running and some Blogilates too! You should check that out :)

Moe Talks A Lot said...

Thoughts for you:
#1. I've been a terrible cyber friend, how are you? I follow along and love seeing everything that's going on, but haven't even said hi!
#2. I'm so doing this! I have a whole list of 'maternity' work out moves, but I let getting off the couch be the extent of my did that happen!?!
Hope you're great! We'll have to meet up sometime when I'm back in Utah!

Amberly said...

Genius! :) This month is a little bit crazy.... but I'm going to join you next month! :)

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i think i just might join you. This could be a way of having like a gym buddy?


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