July Outtakes


The Good
Adam showing up for a surprise!
And spending 5 straight days with that husband of mine.
Spending time with family on the 4th.
A week in Idaho with my mom and my pageant peeps.
My nephew got baptized.
Adam was featured in the Missoula newspaper.

The Bad
Being in a long distance relationship.
And then shutting the door on Adam when he surprised me... oops.
Sitting at home with nothing to do.
Lots of headaches.
Being impatient when crafting and then it turned out not the best.
And getting blue spray paint on my ring. Oops again.
Looking up Mrs. pageants... they are expensive.

The Outtakes
I made the mistake of giving you a lot of my this month's outtakes last month...
So you get just two outtakes. And then some random photos found on my phone.
Because two photos are boring and my readers deserve to see more of my awkwardness!
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Amberly Lambertsen said...

I still love that you shut the door in his face! That was probably my favorite. Crafting is the worst, it's so fun, but yeah, I never have the patience for it :P

Autumn @ The Unreal Life said...

Umm this monthly update thing is kind of like my favorite idea ever. Can I borrow? Also, I like the new layout!

Shelley Sage said...

so....I'm a new reader and I LOVE this recap idea! I am definitely borrowing it...and linking back to your blogl Thank you! :]

Madeline said...

You always have the best pictures! You can just tell how happy you are, and how much you love life! I love reading your blog because it's so genuine.

Vicki Psarias said...

Haha you shut the door in his face! Love your outfit in this post. If you fancy linking up with Fashion Friday again with any style related post here's the link http://mummysgotstyle.com/fashion-friday-topshop-dress/

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