The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 8


Slowly the ladies are being picked off and I for one am semi shocked with a few that have been sent home. No one else is, but I am. Can you believe it was hometowns last week and now we are down to the final three?! This week was all about hometowns.

We start with the ever so sweet Amanda. And her lack of wearing a shirt that has actual sleeves. She pulls off the off the shoulder well, but it probably wasn't the best choice for a beach day of play. Especially when she started running to Ben in the first few seconds. And then running to her girls. And then running on the beach. Nothing like a day of pulling your shirt up that says love. But Ben was so cute with the kids on the beach when they weren't being terribly shy.

He broke the ice with an octopus sand mold. What a champ. And then the kids decided to cry the whole way home and while Ben loved Amanda he seriously could not love that his ear drums were splitting. At least that is what it appeared to be. Until he told everyone he could be a Dad. And they all loved Ben. And he wins. Oh also... did you guys see Amanda's parents? Is she adopted or how does that all work? They do not look similar at all.

Next up he headed to Portland to eat donuts with Lauren B.

After a day of walking around town and being stuck in a Whiskey Library - which sounds fun to some, but not to me - they were able to go meet Lauren B's family. Wait. I should mention that somewhere in the Whiskey Library part of the date Lauren B shared the most cheesy love of my life line I have ever heard and it felt weird. Okay. Now onto meet the family. Everyone sits down to eat and within seconds of sitting down Lauren B's sister decides to pull Ben aside to chat. Which brings me to this question - does anyone eat a meal on this show?! Or do they just drink and eat donuts - see photo above.

Lauren B's sister plays all might protector. And she asks the tough questions. When Ben goes to chat with father the sisters chat and Lauren B says she is in love with Ben and she just needs to tell him. As they walk out to the car she misses her opportunity and he heads off to see Caila.

Now we are in Akron and I will be honest.... all I can think of is how Caila is boring and I wonder how her parents met each other because they are so not a match. We are thinking maybe a modern mail ordered bride? Is that rude?

However. The whole playhouse thing was weird. Remember how Caila always talks about not having roots - whining = red flag - it's like she didn't have the roots so she looked up all the things that could be kind of cool in the area and then made a plan. Oh, playhouse shop? Sweet. I have an idea...

The whole date was really great and normal. And Caila also is in love with Ben and doesn't tell him as he pulls away in his dark SUV.

Last is Jojo. The date starts with her walking up to her house to beautiful roses and a letter from Ben. Scratch that. From creepy ex boyfriend. And so she calls him to end it - at least that is what she says, the cameras don't actually show us anything - and then Ben comes up and they talk about it. And Ben is jealous and Jojo is loving and it seems to settle itself. Now off to the parent's house.

Jojo's brothers are very controlling and demanding and want answers right now. And one of them should know that he can't give answers because he was also on a television dating show. But at least he tries to control Ben, right? And the whole Italian mafia family vibe is very strong here. And I think Jojo's mother has had a lot of work...

And she loves to watch everyone creepily through the window. And Jojo also loves Ben but doesn't tell him. That is three for three my friends.

At the rose ceremony Amanda ends up going home - which isn't surprising because I feel like whoever gets the first hometown usually goes home. But he is so sad when he sends her home, so maybe Amanda is the one that gets the phone call? I have actually not ever seen a man so sad to send a woman home. It was very enduring. And also sad. And now everyone in the world is finally at the point where they are wondering... WHO WILL BE THE NEXT BACHELORETTE? I think it will be Amanda or Becca because America loves them. Unless Lauren B doesn't win? Maybe she will get it. It wont be Caila. Who do you think will be the next Bachelorette? And who are you cheering for - I am still team Lauren B - to win?

Weekday Wardrobe


Let's wrap this week up already - okay? You will see next week how this week has gone for me. My top knot and pont tail count for the week? Five. That is right - 100% I'm out of time hairstyles. It has been a crazy week getting adjusted to being alone again. I am slowly getting it figured out but it is definitely one day at a time. How do you transition when you have to change your routine? Let's get to last week's outfits when I was a little more put together.

Monday | Top: Eleventh Avenue | Leggings: Gap | Booties: Old Navy
Tuesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Pink Blush | Pants: Old Navy | Flats: Payless
Wednesday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Downeast | Skirt: Agnes&Dora | Tights: Costco | Booties: Old Navy
Thursday | Sweater: Lucy and Lyla | Top: Eleventh Avenue | Leggings: Gap | Booties: Francesca's
Friday | Top: Old Navy | Jeans: NoVae | Shoes: DSW

My favorite outfit of the week was totally Friday. I love when I get to wear jeans at work. You might remember this outfit plus a jacket in my last Styled by 5 post featuring Cents of Style. Once I wore it for that it went on replay. Right now it is on hold though because the top is in the laundry which has yet to be completed. That is a goal for tonight. But my Monday hair is for sure my fave. Which outfit are you loving the most?

Spring Break Guide: Kortni Jeane


Earlier this week I shared the first swimsuit from my Spring Break Guide. Now it is time to show you one of my FAVES of them all. But before I get going with this little diddy I wanted to preface with something that has been on my mind. Part of the reason I decided to do this series and why I asked Kaylynn to do it with me is I feel like so many women have insecurities about wearing swimsuits. I hit on it a few weeks ago on my Instagram - but now I am bringing it here too. Women doubt themselves because of their size, their weight, their lack of tan - literally they will think of any reason to not get in a swimsuit and hit the water. Did you know that 1/3 of women have a fear of wearing their swimsuits in public? Not okay. We need to embrace who we are and lift each other up. And in an effort to do that I decided to share my size 12 swimsuit bod here with no spray tan to show you that if you find the right suit and believe in yourself and LOVE yourself, you can enjoy Spring Break by the pool just like everyone else. We don't all have to be a size 0 and tan. That is boring.

Okay. Stepping off my soap box now. Ready for more swimsuits? Good. Because I am ready to show you the next one we have. This one - like I said - is one of my favorites of all the suits I have ever had in my life. When it showed up at my house I tried it on and wore it for about an hour. That is how good Kortni Jeane was to me.

Swimsuit: Kortni Jeane
Cover Up: Pink Blush
Sandals: Target
Sunglasses: Blenders Eyewear
Rings (not my wedding ring): Born Pretty

Let me tell you about my time picking out this swimsuit. It took me hours. And hours. And hours to find the one I wanted. Not because the options were limited but because I loved every option so much that it was too hard to pick. They have about 10 fabric options and 3 different options for top and bottom - which means a billion combinations. I kept going back and forth on everything because I couldn't decide how bold of a pattern or color I wanted - then combining which two fabrics. And did I really want a peplum? Or did I want a form fitting top? And what about bottoms? At the end of the day I went with a bright peplum top because it was unlike anything else I had and the striped tie front bottoms because - hello - they are so cute.

Once again - some sizing insight - I am generally a 10 or a 12. I ordered a size large in the top and in the bottom. They both fit perfectly. The one thing I would note about the top is in the style I got there isn't a ton of additional support in the top- I heard their new styles have more support. It doesn't bother me too much because I am not large chested to begin with, but it is something to consider if you are. Out of all the suits I got this is in my top two.

Don't forget to go check out Kaylynn's post over at Among the Youngs for more Kortni Jeane! And make sure to check back again on Tuesday for a little more of the Spring Break guide.

Spring Break Guide: Bev Swim


If you haven't caught on yet these next few weeks is covering all things Spring Break. I have teamed up with my girl Kaylynn to share our Spring Break Guide. Last week I shared a few basic things like a bag and hair tips - but now we are diving into the real must haves of swimsuits. The best part about going away for Spring Break is all the swimsuits that you have to buy. I say have to because that is always my excuse for getting new suits.

Almost everyone I know plans their spring break for somewhere warm that they can lay by the pool. Get some sun. And just soak it all in. And that is why we decided it was important to focus a lot of our Spring Break Guide on swimsuits. Especially because most people are just barely starting to get their's out on the floor - so we all need some good ideas of places to shop for swimsuits year round. Today we are starting with Beverly Swimwear - Ben Swim for short - and her custom suits or as I like to call them a vintage style modest swimwear dream.

Swimsuit: Bev Swim
Coverup: Pink Blush
Flip Flops: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Target

I picked out the Boss Bikini from Bev Swim. I loved the cut of the bottoms - high waist and full booty coverage. All the suits from Bev Swim are handmade and made to order. Her site says it can take at least one week to get the suit but I got mine in about 5 days, which to me is a killer time frame for a handmade suit! I was able to just pick a size from her size chart, but if you are wanted it a little more tailored you can send Bev your sizing to make sure your sizing is spot on. She has a ton of awesome patterns and fun colors to make sure you have a unique suit as well. If you want a suit that you know has some TLC then Bev Swim is the way to go - because like I said, she hand makes them all. There is no huge machinery pushing out suits.

To give you a little insight into my sizing - I am generally a 10 or a 12, mostly a 12. So I went with a large from Bev Swim. Her site says if you are in between two sizes go with the smaller of the two, but I felt more comfortable going with a large or a medium because I don't love when things cut at all. You know what I mean? The size large fit me perfectly and it looked just like it did on the model with the same amount of skin showing, gap between high waisted bottoms and monokini top.

Don't forget to go check out Kaylynn's post over at Among the Young for more Bev Swim! And make sure to check back again tomorrow for a little more of the Spring Break guide.

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 7


Taking the show from the Bahamas to Warsaw, Indiana! It is time for the ladies to meet Ben's hometown. Speaking of travelling. I can't help but wonder. Do they have the girls fly separate from Ben when they all go somewhere so someone doesn't get more alone time? How do you think that works? Or does Ben go first class and the girls go coach? Anyone have thoughts on that? The ladies are in love with Ben's little hometown. Once they all see Ben and sit down he asks Lauren B out in person on the first one on one date and the girls freak because he asked them out in person in front of them. She has 30 minutes to get ready and then they are off!

Ben takes her around her town in an awesome red truck and shows her his high school, high church, and where he has first kiss. So cute. Right down memory lane.

Their last stop of the hometown tour is at Ben's place of work. The community center for kids. They play some games. Lots of baseketball. Jump rope. Everyone loves Lauren B, how could you not? And then a kid makes a half court shot and Ben has to kiss Lauren B. Just when you think the community center date is wrapping up Ben decides he has a surprise for everyone. That surprise would be the Indiana Pacers. I should be thinking about the date at this part - but I find myself thinking how cool these professional basketball players are to give back and they both say that this is what it is all about. It makes me excited for the day Adam is in the Major Leagues so he can do stuff like this.

Okay back to the date.

After the hometown tour they head to Ben's place for drinks and to talk. And they talk about how Leah - her name isn't mentioned - is incorrect in her accusations and Lauren B has nothing to worry about because Ben trusts her and he likes her. Then they head downtown to Ben's favorite bar hangout to see his friends, drink a little, laugh, and play pool. You might not have seen them playing pool but I know they did because my friend Erin was there when they were shooting. No rose on the date - but if there was she would have it cinched.

Next date is for Jojo. She gets a card, "Let's find love in the windy city." The theme of the date is Chicago. And BASEBALL!

Ben and Jojo spend their entire date at Wrigley field wearing Mr. and Mrs. Higgins jerseys - which is cool except what if Jojo doesn't win? Will she send that jersey to the winner? Jojo has never been to Chicago so Ben just shows her what he loves. The Cubs. After they play some baseball and hang out putting their names in the green monster they go change and get dressed up for dinner.

Dinner is pretty basic. And they are happy. And Jojo can't completely let her guard down. Ben understands. And they live happily ever after for the evening in center field enjoying their magical baseball dinner. Winning. I like Jojo more now than I did. I wouldn't hate it if she won.

The next date is the group date. Becca, Caila, and Amanda. They head to this resort type thing and it is cute. First up, boat rides. Ben with Caila. Becca with Amanda. So romantic. After that they head to a gorgeous barn - it sort of looks like the wedding barn from Glee, just me? okay - and each get their turn with Ben. Becca is first and she basically talks about how she feels she needs validation and asks him not to blindside her. Amanda is second and they talk about her kids and meeting the fam. And Caila is last and she whines and whines about no roots and I actually fast forward through most because of red flags and boredness.

At that point they all come back together to find out who gets the rose. Plot twist. Whoever gets the rose gets to have a one on one and the other two head home.

Amanda gets the rose to prove he wants to meet her family. The rest of their date is fun. They get a real nice breakfast all day plug for McDonalds and they both order egg mcmuffins. They also hang out behind the counter for bit. The drive through loves them.

After McDonalds he was one final surprise. A fair! In downtown. With the whole city. And no matter where they go every is within feet taking photos on their phone. So awkward. But everyone loves Ben. And in turn everyone loves Amanda. Me too. The best part is probably how terrified Ben is of the rides. But he has a valid point. They are built in a day. But I say, carnies are trusting. Give it a chance, Ben!

The last one on one goes to Emily. They take a boat out to have drinks with Ben's parents and the whole date can be summed up like this. Emily digs a giant hole for herself and then jumps in it. And then Ben sends her home. I am not surprised at all by his choice to send her home.

Time for a rose ceremony. This time I want to tell you which dresses I loved but everyone has on coats because it was freezing. So sadly, I cannot tell you who had the best dresses once again. Ben is having a hard time deciding what to do - but finally he decides there is one woman he doesn't know if he can see a future with. And Becca is sent home... NOOOOOOO! I loved her. I really hope she is the next Bachelorette. And all she can say is I told you not to blindside me. And it is sad. My favorites at this very moment are Amanda and Lauren B. Can't wait for hometowns! Who are you cheering for?

Spring Break Guide: Creating a Kini Swimsuit


A long time ago I had a friend talk about Kini on her blog and I thought - oh that looks cool. But you guys. It is SO cool. Everyone deserves to get at least one Kini in their life. It is probably the most amazing swimsuit site I have ever come across in my day. You know how when you go swimsuit shopping and you cannot for the life of you find a suit that fits you right or has the colors or design you dreamed up in your head for spring break? Well - no more. Kini has got you covered. When you enter the site you will see this.

There are instantly three options to help you find the most perfect swimmer ever. With start designing you can completely customize whatever you want. Then there is the pre-designed for those of you that maybe get a little overwhelmed with all the amazing design options they have. And finally shop my shape to find swimsuits that have already been put together based on body type. All good options to me - I tried them all out. I used pre-designed for a little inspiration. I used shop my shape to make sure I was getting something that flattered me. And finally I head over to start designing because let's be honest, I like to be in charge so I was ready to create something that would suit me!

The first step to designing your Kini is picking a style. They have a little of everything for everyone. Bikinis, Tankinis, and One Piece options. And within options there are more options so you can really find whatever is best for you.

Once you pick our the style you want you are taken to a massive design screen. Depending on the swimsuit style you select you are given a left sidebar of different options. For example - if you pick a racer back you get the zipper options and buckle options. But say you go with an underwire you will get the option for ruffles. No matter which suit you pick though you get to decide if the bottoms fold over, how the straps go, and if there is ruching.

Next comes the real magical part of designing your Kini. THE COLORS! You get to pick what fabrics, prints, and metallics go in each section. See above how it is all broken out - each of those sections means another option for a color and pattern. And the options are endless. This was probably the hardest part for me. I literally spent hours over about 4 days deciding what I wanted my Kini to look like.

Once you get everything put in you get to take a look and make sure you are loving it. If you aren't - play around some more! Find the perfect suit for you. Then up on the top bar you get to pick the size of the suit - tops, bottoms, cups - to make sure it is the perfect fit. Then click proceed to checkout and you are on your way to a dream boat suit to arrive at your home.

I will say - that if you are wanting a Kini give it ample time to be custom made and created. So if you are wanting one for Spring Break jump on it now. Because first they are created overseas and second they are getting a ton of orders. And I want to make sure you get your Kini in time for your trip. This one piece was one of the many ones I designed but you will have to swing back to see the one I actually ended up ordering! Go checkout Kini Swimwear and bask in all the options - what suit would you design?

Spring Break Guide: Savvy Curls


I feel like the one thing I always care about on Spring Break that I shouldn't really worry about at all it hair. Packing a blow dryer, a straightener, both sizes of curling iron - and suddenly half my bag is filled with hair products "just in case" I decide to do my hair a certain way. I found an answer, my friends. Let me introduce you to your favorite new hair product. Savvy Curls. Not only is it so easy to use and compact for your packing, but it is also heatless so at the end of the day you are saving your hair all that hot torture. And it took my hair from this.

Which isn't terrible after not styling it in the morning, but still not ideal. To this.

And that was after just one hour of wearing Savvy Curls around the house. But they held all day. So think of it this way. Wake up in the morning. Throw in your Savvy Curls. Get your makeup on, eat breakfast, let the dog out - and wahlah. Hair. Is. Done. And seriously so easy to use. Let me take you step by step.

First put Savvy Curls on like a headband. I place it right before my hairline so I don't get any kinks, but I am sure if you wanted to wear it all day you could push it into your hair without any issues.

Next I separated my hair into four sections. Now, I have relatively thin hair so it was easy for me to just split it into four. If you have more hair I would suggest six or eight sections - or getting the double band.

From there I wrap each section individually. I start on the section closest to my ear on the left, then move to the right. From there I move to the back and wrap each of those sections. You wrap the hair around just like you would a curling iron - but this time it is around a foam band.

Once all the hair is wrapped around you could leave it as is for tighter curls, but I am a fan of the beachy look - so from there I go back around the entire band and loosen up the wrap to make sure the curls will in turn be looser. The tighter the wrap, the tighter the curl.

Now you are all wrapped, tucked, and good to go you can just rock that Savvy Curls band until you are ready to take it out. For my hair I needed a full hour to achieve the curls I wanted. My hair is very thin, but a decent amount of it. It generally doesn't take or hold curls very well. I have worn it to dance class, while watching tv, and to bed - everytime achieving similar results.

Whenever I am ready to take out my band, I slowly roll it out making sure the curls have a fighting chance. Once the band is completely removed I shake my hair a little and I am good to go! It really is as simple as that.

I love the ease that is Savvy Curls, I love that it is a product that protects my hair and is simple to pack. And I say it is a must as you are getting ready for your spring break trips. Imagine rocking Savvy Curls to the pool all day, then heading home to get ready and just removing the band - you are good to go, which also means you were able to snag an extra 20 minutes at the pool. And who doesn't love that?

Spring Break Guide: Lily Jade Bag


Have you ever dreamed of a bag that fits all of your needs - day to day, busy week, tote it around, travel with it needs? Or am I just the weirdo that has been on a hunt for a bag that covers it all. Whatever the case is, you guys - I found THE bag. Lily Jade bags - which is actually a diaper bag - but it is also so freaking trendy and darling that I can use it for my non mother life since sometimes I carry around enough for an army of children. . I have mentioned them before. You've probably seen it styled on my site before with a few outfits. Let me refresh your memory.

So before I had the Elizabeth - styled above - but I just got the mother of all Lily Jade bags and I am in tote it around heaven. Do you want to know why? Because I am a firm believer in carrying one bag for everything - whether that be giant planner, laptop, camera, wallet, dog - and I am a firm believe in not walking lop sided by carrying all things on my shoulder. So this bag - the Meggan - covers it all. It carries literally every thing my heart could dream of AND it turns into a backpack so the toting part becomes as simple as can be. This is THE bag you need for Spring Break. Because it can carry everything, it is easy to pack, and it is leather so you don't have to worry about things spilling on it. And today I am going to let you in on how the non mama packs her Lily Jade.

My first tip is to sort out all your items - what things need to go everywhere with you? Think of all the places you are going during the week. The mall, beach, baseball stadium, favorite restaurant, amusement park - you get the idea. Figure out which things you will only need at those places and figure out which things you need at all places. For me, the things I generally need no matter where I am going at my wallet, cell phone, chap stick, hair ties, and a few other odds and ends that I always keep in my purse. Start with the always items first - set everything else aside.

I always start by figuring out which things need to go in which pocket. My cell phone and candies usually go up front for easy access. Then all the lose odds and ends along with my cell phone go into the zipper pocket where they wont get lost by falling to the bottom. The best part about the Lily Jade bags is the sheer amount of pockets they have - literally, a pocket for everything!

At the bottom of my bag I always place my wallet. I like to make sure it is tucked on the bottom because the insert goes in on top and that way if someone feels like being a weasel and looking through my bag my wallet with my cards and all that isn't right on top.

From there I go to my sorted piles per day. Those are the things I load into the what would be baby and diaper bag insert. Like I said, I don't have any kiddlets at the moment so instead of utilizing this for the changing pad it comes with, bottles, diapers, and all that babe stuff I utilize it as my "daily swap" bag for vacations. For example - today I packed my bag as if I was going to be out and about with lots of R&R time, maybe by the pool or something like that. So I loaded my bag with all my chargers, headphones, my journal, my book, and my laptop - and of course my water bottle where a bottle would normally go.

And you can see, I didn't even utilize all the insert pockets - so imagine how much you could really fit in there! I really love utilizing the insert for the day to day stuff because if I am not feeling like lugging around everything I can pull that insert out and just drop in the things I need on top of my wallet - which usually ends up my day planner and journal. Some other examples of what I might put in the "daily swap" insert depend on where I am headed. Things like...

Beach day. Sunscreen, water bottle, towel, snacks, magazines, book.

Baseball stadium. Camera with lenses - usually if I am at a game Adam is playing so I need to be ready to snap some shots, sunflower seeds, water bottle, sour patch kids.

Amusement park. Lunch or snacks, sunscreen, water bottle.

You get the idea, right? So once the daily swap portion of the bag is all packed you can just fit it into the top of your Lily Jade bag like so.

And then you just drop it in and it slides to the bottom. Once it is all in you can see how much wiggle room there is up top to add in a few more items. One thing that I am always throwing in last minute is my camera, and with what I packed today there is plenty of space to add it in with the basic lens. Then I can zip it up and I am on my way to an awesome Spring Break day.

But you guys, that isn't even the best part of the bag. Sure, the pockets and the styling of the bag is amazing - but the best part is you can wear it any way you want. I am a huge fan of the backpack style. But there is also the short strap or the long strap for over the shoulders. Check it.

So there you have it. A huge bag with all the pockets and spots you could dream of. Made from real leather. And to top it all off you can wear it as a back pack, over the shoulder, or a cross body bag. To me that is a win, win, win. And that is why I pick Lily Jade as my go to bag even though I am not in a diaper bag place yet. I especially love using the Lily Jade bag as my carry on for flights. Because it really is easy to pack and then I can use it as my personal item while still getting an additional carry on. And I cannot wait to put this baby into use for Spring Break this year! Are you on the hunt for the perfect Spring Break? What is on your musts list when bag shopping?

The Bachelor Season 20: Episode 6


Let us all start where the to be continue ended. With Ben. Pulling Olivia aside to talk for a few minutes before the rose ceremony. Lucky for Olivia - she knows all the girls hate her and are talking all the trash in the world and comes prepared. She talks about how she has a target on her back because she always gets roses and girls dont like her as much normally and she is shy. She also takes mini stabs at girls during the whole conversation that are subtle but not too subtle. Ben buys it. Back to the rose ceremony. At this moment we all know who is going home - Jennifer. Why do we know? Because literally no one in our house can remember her name. And now it is time for the BAHAMAS!

First group date arrives and it should be for Leah because she has not gotten one yet but sorry Leah. Caila gets the card, "Let's see if our love is reel." And Leah is ticked. Beyond ticked. And she doesn't even try to hide it - not even when Ben comes and sits next to her on the couch and doesn't realize she is even there. I bet Ben watched that episode from the comfort of his home feeling very uncomfortable with the shade she was throwing and he doesnt even see. But whatever - time to date Caila.

And by date I mean take her fishing. She wears this thing around her waist to help with the pole and I keep thinking she is so small a fish will tug her right off that boat. She catches a fish. They kiss it. And then they get ready for dinner.

At dinner I realize for the very first time that I really don't love Caila. I always was like yeah, okay. And then I started liking her less and less. And now I just really don't like her. Mostly because she basically tells Ben she likes him but knows she is going to hurt him. But doesn't want to hurt him. And somehow he doesn't find it all crazy confusing and gives her a rose. And I am sitting at my house saying, "RED FLAG! RED FLAG!" Somehow in editing the whole world got confused how Caila got a rose. But she has one.

Next up is the group date. The best group date you will ever see. Lauren B, Becca, Amanda, Jojo, Lauren H, and Leah are invited out for "Love is unpredictable." That card could not be more correct. The girls all look so cute and are ready to go boat for the day. Only to pull up to a bunch of pigs.

Literally... pigs that they get to feed and swim with. You can see some love it and some hate it. Overall it was the funniest thing I have ever seen in my life. I had no clue pigs could swim like that. And everything seems to be going ham-tastic until Ben spends a little time with Lauren B and then every single girl gets stand offish and jealous because as of right now Lauren B is the clear winner of the world.

And at the little night party it gets worse. Ben tries to make every girl feel better. But Leah will not feel better because she is mad at Ben. So what does she decide to do? She decides to tear down her biggest threat. And now Lauren B is the worst human in the world apparently? Not sure where that came from. But Ben investigates. Lauren B cries. Lead lies. And all the girls are thinking what the heck? And when they watch it back everyone will hate Leah, I am sure of it.

But that doesn't stop Leah. She decides to go see Ben at his place to try and win him over. But instead of winning him over she decides to trash Lauren B more and he just sends her home. It's whatever. Meanwhile, Olivia and Emily are getting all packed up for whoever is sent home on the two on one date. Do you feel the tension?

The date is all fun and games. And wind. Lots of wind. First he pulls aside Olivia and she hides her cankles in the sand while they talk and kiss. Then he pulls aside Emily and fixes her hair while she tries to say how much she wants to be with him and they dont kiss. And then back together he picks up the rose and grabs Olivia. And since they kissed and he has the rose everyone in my house is saying that Em is going home. But I think the producers make him pick up the rose.

Poor Olivia. She thought she was getting the rose too. And now she is blind sided. And so sad. And has to watch Emily and Ben kiss while she gets the rose from a shore about 100 feet away. How depressing. For the first time ever, the entire America feels sorrow for our sweet and evil Olivia.

It is time to get ready for the cocktail party and rose ceremony. But before we can get to that we need to watch Ben crying in what looks like a potential hurricane on top of some rocks on the shore. Because he knows what he needs to do. And the cocktail party is cancelled. Which means Lauren B is freaking out because last she heard she was still a liar? Let's take it to the rose ceremony. I don't think Lauren B is going home because she is a dream and will probably win. And I am correct, Lauren H is the one he send home - that is what she gets for allying Leah in her schemes to sabotage. I wish I could tell you which dresses I loved - but I cannot remember for the life of me. However. My favorites are still Lauren B and Becca.

And Olivia is probably still stranded on that island.

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