Spring Break Guide: Creating a Kini Swimsuit


A long time ago I had a friend talk about Kini on her blog and I thought - oh that looks cool. But you guys. It is SO cool. Everyone deserves to get at least one Kini in their life. It is probably the most amazing swimsuit site I have ever come across in my day. You know how when you go swimsuit shopping and you cannot for the life of you find a suit that fits you right or has the colors or design you dreamed up in your head for spring break? Well - no more. Kini has got you covered. When you enter the site you will see this.

There are instantly three options to help you find the most perfect swimmer ever. With start designing you can completely customize whatever you want. Then there is the pre-designed for those of you that maybe get a little overwhelmed with all the amazing design options they have. And finally shop my shape to find swimsuits that have already been put together based on body type. All good options to me - I tried them all out. I used pre-designed for a little inspiration. I used shop my shape to make sure I was getting something that flattered me. And finally I head over to start designing because let's be honest, I like to be in charge so I was ready to create something that would suit me!

The first step to designing your Kini is picking a style. They have a little of everything for everyone. Bikinis, Tankinis, and One Piece options. And within options there are more options so you can really find whatever is best for you.

Once you pick our the style you want you are taken to a massive design screen. Depending on the swimsuit style you select you are given a left sidebar of different options. For example - if you pick a racer back you get the zipper options and buckle options. But say you go with an underwire you will get the option for ruffles. No matter which suit you pick though you get to decide if the bottoms fold over, how the straps go, and if there is ruching.

Next comes the real magical part of designing your Kini. THE COLORS! You get to pick what fabrics, prints, and metallics go in each section. See above how it is all broken out - each of those sections means another option for a color and pattern. And the options are endless. This was probably the hardest part for me. I literally spent hours over about 4 days deciding what I wanted my Kini to look like.

Once you get everything put in you get to take a look and make sure you are loving it. If you aren't - play around some more! Find the perfect suit for you. Then up on the top bar you get to pick the size of the suit - tops, bottoms, cups - to make sure it is the perfect fit. Then click proceed to checkout and you are on your way to a dream boat suit to arrive at your home.

I will say - that if you are wanting a Kini give it ample time to be custom made and created. So if you are wanting one for Spring Break jump on it now. Because first they are created overseas and second they are getting a ton of orders. And I want to make sure you get your Kini in time for your trip. This one piece was one of the many ones I designed but you will have to swing back to see the one I actually ended up ordering! Go checkout Kini Swimwear and bask in all the options - what suit would you design?
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