Spring Break Guide: Savvy Curls


I feel like the one thing I always care about on Spring Break that I shouldn't really worry about at all it hair. Packing a blow dryer, a straightener, both sizes of curling iron - and suddenly half my bag is filled with hair products "just in case" I decide to do my hair a certain way. I found an answer, my friends. Let me introduce you to your favorite new hair product. Savvy Curls. Not only is it so easy to use and compact for your packing, but it is also heatless so at the end of the day you are saving your hair all that hot torture. And it took my hair from this.

Which isn't terrible after not styling it in the morning, but still not ideal. To this.

And that was after just one hour of wearing Savvy Curls around the house. But they held all day. So think of it this way. Wake up in the morning. Throw in your Savvy Curls. Get your makeup on, eat breakfast, let the dog out - and wahlah. Hair. Is. Done. And seriously so easy to use. Let me take you step by step.

First put Savvy Curls on like a headband. I place it right before my hairline so I don't get any kinks, but I am sure if you wanted to wear it all day you could push it into your hair without any issues.

Next I separated my hair into four sections. Now, I have relatively thin hair so it was easy for me to just split it into four. If you have more hair I would suggest six or eight sections - or getting the double band.

From there I wrap each section individually. I start on the section closest to my ear on the left, then move to the right. From there I move to the back and wrap each of those sections. You wrap the hair around just like you would a curling iron - but this time it is around a foam band.

Once all the hair is wrapped around you could leave it as is for tighter curls, but I am a fan of the beachy look - so from there I go back around the entire band and loosen up the wrap to make sure the curls will in turn be looser. The tighter the wrap, the tighter the curl.

Now you are all wrapped, tucked, and good to go you can just rock that Savvy Curls band until you are ready to take it out. For my hair I needed a full hour to achieve the curls I wanted. My hair is very thin, but a decent amount of it. It generally doesn't take or hold curls very well. I have worn it to dance class, while watching tv, and to bed - everytime achieving similar results.

Whenever I am ready to take out my band, I slowly roll it out making sure the curls have a fighting chance. Once the band is completely removed I shake my hair a little and I am good to go! It really is as simple as that.

I love the ease that is Savvy Curls, I love that it is a product that protects my hair and is simple to pack. And I say it is a must as you are getting ready for your spring break trips. Imagine rocking Savvy Curls to the pool all day, then heading home to get ready and just removing the band - you are good to go, which also means you were able to snag an extra 20 minutes at the pool. And who doesn't love that?
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