Lightweight Clothing


This Arizona heat has got me looking at clothing in a whole new light. It is all about lightweight clothing. In Utah I was all about jeans and a t shirt every. single. day. And layering didn't matter because there was no such thing as a blazing hot day. Now that I am here it is all about finding items that breath and let the air flow through. I wear a lot of crocheted items, linen pants, spandex, and so on. No more layers for me either. And once I find a lightweight item that I love, I buy it in every color I can... because you never know when you might find another piece of clothing that perfect! You might remember seeing the pants below in a post before? Yep. I have them in black and blue. And I wear them every week. Plus, it didn't hurt that I saved money on them by using the Old Navy discount codes over at

Cardigan: Burlington Coat Factory
Pants: Old Navy c/o
Heels: Target
Necklace: The Shine Project

Wear White Confidently


This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign withPollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbKKmart

It is Memorial Day. Which means the white pants came be pulled out of the back of your closet for the summer months ahead. Unless you are like me and you have been wearing white all year round, because I make my own rules. You might remember my white after Labor Day rant awhile ago, but if you don't... let me tell you something about my take on rules of fashion. I do what I want. And I rock it. So if it is after Labor Day, I wear white. If it is before Memorial Day, I wear white. If it is Two days before Christmas, I wear white. Why? Because white is a good CLEAN color (or non color depending on which know it all you are talking to) and I love to wear it for a classy look. Alright? Alright. Now that we've got that cleared up... Onto my next white pants discussion which only mattes to the females. And that would be wearing white when it is that special time of the month. Let me tell you a little secret about how to wear white confidently. It all comes down to the product!

Pants: Target (similar)
Top: Gap
Shoes: Target c/o - This is another pair of shoes I saved big on by using Target coupon codes at
Short Necklace: Lisa Leonard c/o
Long Necklace: The Shine Project
Earrings: Cents of Style c/o
Bracelet: Jane

U by Kotex is the perfect product to keep you covered no matter what you are doing throughout the day, what you are wearing and helps keep you feeling prepared for anything. This product puts me on a path to unstoppable. Doesn't matter if it is a day of errands or a crazy work day. I am covered. I used to be a scaredy cat when it came to wearing white during that time of the month... but then I realized I didn't need to be. It just takes finding the product that works best for you!

So maybe UbK has the right product to help keep you confident, the easiest way to find out is to head to the store and try a few different ones out. And right now you can receive $3 instant savings through Kmart’s Shop Your Way rewards program with the purchase of 2 UbK products. So if you are already a part of Kmart’s “Shop Your Way” rewards program, head into the store to take advantage of the savings. And if you aren't you can join the program by signing up. The deal is only available for "Shop Your Way" members.

I promise you, the only way to wear white confidently while on your period is to be confident in the product you have. If you already have something you love, great... but if you don't, CHANGE IT UP! It doesn't matter if you have to use something different than all your friends. Your product needs to work for you, because at the end of the day you need to feel unstoppable, even when it is that time of the month.

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 27



"I am a stay at home mom with a sticky fingered toddler and a constantly puking baby. Getting dressed and ready for the day is sometimes more work than I feel is worth it. It is more often the case than not that I will change my clothes twice before leaving the house in the morning and it's not because I didn't like what I was wearing. I am finally to a point where I am back to my pre baby size and so getting dressed is slightly more enjoyable than it was a few months ago. I am 5'9 and relatively thin which makes buying shorts and dresses a little more tricky. I often look for dresses a few sizes too big for me to get the right length. With the help of a belt it's not even a big deal. My current style can be summed up in three words: AFFORDABLE, COMFORTABLE, WASHABLE.

AFFORDABLE: We are trying to save up for a house. I'm not working right now. We have two kids in diapers right now. Basically we don't have a huge budget for new clothes right now. The outfit I'm wearing here is a $9 shirt and $8 pants from Ross. Shopping at places like Ross and TJMaxx really does make a difference.

COMFORTABLE: I spend a lot of time on the floor with my babies. Whether we're playing ring a round the rosies, or doing puzzles, or changing diapers I am constantly bending over, sitting down, getting up, and twisting every which way. I shop for clothes based on how well I can move in them and how comfortable I feel in them. These pants I'm wearing are more comfortable than yoga pants and dare I say much more fashionable.

WASHABLE: Two kids. Need I say more? Dry cleaning and hand washing is just out of the question.

Some days I dress more preppy, some days more sporty, and some days just plain girly. On days that I know I'm not going anywhere I have a tendency to grab whatever is at the top of my pile of clothes on the floor. I think that confidence plays a big part in what I wear. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing these floral pants, but I like them. The more I wear them the better I feel in them.So my one piece of style advice would be to wear what you want to wear, wear it with confidence, and don't care what other people may or may not think of it. Fashion does fit everyone. You just have to find what looks good on you and run with it."

- Ashleigh from Capture Sunshine

Interested in being a part of Fashion Fits Everyone? Email with the subject Fashion Fits Everyone and we will get you scheduled.

I Said Yes


Two years ago Adam sent me to get a crack apple and I came home with a diamond. One of the best nights of my life is when I said yes. Now someone, tell me how I got so lucky? You can watch a recap of our engagement from me here or read Adam's side here. But if you don't feel like clicking around here is my side of the story...

Bret text me and asked me to do a favor, Adam said he has a PPI, so I figured why not? Plus I had 200 calories left on my count for the day and so Adam said we could get a crack apple and I could have two pieces of it. When Adam left to get ready for his PPI I went to RMCF to pick up something for Bret. I walked in, waited in line, and when it was my turn I said, “I need to pick up something for Bret and I need to buy an apple also.” The girl smiled and said, “Oh! You actually get one for free, which do you want?” and then she handed me an envelope. I thought… this isn’t an apple… and then I thought… oh my gosh. THIS IS HAPPENING! I opened the letter while she got my Reeses apple and cut it… The letter read “don’t get any assumptions, come to me!”so I did. I drove to Rock Canyon Park, the entire time check my pulse and thinking to myself, is Adam playing a trick or is this really happening? When I got to Rock Canyon Park I text Adam, “Where are you?” he said he was at the South pavilion so I walked that way and saw him standing there smiling. I just hugged him and looked at him as he walked me over to the opposite end of the pavilion to a table. There were flowers, candles, another note, and a big white board that said “Yes” and “No” with huge check boxes. I pointed to the note and said, “Do I read this?” and he said “yes!” I opened the letter and read it. Immediately my eyes started to water. It was the most beautiful letter. It said why he wanted to marry me and why he loved me, later I asked if he wrote it because he might cry saying it and he said, “No… I just wanted you to have that letter forever!” At the end of the note it said “When you get here give me the thumbs up”, I turned to Adam and gave him the thumbs up and he knelt down on one knee and said the words, “Deidre, will you marry me?” I started crying and said yes, he stood up and gave me a hug “I hope those are happy tears!” “they are REALLY happy tears!” He put the ring on my finger. Then Gloria came out of the bushes to take a few photos and say her congratulations. After she left we just talked and he told me how the proposal went and we called and text our family and friends.

I am married to the most perfect man for me. I am reminded every day of how hard working he is and how much he loves me. And while I have my flaws and neither of us are perfect, it works. Because we are in love, and we put our relationships in the hands of trust, love, and communication instead of the hands of doubt and flaws. Every single day I am happy I said yes to this man. Even through the hardest of times, I wake up happy knowing I am married to Adam.

Find A Girl Who...


My wife and I are approaching twenty-one months of being married. She is a Banquet Manager at a fancy Marriott Hotel in downtown Phoenix. I am a minor league pitcher trying to fulfill a lifelong dream. Due to my career choice, my wife and I are unable to spend the summer months together. The financial situation doesn’t permit. After having been apart for multiple months of our marriage, I have come to the conclusion that I have married the most perfect girl for me. I have also come to the realization that when choosing with whom to spend the rest of your life and forever with, not every person is a perfect fit.

Before I continue, I want to claim that I am no expert in marriage. BUT, from my perspective, there are characteristics that my wife possesses that make being married the best experience of my life. So, for all you bachelors out there, feel free to use these tips how you wish when considering who to date and who to marry.

Find a girl who makes you second: The most attractive characteristic of my wife is the fact that I am second in her life. God and Jesus Christ are first and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Knowing that she has her mind and priorities set on something beyond this life has made all the difference in our marriage.

Choose a girl who makes you second in her life. You will come to appreciate it when times get tough. Heck, coming in second to God and Christ aint a bad finish at all.

Find a girl who makes you better: The purpose of marriage is to become better together. There is no point in dating a girl who doesn’t make that better and who easily falls for cheesy pick up lines from every other guy.. Constructive comments? Learn it. Uplifting remarks? Do it. Couple analysis? Love it. At the end of the day, there is no better feeling than looking back on a relationship and realizing how much you have progressed as a person and as a couple.

Feeling like you have to constantly win a girl over, not because she is dating fifteen other guys, but because she is that big of a ‘keeper’, its pretty awesome.

Find a girl who is frugal with money: When was the last time I saw my wife wearing designer jeans? Never. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to have designer jeans. But, it is nice to know my wife understands that at this point in our marriage, expensive things aren’t important. Having a wife who is able to analyze purchases from all angles has paid huge dividends already in our short marriage.

If you are dating a girl who has food as her number one expense, she definitely passes the ‘frugal’ check.

Find a girl who has hobbies: A girl who has hobbies is like finding vanilla ice cream at the bottom of your snow cone…Clutch! My wife has, what I consider, the coolest blog around. It helps her create relationships with people, in addition to the millions she already has (no lie, she has more friends than anybody I’ve ever met). It’s something that helps her take her mind off work at the end of the day.

A girl who has hobbies makes a relationship and marriage so much better. If anything, find a girl who has a bucket list and puts some effort in to checking things off.

Find a girl who has dreams and aspirations: Since the day my wife and I got married, she has maintained her personal dreams and aspirations as well as those she had for when she got married. The fact that my wife continues to dream and work towards those dreams is one of the most attractive things about her. Just because we got married doesn’t change the fact that she wants to travel around the world.

The nice thing guys, is that when you aren’t cooperating, maybe a hobby will until you decide to. It’s a plus.

Dating and marriage is one of the best things in life. What makes it better is when you are dating the right person. As I said, I am no marriage expert. I have an amazing marriage and thought I’d share some attributes of my significant other that has made our marriage so awesome.
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