Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 27



"I am a stay at home mom with a sticky fingered toddler and a constantly puking baby. Getting dressed and ready for the day is sometimes more work than I feel is worth it. It is more often the case than not that I will change my clothes twice before leaving the house in the morning and it's not because I didn't like what I was wearing. I am finally to a point where I am back to my pre baby size and so getting dressed is slightly more enjoyable than it was a few months ago. I am 5'9 and relatively thin which makes buying shorts and dresses a little more tricky. I often look for dresses a few sizes too big for me to get the right length. With the help of a belt it's not even a big deal. My current style can be summed up in three words: AFFORDABLE, COMFORTABLE, WASHABLE.

AFFORDABLE: We are trying to save up for a house. I'm not working right now. We have two kids in diapers right now. Basically we don't have a huge budget for new clothes right now. The outfit I'm wearing here is a $9 shirt and $8 pants from Ross. Shopping at places like Ross and TJMaxx really does make a difference.

COMFORTABLE: I spend a lot of time on the floor with my babies. Whether we're playing ring a round the rosies, or doing puzzles, or changing diapers I am constantly bending over, sitting down, getting up, and twisting every which way. I shop for clothes based on how well I can move in them and how comfortable I feel in them. These pants I'm wearing are more comfortable than yoga pants and dare I say much more fashionable.

WASHABLE: Two kids. Need I say more? Dry cleaning and hand washing is just out of the question.

Some days I dress more preppy, some days more sporty, and some days just plain girly. On days that I know I'm not going anywhere I have a tendency to grab whatever is at the top of my pile of clothes on the floor. I think that confidence plays a big part in what I wear. Not everyone would feel comfortable wearing these floral pants, but I like them. The more I wear them the better I feel in them.So my one piece of style advice would be to wear what you want to wear, wear it with confidence, and don't care what other people may or may not think of it. Fashion does fit everyone. You just have to find what looks good on you and run with it."

- Ashleigh from Capture Sunshine

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