Dear Walking,


Miss Idaho prep. Ready for a little more of this? Me too.

Who knew walking could be so hard? I have been walking since I was a little baby. Yet I have to practice walking now... WHAT IS THIS?! Shoulders back, tush tucked, pull from the neck, bend your arms... but not too much, swipe the fingers, smaller strides, tighten up... I remember the first time I had walking practice with my director. She kept saying, "Deidre... relax...." I tense up BIG time when I walk. It is scary. Pageant walking and human walking (that is right pageant girls don't walk like humans) are NOT the same thing. Let me see you put on 4 inch heels, turn on some Lady Gaga, and then walk around a huge stage in a pattern that is completely unnatural. Walking in patterns is weird. Walking in straight lines is normal. What the heck did I get myself into? Here are some photos of me "modeling" (walking) over the last few years.

Head up.
Small strides.
Swing the arms.
Pretend you are holding weights.
Bend the arms.
Not so much bend.
Speed up.
Up, up, up.
Slow down.
Less hips.
More movement.

The previous words are all things that have been said to me during walking practice. Luckily the camera has caught me in moments of strength rather than weakness. Weakness usually trumps. How do you expect me to suck in, tuck my tush, take small strides, and perfect arm movement, with my shoulders square and still breathe? I am just lucky I haven't passed out. I know how to walk. I really do!


P.S. I know I said ten days yesterday but after last night's email I guess I only have SIX days to raise my money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 100% of the donation goes directly to the CMNHospital closest to you. It is good karma and you can donate as little as $1 for the children in your family and the children in your area. Donate here.

Dear 7 Questions,


INTRODUCING..... s.e.v.e.n. QuEsTiOnS. That sort of hurts my eyes to read the questions part. Why did I used to think typing like that was so cool?

Don't ask me why, but we thought this was hilarious.
I mean, you can ask me why... but I wouldn't have a real answer for you.
And to think, I thought I was mature when I was 18.

1. If you were to start your own business, what would it be?
This will sounds weird. But I would start a business to sell my handwriting. I told you, weird, right? I helped a girl with her wedding save the dates a few weeks ago because the woman she bought a stamp from on etsy wasn't being helpful (for a lack of a better work, aka. she stopped responding to her emails). She has paid the woman to make a stamp with her handwriting because she loved her cursive. Well, luckily she loved mine too. So now I want to start a business to address envelopes, write things on cards and invitations, and make stamps of my handwriting. Weird, but let me know if you are interested. Haha.

2. You wake up on the wrong side of the bed, do you embrace your grumpiness or try to fight it?

I embrace my grumpiness until about 10:30.

3. What's the very first memory you have?

Probably recieving a Little Mermaid car (you know, like those Barbie jeeps?) for Christmas. It was white and teal, Sebastian was on it. Fish on the side. The horn played under the sea. There was a trunk. We watched that Christmas video awhile ago. My loving brother Eric so nicely pointed it out, "Look Deej! There is even a trunk in the back!" And I obviously have always been sassy, and responded, "Well I already know that!" That year I also got a Barbie house hand crafted by my Dad with wallpaper scraps from our home. Don't worry, we are saving it for my first baby girl.

4. The world is ending, what do you do? Allow yourself to die? Fight? Hide? Etc.

Probably.... hide. I am trying to picture myself in the hunger games because it is a similar concept. I think I would hide and be sneaky. And then fight when there was a need. Or take cheap shots. Which is also very sneaky. Survival of the fittest baby.

5. What is your favorite meal of the day?

Dinner. Without a doubt dinner. And why dinner you ask? Because dinner is a meal of anything. I can eat anything I like. French Toast, Sandwich, Steak, Ice Cream, Pizza... you name it and it passes as dinner.

6. How do you best learn? Visual? Listening? Hands on?

I am a visual learner. I love charts and graphs. I love seeing pictures. I really like to have moments to look at things and take them in. I need something that connects to something that connects to something for me to really understand and grasp concepts. I can listen to you talk about it all day, but once I read it I understand it.

7. What is your favorite joke?

A woman is cooking muffins. She puts them in the over and walks away. Inside the oven one muffin turns to another and says, "Man, it is hot in here!" The other muffin looks over and yells, "OH MY GOSH!!! IT IS A TALKING MUFFIN!"

Don't muffins sound yummy right now? I really wish I could eat carbs. 10 more days until Miss Idaho!


P.S. I have 10 days to meet my goal. I only need thirty more people to donate $5 or one hundred fifty people to donate $1... Not only is it good karma but it is for the children! And it is a tax write off. Donate here.

Dear Send Something Good,


Well... don't worry. I completely forgot about the big reveal. So I am just a tiny bit late. I LOVED being a part of Send Something Good. It was so fun to go shopping for someone. And I loved learning all about my new friend Eron. She has some AWESOME recipes. So you should really make sure to stop by her blog. I wanted to give her some things that were important to me, as well as some things she would actually like. The package I sent to her contained (ps... I stole the pictures from her blog because I forgot to take pictures myself... oops!):

Spuddy Buddy (Miss Idaho edition)
A joke book
Dark Chocolate
An inspiration journal
A cookbook from ladies I go to church with


And then I sent off the package. It was super exciting for me to just send something to a random friend that I now feel a special bond to. Her blog isn't one I would have just picked up to read, because let's be honest... I am not very good at following recipes, I usually substitute ingredients and I never measure. But I love reading about her life and I have loved trying out her recipes... with a little twist. After a few days of waiting I got my package from Autumn. I also didn't take picture here... but I have a video! The package included:

A few things from her shop
Pocket pie maker
Sparkly belt
Yellow clutch
Mint Nail polish with sparkles
And I am sure a few other fun things that I am leaving out...

She obviously took time to learn about me because everything she sent was PERFECT. And her shop has the most adorable things. You should really stop by and buy. You won't regret it.

Send Something Good was SO much fun. And so exciting to participate in. I loved learning about my blogger friends and so many others. It was a great way to come closer in the blogging community. It truly is a community of love and support. And comments of course. Glad to be welcomed in.


Dear Memorial Day... Part 2,

So my first post needed to be said. I am so grateful for the men and women that fought for this country. Thank you now, thank you forever.

Now this post is about a Memorial Day Cookout. Memorial Day is like the official start of summer. And usually the first BBQ of the season. And I was SO pumped when my best friend Cassidy said she wanted to help in throwing one together, and let me say... it was quite the success.

The invite I made... I was very proud of it!

Everyone brought delicious food. We had more food than we could handle. Vegetables, fruit, lemon bunt cake, BBQ chicken, all sorts of chips, Hawaiian Punch, cookies, Rice Krispee treats, Dr. Pepper, Hamburgers, salad... probably a lot more. Plus we had about 20 friends, Bocce Ball, and Wiffle Ball.... I mean really, could it get much better?

Cassidy and James brought a grill and it worked like a gem.

Eating and chatting.

The food (more came later... what!?)

Adam and I on our way to all the festivities.

So clearly I didn't do a very good job taking pictures. It was a lot of fun though. I love parties. I love them so much. And I love planning them. Cassidy and I had a great time grilling (that is right, the girls did a lot of the grilling) and I loved having a nice BBQ with my friends. I am making it a tradition. So be ready, you are invited next year.


Dear Memorial Day,

I just want to say a thank you to all the men and women that serve and have served out country.

It's a great day to be an American. God bless.


Dear Upward,


Today I had the honor, I have to say honor because I know that the 2nd counselor's wife reads my blog sometimes, to talk in the first hour AND teach in the third hour of church. Let me tell you, it was an exciting day.

My talk was on the Godhead on how there are three separate and individual beings in the Godhead. Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. It was really nice to prepare that talk because I feel like I learned a lot as I prepared it. You can read my talk here.

My lesson was on a talk from October 2011 conference, "It Is Better to Look Up", by Elder Carl Cook of the Seventy. I remember listening to the talk 6 months ago in my apartment and loving every single second of it, so it was nice to be able to give a lesson on it to the women I go to church with. We talked about how we can gain comfort from the scripture "Believe in God; believe that he is ... ; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth" found in Mosiah 4:9, we talked about how the Prophet can redirect us to look upwards, and we talked about what challenges we face today to keep us from looking up. I loved listening to all the personal experience and thoughts of the woman I go to church with.

I am big on object lessons. So to close my lesson, I had to include one. Last night I went to the store and bought this.

I gave all the women a balloon to represent their burdens and then we went outside to let our burdens be lifted upward. It was fun to see them all watch their balloons float away looking upward, just like the lesson taught.

I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for me and He loves me. He wants the best for me in every way. I need to put my trust in Him, and not just in Him, but in His timing. I know the Jesus Christ lived and died for me so I could live with agency. I am so grateful for the church. And I am so grateful for the knowledge I have. Teaching has been a great calling for me because I learn more every lesson I teach through studying and through listening to the woman in my ward during my lesson.


Dear Nighty Night,


I'm blogging from bed. No, seriously. I am tucked in my bed and realized a lot of fun things happened today that I could have actually blogged about. I had an awesome idea to blog from the baseball game since it was the last BYU game of the year. But since there was an hour rain delay and then my hands were like ice that didn't work. Then straight to the banquet, straight to my nieces birthday, straight to the store to buy groceries and things for church tomorrow, and straight home to finalize my talk and lesson....

And now bed. So. Good night. Sure do love ya!


Dear Fashion Friday,


Admit it. You missed knowing what outfits I put together. Okay maybe not. But I missed telling you! these outfits are the ones I remembered to take photos of over the last two weeks. And when I say last two weeks I mean last week only. This week has been hectic crazy. So I am really sorry you don't get to see more of my clothing, but... I wanted to you to see what I actually remembered to photograph.

Day 1
Top: TJMaxx - Pants: Skinny slacks from Gap - Heels: TJMaxx
Day 2
Buttonup: Forever 21 - Undertop: Gap - Skirt: Shade - Wedges: Dillards
Day 3
Top: Forever 21 - Skirt: Soel - Belt: Target - Cheetah Flats: Target

So there you have it. I dressed nice last week. This week has been a whirlwind of crazy. CRAZY I TELL YOU! But here are some outfits. I am in the process of cleaning my room and clearing my closet. So hopefully I will have some new things to share in an upcoming Fashion Friday.


P.S. Thanks to my bestie Mal for the outfit post title. Now I just need to always post on Friday, which is actually hard for me. Also. She just started posting her outfits on her blog. She is adorable and instantly made me jealous of her clothes and how she posts. I need to get better pictures.

Dear ... HELLO!!!!

Okay. People. I am BACK back back backkkkkkk! Lots has been going on in my life so I just needed a week away from the blog-o-sphere. I am really sorry if you missed reading my slightly hysterical posts. Or I am also really sorry (for myself) if you didn't even know that I was missing. Adam said to me, "Well.. being an avid follower of your blog I am very disappointed in you taking some blog time off. Now what am I going to read after practice?"

Cute, right? I am back. And I am going to be scattered brained until June 10th. Why June 10th you ask? That is the day after the new Miss Idaho is crowned (fingers crossed) and I will finally be able to open my mind to more than wardrobe choices, a low calorie diet, talent practice, and current events. I am so pumped for the pageant though. in just two short weeks I will be on stage for prelims and finals (once again fingers crossed) the next night! And what a joyus and fun-filled post will come right after that describing the whole week. But in the meantime you can look forward to the following posts:

Revenge Finale Party
Fashion Friday
My Miss America Platform
Movie Monday
Sun Valley
Pass of all Passes
Family Fun
7 Questions

And after the pageant there will be some good things coming your way too! LOOK forward people.


Dear World,


I am taking a mental vacation. Be back when I feel like it.


Dear Miss Idaho Prep,


Talent. Everyone loves talent. It is more than seeing a girl walk around with her hot bod in a swimsuit and it is more than a beautiful evening gown. It is the one opportunity for a girl to share with the audience and the judges a piece of herself through something she loves to do. Not only showing what she loves, but showing how hard she can work for something. Talent is not a walk in the park. You can't just do well and expect to win. You have to work hard. You have to practice every day. You have to sell your talent to the audience. And most of all, you have to be proud of your 1 minute 30 second piece. Because when you are proud, it shows!

My talent is tap dancing. And let me tell you, my tap dancing skills have some a long way in the last few years. I love to tap, I love the preciseness of it, I love that you can tap to any style or genre of music and it is still tap. I have done a big band number and an MJ number... this year I am stepping into something more traditional tap and walking away from the red costumes.

My 2010 talent piece.
"Boogie Bumper" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. 

 My 2011 talent piece.
"Black or White" by Michael Jackson.

I am SO excited to have another opportunity to share with the judges and the audience something that I am truly passionate about. I love dancing, and my favorite style is tap. I love playing up the audience. I love the trick moves. I love the to style the dance after the famous tap dancers that paved the way. Tap dancing has been a huge part of my life. I am grateful to Kim and Willa Dean Nielsen for pushing tap in the Stargazer Company. When so many companies were turning to the trendy dance styles, they stuck to what they knew. And because of that I have a passion. Dance isn't a hobby, it is a way of life. I cannot wait for the talent portion of Miss Idaho.


Dear 7 Questions,


Okay. Cool.
Funny photo? Okay. COOL.
 My pageant dress from last year had these really cool tails on the back.
I usually used them to make wings... NBD.

1. Are you a thrift shopper?
Yes. I. Am. Any good find I can find I snatch it faster than the snatchiest. I love getting blazers and cardigans from thrift shops the very most.

2. You just had a very bad dream, what do you do?
I wake up. Terrified. And remind myself, it is NOT real. And then I lay in my bed for a little telling myself how things really go. Let me give you an example. I went to bed, dreamed about Miss Idaho... at the pageant they decided they would tell us Friday night if we made top ten after every went home so we could prepare properly, I got a call. I made top ten... I ran to this ladies dress store too fix something. The Miss Idaho final night script was sitting out. Top ten page on top... my name not there. I was confused so I asked the lady. Her response? "Oh... well... they decided to change the top ten. The director doesn't really like you..." I got so angry and ran out to my car, and magically my mom was there and I just cried and cried and CRIED saying, "This is my LAST year!! All I wanted was to make top ten and they just stole it. It isn't fair!" And then I remember crying hysterically. Waking up thinking, well the pageant is over, it was a nice go. Only to remember it was May. That was not real. I still have a month until the pageant. It took 30 minutes for it to set in.

3. What is your favorite flavor of Ice Cream?

Vanilla. Boring, right? But think of the endless possibilities of combinations and toppings!

4. What do you do with your money? (spend it, save it, invest it, bury it, etc)

I have a very specific way of handling my money. Every paycheck 10% goes to tithing, $150 goes into my wallet for spending, and the rest goes into saving. I have figured out the best way for me to save my money is to take out cash and once the cash is gone I consider myself "broke".

5. What was the last quote or statement you heard that really hit you?
One of my best friends designs prints and she posted this one on her blog and I love it. It is really a reminder that you will thank yourself for any hard work in the future.

6. What do you do when you're driving alone? (ex: dance, sing, listen to talk radio, etc)

You might recall from a previous 7 questions that I sing and dance. And I seriously sing at the top of my lungs and dance as if I not driving... which is probably very dangerous. But when "The Safety Dance" comes on I cannot help my body from moving.

7. Did you watch the premier of Bachelorette? If so, who was your favorite bachelor?

Of course I watched. Let's not be silly. I love Arie and Ryan. And that is all I have to say about that right now. But of course you will get a more in depth opinion as the season proceeds.


Dear Bridal Shower,


It is officially WEDDING SEASON. I am sure you are noticing a lot more relationship status changes on your FB and probably getting invited to a lot of those "HE PUT A RING ON IT! We need you address" events? I knew. Me too people. Every single day. And I am pretty sure engagements, bridals, and wedding photos are taking over my news feed. But that is okay, because I love LOVE! And I love this lovely couple.

Introducing Miss Stephanie and her lovely fiance Tyson! Steph is one of my dear dear friends, she moved back to Canada in December, and is now engaged to be wed in July! Well... since she is in Canada, and only was coming down to see us once more before the big day we (and when I say we I mean mostly Cassidy and I helped a little) threw her an early bridal shower. It was beautiful and lovebirds themed. A breakfast bridal shower with crepes and blueberry pancake muffins. Plus, don't forget the party favor of gourmet popcorn. Yummmm!

Crepe Filling:
8 oz Cool Whip Lite
1/4 cup powder sugar
4 cups vanilla pudding (or flavor of you choice)
1 tablespoon vanilla

Blueberry Pancake Muffins:
1 cup butter, softened
1 ½ cup sugar
3 eggs
2 egg whites
3 1/3 cup flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
½ teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon cinnamon
½ teaspoon nutmeg
1 cup sour cream
1/3 cup milk
1 tablespoon teaspoon vanilla
1 ½ cups fresh or frozen blueberries

Maple Buttercream:
½ cup butter, softened
8 ounces cream cheese
2 teaspoons Mapleine  (maple flavoring)
4 cups powdered sugar
Milk, as needed
Cinnamon sugar and fresh blueberries to decorate

Note: If you really want to treat yourself, put a warm cupcake in a bowl and pipe some of this maple buttercream over it and let in melt into the cake.  It is absolutely divine.

1.     Preheat oven to 360 degrees and line pans with cupcake liners (yields 24)
2.    Beat butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
3.    On low speed, add eggs and egg whites one at a time until each in fully incorporated.
4.    In a separate bowl, sift flour, baking soda, baking powder, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg together.
5.    Add dry ingredients to the butter mixture in thirds, alternating with the wet (milk, vanilla extract and sour cream).  Let each ingredient fully mix in before adding another, still be careful not to over mix.
6.   Fold in blueberries.    Fill cupcake liners ¾ full and bake for about 18 minutes, or until an inserted knife comes out clean.   Maple Buttercream: Beat butter and cream cheese until light and fluffy.  Add maple flavoring and powdered sugar and let beat again.  If needed, add 1 tablespoon of milk to loosen.
7. Pipe buttercream onto cooled cupcakes and top with cinnamon sugar and berries.

So there you have it. Isn't Cassidy just the most creative? So glad I could help. And SO GLAD Steph could be in the U-S-of-A so we could celebrate with her!


Dear Movie Monday,

It is time this be shared with the world. It may be small but it packs a big punch. That is all.

Enough said... or danced.


Dear Mom,


I just want to tell you thank you so much for everything you have done, you do, and that you will do in the future. I am so lucky to have a mom that is also my best friend. And I know every person in the world said that they have the best mom (seriously everyone on instagram said thank you to the best mom in the entire world) but you are the best! The best mom for me. Thank you for teaching me how to work hard and to not give up. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into you family. Thank you for keeping the importance of the gospel in our home. Thank you for talking to me on the phone in between almost every class while I was walking the BYU campus. Thank you for always supporting my dreams. Thank you for being on my side. Thank you for correcting me when I am wrong. Thank you for teaching me how to cook and bake. Thank you for going shopping with me. I probably don't tell you how much I appreciate and love you enough, but I do. 

You are the perfect example of integrity, dedication, compassion, and loyalty is. You work hard. You always like to make jokes. You dress really nicely. You love your family. You love the gospel. You never give up. You support you husband and your children. You are an incredible woman and you have helped shape me into the woman I am today. I love you so much!

Your (favorite) daughter

Dear Hair,


You have your good days and your bad days... That is all.


P.S. Actually that isn't all. PLEASE be a good day. I dont like be surrounded by hair beauties while I look like a train wreck. I will be a traveling train today, A TRAVELING TRAIN I TELL YOU!

Dear Slacker,


Slacker is really the only word that I can think of right now... Even though I am probably the only one that cares I missed taking pictures of all my outfits besides today's. Everyday I would finish up all my activities for the day, go home, exercise, and then get ready for bed. And when I would crawl into my bed I would think... "Dang it! Deidre, you forgot your picture again!" I was temped to put on four fabulous outfits and pretend it was what I wore this week so I could actually show you something worth while, but lets be honest. I did not dress fabulous this week. I dressed like a mess. I haven't done laundry in over two weeks (until last night) and everything I did have clean that would make a cute getup was in the living room in a suitcase from when I took it to Idaho to do laundry. And I would always forget that is where it was until I was not clothed and needing to hurry and put on an outfit. But last night, I cleaned up my act. I cleaned up my closet. I hung everything up and folded it nicely into drawers. I can dress for style AGAIN! And you get two pictures of my outfit and another of my shoes because... I wanted to, okay?

Pants: Gap (clearance!) - Top: ModBod - Cardigan: Gap (sale) - Scarf: Gifted - Shoes: TJMaxx -- I took a close up(ish) of my shoes because I love them and I think that are FANTASTIC... and I wanted you to see the detail of black and nude. TJMaxx always has the best shoes!

What I need you all to learn from this post is: You can get anything on sale and gap if you wait another month, TJMaxx always has fabulous shoes at a great price, and I have too many close for any human being and I need to clean my closet.


Dear World Traveler,


Well apparently my Mom got her hands on a teleporter. All the way from Portland, to Disney Paris, to St Thomas in 30 minutes! With stops in between. I'm not even mad... I'm impressed!

Just kidding. But a teleporter would be cool. I can tell you exactly how this went in my head. I thought., "Oh dear! My Mom's FB got hacked!" So I chatted her...

me: are you on fb?
9:06 AM 
 Jane: yes
 me: why do you keep changing your location
9:08 AM Jane: I was updating my map of places I have been. I didn't know that it would show everyone. Dang new Timeline. haha
 me: haha

Well. My Mama Edmunds really has been to all those places plus many many more (they just aren't listed because she realized what was happening). She seriously is a world traveler, which is awesome because that means I am a world traveler too since I was always included in vacations being the youngest. She just hasn't been to all of them within the same hour. I told her I took a screen shot of it all and was going to blog about it, and she got really embarrassed and said, "Now everyone will make fun of me!" So here is your warning... don't make fun of Mama E! Timeline. There is no avoiding it people! It will get the best of you.


Dear 7 Questions,


You know the drill people. 7 QUESTIONS!

Okay okay... so funny picture... might be funny, but I love this picture so much...

I turned it into a lucky t-shirt for my baseball boyfriend... Sheer ridiculousness.

1. You invented the next big thing! What is it called and what does it do?
INTRODUCING THE PHONEPORT!!!! (I seriously cannot think of a better name) Are you in a hurry? Are you always a few minutes late? Is work just too early? Do you like the previews in movies? Well have no fear! Now you be anywhere in less than a minute! Just sign up for your customized port code, dial it in your phone, say the location, and be transported in a matter of SECONDS! Travelling has NEVER been so easy!

2. Are you a lover or a fighter?
I am a lover... unless someone tells me I am wrong. Then I fight. Because I am ALWAYS right.

3. It's almost mothers day - if you could tell your mom anything, what would it be?
I would tell her much I love her, how much I appreciate her, and how much I look up to her. She has always been a great mother and a great supporter. I love everything she has done for me growing up. I am lucky to have a mom that is so involved in my life and wants to see the best things for me. I am grateful for two parents that have shown me the perfect example of love, of the gospel, and of hard work. I appreciate my mom, and even though sometimes I don't act like the perfect daughter, she is always the perfect mother.

4. Do you like your hair curly, wavy, or straight?
I used to love it really straight and then I realized it made my face look fat... so now I like it a wavy curl, like I have just been at the beach. I also like that style because it just happens to look that way after I blow dry it so I never actually have to do my hair.

5. If it was your last day to live, what would you do?
I do what I want. But seriously... I would do whatever I wanted. And I would probably just eat a ton. Eat every good thing that I ever wanted. And buy lots of nice things for my family and friends. And I would just spend time with my family and friends. I used to think I would just go travel and spend money and be out of control... but then I realized, that stuff wont matter the next day when I am dead. So I would enjoy my last day with the people I love eating 9 Beans, Gerties, Ice Cream, and whatever else I felt like.

6. What color are you eyes? Do you like the color?
Blue. And I love them.

7. Fish, beef, poultry, wild game, or tofu?
Well... that is a hard question for a girl that loves food so much. Seriously... SO much. At the end of the day I am a meat and potatoes girl. But I like to get chicken since it is more common and helps me with my calorie count. And I like to get fish because it is supposedly better for you. So I will say... I like those three, but beef first. I mean steaks and hamburgers, how could I not?


Dear Miss Idaho Prep,


What a lot of people do not understand is how much goes into pageants. Looking fit and fancy is only a tiny part of the Miss America Organization. There is paperwork, raising money for charity, promoting a platform, and talent. Last week I turned in ALL of my Miss Idaho paperwork and I had the opportunity to select my contestant number. Mailing that envelope full of talent music, ad sales, my contestant resume and platform state, and the Miss Idaho contract was an incredible feeling. At that moment I knew that half the battle was complete, the most important part! I sent in every item that goes to the judges and the public. Now all I can do is work on me... my talent, my wardrobe, my fitness, and my interview skills. I want to send a SPECIAL thank you to all of my sponsors and friends that donated to Children's Miracle Network.

Some of you might be wondering what Children's Miracle Network is.... well, let me tell you! Supporting these children's hospitals is a community effort. The Miss America Organization teamed up with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) to raise money for the families and children in need. Did you know the 1 in 9 families cannot pay for their child's medical bills? Well that is where CMNH steps in. These hospitals don't turn anyone away, and they can afford to do that because of donations from people like you! there are hundreds (be careful if you watch any on youtube... you will cry!) of miracle stories. You can help me in preparing for Miss Idaho and these children in need by donating even just one dollar to CMNH!


In addition to me raising money for that great organization, I worked hard to sell ads for Miss Idaho this year and it paid off! We pick our contestant order based off of how many ads we sell, and I sold the most ads which means I got to pick my number VERY first. It was such an exciting moment to see my name in the number one selection spot! I called my director to discuss and called in to the Miss Idaho board. After a quick discussion about how I felt getting to pick first and I let them know, "I will take spot 20!"

I cannot wait. Only 29 more days until Miss Idaho check in. That means 29 more days to work on my talent, current events, and fitness. An entire month to keep raising money for Children's Miracle Network. And 3 more blog posts (talent, evening gown, and platform perhaps?) to let you know all about my road to Miss Idaho. Thank you in advance for your support, whether it is through encouraging words or a donation to Children's Miracle Network!


Dear Movie Monday,


So you might remember my post from awhile ago about Send Something Good... If not, that is fine. Here is a quick explanation of it, straight from the mouth of the creator.

It's going to be a little different this time around. Instead of having a "partner" it's going to be round robin. Everyone will have a different blogger that they're assigned to "get to know" kind of like a secret sister. Read their blog, find out their interests, email back and forth, but don't tell them WHY. When shopping for your blogger, take into account not only their interests, but things that are specific to your area of the world.

This project is ALL about bringing us together, making friends all over the world, and learning something new about somewhere you've never been. This doesn't require you to spend a lot of money. Get personal in what you include in your package. Maybe a favorite book that you don't mind passing on, a necklace you made, a package of seeds from your favorite flower, or a friendship bracelet! You also don't have to have a blogger from a different country. I know that can get expensive. So just specify your preference when you sign up. 

Well my package came! And here is my Monday movie to let you all see the goodies which I enjoyed!

Music:  My Favorite Things by Tony Bennett

Thank you so much to Autumn over at The Pickled Poppy. The package was perfect and the best way to end a busy weekend of traveling, baseball, and sunburns. 


Dear Outfitters,

I have come to the conclusion that I am a weekday blogger... the weekends get too crazy for me to actually sit down at my computer and think of something clever to say. This last weekend I was in Sun Valley with Miss Idaho at the Idaho Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics conference promoting the importance of potatoes. Did you know a potato has more potassium than a banana? Then I drove straight back home on Saturday for a bridal shower, a baseball game, and a group date. I haven't had even three seconds to unpack or clean my room and car. Disaster zones... both of them. So here are my last week's outfits. And looking forward to being a better blogger!

Cardigan: Costco - Top: Forever 21 - Belt: Target - Pants: Gap
Top: Forever 21 - Pants: Gap - Shoes: Forever Young
Button Up: Forever 21 - Top: DownEast - Pants: Gap - Shoes: TJMaxx
I was so busy with the conference I forgot to take a picture.. oops!
Scarf: Nan - Cardigan: Target - Top: DownEast - Leggings: Target - Socks: Forever 21 - Boots: JCPenny

So there you have it people. Also! My Send Something Good package came! Movie Monday will be a SSG feature... and will be posted tonight!


Dear 7 Months,


Seven seems to be the theme right now, doesn't it. 7 questions and now 7 months. Caution: Mushiness ahead... I just want to warn you so you can skip down to the pictures.

Well May 1st celebrated 7 months of pure happiness dating Adam Miller. It has flown by and I have enjoyed getting to know him. He is an incredible man and I feel very lucky to be dating him. He is a great example of everything I believe and makes me want to be a better person. He works hard. He has faith things will work out. And he makes me the happiest I have ever been. He loves spending time with my friends and getting to know everything about me. He supports me through everything I do (especially Miss Idaho... he makes me do sit ups before I can have any treats!!!). He always wants to talk. He always compliments me and makes me feel special. He likes to take care of me and he lets me take care of him. He is a manly man and I know he can protect me. He is passionate about the things that are important to him. He is dedicated to a sport and career, the gospel, and me. I am really really REALLY incredibly lucky to have found a man like him. Everything happens for a reason, right?

So how did we celebrate our 7 month. With baseball of course! It was the BYU vs UVU game. Extremely packed and a good game overall. UVU came out on top, increasing their 20+ winning streak, but Adam got to pitch! It was only my third time seeing him pitch live so I was pumped! Then after the game we ate a breakfast burrito, bought Adam some things to eat while I was in Sun Valley (I am here for three days doing an appearance with our beautiful reining Miss Idaho), got a redbox, and went home to relax. It was a really nice night.

I was incredibly excited for Adam to go in the game. I think Gloria thought I was out of control. 

So proud of my pitcher. 1 inning, no walks, 2 Ks.

I am a really happy girl. And as Adam puts it, "7 MONTHS?! That is longer than a half a year!" I couldn't have said it any better.


Dear 7 Questions,


And now people. The questions of seven!

Here I am... obviously so excited for all of the following: to be at Miss Idaho Orientation, to go watch the Miss Idaho Outstanding Teen Program that night, to be Miss Magic Valley, to have a crown on my head. Miss Idaho week... one month away! Ready to go, let's DO this!

1. What is your favorite day of the week and why?
Easy. Sunday. I get to relax, sleep in, nap... all those have to do with sleeping... but even better I get to just spend time with the people I love attending church and watching a Disney movie.

2. If you decided to change your name, what would you change it to?
I would change it to Xavier. Or Zelda. Then I would always feel like a warrior! Just kidding. I really wouldn't do that because that would be embarrassing... (no offense to all the Xevier, boys name, and Zeldas out there) I would change it to Scarlet. I love that name. So sassy and classy.

3. What is one product you use (it can be for anything) that you feel is a miracle worker?
Proactive. I can have literally the WORST breakouts... anywhere on my face. And within a few days of upping my Proactive usage it is gone. Also. Garnier under eye roller makeup (not sure the proper name) is INCREDIBLE for sleepy eyes. And of course bare minerals. Love. Love. Love. WINNING!

4. High heels, flats, sneakers, or boots?

Well.... that all depends on the weather and what I am doing. But let me give you a quick rundown:
Working out: Sneakers
Going to work: High heels or Boots
Pageantry: High Heels
Basically all fall: Boots
Baseball game: Flats
Night games: Sneakers
Running errands: Flats
Going shopping: Flats
Church: High Heels
Dancing: High Heels

5. You see your favorite celebrity (it can be any kid of celebrity- movie star, singer, writer, political leader, blogger) walking down the street, what do you do?

Panic. And that seriously isn't an exaggeration. I don't do well with celebrity-dom. I panic! I know exactly what will happen. I will freeze for a split second, my heart rate will jump, I will start becoming incredibly awkward, and then I will turn to whoever I am with and whisper, even if it is loud, "Oh my gosh... can we go say hi?" Notice the we... even if they other person doesn't care. I am incredibly awkward and like to use whoever I am with as an ice breaker. If no one is with me... I will follow the celebrity around for a solid 10 minutes, dodging behind trees and newspaper stands until I get the nerve to tell them one thing I love about them.

6. If you could pick one item to never have to pay for again, what would it be?
Gentri said it best. GAS! Oh my gosh, I love a good road trip. And on top of that I have been travelling a TON to do Miss Magic Valley (living in Utah and doing appearances and assemblies in Idaho isn't the best way to be a pageant girl) things... but I love being a titleholder so I can't just not be involved... so yes, gas.

7. What was your favorite tv show or movie growing up?

Favorite tv show... Boy Meets World, Growing Pains, and The Simpsons. The first two you can thank my friends and Disney channel for me loving. The last one you can thank my brothers. And favorite movie... The Goonies! GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!


Dear Justin Timberlake,


You couldn't have said it better.

We all know I love me some *NSYNC... (Justin you can try to go solo, but you will always be *NSYNC)

In addition to the welcoming of May, can someone please help me understand this weather!? I thought it was supposed to be "April showers bring May flowers". So where was all the rain in April and why is it going to be solid rain the first week of May? Mother Nature... you got it all wrong this time!


Dear Movie Monday,

Like I said... I was busy, so no homemade flick from me! I am really slacking, I know... soon enough I will be not running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And at that point I will sit down and make you all smile with my video skills. But in the meantime, here are a few of my favorite chuckle vids. Enjoy!

Little Lad, Miranda, Dax... until next time.

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