Dear ... HELLO!!!!


Okay. People. I am BACK back back backkkkkkk! Lots has been going on in my life so I just needed a week away from the blog-o-sphere. I am really sorry if you missed reading my slightly hysterical posts. Or I am also really sorry (for myself) if you didn't even know that I was missing. Adam said to me, "Well.. being an avid follower of your blog I am very disappointed in you taking some blog time off. Now what am I going to read after practice?"

Cute, right? I am back. And I am going to be scattered brained until June 10th. Why June 10th you ask? That is the day after the new Miss Idaho is crowned (fingers crossed) and I will finally be able to open my mind to more than wardrobe choices, a low calorie diet, talent practice, and current events. I am so pumped for the pageant though. in just two short weeks I will be on stage for prelims and finals (once again fingers crossed) the next night! And what a joyus and fun-filled post will come right after that describing the whole week. But in the meantime you can look forward to the following posts:

Revenge Finale Party
Fashion Friday
My Miss America Platform
Movie Monday
Sun Valley
Pass of all Passes
Family Fun
7 Questions

And after the pageant there will be some good things coming your way too! LOOK forward people.

Laura Elizabeth said...

Best of luck with the comp!! Even though I'm sure we'll hear from you before then. I bet you'll do great. I miss reading your posts too :)

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