... this is the Quest.


Okay. So, I LOVE football. It has to be one of my favorite sports. I just really enjoy any cougar sport, but football is the tip top of it all. And this year I got the hook up. Adam Ruri knows how to work it, and so he got anyone that signed up in his group "The Front Row High Rollers", seats in the front on the 50. And since I signed up quickly, my seat is FRONT ROW ON THE FIFTY! How legit, yeah? Well... BYU has been doing pretty good. This week was a lot of fun to go to because it was kinda a back and forth game. The score ended up being a win for the cougs with 42 - 35. Which means ViCtOrY LaP. Love it. I just had a good old time though, too bad there is only one more game.

... this is who we are.


Okay. High School Musical 3 is out! And I love it, because I am just in love with anything and everything Disney. Mallory and I went to a red carpet premiere for it. It was basically legit. We were both extras in the movie. The best part is all my extra work paid off! I saw myself at least twice in the movie. In the very first basketball scene I am on the front row, right behind the Wildcats bench, in gray, with brown hair, sitting next to a larger man. During the spring musical, I am sitting in the front row when Troy shows up and is walking towards the stage, and I am wearing purple and I have blond hair. Then you can see my cool purple shoes when they are looking at the people on the piano. It is all just very exciting :)

... this is service.


Okay. Let me tell you this story. RIDICULOUS.

I decide one day that I want to give blood, because to be honest, I really enjoy giving blood. All is going well, I fill out the forms and I pass all the little tests to make sure my blood is good. They told me I had a good vein. So, they are taking me over to the chair, and one of the guys says, "Oh, put her here, I am almost done with this guy." And the woman taking me over says, "Well she has a good vein and Brittany (the girl taking blood) needs practice." RED FLAG! But I still sit in the chair telling myself they aren't going to let someone take blood that doesn't know anything. Then Brittany turns to me and says "Don't worry, I have stuck like twenty people." RED FLAG! So I am feeling a little nervous but I tell myself, ya know, at least I am not the first person she has jabbed a needle into. Then she is talking to one of the other guys taking blood about training and says, "Oh, I didn't take the training course! I am doing it all on the job!" RED FLAG! But by then she was already cleaning my arm and prepping me so I figure just breathe Deidre, breathe. So it is all going well, and I figure it will all be over quick because it usually only takes like 5 minutes for my blood bad to fill up. She starts to take my blood and says, "Oh, well its going really slow..." And has the other guy come over to check it, they keep pushing it in farther and pulling it out and trying to wiggle it to make sure it is all good. RED FLAG! But three red flags too late... about 15 minutes later, enough of my blood is drawn and I am wrapped up and good to go. But my arm hurt realllly bad all day. And when it came time to take off my wrap I had a huge bruise on my arm, disgusting. Mallory was like freaking out, she had me call Cassidy to check it. Cassidy decided the reason it was going slow is because Brittany poked all the way through my vain so of course if the end is poking though the other side the blood is going to be slow.... and then after the blood came out two sides and made a huge bruise on my arm that was purple and swollen. It was pretty gross, the end. But then, after that, it turned more brown and spread, and now it is gone. That is the end.

... this is me, turning 20.

I am TWENTY. Which is crazy to me. I feel old, and like I fit in here at college. Yet at the same time I feel like I should still be going to Twin Falls High School singing in JIVE and going to 9 Beans with Sarah Bevan every day. The main phrase in my head was, "I'm not a girl, not yet a woman..." Name that tune? Britney Spears... Okay. So that is my thoughts on the age of 20.

Well. For my birthday my parents took Alexa, Cassidy, and me to St. George (to watch Alexa and my dad run a marathon) and then on to Vegas to just play and have a good time. In St. George we stayed at the Garrett's house, which is Brad and Luis family's house (they both play/have played on the CSI basketball team and we booster them). They also had us come to the Frostop, which is their resturant, after the marathon. So good. Alexa and my Dad did so great in the relay. They both finished around 4 hours 30 minutes, and got these bomb finisher medals. Then we headed down to Vegas to shop and eat. We stayed at Uncle Alan's in Vegas (he isn't really my uncle, he was my dad's college rommate). Then we went shopping and ate at the Bellagio. When we got back we were super tired so we just crashed. The next morning we watched conference and Alan made us a delicious meal on the grill. Oh yeah!

Okay. So then we drove back home after conference. Long drive. Monday was my birthday and so my parents stayed in P-Town to take me to breakfast. All you can eat french toast, probably a bad idea. But such a good idea at the same time. Then it was just a fun day because at work my parents had sent me this sweet cake made of flowers, which was sweet, and at BYUSA Nate bought ice cream and everyone sang to me, and when I came home my roommates had decorated the entire apartment for me! Then later that night they had planned a huge party for me. It was supposed to be a suprise, but they unsuprised it so I could invite my friends that they didn't know. 20 usually isn't a huge birthday time, just a birthday, but my parents and roommates and friends made it rockin.

... this is leadership.

Okay. With being in BYUSA I got the opportunity to be a peer mentor at FOL which is Foundations of Leadership. It was great! I usually am like "camping... ew..." because I am not much of the girl to go roughin in. Except this was right up my ally. I really like this type because it is like camping without really camping. I know, I sound like such a dork, but I am being so dead serious right now. It was up at Aspen Grove which is way sweet and they took such good care of us.

Plus, I had the BEST group of freshman and I have the most AMAZING co-counselor ever! Amanda Kizerian. She is such an example to me. I feel so lucky that I was placed with her. She taught me so much and has become such a good friend to me.

Beyond that, the freshman in our group, I loved. They were so fun and I love running into them on campus. They always make my day so much better.

One night we did this fun exercise where we led them blind folded through the "wilderness"... which was leading them blind folded through a parking lot and over heels and around trees... but it was great. Then we left them all alone and had them sing to find each other. It was really neat to see them go towards each other. Then we all laid on the badminton court and watched the stars because they are so beautiful up in the mountains. Oh! AND I BROKE A BOARD WITH MY HAND! After like one billion tries, but it was so awesome. Like, the highlight of the week. Ha. FOL, loved it, recommend it.

... this is wonderful.

I just figured this was better late than never. This year has been a busy one but I have loved every single second of it. One of the things making it so busy is BYUSA, which is the student service association on campus.

I am an executive director over in the clubs area. I am over publicity for the clubs, which is things like banners, fliers, t-shirts, newspaper adds... so on and so forth. And I have the BEST program directors in the entire world! Brittanie is helping with banners, Elle is helping with anything that is an item advertisement, and Jessica is doing anything that is a print advertisement.They are great girls and do so much for me. They really have no idea how much I appreciate them; they just work so hard and never give less than their best.

Well, besides that brief overview of what I do I will start from the beginning of this year's BYUSA adventure. I came during summer term so I could begin my full on training and getting to know my team. It was a great time, and it all started with a retreat to different places in Utah to learn about church history. It was amazing to learn about all the different people that led the church and were so strong in what they did. But beyond that it was a great time to meet everyone in BYUSA and start lasting friendships. The Adventure Experience was my favorite part of the entire summer for two reasons. I learned so much about church history but I really started to feel like I belonged at BYUSA. I was so nervous about coming down here all by myself, I didn't have any friends but all these people just took me in as a friend and made sure I felt welcome.

After the Adventure Experience we were back in Provo to train and to start planning out things within our own areas. Club's big project was the Club President Retreart. Tarah Ogzewalla was in charge of it, and I would have to say it was a great weekend! I think the club presidents got to learn a lot of things. They got a brief overview of the finances and the things that are expected of them and they got to learn all about our new website. They also got a chance to talk with the other club presidents and see what was going on within every club. Leadership training, playing night games until 3 in the morning, a cat in eating the bagels (and blaming it on James), feeding the cats pizza, hiding in the garage, driving a huge van, sleeping on the floor for only 3 hours that night, playing dinosaurs, and playing in the laundry baskets. It was an adventure like nothing else. Oh yeah, we got some training done too.

Since then BYUSA has just been busy as we have been ordering all the different banners that come, helping club presidents, and holding meetings and stewardships. Our area has a high rate of people coming and going since we help run over 60 clubs. We just got a new website which is great, and it helps a lot with everything within clubs.

We just had a HUGE event last weekend. It was called Friday Night Live. Becca was in charge and she did a superior job. There was pizza and creamsicles to eat. Humor shows put on by the stand up comedy group, Humor U, and the improv group, Laugh Out Loud. Five different dances put on by Swing Kids, Salsa Club, Country Dance Club, Social Dance Club, and Black Student Union. A terrace show with performances from a ton of clubs like Breakdance Club and Club Style to Tribes of Many Feathers. Then there were just a bunch of booths and fun things going on everywhere. It was just a big party.

Now everyone in clubs is just gearing up for their next events. Coming up is Care Week in December. I feel like we are really productive in our different projects and help a lot of presidents. Being a part of clubs is the best thing for me because I get to help so many different people get involved at college. I LOVE it in BYUSA more than anything. Its my release, and I wouldn't want anything else!

... this is a choice.


Okay. So I am once again considering a major change. I still plan on applying for the Public Relations program, but just in case I don't get in I have a back up. My back up is the Home and Family Living major with an emphasis in Interior Design.

Even with my plan A and plan B in place, I have been considering a plan C. After spending a weekend in Idaho with my family I have been thinking about the photography major. Eric and I took a lot of pictures in Idaho and here is the final product:

Snake River

Perrine Bridge

Cruiser on the Canyon

I.B. Perrine

Okay. So besides all that... there are a lot of things going through my mind about this Spring/Summer. I have a great job, but I am thinking if he will let me take off some time I want to go study abroad in LONDON! Cassidy and I have been talking about it a lot, and I think it would just be the best experience. I just have a lot of options, and I want to start utilizing them.

... this is me.

After my sister in law asking me time and time again to make a blog so she could keep up with my life I gave in. So here it is my official first post :)

This last weekend was the most interesting learning experience of my life. I decided to compete in another pageant after my close win this summer. I thought for sure I wanted the pageant life. I wanted to win! To have a taste of the glory. So here it is. Drove to Twin Falls Friday night to get all pageant packed. Got up early early on Saturday morning to drive to Boise for the pageant. After an interview I spent some time with my mom the whole time saying "I hope I did good, I hope I made a good impression"... so on and so forth. I was so worried about what this panel of five judges would think of me.

Went to the pageant tech rehearsal that led right into the pageant. I was sitting backstage continually fixing myself in the mirror, making sure my walk was right, and going over my talent time and time again. I wanted that crown. Slowly I started to notice all the other girls... they weren't the same kind of girls from my pageant this summer. This summer the girls became my friends, the girls were supporters, they encouraged me. The girls here wanted a crown too... they didn't care about who I was or what I was doing.

The pageant started and I was still in my competition mode. Opening number, on stage question, swimsuit, talent... After talent I had some time to check my phone. I had messages from a few friends wishing me good luck and saying they loved me no matter what, and thats when it all hit me. This pageant, the crown, did not matter. It didn't matter to the people who truly care about me, and the people it did matter, they weren't important enough. I couldn't believe how foolish I had been. I had just drove about 5 hours to compete in a pageant that didn't mean a thing to me. I started packing, because I just didn't care anymore. Girls came back stage and said "What are you doing? Are you okay? Do you think you did bad?" And they were so confused at my response, "I think I did fine, I just realized this doesn't matter..." When the pageant was over, and the crowns were handed out, I wasn't a winner. Ad my friends and family came up on stage I was crying, not because I hadn't won, but because they were coming to tell me how great I did. The fact that they were there to support and love me no matter what confirmed the my previous discovery and emotions rushed through me.

I know that the pageant didn't matter. If I am me, there will be people that support and love me no matter. I can be a role model without winning pageant and I can reach my goals without a crown; if I reach for it, then thats the best I can do. And that is what I learned.
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