... this is leadership.


Okay. With being in BYUSA I got the opportunity to be a peer mentor at FOL which is Foundations of Leadership. It was great! I usually am like "camping... ew..." because I am not much of the girl to go roughin in. Except this was right up my ally. I really like this type because it is like camping without really camping. I know, I sound like such a dork, but I am being so dead serious right now. It was up at Aspen Grove which is way sweet and they took such good care of us.

Plus, I had the BEST group of freshman and I have the most AMAZING co-counselor ever! Amanda Kizerian. She is such an example to me. I feel so lucky that I was placed with her. She taught me so much and has become such a good friend to me.

Beyond that, the freshman in our group, I loved. They were so fun and I love running into them on campus. They always make my day so much better.

One night we did this fun exercise where we led them blind folded through the "wilderness"... which was leading them blind folded through a parking lot and over heels and around trees... but it was great. Then we left them all alone and had them sing to find each other. It was really neat to see them go towards each other. Then we all laid on the badminton court and watched the stars because they are so beautiful up in the mountains. Oh! AND I BROKE A BOARD WITH MY HAND! After like one billion tries, but it was so awesome. Like, the highlight of the week. Ha. FOL, loved it, recommend it.
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