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I just figured this was better late than never. This year has been a busy one but I have loved every single second of it. One of the things making it so busy is BYUSA, which is the student service association on campus.

I am an executive director over in the clubs area. I am over publicity for the clubs, which is things like banners, fliers, t-shirts, newspaper adds... so on and so forth. And I have the BEST program directors in the entire world! Brittanie is helping with banners, Elle is helping with anything that is an item advertisement, and Jessica is doing anything that is a print advertisement.They are great girls and do so much for me. They really have no idea how much I appreciate them; they just work so hard and never give less than their best.

Well, besides that brief overview of what I do I will start from the beginning of this year's BYUSA adventure. I came during summer term so I could begin my full on training and getting to know my team. It was a great time, and it all started with a retreat to different places in Utah to learn about church history. It was amazing to learn about all the different people that led the church and were so strong in what they did. But beyond that it was a great time to meet everyone in BYUSA and start lasting friendships. The Adventure Experience was my favorite part of the entire summer for two reasons. I learned so much about church history but I really started to feel like I belonged at BYUSA. I was so nervous about coming down here all by myself, I didn't have any friends but all these people just took me in as a friend and made sure I felt welcome.

After the Adventure Experience we were back in Provo to train and to start planning out things within our own areas. Club's big project was the Club President Retreart. Tarah Ogzewalla was in charge of it, and I would have to say it was a great weekend! I think the club presidents got to learn a lot of things. They got a brief overview of the finances and the things that are expected of them and they got to learn all about our new website. They also got a chance to talk with the other club presidents and see what was going on within every club. Leadership training, playing night games until 3 in the morning, a cat in eating the bagels (and blaming it on James), feeding the cats pizza, hiding in the garage, driving a huge van, sleeping on the floor for only 3 hours that night, playing dinosaurs, and playing in the laundry baskets. It was an adventure like nothing else. Oh yeah, we got some training done too.

Since then BYUSA has just been busy as we have been ordering all the different banners that come, helping club presidents, and holding meetings and stewardships. Our area has a high rate of people coming and going since we help run over 60 clubs. We just got a new website which is great, and it helps a lot with everything within clubs.

We just had a HUGE event last weekend. It was called Friday Night Live. Becca was in charge and she did a superior job. There was pizza and creamsicles to eat. Humor shows put on by the stand up comedy group, Humor U, and the improv group, Laugh Out Loud. Five different dances put on by Swing Kids, Salsa Club, Country Dance Club, Social Dance Club, and Black Student Union. A terrace show with performances from a ton of clubs like Breakdance Club and Club Style to Tribes of Many Feathers. Then there were just a bunch of booths and fun things going on everywhere. It was just a big party.

Now everyone in clubs is just gearing up for their next events. Coming up is Care Week in December. I feel like we are really productive in our different projects and help a lot of presidents. Being a part of clubs is the best thing for me because I get to help so many different people get involved at college. I LOVE it in BYUSA more than anything. Its my release, and I wouldn't want anything else!
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