Dear Enya,


After a really long night of driving around, we didn't have much to do. So we [Michelle, Sarah, Nic, and I] decided to have a dance party. The dance party then turned into a costume party. The costume party then turned into an evening of making music videos and making fools of ourselves. Overall, I would say it was successful. Thank you for making this music video possible with your inspiring music.

Words can't much describe this evening, so hopefully the video conveyed it all.


Dear SDSU,


Think you are keeping that #4 spot?



Kevin Durant.

Andy Katz.

Derrick Williams.

Kirk Morrison.

Yep. EVERYONE is looking to get Jimmered.


Dear Miss Falls Valley,

Sorry that not enough girls signed up to compete so it got canceled. Big disappointed, I was pumped to be there... but I understand. Can't wait for the next one!

Special thanks to everyone on the Miss Idaho Board and that volunteers for the Miss Idaho Organization. I really appreciate everything you do to make my pageant dreams come true.


Dear BYU Basketball,

It's game day.


Watch out SDSU... Watch out.


Dear Nerves,

Please, please, pllllllease. I am just begging you right now to please go away.

I am trying really hard to prepare for Miss Falls Valley, I want to do my best, and my nerves are just starting to psych me out. I know that pageants might seem silly to you, but they mean a lot to me. An opportunity to promote my platform for a whole year, to be a role model to girls in the community, and to really just learn and grow. I love it. Nerves better not ruin this for me.


Dear Readers,


After much thought and consideration I have decided I would like one person from each state to read my blog. My google analytics map would look so much cooler if all the states were green.

As shown above, almost half of the states have sent at least one viewer to my blog.

New goal: Have every state viewing my blog. Come on. We can do it! We can all accomplish this goal together.


P.S. BIG shout out to Utah, Colorado, and Idaho for so many viewer hits, couldn't do it without you.

Dear Google Analytics,


I really do enjoy seeing what searches bring people to my blog. This month:

1. deejmbl sidewalk etiquette
2. blake behnke
3. miss falls valley pageant
4. sterling may byusa
5. tiffany pasker

Interesting. Lets see what the top 5 are next month.


Dear Whey Protein Shakes,


I am really trying to be healthy. But you don't taste good. Please help me figure out a way to make a good shake with whey protein because as of now, you aren't my favorite. It has been really hit and miss. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I hate it. I would prefer to always love what I am drinking.


Dear Pageants,


It is that time of year again!

Miss America was last week only to kick off another great year of pageantry. It was the 90th anniversary of Miss America, which was so amazing to watch. My Mom and I went down to Las Vegas to see it all in person. Such a GREAT experience. I really loved every single second. Congratulations to Miss Nebraska, Teresa Scanlan, who is now your Miss America 2011. I am so impressed with her. She is only 17 years old and the youngest Miss America crowned since the age limit was put on, but she is an amazing public speaker and not afraid to share what she believes. I think she is going to be great.

I am getting ready to compete again, and would love any and all support from friends and family. I will need as much feedback and critiques on my walking, talent, and interview as you guys can give. I also need to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Your support and love is always appreciated.

I can't wait to get going on competing again. The Miss America Organization has made such a huge impact in my life. I feel so lucky to have been a part of it.


Dear Regis,

First Oprah, now you...

Why are all of my favorite talk show hosts biting the dust and leaving their shows? I can honestly say I never expected to see a day with no daily Oprah and Regis and Kelly. I guess sometimes people want to move on and do something different.

Breaks my heart.
Love you forever Regis.


Dear Aaron and Alan,


Thank you for offering to take my pictures! They turned out better than I could have hoped. Here is a little sneak peek.


Dear Any School That Plays BYU,



Dear BYU Basketball,

Keep up the good work.


Dear Las Vegas,


Jessica Simpson high heels, check. Cute cocktail dresses, check. Rhinestones, check. Packed bags, check. Homework done, check. A week at Uncle Alan's, check. Mom on her way down, check.

That could only mean one thing.

Las Vegas, here I am.

Tomorrow I will be on my way down to sunny Las Vegas after my classes. A week full of family, sun, dressing up, and pageants... what more could I really ask for right now? As Cleve said, "Make sure you take notes, that could be you next year." I will be taking lots of notes because I can only hope it will be. Being able to support beautiful Kylie Kofoed on her journey to become Miss America and then picking up tips and tricks to help me on my own journey. Can't wait.

Peace out Provo. Enjoy the snow.


Dear 80's Dancing,

Well. That was a really good time. Thanks for filling my Thursday evening with enjoyment. We'll be back soon.


Dear BYU Students,


Actually, this goes to all students.

As we enter the new semester I want to remind you of a few rules for being in college. I also want to give you an idea of how everyone around you feels about PDA.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Dear 2010,

2010 has come and gone. And I loved every second of it. I had some of the best moments and something I learned a lot from. I can honestly say 2010 is a year full of love and lessons, I would not change a single second. Let me recap why this year was SO great, in no particular order.

Living with my best friend Sarah. What a gem. What a life.

A wonderful birthday with my family and with my friends and with more love than I could have asked for. The big 22!

Making new friends.

Spending time with old friends.

Another summer working at EFY, sharing my testimony with the youth, impacting their life, having them impact my life, and a week in California to end the job.

My brother Ryan, his wife Kari Dawn, and his 4 beautiful boys moved to Mapleton, Utah so I can see them all I want.

Halloween (duh...) when I can dress up an no one can make fun of me for it. RIP MJ, RIP.

Random (baby) road trips to Salt Lake.

Random road trips to Twin Falls.

A REALLY great summer in general with more memories than I could have every wished for.

BYU Football.

Crowned Miss Southeast Idaho and competed at Miss Idaho again.

Thanks for the love. Thanks for the memories.

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