Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 38


Fashion Fits Everyone
"Fashionable is not a word that I usually use to describe myself. Confidence in my body and my style is something that I've struggled with in the past as I've struggled with lifestyle changes and fluctuating weight. There was a point in my life when I was in amazing shape and I felt really cute in anything I put on. I loved going shopping and had the easiest time finding clothes that fit me well and looked good. Four years later, I'm at a point where I hate to shop, trying to pick an outfit to wear in the morning is more frustrating than it is exciting, a lot of my favorite outfits don't fit right anymore and make me feel terrible, and I wear workout pants with a t-shirt whenever I can.
>My friend Jana recently wrote about why she started writing fashion posts on her blog and it changed the way I view fashion, my wardrobe and my body. I left her blog feeling inspired and excited to explore my closet, accessory drawer and jewelry box and find ways to feel beautiful every day. Fashion to me is no longer a word that I dread or that I think can only be used to describe women who are always wearing the latest trends.
I feel fashionable when I take the time to get ready in the morning. I feel fashionable when I put things in my closet together to create a new look I've never worn. I feel fashionable when I try something new with my hair or makeup. Fashion to me isn't about a certain style of clothing or following the trends. Fashion is about wearing something that I feel comfortable in, something that makes me feel beautiful and something that shows off my personality and who I am as an individual.
Whenever I go shopping now, I take someone with me who I know will give me their honest opinion. I've found a lot of cute things that I never would have bought if I was by myself because I have someone there to give me a different perspective. When I think an outfit accentuates an area of my body that I'm always trying to hide, they only see the way it shows off my womanly curves and those clothes usually end up being some of my favorites to wear. When I find an article of clothing that makes me feel really confident, I immediately search for accessories and other things to pair it with to help me turn that one thing into multiple outfits so that I feel cute and stylish without wearing the exact same outfit once a week.
The biggest lesson I've learned lately is that I need to embrace my body, no matter where I am on my pathway to health and getting in shape. Just because I don't fit into some of the shirts that I used to for now doesn't mean that I can only wear my comfortable grunge clothes or the same four outfits over and over again because they don't make me feel vulnerable. Fashion fits everyone no matter their size, personal style or budget. Be creative and you might be surprised by how fashionable you start to feel!
Sidenote: For these pictures that we took last fall, I searched high and low for a new, fun, dress that I would feel really sexy in. The night before pictures I was feeling defeated, so my sister took to my closet. She paired a dress I'd had for a while with a black shade, a fairly new cardigan, and the brand new, fun scarf that we'd just bought. It wasn't exactly what I'd had in mind for me to wear, but I ended up really loving it!"
- Amberly from Life with Amberly and Joe
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Because I'm Happy


As I was looking through the Style Lately website, I saw this top and I knew I had to have it. Not because it is gold - which is my color obsession, I will take anything gold! Not because of the Pharell song that is taking the world by storm - seriously by storm. Even my work has jumped on the bandwagen. Whenever a client comes to do a site visit we do a flash mob dance for them to happy. But because being happy is something we are really focusing on in our family.

Top: Style Lately c/o
Cardigan: Maurices
Belt: Target
Shorts: Aeropostale
Shoes: Target

There are a lot of things that Adam and I could be complaining about right now. And in fact, sometimes we do. There was one week when I cried almost every day. It was like really bad. But most of the time we talk about the good things we have. And we focus on the positive. And the opportunities. It doesn't matter if Adam is having a hard time gaining his control the last few weeks - remember how I said I would jinx him? I totally did... whoops - and it doesn't matter if I am working full time in Arizona where I dont know anyone. And it doesn't matter that we are far apart from each other during the summer. I mean all those things do matter - but at the same time they don't. They don't because we have our health. We have our family. We have each other. We are married. We aren't in debt. We can afford the things we need. We have love. We have laughter. We have support. And we are going to be together for eternity. So really, we have a lot of really awesome things. Things that other people would kill for. And because of that, I truly am happy. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Life is hard. The struggle is real. But there is always something to be happy for. What are you happy for today? What makes you smile after a long day?

Kimono Round Three


I told you that I love kimonos. Floral ones especially. And now that I have shared my wrap floral kimono and my lace and fringe kimono I thought it was time to introduce you to my very most favorite kimono. The traditional floral kimono. I had been telling Adam about my love for kimonos for months. Seriously months and months. But we couldn't ever find one we loved that was also in our price range. Since they were a hot item they were rarely on sale. I would see stores with 50% off everything in the store and then there would be a sign over the kimonos that said "kimonos not included in sale". Not cool, store. But then I finally found one I loved and it was on sale! Win, win, win, and good things come to those who wait.

Kimono: Pink Blush
Top: SexyModest
Shorts: Aeropostale
Sandals: Target
Necklace: KDizzle Designs c/o

I LOVE it. It goes great with darks and lights - dressed up or down. And it goes perfect with my new Indian inspired necklace. The colors couldn't be more perfectly matched, right? When the package first arrived I opened up the kimono and put it on. I felt like a 1920's movie star just chilling in her trailer. "Be a dear and fetch me my water." Except when I would say it... I would say it to myself since I was home alone. And I will admit... I wore it the rest of the evening. And I have worn it weekly since then. It is my new fave. Do you have an item you have been dying to add to you closet? Or an item that you wear time and time again because you love it so much?

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 37


Fashion Fits Everyone
"I have been blogging for years now, and from the very beginning of my blog I would post about fashion and style. Over the years I have seen blogging evolve and change, and with that, people's emotions regarding blogging. One might ask, “Why do you stand around in clothes and take pictures of yourself? Why have a blog dedicated to sharing your life, your favorite lipstick or your opinion? Who cares?”
I guess you could answer that as simply as looking at what this series is called, "fashion fits everyone." What is they key word there? Not fashion, not fits, but EVERYONE. Everyone wants to connect to something, to someone. Blogging is a way to connect in the shared human experience.
Deidre and I happen to both be Mormon. Such a hot topic these days, but stay with me if you will. One of the first things we’re taught as children are the Articles of Faith — 13 statements that summarize our fundamental beliefs. One of my favorite articles of Faith is number thirteen. Since blogging the last part of this article stands out to me.
"If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of  good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things."
Blogs are a place for people to go to, to seek, to learn, to feel inspired. I believe that women are innately beautiful, just the way they are. So isn't it shallow and superficial of me to have a style and beauty blog? I think every woman has had a moment where the right shade of lipstick, or the perfect pair of fitted jeans boosted their confidence out the roof. But I don't think that happens just because they feel they look bomb but because whatever they added help them express themselves. They felt they were being seen how they should be, how they are. Fashion and make up is a form of art and it can help give us identity.
Being able to express yourself leads to confidence in who you are. Make up and clothes are just one of many ways to do this. That confidence is so important, because it is what propels us to make good decisions for ourselves, which results in a better life and happiness. In fact, it has been proven that those who take care of themselves and take pride in their appearance do well in life. It is no different than how what you watch, listen to, read, or the people you surround yourself ultimately affect you.
When I sat down to write this post I was surprised that this is what came out. Deidre kept this prompt very vague so I could take it wherever I wanted. She ultimately asked that I just write from the heart with no boundaries. I guess this is what was on my heart today.
Fashion fits everyone because everyone deserves to feel confident and be happy!"
- Alycia from Crowley Party
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Day Two of Disneyland


With day one complete we were looking forward to hitting day two hard and early - but that got put on delay due to some complications with my Dad's work up in North Dakota. But, to be honest I am glad that happened because it sent a more relaxed tone for the entire day out living adventure. Once my Dad had all the business taken care of we headed to the park. California Adventure first to hit all the rides one last time before spending a bulk of the day at Disneyland's Magic Kingdom. See the man taking my Mom's ticket a few photos down? He is the man that called me pineapple top every time we saw him. Now you can all put a face with a story.

So day two of California Adventure was quick. A stop to get Radiator Springs Racers fast passes, California Screamin', Toy Story, Soarin' Over California, and back to use our fast pass. That was it. We just hit the big ones and not all the other rides we took time on the day before. And by the time all that was done it was time to go overpay for some food at Disneyland's Magic Kingdom because who can say no to a Dole Whip and a giant turkey leg?

Starting with the Dole Whip. My parents had never tried it. So we got a Dole Whip and a Dole Whip float. It was all so very fitting because I was wearing a pineapple too. It was meant to be. And while my Dad was on the phone, my Mom and I had a chance to just chat and rest... oh, and feed my Dad because he wouldn't have gotten any otherwise. We inhaled those suckers.

Then a little trip to Toon Town was in order. Normally, I strictly go to Toon Town for the photo opportunities. Of which I am sure you see from almost everyone, but you just can't pass it up! But this time, in addition to photos we rode the Roger Rabbit ride. We had fun remembering when that ride first opened at the wait was hours long... and that day we only had to wait 30 minutes! My family has a lot of Disney memories because whether it was a plain old vacation, a business meeting for my Dad, or a dance competition for me - we made it down to Disneyland almost yearly growing up.

And now... time for the turkey leg that is as big as my face! I love getting turkey legs for some reason, always have. But sometimes it is hard to find someone that just wants a giant smoked turkey leg as bad as you do. Luckily for me, my Dad and I are ALWAYS on the same page. It is a great family meal for three. Seriously, that was our lunch. And all three of us were completely full after we finished it up.

And for the rest of the day you will see me wearing sequined Micky ears because my parents love me. They knew that I had been eyeing them on every girl that walked by me the day before. And they know how much I love Disney and sequins. So they took time out of the day and told me I had to get them. And I felt like a small child again and everything was magic. Also, coming up in a few photos is what my family does to kill time in lines. Make funny faces. My parents have skills... you will see what I am talking about.

So the most fun two days must come to an end. And when they did we loaded the car and drove through the night to get back to Arizona so I could be at work for a training the next day. That is how much my parents love me. My Dad drove through the night just so the vacation could happen without me needing to take PTO. If you haven't gathered it yet, I absolutely love my parents. And while I was so so bummed Adam couldn't join the fun due to baseball - I was so happy I got that time with my Mom and Dad. They are both incredible humans and I am lucky to have them. The trip itself came just in time, because I was in a little bit of a rut and needed some time away. This ranks in my top fave trips to Disneyland because of the company and the adventure. What is your favorite place to vacation? What do you do with your family for a little adventure?

The Husband of a Blogger


Being the husband of a blogger is an experience I never thought I would have. When I began dating Deidre, my exposure to the life of a blogger began step-by-step, blog post by blog post. I would assist in taking pictures of outfits and activities that Deidre had done. After we got married, in addition to signing a marriage certificate, I also signed a lifelong commitment to one of the scarcest breeds of men…the Husband of a Blogger.

In addition to the normal manly activities that men take part in, the husband of a blogger takes part in many other weekly activities. The experiences, life and benefits of being the husband of a blogger are listed below.

Assisting in picking out outfits. A few times a week, the husband of a blogger is required to assist in picking out outfits for outfit posts. Never before have I been trained in fashion, especially women’s fashion. But, my expertise comes in handy when it comes time for outfit posts.

Never a lack of pictures for social media. Lots of times, regular men struggle to find pictures of their significant other for #WCW or #TBT. A selfie of their significant other may be a little too typical to put on Instagram or Twitter. The husband of a blogger has more than enough pictures to choose from. “Oh, it’s #WCW, let me pick out a picture from 200 pictures that she took this week!” Different outfits, different jewelry options and different shoe options make choosing a picture for #WCW a very fun experience.

Part-time photographer. The husband of a blogger may as well add ‘Semi-Professional Photographer’ to his resume. Taking pictures is no longer as simple as “point” and “shoot”. Once a week, the husband of a blogger throws the camera bag one arm with a bag full of outfit options in the other arm. Thanks to expensive cameras, my sub-par photo taking skills have been complimented by many.

Free food. When was the last time Deidre and I have spent more than $100 of our own money when grocery shopping? Well pretty recently at Costco but that’s because we had no other option than to buy toilet paper, tortillas, chips, cheese and muffins to feed a small army. Besides that, we rarely spend our own money on groceries, and it’s amazing! Campaigns make it so we get to try new foods and new recipes, all while we are getting paid to eat them! It’s one of the best win-win situations I’ve come across.

Trying new things. Many people struggle to find new things to do. The monotony of going to dinner and a movie gets old. Not a blogger and her husband. A few times a month we are trying new restaurants, plays, and other events and getting paid to do it. Just last month we went to a whole-in-the-wall comedy theatre and loved it! Very rarely do we not have new things to try out.

Free clothes. During the offseason, I would open the mailbox, peer inside, and see two packages for Deidre. The next day, I would peer inside and see one more package. And the weeks continued of receiving packages. The best part is what was in the packages. Free clothes! All that has to be done is take a picture and post it on the blog. For most girls, spending money on clothes may come as being the biggest monthly expense. For a blogger, “Buying clothes? Who does that anymore?”

Late night blog sessions. One of the more stressful realities about blogging are the deadlines. Similar to finals week, ‘Blog Crunch Time’ is a thing. Most Sunday nights are spent sitting next to my blogger, supporting her while she frantically creates blog posts for the coming days. I ask if I can help but my expertise are in the wrong industry.

Being the husband of a blogger is no simple task. It requires a skill set only learned through experience. Would you recognize us if you came across us in the street? Probably not. Do you wish you had a wife that was a blogger? Probably yes! And as the days, weeks, and years pass, I will always be the husband of a blogger.

Kimono Round Two


Kimonos. Can't stop. Won't stop. Seriously. When I saw this lace and fringe beauty I couldn't stop myself. It was a combinations of all things that shouldn't work to make one of the most beautiful clothing items I had ever laid eyes on. I am a sucker for lace. I am a sucker for a kimono. Therefore I am a sucker for a lace kimono. That fact that it was cut like a crop top - crop tops are my least favorite thing that is in style right now - was totally masked by the fringe. The foot long fringe is probably my most favorite part of the ENTIRE outfit. I felt so saucy wearing it.

Swimsuit: Macys
Kimono: PacSun
Shorts: PacSun
Sunglasses: Target
Shoes: Target

I must have been the stylish person at the pool that day. And that is saying a lot because you should see the queen divas that live in my apartment complex. I paired the kimono with my favorite scalloped shorts which make the perfect swimsuit cover up - especially if you are doing something before swimming. They are darling. I especially love them for their high waist. So take the darling shorts with the all things wrong made right kimono, and I had the best swim cover. What do you usually wear when you go swimming? Do you have a go to cover up?

Two Years Married


Tomorrow marks two years married for Skinny and myself.
So keeping up with traditional... Here is our year in numbers.
Two Years
During our second year of marriage...
1 new home
0 children
132 days apart
1 new job for Deidre
2 baseball cards for Adam
52 days on the injured list for baseball
1 allstar team for Adam
2 trips to South Bend
1 move to Arizona
1 blog rebrand for Deidre
152 baseball games
5 trips and vacations
25 trips to Jimmy Johns... at least
38 strikeouts for Adam
1,822 miles between us during baseball season
dozens of date nights
hundreds of photos
thousands of cell phone minutes & text messages
millions of memories and laughs

What Distance Has Taught Me


Two years isn't long. A lot of people would still consider Adam and I newlyweds. Or just barely out of the newlywed phase. But as we are preparing to celebrate our anniversary I have been reflecting a lot. I have been using the last month specifically to reflect. And at the end of the day, here is what distance has taught me. A long distance relationship and a long distance marriage. About love. About trust and communication. And most of all about what a relationship really is.

I can tie it back, all my thoughts and all my reflection, to what I would consider the hardest month of my marriage, actually my life, so far. And it has a million lessons in it. The week started with my breaking my blog. Seems like a really silly thing to be upset about. But I was. Seriously, all my posts all my everything had disappeared while I was trying to switch my URL to my new brand. It was like at night. like 11pm... which means it was 2am where Adam was. And he had already been asleep for a few hours. I text him probably ten times. And then I called him time and time again until he picked up. And when he finally did I couldn't even speak. I was crying hysterically. After about 20 minutes of me sobbing and Adam saying, "There must be a backup somewhere... things dont just disappear." I started to tapper off. I got so tired I just needed to go to bed. We prayed over the phone for comfort, and I was out like a light.

Next day. Blog still broken. I frantically got in contact with my hosting company. They fixed it. So, why stop there? Onto the next issue.

Work. I had work. And I had been struggling with my job to begin with. I had a few rough patches here and there. I wasn't sure if I was made for the job I was doing. I went in to meet with my boss. And she told me I wasn't acting like I was made for the job. It was a low blow for me. To be totally honest, I have never had to work that hard. That sounds silly when I say it out loud. But things have been pretty easy for me. So to hear that a job that I was killing myself to do, and it was so rough for me wasn't panning out. Low. Blow. Oh, and to end that conversation? My boss told me I wouldn't be able to take time off to go see my husband for our anniversary because someone else had already requested it off. Which meant I wouldn't see Adam for another almost two months. I walked to my office feeling sick. And embarrassed. And just beat down. I text Adam, "Can you talk?" And he said, "Yeah." So I picked up and I dialed. And once again. I cried. And cried. I started with telling Adam how I couldn't do my job. And I ended with telling him I wouldn't be coming to visit him for our anniversary.

Now this work issue carried for a few days. I cried that night. I talked to my parents. I cried. I talked to anyone. I cried. The fact that I felt defeated at work was hard enough, but knowing that I wouldn't see my husband for a long time really beat me down. Like ripped me apart. And even though I was at my lowest low, Adam took the time to talk to me every minute he could. To build me up. And even though I didn't listen, he kept trying. We prayed. We talked. And I hoped I would get the strength from somewhere.

On a regular basis I still get anxious at work, like am I going to do something that upsets someone? Are they going to be watching me so closely so I mess up? But that is beside the point. I am at a point now where I can really work hard. And I am learning to deal with a job that has kicked me down the stairs ten times. Then there was the flooded house. Then there was the medicine that made me so ill. Then there was Adam's arm which appears to be injured slightly again. Then there was I am sure other things that I can't even remember.

It might just sound like I am rambling at this point. But I am getting to the point right now. So why am I telling you about the hardest times I have experienced so far? Because it all lends a part to the story of the time apart for Adam and I. Because if you remember, Adam and I are living in different states right now. And so all these trials are happening while we are 1800 miles apart. And this distance is teaching me valuable lessons.

Marriage is a lot more than the time together. So often I have women tell me, "I could never be apart from my husband that long." Or something like, "We've only ever been apart 10 days in our whole 5 years being married!" And while the time together is something wonderful, the time apart it teaching me to appreciate Adam.

The distance has taught me the importance of communication. And not just the, how was your day, lets eat dinner and cuddle while we watch TV communication. But the real communication. The discussions about hard things like what are we going to do if this career path we picked doesn't work out or what is the root cause of you being so grump and irritated right now? We can't just kiss and makeup and hope that tomorrow both of us will be over it. Because we don't have those options. We have to actually sit down and discuss and communicate our thoughts and feelings.

We have to open up about our hard days. We can't just say, "My day has been hard because of x, y, and z and just being with you is going to make it better." Because when x, y, and z happen... we only have the option to talk about it. And really explain that those things happened because of something we are doing, or not doing, and we have to be honest with ourselves too. And then together we figure out solutions for things.

The distance has taught me to be up front, even if it might not be Adam's favorite thing to hear. I am the queen of telling people things are fine when they are not. Of down playing my anger and my disappoint. And when we are apart I try to do it even more. Because I don't want Adam to feel guilty for leaving me home alone in the summer. I want him to enjoy his time and I want him to think everything is wonderful here. But I have learned, despite what other people suggest, to wear it all on my sleeve. To tell Adam when I am unhappy. And when things are rough. And when I just wish so badly I could be with him, because it makes us appreciate the great times even more. And it helps us learn how to manage the hard times even.

But most of all, the distance has taught me to appreciate the time I do get with my husband. The face time. The one on one time. The small moments. The little laughs. The silly memories. The dates. The hold hands. The kisses. The meals cooked. The times he does the dishes because he knows I hate doing them. I appreciate those things more than I ever would because I don't always get to look over, see his face a few feet from mine, and reach for his hand.

Distance has taught me that in order to be the best couple, we have to be our best selves. We have to open up and be completely raw and real with our feelings and our insecurities. Because the only way I am going to be better is if Adam and I can talk through what I need to do to be better. And what steps I need from him, while he is 1800 miles away to support me in that. Marriage is about trust, planning, and support beyond words of comfort.

Two Year Q&A with Deidre


Yesterday you got to see Adam's answers to our marriage quiz of sorts and today it is all me. So sit back, relax, and take a peak into a few of our memories from the last couple years. Oh... and of course, the results of the Deidre or Adam questions. Do Adam and I see eye to eye? Just keep scrolling to find out!

Favorite Date? My favorite date would have to be Paint Nite. Adam and I had been trying to think of something fun and different to do on our dates. Since moving to Arizona we didn't really know what sort of activities were available so we started taking turns planning date night. The person in charge had to plan it all - which made us step out and find some fun new things without discussing it with the other person. Paint Nite was Adam's date. And he NAILED it. First we went to Costa Vida - which was like heaven because I had been missing it ever since we left Utah - and then we went and had a painting party. We painted the Boston skyline. It was really fun, and we are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. It was so fun to try something totally different with Adam. A post about the date will be coming soon!

Best Vacation? Without a doubt the 7 day cruise to the Caribbean. Even though it started out all wrong by missing the first day, it ended with a bang! It was so nice to just be out adventuring with Adam.

Favorite thing about Adam? My favorite thing about Adam is he can make me laugh. Even if I feel like the world is falling apart and I just want to crawl in a hole and cry, a one minute conversation with him will change my entire attitude.

Best memory? My best memory of Adam is when he came home to surprise me last baseball season. His team was in Ogden and as soon as they got into town he hoped on a train to surprise me. I wasn't planning on seeing him until the next day though, so when he showed up at our door I was totally surprised and shut the door on him... whoops! I was basically an emotional wreck because I was so surprised and so happy to see him. Oh, and don't you worry... the moment was caught on tape.

Describe Adam in three words? Charitable, Hilarious, and Handsome

What is something everyone should know about Adam? Everyone should know how hard of a worker Adam is. Whether it is baseball, school, our relationship, the gospel - Adam is ALWAYS working hard. He never puts in half his heart. And he never complains about having to work hard. He puts our family above everything else and is always willing to work to make it the best no matter what it takes in other aspects of his life.


Better Cook: Adam (match)
More Messy: Deidre (match)
Better Artist: Adam (match)
More Talkative: Deidre (match)
Better Planner: Deidre (match)
More Social: Deidre (match)
Better Athlete: Adam (match)
More Silly: Adam (not a match)
Better Dancer: Deidre (match)
More Adventurous: Adam (not a match)

8 out of 10 isn't so bad! And I guess the two we missed are subjective... but I really do think Adam is the proper answers to those two. Adam is the one always making jokes and being a ham. He is also the one who always suggests we go out on the town when I say, "I am fine just hanging out here!" I would let him defend why he picked me... but I am always right, so no need. Jokes! Maybe he can come back and defend his answers on his next post. So there you have it. Hope that lets you see a little more of us. Have you ever played games like this in your relationship? Do you think you and your significant other would match up on answers?

Two Year Q&A with Adam


The easiest way to let you into our life is with a little Q&A. One filled out by Adam and one filled out by me. Same questions, potentially similar answers. And the best way to end it is with a Deidre or Adam question - sort of newlywed style. Right? Right. So here are Adam's answers to the marriage Q&A.

Favorite Date? My favorite date was in April of 2013. It was the middle of my Junior year at BYU. Our schedule was such so that we had one free weekend during the season without any games. We decided to take advantage of this free time. We decided to go to Salt Lake. We went to the Salt Lake Temple during the day, a Salt Lake Bees game at night, The Cheesecake Factory for dinner and stayed the night at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Salt Lake. It was my favorite date we have had.

Best Vacation? The best vacation was when we went on a seven day cruise in the Caribbean.

Favorite thing about Deidre? My favorite thing about Deidre is how she is always wanting to try new things. New foods, events, and places make for an awesome life.

Best memory? My best memory is when Deidre and I missed our flights to catch our cruise and as a result, had one of the worst days ever and got to ride on a 4-seater airplane. Looking back on it now, we just laugh about it and how awesome the plane ride was.

Describe Deidre in three words? Selfless, hilarious, and sexy.

What is something everyone should know about Deidre? Everybody should know that Deidre is the best person to talk to when you are having a hard day. Countless times have I seen when Deidre has been the pick-me-up for struggling friends.


Better Cook: Adam
More Messy: Deidre
Better Dancer: Deidre
More Talkative: Deidre
Better Planner: Deidre
More Social: Deidre
Better Athlete: Adam
More Silly: Deidre
Better Artist: Adam
More Adventurous: Deidre

Tune back in tomorrow to see what my answers are!

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 36


Fashion Fits Everyone
"Like most fashion bloggers I have a love for fashion and want to show others my style. Yes, I believe in how you dress oneself you will give one confidence. I also believe that fashion is the reflection of one’s inside beauty. I think if you feel beautiful on the inside and you will show confidence on the outside.I think confidence comes from how one caries themselves. For me, I feel most confident when I am able to show my point of view through my fashion choices.
I would say I have a rectangular body type meaning my silhouette is fairly straight up and down. I’m not going to lie, I feel like I have one of the easier body types for dressing, and am very lucky that most clothing works for my body type. (This doesn’t mean I don’t have days that I feel that I have nothing to wear and feel insecure about how I am presenting myself.) In styling myself, I try to create more curves by redefining my waistline with belts.
My style is classic, preppy, feminine, and girlie. I love to have a cohesive look from head to toe. I always live by one of my favorite fashion quotes "Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runway. So always dress your best and walk with confidence”.
While working in retail and running a fashion blog, I have learned fashion comes in all shapes and sizes. I also think the underlying basis of fashion is all about styling. Everyone's sense of style is individualized based on one’s body type and personality. What may look great for one person, may not work for another. You can be beautiful and chic no matter how you dress as long as you feel confident in what you dressed in. I always say be true to yourself!"
- Nicole from Nicole Kelley
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