Day Two of Disneyland


With day one complete we were looking forward to hitting day two hard and early - but that got put on delay due to some complications with my Dad's work up in North Dakota. But, to be honest I am glad that happened because it sent a more relaxed tone for the entire day out living adventure. Once my Dad had all the business taken care of we headed to the park. California Adventure first to hit all the rides one last time before spending a bulk of the day at Disneyland's Magic Kingdom. See the man taking my Mom's ticket a few photos down? He is the man that called me pineapple top every time we saw him. Now you can all put a face with a story.

So day two of California Adventure was quick. A stop to get Radiator Springs Racers fast passes, California Screamin', Toy Story, Soarin' Over California, and back to use our fast pass. That was it. We just hit the big ones and not all the other rides we took time on the day before. And by the time all that was done it was time to go overpay for some food at Disneyland's Magic Kingdom because who can say no to a Dole Whip and a giant turkey leg?

Starting with the Dole Whip. My parents had never tried it. So we got a Dole Whip and a Dole Whip float. It was all so very fitting because I was wearing a pineapple too. It was meant to be. And while my Dad was on the phone, my Mom and I had a chance to just chat and rest... oh, and feed my Dad because he wouldn't have gotten any otherwise. We inhaled those suckers.

Then a little trip to Toon Town was in order. Normally, I strictly go to Toon Town for the photo opportunities. Of which I am sure you see from almost everyone, but you just can't pass it up! But this time, in addition to photos we rode the Roger Rabbit ride. We had fun remembering when that ride first opened at the wait was hours long... and that day we only had to wait 30 minutes! My family has a lot of Disney memories because whether it was a plain old vacation, a business meeting for my Dad, or a dance competition for me - we made it down to Disneyland almost yearly growing up.

And now... time for the turkey leg that is as big as my face! I love getting turkey legs for some reason, always have. But sometimes it is hard to find someone that just wants a giant smoked turkey leg as bad as you do. Luckily for me, my Dad and I are ALWAYS on the same page. It is a great family meal for three. Seriously, that was our lunch. And all three of us were completely full after we finished it up.

And for the rest of the day you will see me wearing sequined Micky ears because my parents love me. They knew that I had been eyeing them on every girl that walked by me the day before. And they know how much I love Disney and sequins. So they took time out of the day and told me I had to get them. And I felt like a small child again and everything was magic. Also, coming up in a few photos is what my family does to kill time in lines. Make funny faces. My parents have skills... you will see what I am talking about.

So the most fun two days must come to an end. And when they did we loaded the car and drove through the night to get back to Arizona so I could be at work for a training the next day. That is how much my parents love me. My Dad drove through the night just so the vacation could happen without me needing to take PTO. If you haven't gathered it yet, I absolutely love my parents. And while I was so so bummed Adam couldn't join the fun due to baseball - I was so happy I got that time with my Mom and Dad. They are both incredible humans and I am lucky to have them. The trip itself came just in time, because I was in a little bit of a rut and needed some time away. This ranks in my top fave trips to Disneyland because of the company and the adventure. What is your favorite place to vacation? What do you do with your family for a little adventure?
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