Skinny Mill Update


Well.. it's time for it. Another Skinny Mill update. I haven't updated you for a really long time because we headed into the off-season after his rehab. And then we moved to Arizona. And then Spring Training came and went way too fast. Like... way too fast. And by way too fast I mean Adam is already gone. And I am once again, a baseball widow.

Spring Training went really well for Adam. It all started out with a little pre-Spring Training training because Adam got invited to mini camp. A handful of guys from each team got invited out to spend some extra time with the coaches. We were so happy that Adam got included in that group because that means he has made an impression. And at the end of February everyone else started rolling in for Spring Training.

During the Spring Training games Adam played on a few different teams which gave him an opportunity to try out a lot of pitches and fix his mechanics on a lot of different batters. Sadly, I only got to go to one game because work has been so busy… but happily, it was the best he pitched probably ever. He struck out 8 guys in only 5 innings, no walks, and he hit 97 MPH with his fast ball! And the 5th inning he struck out the side. That’s right. Three up, three down.

So this morning I became a baseball widow because Adam headed to South Bend, Indiana (Speaking of, anyone got any connections out there? We need to find Adam a place to live while he is out there!) to play for the Silver Hawks. He will be the third day starter out there – so his first game is this Saturday. I miss him so much already. But I am so excited to see how this season goes for him. He has worked so hard and he deserves everything coming his way. Man, I love that guy! I’ll keep you posted on Mr. Skinny throughout the year.

Family Night at the Ballpark


Spring training has been good to us. We've been taking advantage of Adam's connections and my new love for baseball to spend our family night at the ballpark. Which you think would drive Adam crazy since he is there for at least nine hours a day, seven days a week already... but nope. He loves it. I guess he picked the right profession, eh?

So for the last couple Mondays we either drove out together or met there after Adam had a late day to enjoy the sights and sounds of a Spring Training game. I could really get used to this. Within the next few years maybe I will be coming out to the Diamondbacks' games to watch Adam! Hopefully this week we can go at least once more before Adam leaves for the summer in just 6 short days. I'm going to miss him, but it looks like my summer will be full of road trips to support the man that I love to much. Where have you been spending your family nights? What is your favorite activity to do?

Hot In Here


It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Arizona is hot. Right? And if it does... then you probably have bigger issues than you care to admit, but we wont go there. Okay? Okay. When we first moved down here I was like, well isnt this nice?! And then within a week my body was pretty much used to it. I didn't think I would get acclamated that quickly.. but I did. Our second week here I was walking out to my car in the morning for work and I thought to myself, "Man.. it is sort of chilly today." Got in the car. Looked at the temp. 68 degrees. Wait a second... 68 DEGREES!? That is not chilly. In Utah when it hits 68 degrees during February you find everyone running around town in shorts. How is my body okay with this? But also.. maybe that means summer wont be as brutal as my fair skin winter body would have thought.

But then reality sits in. And I realize, although I am totally getting used to it. It is still hot. And hot is not fun for me. I am dehydrated a lot of the time. My wedding ring doesn't slide on and off like it used to. And when I finally got time to do some outfit pictures for you I couldn't even keep my makeup in place long enough to get some decent pictures! So here is the introduction to what is sure to be coming forever. The Arizona outfit posts where I look a little less than put together until I can figure out how to manage this whole heat thing.

Top: Little Black Fashion Truck
Leggings: Gap Body
Booties: Francesca’s (similar)
Bracelets: c/o
Necklace: Coraltree Court c/o

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Personalize Your Home with Kleenex Design


This post is sponsored by Kleenex brand but all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this blog!

One thing I love about moving is decorating. After all the packing and unpacking and cleaning house there is the one bright spot to getting into a new place. A fresh canvas for hanging photos and making it your own. And with spring coming in, this time I needed to add some Kleenex to my home decor. I always try to find the cutest boxes, which may sound silly, but I like my Kleenex to not stand out like a sore thumb. And this time I got lucky! Let's take a quick peek into my new house - only a peek though because the grand tour is coming shortly.

To celebrate Kleenex’s 90th anniversary, they’re bringing you another innovative first: The Kleenex® Style Studio. It’s a fun, inspiring way to discover more of the Kleenex® Brand designs and products you love. And maybe even a few that’ll take you by surprise.

Whether you’re decorating at home or adding a pop of color to your clutch, Kleenex has you covered.

Blogging Essentials Giveaway || Part 3


It's time for the last installment of the Blogging Essentials Giveaway and today we are giving you all a chance to win a complete blog makeover by the talented Kalee Hulka of! What's more essential to blogging than having a nice and unique space to blog at? Close to nothing. It's pretty high up there on the list of essentials to blogging!

What You'll Get:
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MyFitnessPal Challenge


I've been wanting to get into better shape and better health for awhile now. In fact, a lifestyle change was one of my resolutions this year. I am on a better path already with not so many treats and taking the time to work out more frequently... but I still miss days and I still have times when I would rather just sit. And most of those times end up with conversations between Adam and I that go a little something like this...

Adam: Are you going to work out?
Deidre: Probably not...
Adam: You should just do a quick workout.
Deidre: *possibly getting pouty and unpleasant* I had a really long day and right now I just want to sit and relax... I had to set tables and stack chairs and I am just tired now from working all day!
Adam: Okay... Sorry, I am just trying to help you out like you asked me to do.

So... you can see what is wrong with that, right? I asked Adam to hold me accountable. And then I give him a really hard time when he does. So.. to remedy all that I introduce to you...

Because nothing can get my butt kicked into gear like a little competition. My motivator used to be pageants. I knew that if I wanted to win a crown I needed to work hard and be in shape so I didn't scare the judges during swimsuit. But now my motivator will be cold. hard. cash. That's right. You heard me... money! The MyFitnessPal challenge is for anyone and everyone. There will be a $10 buy in to be a part of it, and at the end of the challenge the winner takes it all!

So how do you win? Everything will be based on a point system. 1 Point for Tracking in MyFitnessPal, 1 Point for staying within calories decided with accountability partner, 1 Point for 45 minutes amount of working out, 1 Point for no treats, and 1 Point for drinking 8 glasses of water + reward points based on how you do throughout the week.

The challenge will run March 17th through June 1st and the winner will be announced on June 2nd! So what are you waiting for? Join in. Sign up. And let's all do this together!

You can sign up HERE.

Heels For Any Ocassion


It might be the pageant girl in me or it might be the fact that I love being tall, but I love wearing high heels. And the higher the better. I have mastered walking (and running) in high heels - heck, I had to if I was going to model a swimsuit on stage in them. And now that is something I carry with pride. My first week of work everyone was commenting on my shoes. Lots of things like, "How do you wear those every day?" Or remarks like, "That won't last long!" And while I still wear flats on the busiest of days or when I know I will be setting rooms - heels will always be my first choice.  Marilyn Monroe said it best, "Give a woman the right pair of shoes, and she can conquer the world."

And I am never opposed to growing my heel collection. So imagine how excited I was when I was introduced to an incredible shoes website by Elizabeth from Bella that houses hundreds of shoe options to add to my wardrobe. And the best part? Right now almost every pair is under $50. So here is my shoe wish list, and let's let this heels obsession grow.

All That Sparkles
Sequin | Rhinestone | Glitter

This all comes back to the dance team and pageant loves I have running through my veins. Anything with glitter or sparkles or sequins is a TOTAL win in my book. What is more girly than a little bling? My love for sequins comes from a long line of dance costumes that were sequined to the max, so I was so excited to find sequin heels!
Great to wear to: Dinner Dates, Galas, Pageants, Shows, Dance, and A Girls Night Out


Solid colored heels are always a great option. You never have to worry about them clashing with a pattern. And you can always use them to match your little black dress to add that extra pop to your ensemble. Nude heels are my go to shoes - because I never have to worry about what they will match and they extend the leg to a nice line.
Great to wear to: Work - Business Casual or Business Professional, Church, and Interviews


I am a sucker for anything floral or lace patterned. I don't know what it is about those two patterns that always draw me in. I think it is because they make me feel more feminine? There are also some great polka dot and striped pairs.
Great to wear to: Luncheons, Dates, Weddings, Receptions, Dances, Parties, and Church

You're An Animal

Animal. Print. I own a ton of cheetah and leopard because I consider it a neutral. And as a neutral it will go with anything while still giving me a little bit more to my outfit. I am also loving the textured look of the snake skin lately. It adds a good element and while still remaining a solid.
Great to wear to: Church, Receptions, Work, Dances, Church, Shows, Dates, and Basically Everywhere

Color Block

Color block is a classic. Once it hit the market again a couple years ago I was in love. Because all the colors come pre-complimented... which means I don't have to mess anything up when I am trying new colors and patterns together.
Great to wear to: Work, Church, Shows, and Interviews

There are so many styles (even thought I mostly showed pumps because they are my favorite!) and heeel heights and fabrics. And... I could have kept going on with all the shoes I loved! What is your favorite style of heels? Which of these pairs are on your wish list now?

Have a WICKED Day.




I probably work at the best place ever. I was way excited when I got the job (mostly because I would be with Adam more and Arizona would be an adventure - but also because it seemed like a step in the right direction for my career) because I loved the feel and vibe of the hotel when I was here interviewing - but things have gotten even better. I didn't think that was possible. But it has.

The Renaissance brand is all about lifestyle. It is all about coming to our town and discovering something new. Being more involved than just a stay at the hotel. In fact the motto of the brand is live life to discover. The Renaissance Phoenix Downtown wants that for their Navigators (the staff on property) as well as for their Discoverers (the guests) because THAT is what this brand is all about. We want to be known in the community as a hub of information and entertainment. A place that you come to for more than a hotel stay - but to be involved in discoveries of the town in which we are located. From art exhibits to parties and a sweet lounge to flash mobs - we have it all. And it finally all sunk in when we hosted a block party for the public to celebrate our second birthday. And of course - it was called #RBirthday Bash.

The theme of the part was "Denim and Diamonds" with a little casino night for charity. All the proceeds that evening went to the O'Connor House. There was mIlive entertainment by Dave Damiani and The No Vacancy Orchestra, along with signature sips, pop-up art by Shade Projects, an appearance by Boutique A Go~Go, along with a silent auction.

These palazzo pants from were the hit of the night. And I am totally obsessed with them
 - an outfit post featuring my Denim and Diamonds outfit is coming soon!

The night was a total success - we raised over $5,000 for charity! The art exhibits were awesome and it gave local artists an opportunity to show off their skills. I was able to meet discoverers from the area and discoverers that were staying with us at the hotel. The band killed it and the DJ that went in between sets stole my heart with tons of Michael Jackson - in fact my coworker and I both started doing the Beat It dance at the exact same time which was pretty hilarious. Dance parties with my coworkers, new friends, and great eats? I call that a successful night? And guess what? It doesn't stop there. The hotel hosts an R Life Live block part every quarter! So you need to come to the next one! I am falling more and more in love with my work place every day. And even though it is a challenge a lot of times - I am still pumped to be here! This is the start of something new (HSM anyone?) and something very exciting for me! What do you love about your job? What gets your pumped to go to work every day?

Blogging Essentials Giveaway || Part 2


We've given you loves the opportunity to win a stellar camera, now, which is pretty much one of the biggest essentials to blogging if not the biggest, so now we decided you all needed a chance to win money for some styling new drags to take pictures OF with that stellar camera. Now, we all know that new clothes isn't a necessity when it comes to being a style blogger, but it certainly doesn't hurt. ;) Remember to complete as many (or all) of the entries as possible to increase your chances of winning! Good luck!

These are the only rules for the giveaway, if you want to include them in the post but they're also already placed in the Terms & Conditions of the rafflecopter widget. Rule 1: Giveaway will run for one week and the winner will be anounced on Thursday March 6th. Rule 2: Open to U.S. participants only Rule 3: The winner's entries will be verified.
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