Hot In Here


It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Arizona is hot. Right? And if it does... then you probably have bigger issues than you care to admit, but we wont go there. Okay? Okay. When we first moved down here I was like, well isnt this nice?! And then within a week my body was pretty much used to it. I didn't think I would get acclamated that quickly.. but I did. Our second week here I was walking out to my car in the morning for work and I thought to myself, "Man.. it is sort of chilly today." Got in the car. Looked at the temp. 68 degrees. Wait a second... 68 DEGREES!? That is not chilly. In Utah when it hits 68 degrees during February you find everyone running around town in shorts. How is my body okay with this? But also.. maybe that means summer wont be as brutal as my fair skin winter body would have thought.

But then reality sits in. And I realize, although I am totally getting used to it. It is still hot. And hot is not fun for me. I am dehydrated a lot of the time. My wedding ring doesn't slide on and off like it used to. And when I finally got time to do some outfit pictures for you I couldn't even keep my makeup in place long enough to get some decent pictures! So here is the introduction to what is sure to be coming forever. The Arizona outfit posts where I look a little less than put together until I can figure out how to manage this whole heat thing.

Top: Little Black Fashion Truck
Leggings: Gap Body
Booties: Francesca’s (similar)
Bracelets: c/o
Necklace: Coraltree Court c/o

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