Family Night at the Ballpark


Spring training has been good to us. We've been taking advantage of Adam's connections and my new love for baseball to spend our family night at the ballpark. Which you think would drive Adam crazy since he is there for at least nine hours a day, seven days a week already... but nope. He loves it. I guess he picked the right profession, eh?

So for the last couple Mondays we either drove out together or met there after Adam had a late day to enjoy the sights and sounds of a Spring Training game. I could really get used to this. Within the next few years maybe I will be coming out to the Diamondbacks' games to watch Adam! Hopefully this week we can go at least once more before Adam leaves for the summer in just 6 short days. I'm going to miss him, but it looks like my summer will be full of road trips to support the man that I love to much. Where have you been spending your family nights? What is your favorite activity to do?

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