Floral Top + Long Pony


These photos have been tucked away in my drafts for far too long. I planned on publishing them long ago, but then life got BUSY (more on that soon) and I lost them in the shuffle that is called life. And since most the world, not Arizona, is trading in their shorts for pants and boots I figured it was time to share my final short post from the heat. I will miss wearing shorts most of the year now that I am in Idaho but I will not miss that desert of all deserts. And this post is more about the top because I am LOVING it. New favorite shop? Pink Blush. Without a doubt. I love to class up my shorts and floral top with a slicked back, long pony tail. It makes the look more professional.

Undershirt: SexyModest
Belt: Target Shoes: Shopko
Shoes: Dillards

Pretty, right? So Pink Blush used to be an all maternity line. And just recently they released a women's line and I am loving all of it. They have the best clothing. Ever. Including their newly released leggings, of course I got a pair. Their clothes are incredibly reasonably priced and they are always on top of the latest trends. And as soon as I have a babe in my tummy, I can promise you I will be shopping their maternity line as well. Love it all. So whether it is summer or fall, I will be shopping their store. Do you have a store that you swear by? Any that you suggest I check out?
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