1: I am grateful for a loving and supportive husband.
2: I am grateful for a Father in Heaven who will always love me no matter.
3: I am grateful for eternal families.
4: I am grateful for new opportunities and chances to learn and grow.
5: I am grateful for best friends.
6: I am grateful for my pageant years and all of the relationships built.
7: I am grateful for sunshine.
8: I am grateful for laughter.
9: I am grateful for costumes and dress-ups.
10: I am grateful for game nights.
11: I am grateful for my freedom and protection and for those that served our country to give me those things.
12: I am grateful for a job that I love.
13: I am grateful for the temple.
14: I am grateful for the Relief Society.
15: I am grateful for hard working parents that raised me to do the same.
16: I am grateful for busy days.
17: I am grateful for first world problems.
18: I am grateful for microwaves and ovens.
19: I am grateful for fresh flowers.
20: I am grateful for date nights.
21: I am grateful for bright colors and bright days.
22: I am grateful for the rain.
23: I am grateful for social media.
24: I am grateful for coats, blankets, and jackets.
25: I am grateful for the snooze button.
26: I am grateful for quiet moments.
27: I am grateful for vacations.
28: I am grateful for family - both by marriage and by blood.
29: I am grateful for treats.
30: I am grateful for great memories.

Black Friday Jacket


Well Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday has officially begun... because technically it began yesterday when a bunch of stores opened up at 6 and 8 PM, which I think is nuts! And you know what is even more nuts? The fact that people have been camping out in front of Best Buy for weeks. Maybe other places have campers too, but BB is the only place I saw them. Did you see anyone camping out? Usually if we are in Idaho I will go to a few Black Friday deals, ya know, Idaho doesn't get too crazy. But this year, we are in California, and I would rather not be trampled. Are you heading out for some Black Friday Deals? Or are you already back from them? What was the best deal of the day?

Jacket: c/o (on sale now!)  \\ Leggings: Gap \\ Scarf: Forever 21 \\ Boots: TJ Maxx

This year we are staying home, staying in our jams, and hitting the online deals. Which I am so pumped about. Because I prefer to shop in my pajamas. Then I don't have to worry about bundling up. No jackets, no scarfs, none of it. So if you are braving the crowds and the cold I wish you luck and a warm jacket. And as Adam would say... may the odds be ever in your favor. 

Grateful Heart


Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. We are down in California celebrating with Adam's family. My first time ever away from home for Thanksgiving, which means no rainbow jello, but I am starting my day with a grateful heart. I am grateful for new memories with my in-laws, I am grateful for telephones so I can call home, I am grateful for love, I am grateful for traditions, for laughter, for good times, for experiences, and I am grateful for friends. I am grateful for the relationships I have made through blogging and the support from my readers. Hope you are all enjoying a day full of food and football. 

All That Glitters: Family Jewelry Traditions


As I am getting older, I am getting more and more appreciative of what I like to call "sophisticated jewelry". When I was younger it was all about whatever was in trend. I wanted to shell necklace, the gold hoops, the mood bracelets... In college it was the bubble necklace, the bangles, the toe rings... you all know what I am talking about. (At least, I hope you do... unless us Idaho girls just had weird taste in jewelry, but that is a different discussion for a different day.) And when my mother handed down her precious jewelry to me, although I knew it was beautiful, I never really appreciated it. I always thought she was crazy for wearing the same earrings, necklace, and rings day to day... where was the variety?! But now that I am older and have my inherited jewels combined with my very own, I understand.

My first real jewelry has become our family tradition. And one I hope to live on. When I turned 16 my parents gave me my mom's smaller set of diamond earrings, her first ruby and diamond ring, and pearls. When I turned 18 my parents got me some beautiful sterling silver heart jewelry. When I turned 21 it was a ring with my birthstone. And when I got married they gave me her diamond earrings that she wore almost daily as I grew up. And that has become a tradition. On special and monumental days, I received special and monumental jewelry. Being an only girl definitely has it's perks. As my father has built up her collection, mine has been built up. As her items have been upgraded, so have mine. She has hand picked items to help build up mine with special items from her jewelry drawer.

And that is something I intend to carry on. As I have daughters I will pass on special jewelry to them on their special days. And Shane Co. has a wonderful selection and a reasonable price. The options are really endless. From Shane Co.'s world-class designers sterling silver and natural sapphires are fashion forward and available in any budget. Eternal and timeless, pearls never go out of style! Shane Co. cultured pearls are matched by hand for exceptional luster. Direct from Italy, the Capri Necklace is available exclusively from Shane Co. Personalize your Capri Necklace with your initials or favorite saying. Plus engagement rings, diamonds, rubies, and so on... you have a friend in the jewelry business.

I am so grateful for my mother and father and the tradition they started. Especially my mother for sharing her jewelry with me, And as crazy as I thought she was, I am right there with her now. Every single day I wear my wedding ring. The ruby ring she gave me when I was younger. The golden diamond earrings she gave me on my wedding day. And I always try to wear a necklace that Adam gifted to me. 

Although I still love the trendy and variety, I love the tradition more. My necklaces and additional rings might change from day to day, but my earrings and wedding ring are there every day. And that is something I hope to carry on for my own girls. With the help of gifts from my parents and Adam, plus reasonably priced shops like Shane Co. continuing this tradition shouldn't be a problem at all. Do you have any jewelry traditions? Do you remember your first "real" jewelry?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective 
and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Fashionably Modest Linkup: Oversized Sweaters + Giveaway


Normally I would throw my hat into the ring for this week's trend... but life has gotten busy so I haven't been out to take photos. Also. There is a giveaway today. So I felt like a link up and a giveaway were enough... you didn't need to see my smug mug too! So what did we pick out as this week's trend? Oversized sweaters. And not just any oversized. But patterend oversized. Check out this week's trendsetters!

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PLUS! A little giveaway!
Today I'm so excited to be teaming up with some of my absolute favorite bloggers for a holiday giveaway from the Painted Happiness etsy shop.  Painted Happiness is an etsy shop that specializes in hand painted signs and decor. All of them start at only $12. You can choose from the shop listings or have something custom designed just for you. Right now, Painted Happiness Shop has some great hand painted Christmas signs to help you decorate for the holidays. 

1   2   3   4
For this giveaway, there will be two lucky winners! One will receive a 16x20 custom hand-painted sign and another will get to choose an 8x10 sign from the shop. If you can't wait to see if you win the giveaway, use code: HOLIDAY10 for 10% of your order through December 19th. Good luck!

 Elise|Hunters of Happiness                     Rachel|Rachel Sayumi                      Kati|Glitz & Gold
          Marsa|Daylee Journal                    Elise|A Lifetime of Rain                     Kristen|Wild One Forever
         Deidre|Love the Skinnys                        Ariel|Auteur Ariel                     Jessica|North Carolina Grown
Jessi|Haircut & General Attitude                Brie|Breezy Days                              Brooke|Silver Lining
     Jessica|Afternoon Style                        Jess|Golden Swank                       Lily|Blushing Boulevard

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Holiday Inspiration: InStyle + People StyleWatch


This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and People StyleWatch and InStyle magazines but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PeopleInStyle

Thanksgiving is this week and after that we role full force into Christmas. And with the holiday season comes all the parties and get togethers. Over the next few weeks I have a Ladies Night Out, a Christmas party at church, a holiday celebration at work, cocoa chats with my friends, plus my Agnes and Dora leggings party (which you are all invited to - more on that later) - aka... lots going on. Which means lots of outfits to celebrate the season.

One of my favorite things to do during the holiday season is to grab a few magazines to see all the DIY ideas, gifts under $20 - I am a sucker for a deal, and of course all the holiday style inspiration. This weekend I headed to Target to pick up two magazines - the December issues of People StyleWatch and InStyle magazine. And this week, when you pick up those two magazines at Target together you can get a $5 gift card! Score! A friendly reminder to the cashier if you don't get it is recommended. It also didn't hurt that my two fave celebs, Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Lawrence, were on the cover.

The magazine was full of great holiday outfits and ideas for shopping on a budget, which is something I really appreciate as budgeting has been a constant discussion in our house as we are ending out the year. My favorite trends in People StyleWatch was the menswear turned feminine and sequins. My favorite trends in InStyle magazine was the classified top-knot and bold lip color. I have been trying to figure out an outfit I can put together that can translate from holiday party to night out with the friends. And I think I finally found a compromise that incorporates my favorite trends.
Top: Maurices \\ Skirt: Downeast Basics \\ Shoes: DSW \\ Bracelet: Forever21

I paired my sequin skirt with a fun pair of shoes and a more relaxed tee to help cover all my basis. To class it up a little I tied in a bold plum lipstick and a sleek updo. When I am out with my friends and at more casual parties the stripes alone make a bold statement. But at a company or church party you can add a cardigan or blazer to take your outfit to the next level. I kept my jewelry simple because the sequins are enough sparkle. Head to Target and pick up your copies of People StyleWatch and InStyle magazine + a $5 gift card to Target for your own holiday style inspiration!  What parties do you need a holiday outfit for? What holiday trends are you loving?

Pageant Bling


Okay. It is my third and final, let us all she a tear, installment of Ashley Eliza Photography. We had double lockets. We had the floral discount. And now we have my fave, the military vest, with all the bling a pageant girl could ever desire. Don't forget to enter the giveaway over at The Wedding & Company for your own shoot with Miss Ashley! I promise you will not regret it because she is absolutely awesome.

Okay. So this vest. Why do I love this vest? Because it takes the military from my fall wish list and combines it with my inner pageant girl with jewels. So now let us talk about pageants. I need to tell you all about something really impulsive and crazy that I did. I have been having pageant withdrawals. I really miss competing and wearing a crown. Silly, I know. I always competed in the Miss America Organization, but did you know there are pageants for Mrs.!? Mrs. America. Mrs. United States. Mrs. American International. Well... I started looking around for how to compete at a Mrs. pageant. Am I crazy? Not yet. And then, as I am looking I see that for Mrs. Utah International it is an application process, because they don't have a local state director. So I applied. Am I crazy? Yep. In my mind, the worst that could happen is they tell me no. So I filled out my application and sent it in with a head shot. Two days later I had an interview over the phone. 

Now about a month later I got an email that reads, "I wanted to reach out to you and make sure you were still interested in the title of Mrs. Utah International 2014? We have narrowed our delegate down to 3 and you are in the top 3. Before we go any further I am check in with you to confirm your interest." ....... I don't really know what to say now. So I haven't responded back... 

Vest: JCPenney \\ Shirt: Gap \\ Jeans: Gap \\ Shoes: Dillards - similar

Fashion Fits Everyone || Volume 13


Fashion Fits Everyone is featuring Dearest Lou.
This is a woman I have always admired.
Her outfits are always on spot and I have loved watching
her style go from pre-baby to pregnancy to post-baby.

Everyone has their own idea of what beauty is and what is and isn't fashionable. I personally don't go around judging people based on what they are wearing or whether or not they are wearing "top brands". I think what is most important when it comes to fashion is that the person feels confident and beautiful in what they are wearing. My husband always says I'm extra beautiful when I'm confident and happy. I think that the single most important "item" a person can wear everyday is a smile.

After getting pregnant and having a baby my body type completely changed. Prior to pregnancy I was more of a pear shape with a tiny waist and small chest. Now I'm somewhat of an hour glass shape with a not so defined waist (; I would be lying if I said that dressing my body after baby has been easy. I've had my days where I've had no confidence what-so-ever and would do anything to have my old body back. However, when I see my little guy smiling back at me I almost immediately stop thinking any bad thoughts about my new body and realize that it was all worth it for him.

 photo FFEButton_zps3ece9ed1.pngMy style is still as crazy and unpredictable as it was before I got pregnant. The only thing that has changed is I try and focus on hiding the "pooch" (lose skin around my tummy after pregnancy). In order to do this I just wear a size up in tops or wear flattering bottoms that are high in the waist. I have days where I want to dress more feminine, bohemian, or vintage. It completely depends on what I'm doing that day and how I feel. I like to have fun with fashion and try a little bit of everything.

I have a love/hate relationship with fashion blogging. I love having a place to share my personal style and let readers know what stores I'm currently loving or what item I'm in search of. However, sometimes blogging can bring a person down. It's so hard not to compare yourself to other bloggers or people and wish that you had their body type, complexion, or money to spend on clothes. The best advice I can give you guys is to try and mix and match items you already have in my closet in order to save money. You would be surprise with the outfits you come up with and the money you can save. Also, try your best to not compare yourself to others and be grateful for the clothes and body you do have. Fashion fits everyone.

The Maker Movement


One of my favorite things to do this summer was shop at the farmers markets. Utah County is king of the farmers market. Almost any day of the week when it is warm you can find a market of some sort going on. It is awesome to be part of a community that appreciates buying locally, going green, and being organic. Not only appreciates it, but supports it whole heartedly.

And even when it is not summer days there are other markets going on in the area. My favorite one is coming up this weekend! The Bijou Market has been around since 2009 and features all sorts of vendors. They say, "Our number one goal with Bijou Market was to create a place where people like us could sell their handmade wares with minimal risk and cost. We accept original, high quality handmade or vintage items. We want the newest, hippest and freshest. We stick to the motto, "If we'd buy it, (or proudly put our Bijou Market stamp on it) you're in." So if you are the Urban Crafters, the lover of customizable fashion, part of the maker movement, an educated consumers, or all about organic.. this place is for you! Because let's face it, local manufacturing is cool!

There are also a few companies around that are all about local manufacturing and zero waste. Which I think is an awesome concept. Have you heard of 3Form? Or Color By Amber? Both of these companies are use products like ecoresin to build items - bracelets, shower doors, table tops, deorations.. to name a few. And the coolest thing? They don't put any items in landfills. They have a program set up to avoid that very thing. What about Rickshaw Bags? Their bags are made completely out of recycled water bottles. And beyond that, all their bags are customizable. Function and fashion. Rickshaw Bag's factory is open to the public, because they want you to see how they work. They want you to be a part of their local manufacturing. How many companies do you know that will do that? The company is all about zero waste, upcycling items, and keeping things local.

And as I think more and more about farmers markets, buying locally, and all those good things... I have come to realize that I want to make a difference. A difference for my community by buying locally. A difference for my community by putting more care into how we all work together. I want to be a part of the maker movement and I want to be a better educated consumer. Because sometimes, all that I think I am doing, is not enough. What about you? What will you do to join the movement? What will you do to support your community?

The Wedding & Company


A few weeks ago I wrote about my trip to The Perfect Dress in Holiday, UT and at the end of the post I talked about some wedding news coming from my bestest Michelle and myself. Well... today is the day that I tell you that news! Miss Michelle and myself have officially launched our own wedding blog, The Wedding & Company. It has been a few months coming - but we finally got there and we are so excited to share it with all of you. Michelle and I became friends over our love for events when I talked her into switching to my major - Leisure Services at BYU. And over the years we have worked on countless projects and internships together. Combine all that with our love for weddings and we felt it was the perfect fit. 

The Wedding & Company photo shoot.

Deidre \\ Leggings: Gap \\ Boots: TJ Maxx \\ Undershirt: SexyModest \\ Top: The Fabric Mill \\ Cardigan: Downeast Basics \\ Necklace: Bluebird Bridal
Michelle \\ Leggings: Thrifted \\ Peplum Top: Forever21 \\ Necklace: Etsy \\ Boots: Forever Young Shoes

The Wedding & Company was created to feature the weddings that take place every day. But we don’t want to just share the most expensive and extravagant weddings. The space is all about sharing different styles, different budgets, and different ideas. You will find a variety of posts from wedding color inspiration to DIY projects, Q&A, featured weddings and engagements, and advice from wedding vendors! Vendors and brides are invited to submit weddings to be featured. We would love to hear your feedback and any suggestions on how to make this blog even better!

But to get started, let’s kick things off with a giveaway! One grand prize winner will receive a mini-session from Ashley Eliza Photography, one 8×10 wall hanging from Painted Happiness, one custom card/invitation design from Little Juniper Cards, one custom return address stamp from Love, The Skinnys, and one print from 3eleven Design(who is also our logo designer). There will also be four second place winners as well as an Instagram winner that will receive one print from 3eleven Design and one custom return address printable from Love, The Skinnys. You can enter below and on Instagram!

Fashionably Modest Linkup: Head Wear


I've been wearing this red leather and purple hat weekly, I can't get enough of these items. This outfit is made up mostly over-a-year-old items. I love digging through my closet and putting together something new. The hat is from 2007, the jacket is from 2010, the shoes and jeans are from last year, and the shirt was a recently revived item from Keena's closet saleDo you have any items that have been in your closet for years? What's your favorite item to wear this winter?

Jacket: Forever 21 \\ Hat: Forever 21 \\ Top: Target
Shoes: Forever Young \\ Jeans: Gap \\ Undershirt: SexyModest

This weeks trend is head wear. I have been wearing my purple hat on a nearly daily basis. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen it this last weekend as I froze on the third row at the BYU football game. TOTALLY worth it. Don't you love pulling out your sweaters, scarfs and hats as the weather cools? A lot of you linked up hat looks, but only one linked back! Here we have this week's trendsetter Rachel Sayumi!

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