Black Friday Jacket


Well Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday has officially begun... because technically it began yesterday when a bunch of stores opened up at 6 and 8 PM, which I think is nuts! And you know what is even more nuts? The fact that people have been camping out in front of Best Buy for weeks. Maybe other places have campers too, but BB is the only place I saw them. Did you see anyone camping out? Usually if we are in Idaho I will go to a few Black Friday deals, ya know, Idaho doesn't get too crazy. But this year, we are in California, and I would rather not be trampled. Are you heading out for some Black Friday Deals? Or are you already back from them? What was the best deal of the day?

Jacket: c/o (on sale now!)  \\ Leggings: Gap \\ Scarf: Forever 21 \\ Boots: TJ Maxx

This year we are staying home, staying in our jams, and hitting the online deals. Which I am so pumped about. Because I prefer to shop in my pajamas. Then I don't have to worry about bundling up. No jackets, no scarfs, none of it. So if you are braving the crowds and the cold I wish you luck and a warm jacket. And as Adam would say... may the odds be ever in your favor. 
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Miranda Mendoza said...

I've been looking for a jacket just like this! The hood is essential for the random rainfalls here in SoCal!

Budget Splurge Beauty said...

I LOVE That jacket! So cute!

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