The Smile Chronicles || Volume 3


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Amberly of Life with Amberly and Joe.

"There's not a lot to say about the picture. 
It had been a good productive day, the sun was shining, 
the weather was beautiful and I was having a good hair/makeup/outfit day.
 Life was just good and there was nothing to do but smile!"

“Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened.
 ― Dr. Seuss

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Love and Love


This post if brought to you by Katie Elizabeth Hawkes from Katilda
She writes so beautifully that I had to have her on my blog.

Some people can peg the exact moment when they fall in love with someone else.

It works that way for me now and again. I recognize it the minute it hits me. Other times, I don't even realize I fell into it until months later when I realize I'm having a tough time climbing out of it. Regardless of timelines, it's funny the little things that can tip a heart over the edge, whether I see it coming or not.

I once fell for a boy because he playfully touched my lip during a conversation about facial piercings. I spent a long time feeling like the imprint was going to be tattooed there forever, heavy on my mouth.

Another time, I'd call it first sight. It was a mess of mutual friends and youth and a pair of blue eyes that added extra beats to my heart and rocked me into feeling.

And then there was the one who finally reached across to the passenger side and covered my hand with his calloused palm.

And yet another time, it snuck up on me. It was a porch swing and late summer nights and a friend who ultimately wanted more than I was ever brave enough to let myself try and give.

Another story, the longest and one of the hardest, took years of my life and put dark circles under my eyes. It aged me and crumbled me and took more from me than I ever should have allowed. It taught me how to want something so wrong for you that you should not possibly want it in the first place and yet part of you thinks you'd still be unable to breathe without it. Ultimately, it left me like a severed artery and an open wound that was long-time prone to infection until a wedding band on another girl's finger finally forced me to stitch it up.

My favorite time, it was simple and sweet and like the rush of an oncoming train all at once. It gave me a place to lay my head and brought the sweet scent of steadiness and home and urged me to curl up and lose myself in it.

Love has never looked or felt just one way to me, even if I didn't always recognize it for what it was at the time. What does it look like to you?

April Showers to May Flowers. Finally.


I had plans to post this a long time ago. But then it rained. And rained. And rained. Then I went on a trip... And finally I am back home and I think the rain (and snow) has stopped! The best part of Spring? Flowers. Everything is in bloom. So today I have invited all my sponsors to tell me their favorite flowers are now! My favorites are tulips and sunflowers... but really just any flowers are beautiful and I love getting them (hint, hint to Skinny...)

My favorite flowers are peonies!  That is what my wedding bouquet was made of :) 

It is almost impossible for me to pick just one flower! I truly love any and all flowers! 
Some of my favorites would be peonies, Gerber daisies, sunflowers, 
wildflowers, roses, and calla lilies.

My favorite May flowers are pink and purple calla lilies.

My favorite May flowers are def all the fun tulips popping up everywhere. 
They just put a huge smile on my face.

I have always been in love with tulips - just recently, though, 
dahlias have been catching my eye. 
But, you know what? Between you and me? {smile} 
I love any flowers really - especially "just because" flowers!

Okay, I cannot explain to you how much I love flowers. 
My personal favorite are daisies. But just recently I went to San Diego and
 took pictures of all the beautiful flowers. The sun was shining, and sky was 
blue and the flowers were all blooming!

Tulips have always been a favorite because they're beautiful and 
so much like humans, rising and sleeping with the sun, like we do. 
Although since I became a mother last May, 
my Chelsea has become my favorite May flower.

My favorite May flowers would have to be daffodils and tulips 
because when they bloom, I know that summer is 
coming and the cold is finally over!

My favorite May flowers would have to be peonies. 
I desperately wanted them in my wedding but alas, I got married in 
November and they were out of season. So pretty! 

I'm most excited to get rid of all this boring 
white snow and to have a colorful world again. Spring, 
I welcome you with open arms and minor fist pumping. 

Now that April Showers are slowing down 
I love the daises and roses that are everywhere.
 I just can't get enough of them!

So there you have it! Tulips, daisies, calla lilies, sunflowers, and peonies to name a few. All of us are looking forward to warmer weather and flowers coming up on every street corner... or hoping to see them in (once again... hint, hint to my sweet husband) our kitchen! What are your favorite spring flowers? What do you love to see growing?




Oh Stockton.... how dear a place you now hold in my heart. It was quite the weekend, that was sadly cut short, with the baseball wives and our team. About 22 hours in the car, a few delicious meals by Madi's mom, three baseball games, and a slurpee later - here I am living to tell the tale of the #WCCRoadtrip. Epic.
Wednesday night I made Madi stay up until about midnight doing my hair. More on the hair change later. But let me tell you this... big mistake. We were zombies the next day. Our plan to leave at 6 AM quickly changes to a plan to leave at 7 AM. And then we finally got out the door at 7:30 AM - and by door I mean out of town and on the road. Siri took us a strange backroad which was incredibly bizarre and I will never listen to her again. Then finally we were on the real road and on our way to Nor-Cal. Let me tell you this, the things girls can thing of to talk about in the car are entertaining... over the 22 hours in the car we talked about everything from kitchen appliances and midgets to baby names and worst dates. Driving, driving, driving - a tank or two of gas and then we are finally at the Hoag's! Madi's mom had a room for each of us and a homecooked dinner all ready for our arrival. A quick break, some delicious food, and back in the car to head to game 1 for BYU. After a lot of cheering it was a heart breaker. We lost 9-8 in the 10th inning and entered the loser's bracket. Back to the car for an hour drive back to Roseville.

After a good night's rest - seriously so good that we all slept through a minor earthquake - we woke up to donuts. Then getting ready and back to Stockton for more baseball. First game against Gonzaga was a huge success.... meaning we won. And we knocked out the number one seed. And we were still in it! Oh... and I got asked slash was persuaded by my cohorts to sing "Take Me Out" during the 7th inning stretch. Obvs I was so down for the cause and also... don't you worry. Here is a video of it!
A win under out belts. Some time with our husbands in between games. A little Popeye's chicken. Then back to the field. Adam was pitching this game! He did so great. A game full of fast balls and sliders with a few change ups mixed in. Everytime he went on the field we yelled, "It's MILLER TIME!" And I am fairly sure, we all lost our voices that game. But at the end of it... Sadly... it was a loss this time. And we were eliminated. And just like that... the season ended. But also our fingers were crossed for a regional (which also didn't happen.. so the season really is done) and we were back to the hotel to figure out flight plans.
The next morning our husbands would head out at 5 AM. Madi's husband got to stay since his family was there so the other wives and I decided to rent a car, per our husbands request, and head back a day earlier than planned. They said it was worth it to spend more money if we were home with them. So we stayed up until about 4 AM. Went to bed. Got up at about 8:30 AM. And hit the road for Utah. Proud of our guys. So happy for a wonderful season. And even more happy to spend time with three wonderful woman becoming closer than before. All that plus a big black guy asking if he could come where we were going, a story about the mafia, and lots of laughs between four baseball wives. See why Scary Stockton has a special place now? Good memories and great people.


Memorial Day


2012 Figures Show Marriage on the Rise


It's understandable that, in general, marriage rates have declined over the past century. As a society, we've become more secular, more independent, and gender equality has skyrocketed, meaning that the expectation for women in particular to be married has all but disappeared. Additionally, the stigma of divorce has fallen away, meaning it's more acceptable for a person wishing to leave their marriage, for whatever reason, to do so.

Nevertheless, marriage remains a steadfast and sacred cultural and personal cornerstone of British life, and according to recent figures, the last five years in particular have seen marriage rates take an unprecedented jump. 

In Scotland, marriage rates have been on the rise for the last three years consecutively, with 2012's figure increasing 4.8% from 2011's, tallying 30,534 unions in total. According to the Office for National Statistics, a similar story is evident in England and Wales; in 2010, marriage rates rose by 3.7%, with men in their forties in particular marrying much more frequently.

Expert psychologists suggest various reasons for the recent surge in figures. One, naturally, is the change in economic circumstances the whole country has faced in recent years. Since the nation has fallen into recession, the uncertainty faced by many British people has encouraged them to join incomes, and rely on the shared financial stability as jobs become fragile and the cost of living increases.

But beyond the simple financial motivation, psychologists suggest that a rise in marriages comes from our simple, human need for companionship and emotional security in times of uncertainty. Economic instability encourages us to re-evaluate our priorities, and trust and closeness with a partner frequently comes out on top. 

Alongside this, it cannot be denied that wedding spreads in celebrity magazines encourage a particular type of yearning, and the combination of the traditional romantic security of marriage and the lure of your own special day is more than enough to cause this bump in figures. We'd all better keep an eye out for potential wedding gifts and mother of the bride outfits if the trend continues!

The Smile Chronicles || Vol. 2


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Elaine of Clothed Much with her adorable new baby, Grey.

And how could you not be smiling with that baby in your arms?

“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy
—it's all that matters.” ― Audrey Hepburn

Want to be a part of The Smile Chronicles? Print your own poster, take a photo with it, and send it to with your name and a description of the photo. Go ahead and get creative with your photo. Only rule? Whoever is in the photo is holding the sign and SMILING!

*Disclaimer: The Smile Chronicles is trademarked by Deidre Miller of Love, The Skinnys. It is not allowed to be duplicated or copied in any type or form by any person, group, blog, or business. Legal action will be taken.*

Stay Gold, Autumn || Guest Post


Today I am so excited to have Miss Autumn here on the blog. I knew her before all the blogging craziness started to happen. I appreciate her for her optimism and her gratitude every single day. She is a hard working and confident woman - and I feel like those are two very important qualities. So let's not wait, get to know Autumn!
1. Where did your blog title come from?
I've always related a little bit to the book The Outsiders, I love Robert Frost, I love fall, and I happen to really love a Get Up Kids song called Stay Gold, Ponyboy. I also loved how punny it was with my name being Autumn.

2. What do you want to be when you grow up?
A teacher. On most days, I still want to be a teacher when I come home.

3. If you could have any superhero power what would it be?
Remove unnecessary worries out of my life!

4. Chocolate of vanilla?
Either, if it is in a cheesecake!

5. What one song describes your life?
I really love the song All About Your Heart by Mindy Gledhill..and also Dream by Priscilla Ahn. Wait, that was totally two!

6. Do you have any special skills?
I teach middle schoolers...and I like them.

7. Favorite pastime with your husband and by yourself?
I'm learning how to play the ukulele right now. My husband and I love trying out different ethnic restaurants and going on road trips- our longest road trip was a month long and we didn't even have a place to live.

8. Biggest accomplishment?
Getting married and staying married. I love being married, but it would be so much easier to be selfish and not have to use good communication skills. Fact.

9. Quote to live by?
"Be sweet." It is what my Dad used to tell me everyday when I left the house. For me, it meant more than "be good." Sometimes being nice is incredibly hard.

10. Any last words?
I met Deidre at BYU through one of my best friends from home. We were working on his BYU Student Association campaign. Fun memories!
She is a doll, right? I remember when I met her. I was the campaign manger for my friend James and she was one of the most supportive people - coming almost daily to work in the wind, even when the campaign was... a mess, for lack of a better word. I wasn't a very good campaign manager. She is a wonderful individual and I am honored to call her a friend.


One. Two. Tap.


Remember when I used to compete in pageants? Remember how my talent was tap dancing? And remember how a bunch of you asked to see a video. Well. Out of the depth I found one! Not a very good one. But a video none the less. Last year as I was preparing for Miss Idaho my work was VERY supportive. They bought an ad for the competition book, they put up a countdown to Miss Idaho, some of the ladies would go work out with me, and a few even drove up to Idaho to watch! What does all that have to do with the video? I'm getting there... To help me prepare they also held weekly mock interviews with me and had me perform my talent.... so here comes the video!

It doesn't quite do my talent justice... small space. Carpet. About 50 people staring at me. Also... I didn't stretch. But. At least your sort of get my tapping capabilities. In the real performance I didn't fall out of my turns and I made a lot of weird faces to show the judges I was excited. 
See what I mean? I did however have to restart my talent on finals night because my music stopped dead in the middle. At least I hadn't pulled out my sticks yet... that could have been awkward. But there you have it. My tap dance. And hopefully now I can have all your love and support for the Miss Idaho system and my future attempt to convince Adam to let me run in a Mrs. pageant maybs? Actually maybe not. But maybe seriously I will because I am addicted to pageants. Don't scoff. Got any Miss America questions? Shoot them my way.


Who goes to Stockton?


For the last three weeks my nights end with Adam looking up the West Coast Conference tournament standing and him naming off every scenario that needed to happen.... "If we win two game in each series and they sweep they will go, but if they only win five then we go..." or "if they win one, and the other team wins two, and we win 5 games then we will go." But go where? Go straight to the WCC Conference Tournament. This year marks the VERY first West Coast Conference baseball tournament and only the top 4 teams go. And guess what happened this weekend? BYU cinched the final spot! They did more than win the two games they needed. They SWEPT the series. They won the first two games, which made a real good situation for Adam. No pressure and just a nice day for him. And then Saturday Adam got his first win of the season. I am so proud of that husband of mine.
It was a great way to end the regular season and a perfect scenario for the final home series! So who is goes to Stockton? BYU Baseball. Oh. And this girl!! I am so excited to head down and watch my husband and his team kick some boootay - that are on a hot streak. And if they do well this weekend they could end up at regional. I am excited for the next few weeks of baseball!


The Bachelorette || Des is Back


All you die-hard bachelor fans are counting days. One one week. Only 7 days. Only 168 hours (give or take) until the first rose ceremony of The Bachelorette. And who is the bachelorette this year?
None other than Miss Desiree, last season's sweetheart. We all know her as the optimistic, fun-loving bridal consultant with the psycho brother. She was one of Adam's favorites - he picked her from day number one (but then again... he also picked Tierra and we all know how that turned out). She captured America's heart, now who are the men who will be competing for her love? Well... let me introduce them. With a little commentary added by yours truly, Adam, Madison, and Drew....

Ben - Age: 28 - Occupation: Entrepreneur 
Opinion: He looks somewhat normal actually. We will call him the normal one. But those are always the ones you've got to watch out for. Maybe a fighter? Maybe a crier? We will see how he turns up in the show.

Brad - Age: 27 - Occupation: Accountant/DJ
Opinion: Teeth whitener much? Teeth whitener much? Teeth whitener much? Hey guy, nice make up. (that all came from the guys) But in all seriousness - he looks like a dark skin - dark hair version of Sean. He will be in there for awhile. 

Brandon - Age: 28 - Occupation: Painting Contractor
Opinion: Where is the bleach for that spiked hair guy?! Wild. Card.

Brian - Age: 29 - Occupation: Financial advisor
Opinion: Financial consultant with a great personality... but we are thinking she will get bored.
 Give Des some danger!

Brooks - Age: 28 - Occupation: Sales and Marketing
Opinion: Do you know Jef? Are you, like, with people water? Utah loves you. 
And by Utah I mean ever single LDS girl. Come to Provo.

Bryden - Age: 26 - Occupation: Iraq War Veteran
Opinion: That's the werewolf. Russian werewolf. With a kindergarten hairdo. But also. 
We think Des will love his American pride - who doesn't love a hero? 
War veteran looks good on him and we thank him for all his work.

Chris - Age: 27 - Occupation: Mortgage Broker
Opinion: Send this guy to silicon valley. Mostly because he needs a littttle tan.

Dan - Age: 30 - Occupation: Beverage Sales Director
Opinion: Whooooa. I think he ate too many carrots. Dan the tan man.
If he toned down the tan he would be a real looker

Diogo - Age: 29 - Occupation: Marketing Manager
Opinion: Did you just shave your chest? And where is your gold chain? 
That shirt needs a gold chain to complete the look.

Drew - Age: 27 - Occupation: Digital Marketing Analyst
Opinion: This guy belongs in Provo. He looks a little like Captain America. His boyish grin will get him a rose or five - lets hope his personality matches.

James - Age: 27 - Occupation: Sales
Opinion: Kardishian's long lost family? Eyebrows a little too clean cut. 
His skin looks as smooth as a baby's bottom.

Jonathan - Age: 26 - Occupation: Attorney
Opinion: He looks normal... we are drawing a blank on this. Actually. 
He sort of looks like Calen. Please be the villain!? 

Jaun Pablo - Age: 31 - Occupation: Former Pro Soccer Player
Opinion: Or as we like to call him... Harry Larry. Shave that neard brother. And we are wondering where that v neck goes down to. He will be the Graham of this season.

Kasey - Age: 29 - Occupation: Advertising Executive
Opinion: What is he sitting on? Looks like he just got his pants lit on fire. 
He look like the funny and possibly loud guy.

Larry - Age: 31 - Occupation: ER Doctor
Opinion: We guess he is okay. Doctor guy. Looks pretty smart. Also... looks nice. 
We don't picture him being the rich snotty guy - but the rich nice guy that is super chill.

Micah - Age: 32 - Occupation: Law Student
Opinion: He looks like a nice guy. We think either too nice and we wont even hear from him or 
so nice that she just cant help but keep him around.

Michael G. - Age: 33 - Occupation: Federal Prosecutor
Opinion: Sweet Bro. I want to know what pre-workout he takes. 
Des likes the muscles, you get a rose.

Mike R. - Age: 27 - Occupation: Dental Student/Model
Opinion: "Do I have something in my teeth?" But... dental student slash model from London? 
She'll go for that.

Mikey T. - Age: 30 - Occupation: Plumbing Contractor
Opinion: G.T.L. That about sums it up... 

Nick M. - Age: 27 - Occupation: Investment Advisor
Opinion: He looks sincere... and like someone peer pressured him to un-button those 
top buttons of his shirt. We think he will stay around - the handsome good guy.

Nick R. - Age: 26 - Occupation: Tailor/Magician
Opinion: Buddy? Buddy from Cake Boss? Maybe he would make some good pasta? We don't know. Looks like a guy that will stay through the first round or two without much airtime.
Also... his limo appearance will be awesome. We are sensing a trick of some sorts.

Robert - Age: 30 - Advertising Entrepreneur
Opinion: Wait... they let 12 year olds on the show now!? At least he will always look young for Miss Des. Bonuses. To be honest. He looks like the Biebs in his twenties. But I wouldnt have guessed 30.

Will - Age: 28 - Occupation: Banker
Opinion: I feel bad for him, but he has a 5 head. And we can't really get pass that. 
Looking forward to meeting him on the show.

Zack K. - Age: 28 - Occupation: Book Publisher
Opinion: A book publisher? That's different and will probably keep him in there for a little. Looks normal. Not too many buttons undone on the shirt... we appreciate a one button undone guy. 

Zak W. - Age: 31 - Occupation: Drilling Fluid Engineer
Opinion: This must have been snapped right before he fell out of his chair. 
He looks happy-go-lucky. We like it.

And there you have it folks. There seems to be a lot of people that deal with money (investment, broker, banker) and, as always, lots of marketing and entrepreneurship.  Obvs all of our comments are based mostly on looks with a little of opinion on their jobs and whatnot... heck, we don't even know the guys. But anyone can judge a book by the cover. We mean no serious offense to the guys putting their heart on the line.
  • Who are your favorites this season?
  • Have you read any spoilers? [DON'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!]
  • Are you excited to see Des as the Bachelorette?
We (even if the boys won't admit it) are excited to start the season off right and get to know these guys for whatever ABC portrays them as. Look forward to more opinions on ABC's The Bachelor[ette], right here!

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