Dear Disneyland,

Sometimes I forget you really are the happiest place on earth. Words cannot describe what I am feeling... so pictures it is.

so excited to go to Disneyland.

Tribute to Michael Jackson. Captain EO. Welcome back.

Soarin' over California is a two-times a day ride.

Why yes Minnie's house, I would love some treats.

Toon town jail.

Tower of Terror, aka TOT, was the most popular ride because it never had a line. The longest we ever waited to get on was 13 minutes. Therefore, we rode it 11 times.

Bug's life. Scary. End.

In line for some ride after some running around.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Thank you very much.

Space Mountain.

More Bug's life, they made me go twwwwiceee. Kill.

This picture was taken after running through two parks to beat the ride rush following the evening shows. "We just ran through TWO AMUSEMENT PARKS!"

"Sad. Bye."

Disneyland, you make me happy. And I will be coming back soon.



Dear EFY,

You are true. I believe that with all of my heart. This summer has been amazing. I was nervous at first to be working again. I needed to remember how to connect with the youth, I needed to brush up on my teaching skills, and I needed to become more social so I could make friends with the counselors. Even though I worked last summer I felt like this was something new and foreign. One year away from EFY can change a lot. After the first week I finally got back into my groove. After three works on the red team, two weeks on the yellow team, and one week in Twin Falls working a stay at home session I have seen more changes in myself and more miracles than I could have ever hoped for. This has been a summer for the books. Thank you to all my co counselors that helped me see my divine potential, that helped me perfect my teaching, and that helped me work on my quirks to become a better person. I appreciate all the lessons I learned from every co through the good times and the bad times. To all the youth, you are amazing. I am always impressed and amazed with how strong you are. If I was that dedicated at your age I would be a different woman today, I am truly impressed with your knowledge of the gospel and your dedication to BE the gospel. Thank you for letting me teach you and in turn teaching me more than I could have ever hoped for. Every single group was a blessing. EFY is true.



Dear Downtown,

Thank you for providing the background to my day.


Dear Twin Falls,

I am home! Here with just Nicole until all the other kids get into town and then EFY. I took Nicole on a grand tour. Here we go.

Yep. That is right. Welcome to Idaho.

Shoshone Falls.

The Snake River.

Joyride in Mama's new car.

We are having a good time. But it will be one million times better when all people EFY come in about three hours. Happy day, all is well.




Thank you,

Dear Flesh and Bones,

My last week of Provo EFY for the summer could not have been more ideal. I loved every second of it. Starting with a great co, Jared Anderson, getting eight wonderful girls placed into my group, getting ten crazy boys, and then adding five more. As the end of the week rolled around I feel like we accomplished every goal set on Monday night. Passing off the theme scripture, Joshua 1:9, "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.", praying for each other in the company, looking for the Lord's hand in our lives, learning everyone's name, meeting two new people a day, drinking lots of water, and winning the cheer off... (I feel like our company won because of the amusement it brought Jared and I).  My group was so loving and really accomplished the biggest goal of becoming a Zion-like company, which I am so grateful for. I have so many good memories from this week. Most coming from cheer night and pizza night. Wednesday was a good day. All of the testimonies touched my heart and have helped me strengthen mine. I feel so lucky to have been placed with such a strong group of youth. Each participant brought a different strength to make Flesh and Bones the best company in the Yellow 11 session. I will never forget our daily affirmations, our prayer bag, our funny jokes, and our "permanently disrupted speech patterns".  I can't believe EFY in Provo is over; this summer went by really fast. It couldn't have ended any better though. I met some amazing people and I loved every day.

Love. Love. Love,


P.S. The super crew was bomb as well. Super crew. Super Crew. Super Crew. McKay, Nicole, and Jared... we win.
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