Dear Disneyland,

Sometimes I forget you really are the happiest place on earth. Words cannot describe what I am feeling... so pictures it is.

so excited to go to Disneyland.

Tribute to Michael Jackson. Captain EO. Welcome back.

Soarin' over California is a two-times a day ride.

Why yes Minnie's house, I would love some treats.

Toon town jail.

Tower of Terror, aka TOT, was the most popular ride because it never had a line. The longest we ever waited to get on was 13 minutes. Therefore, we rode it 11 times.

Bug's life. Scary. End.

In line for some ride after some running around.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Thank you very much.

Space Mountain.

More Bug's life, they made me go twwwwiceee. Kill.

This picture was taken after running through two parks to beat the ride rush following the evening shows. "We just ran through TWO AMUSEMENT PARKS!"

"Sad. Bye."

Disneyland, you make me happy. And I will be coming back soon.

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