Dear EFY,

You are true. I believe that with all of my heart. This summer has been amazing. I was nervous at first to be working again. I needed to remember how to connect with the youth, I needed to brush up on my teaching skills, and I needed to become more social so I could make friends with the counselors. Even though I worked last summer I felt like this was something new and foreign. One year away from EFY can change a lot. After the first week I finally got back into my groove. After three works on the red team, two weeks on the yellow team, and one week in Twin Falls working a stay at home session I have seen more changes in myself and more miracles than I could have ever hoped for. This has been a summer for the books. Thank you to all my co counselors that helped me see my divine potential, that helped me perfect my teaching, and that helped me work on my quirks to become a better person. I appreciate all the lessons I learned from every co through the good times and the bad times. To all the youth, you are amazing. I am always impressed and amazed with how strong you are. If I was that dedicated at your age I would be a different woman today, I am truly impressed with your knowledge of the gospel and your dedication to BE the gospel. Thank you for letting me teach you and in turn teaching me more than I could have ever hoped for. Every single group was a blessing. EFY is true.


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