Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 53.


"Within the last five months I became a stay-at-home mom and my style has changed significantly. Before that, I was working or in school, so every day I was putting on makeup, doing my hair, and getting dressed up (dressed to impress!). Now, five out of seven days of the week I'm at home in pajamas all day, with no makeup, and hair in a ponytail. I'm a simple girl, not a fashion guru. The great thing about this is that I don't think about myself and my style much on those days, so when the other couple days come along and it's time to get dressed up, it makes me feel really beautiful and special. I love watching my face transform as I define my features with makeup. Remembering what my body looks like in high heels, skinny jeans and a flattering top brings a smile to my face.
My journey to self-love really took deep root in the last two years after reading a fantastic book. Since then, my self-esteem has been sky high and I love who I am and how I look, including my flaws. I have weird feet, pale skin, fine hair, and my ears stick out- but I don't so much care. It's me, and when I pick out a cute trendy outfit and get dressed up, I feel like a million bucks. I guess I feel entitled to feeling good about myself because I spent so many years feeling insecure about my looks and weight. Now that the insecurity is gone, I have no problem feeling really good about how I look on any given day. I think confidence is an accessory, and I hope it's one I always carry with me.
I consider myself a girl that understands fashion trends and usually I like them or at least appreciate them, but I don't always have the chance to wear the trends. My style is very simple. If that couldn't be more clear in the picture, let me explain. Too much attention makes me feel uncomfortable and more insecure, so I wear very understated makeup (primer, concealer, eyeliner, mascara- and that's it). When I wear a lot of makeup, I don't feel more beautiful, I feel more hidden. Not everyone feels that way, and I actually love the way a lot of makeup looks, but I have never been able to pull it off and still feel like Merilee (I still watch dozens of youtube tutorials, though. They're so much fun!). It's the same with my clothing. Neutrals, jeans, boots, and I'm in my comfort zone. When I wear something too trendy, big, colorful, or obvious, I feel like I'm wearing a sign that says "Look at me! Look at me!" and I don't feel like myself! I love the way those things look, but it just isn't my personality I guess. To those girls who do dress that way, I say keep doing your thing because you brighten up the world! I pull of my simple style by choosing pieces that are a good brand and high quality. I prefer real leather, real wool, etc. I always say "quality over quantity." That's me when it comes to my closet. The jewelry I wear consists of my wedding ring, small dainty necklaces, and some matching earrings- usually stud earrings. I struggle to pull off anything else! Dressing simple makes me feel like I'm cute, understated, and natural. I know I'll always be this way.
If I were to give someone advice on wardrobe and dressing, I would suggest quality over quantity. It's my motto and I think it adds sophistication and simplicity to a wardrobe. Whatever you do, be you! Everyone deserves to love the way they look, love the clothes that show off who they are, and love the body that wears them. Happy dressing!"
- Merilee from Derek and Merilee
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How We Wore It: Moiology


You might remember awhile back when I teamed up with a group of lovely bloggers to bring you a how we wore it post. Well guess what? I am at it again. Let me give you a little refresher on how this works. All of us were given the same "inspiration outfit" and we were asked to create our own take on it once we let our creative juices flow. Any outfit can be inspired by the colors, the patterns, the pieces, or the textures is fine. So our how we wore it is coming from the inspiration side – with things we already have! Because not many people have the luxury to just go buy a new outfit based on what they see on Pinterest, so you have to work with what you have. First up is the look we used for our inspiration.

Okay. So let me tell you what I thought when I saw this photo. First things first, I loved the color scheme. One of my favorite tees in my closet has that same sort of vibe, so I knew that would be my starting point. From there I paired it with a cardigan because I am more of a cardigan over than a full on sweater person. I paired it with my favorite skinnies, my silver pumps which have been a go to lately, and tied off the look with sunglasses and a bag.

I was especially to see Sasha's look with sunglasses - because I have never been awesome at including them in my day to day or my looks. So I was going to make an effort with that accessory this round. Because I have been making a huge effort to wear them more on a day to day basis. And my Blenders Eyewear have been the perfect place to start.

Top: Gap
Cardigan: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Sunglasses: Blenders Eyewear c/o
Bag: LDS Distribution Center
Heels: Scarpetta c/o

Now that you have taken my take on the look make sure you see what my friends came up with! And let me tell ya, it is a heck of a list. You can check them out here - Brooke at Silver Lining - Brielle at Ready or Not - Laura at Sincerely, Laura - Brooklyn at A Little Too Jolley - Jana at Life Could Be A Dream - Ashley at Absolutely Ashley - Megan at And Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson - Bonnie at The Life of Bon - Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday - Bri at Breezy Days - Alexa at He and I.

Leather Jacket


I am not much of a jacket person, most days I try to stay away from them. When Adam and I are running out the door for something I always think to myself, " Do I need a jacket?" And generally... the answer is no. Not because it is always perfect weather, but because I would rather be cold for a few seconds than have to worry about taking off, putting on, and keeping track of one more thing. I tend to forget things and lose track of things, and I would rather not forget a jacket at a restaurant. But lately I have become a leather jacket lover and always opt in for a jacket.

Jacket: Pink Blush c/o
Top: Pink Blush c/o
Pants: Pink Blush c/o
Necklace: Pink Blush c/o
Shoes: Famous Footwear

I love a leather jacket because it is light enough that I don't feel the need to take it off going from place to place, and it always ties in a style to my ensemble, rather than adding a a jacket. This one is great because it is a cropped leather jacket and so I can throw it on over dresses or with jeans without making it look like too much. Do you have any jackets you love? What is your go to heading out the door item?

Bachelor Season 19: Episode 8


Can you believe it has been a whole week since the back to back Bachelor special? Sunday night brought us all the drama cliffhangers and Monday night wrapped it up in a perfect little bow. Then of course, the hometown dates! We cannot forget those. But if you somehow missed all the epicness feel free to catch up on Sunday's episode here. And I am going to dive right in to all that was Monday's hometown visits right now. Just to get you all prepared for the final three and fantasy sweet dates tonight.
The episode started with his final date from the previous week, a special thanks to Britt and her meltdown for screwing up all the rose ceremony and one on one date order of the show. And all I can think is Becca always looks so good, best style on the show for sure. I adore her. The date is just normal and quick because everyone is still wondering what is going on with Britt. And right as you are starting to wonder if cuts to the hotel where Britt says she has packed her stuff and is ready to leave. But maybe not. But probably. Because she aint nobodies #2. But also.... maybe she will stay? And Carly calls her out. Then Host Chris comes to let them know that there is no cocktail party. Just a rose ceremony. So prepare for your doom. Thanks.
Rose ceremony time. All the girls walk in. Best dressed is Becca, as always. And right as Farmer Chris is about to start Britt asks for a few minutes and they step into a side room. And all my love for Britt is slipping away right in front of me as she apologizes for being crazy and acts like she wasn't just talking about leaving. And then Chris says what everyone thought, "That isn't what I am looking for in my wife." Kisses her bye. And she goes and has a serious meltdown in the front lawn. I also think her actions these last couple episode lost her the chance of being Bachelorette. Anyone agree? And while Britt is on the front lawn bawling Carly is telling the cameras she likes seeing Britt squirm and she is happy and so on, and I am thinking, "Oh Carly. Jealously is not pretty on you." But I still like Carly and I have been the jealous girl before so I get it.
Chris goes back to the rose ceremony and awards Whitney, Becca, and Playboy Jade with roses. Kaitlyn already has one. And so that means Carly must go. And she is so sad talking about how no one ever wants her and it was really heart breaking. To the point where Adam felt the need to say, "I wish she wouldn't say that about herself! That is sad." And it was sad. Because she is a good girl. Not my fave but a good girl. And she would make a great Bachelorette. Next up. Hometowns.
Becca first. Basically what we learn is Becca is still a virgin and has really never even had a boyfriend. Her sister acts like she is the mom. And she questions how Becca is going to handle the fantasy sweet. And then once all the family grilling is done Chris takes Becca to the fair and the ferris wheel for a private ride which is so darling. And I love them.
Next up, Whitney. Whom I also adore. And right off the bat she offers to Chris, "Let's go make a baby!" But really she is just taking him to her work to show how all the insemination and everything works. She also tricks Chris asking for a sperm sample in the porn room. So funny. So awkward. And I was worried that he would be sitting in there and find Jade in one of those magazines, lucky for all of us he didn't actually have to do anything. Chris and Whit head to her family and before they go in Chris asks who to ask for marriage since her parents are both gone. And she says her sister. And as the night progresses she realizes what a huge mistake that is because her sister is a beezy and wont offer any real support.
Kaitlyn's turn. Welcome to Canada. She meets him by a dumpster as payback for taking her to Costco. Which I think is lame because I really love Costco. They go and record a rap single and Chris is nearly as bad as rapping as he is at singing. Very promising. The family was all very nice and chill, and instantly you realize just where Miss Kaitlyn came from. And I still like her more every day. But if she doesn't win she better be the next Bachelorette because she is seriously hilarious and would make for a great show that would have to be very filtered.
And the last hometown goes to Jade. Basically anything that happened in this date is overshadowed with the whole family trying to warn Chris about how wild Jade is. A free spirit, a wild mustang... and Chris finds out as Jade takes him back to her place, tells him she posed for Playboy, and then continues to show him the photos. And Chris is a sweet guy trying to make her feel good but letting her show them, but is also bugs because he validates everything she did. But he lets her know her past is her past, and I appreciate someone that can stand by that motto.
Now it is time for the rose ceremony. I don't remember what the order is for the roses, but what ends up is Jade does not get a rose. Which is so sad because she was so nervous to tell him about Playboy and he says it doesnt matter and then sends her home. But at the end of the day their relationship really wasn't as strong as the others. And he lets her know it really comes down to that. I am very pleased with his final three women - they have all been in my tops and rarely does it happen where I would be happy if he picked any of them. Tonight is fantasy suites and I am pumped for the drama. What do you think of Chris' top three ladies? Do you think anything could have gone better at hometowns?

Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 52.


"I’ve been overweight for most of my life, since I was 11 actually. I was a super skinny, active kid but after we moved to Idaho I started growing like crazy, up and out! I went up two pant sizes in one summer. By the time I hit 6th grade my parents stopped being able to deny that it was just a growth spurt… so we went to the doctor. My cholesterol was so high that a grown man would have been in a coma, and my thyroid levels were off the charts, in the worst way possible… my thyroid had basically stopped working. Many of you may already know this but your thyroid controls your metabolism. So when I ate my food would just sit there rather than become energy. I will have to take medication to simulate my thyroid’s job for the rest of my life, but I haven’t ever completely recovered. A big part of that is my fault and for a long time I beat myself up about that… I had some seriously low self-esteem most of my adolescence … I played it off well enough, but it was always there, ruining my family relationships one day at a time.
It wasn’t until my mission for my church that I really began to see myself through different eyes. I learned to love myself and to appreciate what I had. I’m not saying that I don’t have some things to change, I should really cut out all fast food, and get off my butt every now and then, but I’m in a place where I love myself, extra pounds and all! Part of that is that I’ve learned a few things; I know how to dress for my body… It’s all about extenuating what the good Lord gave and working around what McDonalds gave… I have great legs, curtsey of my Dad, so I don’t hide them! I’m tall, I’m curvy, and I have some pretty awesome eyes, as my mom likes to point out (you know, my mommy says I’m special and all that) so I focus on those traits! My belly is less than gorgeous so I feel most comfortable in flowy tops, that hang long. I like to wear leggings, partly because it feels like I’m wearing pajamas, and partly because they extenuate my shapely calves…  I like to experiment with makeup too, I feel beautiful when I’m wearing a bright lip or my eye color really pops that day! I also love when I have a good on-point red nail!
Fashion is about making yourself feel comfortable with who you are, not who someone else says you should be. Really fashionable people dress for themselves and no one else. Fashion is more than just the clothing you put on your body, it’s the bounce you have in your step, it’s the smile on your face, it’s the way you belt “Let it Go” in your car at 1am after a particularly fun night with a friend you haven’t seen in ages! So you see my friends, fashion fits everyone because it’s a state of mind, not a size in the store! Love yourself enough to believe that, and everyone around you will too."
- Samantha from Jokes & Diet Cokes
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Bachelor Season 19: Episode 7


Back to back Bachelor?! SAY WHAT?! Did you guys miss The Bachelor last night because you were watching SNL? I do. Not. Blame. You. But if that is the case, then I have you covered with last night's episode to get your geared up for tonight's double night doozy right now. There is also a chance to get caught up on all that was last week's episode with its drama. So make sure you relive that with all of us.
First thing first. Host Chris talking to Kelsey and Farmer Chris. Pretty boring. Kelsey still thinks she is right and Farmer Chris admits he knows nothing about women. Thank you for that. Then Host Chris talks to Andi and it is the saddest thing I have ever seen. She is so heart broken and I just want to shake Josh and say MARRY HER SHE ROCKS! Still love her. Wish her the best.
Cocktail party and rose ceremony from last week because they are LOVING mixing things up and now all rose ceremonies fall at the beginning of the episode. Boo. It is a quick one. They all sit down to chat and Carly and Kaitlyn praise his choices and tell him they are proud of him. Is her your dog or child now? Since when do his choices need your validation? Megan pulls him aside to chat. She asks where he stands and she gets sent home right then. Why make her wait? But Host Chris announces one more woman must go. So he steps into another room with Farmer Chris and as soon as they leave the room Prince Farming to the rescue. He is not ready to eliminate any of the ladies so they are all safe for one more week. The girls are happy. Especially because they are headed to IOWA! And in mind I am thinking, "Womp, womp, womp..."
Jade gets the first one on one date. She gets to go hang out in Chris' hometown. Like a pre hometown, hometown. Which she learns he has a Bachelor farm, that there are no restaurants in his town, and that on Friday nights the whole town goes to the football game. Friday night lights at it's finest. My husband couldn't get over the football players in the marching band with their pads on... but when a town is that small everyone has duel roles and responsibilities. Jade meets Chris' family and they kiss on the field while everyone chants "KISS CHRIS!" She gets a rose and heads home to tell the tale. Side note: This happens later in the episode but I need to share it here. What she doesn't tell Chris on her date while they talk about her rebel side is that she posed nude for Playboy.... she tells Carly later to talk it out. And Carly gets all wide eyed. What if someone already googled Jade? Can't wait to see Chris' reaction tonight.
The next solo date is for Whitney. She is growing on me a ton and her voice is only semi annoying now. They spent the day in Des Moines capturing their love story on film. After that they head out for dinner and the streets were lined with pedestrian paparazzi. As they are sitting there some guests show up. All of Farmer Chris' BFF decide to join the party and grill the girl. But she is cool under pressure and wows them all. Me included. Then the besties are kicked out and Whitney gets a surprise. Chris takes her to the side of the building only to find a mural of one of their photos painted. So romantic. So perfect. I die.
Meanwhile back at the house the girls decide to take a roadtrip to Chris' tiny town. They drive 2 hours for 20 minutes in this place. Everything is closed. It is an hour to the closest anything. They find some locals and chat for a few minutes. I can't help but laugh as they all walk around town in their crop tops and trendy clothes with bright lips. They are all in some sort of shock about how tiny tiny it is. Once they get back to the hotel they talk to Jade about it - apparently in the tiny town Britt says that she could never live there but she tells Jade that and then as they drive away she sees a sunset and remembers why she would be there and now she loves it. Carly goes on a rampage. Carly is cool but I also can't love her because she seems hellbent on breaking Britt. A little obsessively jealous.
The group date card comes. It is Britt, Kaitlyn, and Carly on the date. Enter Carly's obsessive rampage where she draws a puppet of Britt on her hand to talk about how she will be beat by Carly. I am getting creeped out. Does Carly have a voodoo doll under her pillow with Britt's falsies attached to it? Watch out Britt. The group date is an ice skating something. After some skating, some hockey, and some falling they all take their Chris turns. Britt first. She tells him about the roadtrip and they kiss lots. Carly next. She tells him that she is worried for Chris' because Britt is a liar... valuable use of time, my dear. Off to the evening drinks.
The girls get all snazzied up and they meet Chris for cocktails. First up with one on one? Britt. In which Chris tries to break Britt based on Carly's crazy freakout at the rink. But either Britt is a really good liar or Carly exaggerated. Who knows? Not me. Chris is still digging Britt. She tells him how bad she wants him to meet her family and all that. Next up, Kaitlyn. Who I have learned to love. She talks about how she feels like she is falling behind and how she really likes him and all that jazz. Chris validates her with the rose. And this is where I really like her because as she accepts it I see a side of her that is brand new, so humbled. When they head back to the group... awkward.
Basically Britt decide to process the fact that she didn't get the rose for once out loud. Making all feel awkward. It just keeps coming and coming to the point where Chris just leaves. After that Carly is offended and Kaitlyn is hurt. Because basically Britt said she shouldn't be 2nd 3rd or 4th and why didn't she get the rose? Awk. A little different side of Britt than we are used to seeing... definitely not the fun loving girl that nearly everyone (besides Carly) loved. Back at the hotel we don't see Britt, sure she is crying somewhere. But we do see all the girls talking about how bad of a blow up it was. And that she screwed herself and she will be going home. Carly is loving every second, in which her jealous rage comes out again. She says it was better than she could have imagined and that Britt just showed her true colors. Get over it C dog. I, personally, don't think it was that bad - but I do think it was unfortunate to watch and probably wasn't the best move.
Britt is now crying somewhere questioning if this is how she would feel why all the girls talk crap about her. And Chris is wondering how little he actually knows about the female brain. And that is where we leave it going into tonight's episode.

Bachelor Season 19: Episode 6


Welcome back to another week of Bachelor in the Field of Love, a recap. Just getting you ready for tonight's episode with a recap of last week. And all the recaps before that if you have missed a few. Don't worry, I have you covered. But mostly I have just been gearing up for tonight's episode which is sure to be a real doozy because the girls are introduced to Iowa. And as my husband says every week when the girls say they want to go there with Chris, "NO ONE WANTS TO GO TO IOWA!" And I think tonight we will find out just how true that is. But first let's prep you for what has happened already.
We start the whole shebang with a rose ceremony. I know, it is pretty weird that the episode starts with a rose ceremony... but that is what has to happen because last episode ended with Kelsey breaking her hip. So scratch that. We don't start with a rose ceremony. We start with Kelsey on the bathroom floor. With lots of tears, an oxygen mask on her face, a comment about she better get a rose, and a request to see Chris when no one else gets to. And after the cries to Chris and says how she is worried talking about her dead husband would scare him away she jumps up and basically dances back to the ladies waiting on the couch. And she laughs a lot and talks about brownies. I don't know, it was all a blur.
NOW it is time for the rose ceremony. Basically it went like this... no surprise, no surprise, no surprise, and so on until it got to Alien lover, Samantha, KardAshley and Kelsey. And while I didn't feel like Samantha would make it I was really hoping she would over one of those crazies. ABut alas, nope. KardAshley and Kelsey walk away with the last two of the evening. It was only a matter of time before Mackenzie got the boot. And Samantha walks away without another word, which means she spoke a total of 3 sentences her whole time in the mansion. And now, let us be whisked away to South Dakota! SO fancy.
First one on one date. Goes to Becca! One of my tops. In fact, she pulls more into the lead every episode. A very chill date. Some horse riding. Some camp firing. Some Becca making fun of Farmer Chris' laugh - it is about time someone other than me notices he laughs like a freaking chipmunk! A kaboob that needed some meat in my husbands opinion and some really real conversation. Becca is so normal and I love it. They get to share their first kiss and Becca snags a rose.
Meanwhile, back at the mansion/hotel the girls confront Kelsey for all her crazy pills and broken hip to which she responds, "I get it. They hate me because I am smart and use big words." Wrong. Oh so wrong.
Group Date time. With a special appearance from Big & Rich! This date is all about singing and writing songs. The ladies spend the first bit writing songs to sing to Chris and watching Chris make out with Britt. As soon as that all wraps up - meaning the making out - you get to see Big & Rich hit on all the girls while helping them write their songs to sing. And then onto the song singing. Starting with Chris who is truly, truly terrible. Then one by one the ladies go - all decent - and then Cruise Singer Carly ROCKS it. Steals the shows and instantly all the girls wish they lived on a ship for the last year. After singing it is time to head to a cabinish and drink. And chat. And Chris can kiss everyone. Oh wait... and then he runs away with Britt? Yet - it can't be Chris' fault, he is an angel. It must be Britt and her lack of consideration for the women. But Britt gets a rose, a kiss, and a concert from Big & Rich with some stage time. And then when they come back to the girls Chris is confused why everyone is pissed. And this is the moment we truly realize how big of an idiot Prince Farming really is. Nearly everyone, starting with Chris, storms off in a different direction and tears are had. But wait. This episode gets better.
Enter the two on one date. To the Badlands. With crazy and crazier. Kardashley and Kelsey head off to meet Chris and Kelsey pretends Kardashley is not alive or even there, but she aint having any of that. First chance for one on one time she lets Farmer Chris know just how fake Kelsey is. And then what do you know? Chris proves himself to be an even bigger idiot by going and telling Kelsey what Kardashley said. Drama in the first 30 seconds. Kelsey storms back to join Kardashley on the desert bed - literally a bed in the desert - and stares. For probably 10 hours straight. Then follows with, "I know what you did." Awk.WArd. Then Kardashley storms back to Chris and says, "Why did you tell her!?" To which Chris responded, "She said it is because you are immature." And then sends her home. And as she starts crying I get worried that there are spiders crawling out of her eyes. Oh, nope. Mascara. And as she storms away in tears he goes to Kelsey. And she takes his "loss" as an opportunity to touch his chest, arm, and leg... well enjoy while you can. Because he is eliminating you next. And he did. He said, nope. No fit. Got in his helicopter. And flew away. Leaving Kardashley and Kelsey to battle in the Badlands for a ride home. Only one can survive.
Meanwhile back at the mansion the crew comes to take Kardashley's luggage first and all the girls are so sad. Because there goes the one person in the house they knew they could beat. Then a few minutes later they come and take Kelsey's luggage and the girls pop the bottles. Pull out the champagne. Ding dong the which is dead. Seriously. I have never seen such an elimination celebration in all my years.
Now normally this is where I would pick out my favorite cocktail dresses and share all my favorites. But at this point, ABC has totally screwed with my format by putting the rose ceremony at the beginning of next week's episode... reallly? So I will tell you this. My favorites still stand - Britt, Becca, and Whit. There are basically all great girls left - but some I love for reasons that dont mean matching with Chris. Basically I feel like they are all too good for a small town in Iowa. Sorry. Not sorry. What do you think? Who are your favorites? Are you ready for a DOUBLE whammy next week with two episodes on back to back nights? I know I am!

Weekday Wardrobe


Another week, another set of outfits. It looks like black bottoms were the thing this week making it into THREE of my outfits. Mostly that is due to the fact that I have been WAY too lazy to shave my legs and so pants and maxis are the only thing that are a good choice right now. But that is whatever...

Monday | Cardigan: Old Navy | Top: Luxy & Lyla | Leggings: Gap | Boots: JCPenny
Tuesday | Sweater: PinkBlush | Scarf: Soel | Pants: PinkBlush | Shoes: DSW
Wednesday | Top" Old Navy | Pants: PinkBlush | Socks: Forever21 | Boots: Macys
Thursday | Sweater: Gap | Top: SexyModest | Skirt: Gap | Shoes: Payless
Friday | Top: Pink Blush | Jeans: Gap | Shoes: DSW

Fashion Fits Everyone. Volume 51.


"When you are confident, you are beautiful. Period. And while confidence can certainly come from being fashionable, beauty is more than just the right clothing on the right person. People who are kind and generous, brilliant and brave will always be beautiful to me, regardless of what they wear or what they look like. Their goodness gives them confidence, and confidence is beautiful.
I get it, though; it’s hard sometimes to feel confident. I’ve been six feet tall since I was 13. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t self-conscious about my height. Plus my body has changed a lot over the last few years, and those changes have been hard to get used to. My weight has fluctuated dramatically between being pregnant (twice), giving birth (twice), nursing a baby for over a year (twice), dealing with postpartum depression, and taking various medications to address that. After my first baby my chest got bigger and my bum got smaller, which felt super weird. Now, almost four years later, my boobs have deflated, my hips and backside are growing, I’ve got a mama belly, and my hair—which used to be pretty curly—is almost entirely straight now. Often I scarcely recognize the girl in the mirror.
Still, I’m more confident in my style and happy with my body than I’ve ever been. Maybe it’s because I’m finally pinning down what colors, patterns, and cuts of clothing speak to me. Maybe it’s because the older I get the less I care what other people think. It certainly helps to have a husband and children who think I’m marvelous just the way I am!
I’ve found a few brands to which I am very loyal because they make tall sizes that work well with my body shape. There are a few styles that I consistently feel good in, such as fitted tops with A-line skirts, and I will always have a pair of my favorite straight-leg jeans. That said, I also like to play with proportions. Rolling cuffs, tucking things in, and layering different items can completely change the way an outfit looks on my body. I adore the look of cinched waists and full skirts, and I generally prefer a classic, well-tailored pieces to flowy, unstructured ones. Lately, however, I’ve been wearing a lot of loose woven tops and skinny jeans. They’re more comfortable for my current lifestyle and I feel good in them. I see no reason to set strict rules for my wardrobe. Like I said, playing with proportion and trying new things can be fun.
I guess that’s why I don’t think there’s one right way to dress for my body type. I find clothes that I feel good in and I wear them how I like, regardless of what figure-flattering priorities the style experts tell me I should have. I’m never going to have a thigh gap or magnificent cleavage, but that’s not going to stop me from wearing my favorite skinny jeans or a bathing suit I love.
Clothing shouldn’t prevent us from doing what we want. If I’m too worried about breaking an ankle in my heels, I’m not going to dance. If I’m self-conscious about my tummy in a bikini, I’m not going to have much fun at the beach. So my only style advice is this: wear what enables you to be your best self.
You don’t have to buy into trends you don't like, nor do you have to have a closet full of someone else’s “wardrobe staples.” (I don’t own a blazer OR a white button down shirt. So there.) Take inspiration from Pinterest or fashion week or blogs or the girl down the street, but don’t feel obligated to dress exactly that way.
More importantly, don’t get down on yourself for not being a certain size or feeling comfortable in a certain style. Fashion fits everyone, after all! If you don’t feel confident in your current clothing, experiment with different colors, cuts, and proportions. Explore some different styles until you find something that feels right for you. Wear clothing that makes you happy and that let you live your life the way you want to live it. When you do that, you’ll glow!"
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Female Role Models


I have been thinking about role models a lot lately. A few weeks ago I was speaking with my friend Meg Rowe at a pageant about different pageant systems and how she was handling people's comments as she moved from competing in the Miss America Organization to the Miss America Collegiate system. She said she didn't understand why people cared about how the women were making a difference, what organization they were with, or what title they had, and then she said something that stood out to me in one of the best ways possible, "There can never be too many positive female role models in the community." So it got me thinking... who are my role models? What women stand out to me as representatives of what I want to stand for?

And you know what I realized? I am really lucky. I have been blessed with so many strong women in my life. I have always stated my mother as my biggest role model. She has a giving heart and she is always ready to celebrate everyone's success. She motivates people to accomplish their goals through support and love. She was my very first female role model and has taught me to look for the best in so many people. Then there are all my pageant people - the board members, my sister titleholders, and the current contestants that I work with through volunteering. They are all working to promote service and scholarship. It is an organization full of caring, dedicated, and educated women. I have never seen a group of women so rooted in service and passion for their communities. I feel so blessed to be a part of the organization and to be surrounded by those women on a daily basis. And I have been blessed with amazing friends that all bring a different quality to the table that I wish I could emulate more - a gypsy spirit, drive, being rooted in the gospel, selflessness, creativity, independence, honesty, and education.... the list goes on and on. I am blessed with so many women role models in my own circles.

And then beyond my circles there are women who make a difference and motivate me through their actions. Taylor Swift is an incredible business woman. But beyond that she is giving of her time, her talents, and her energy. She connects with everyone she can and she makes an effort to be present in more than just the media. She is constantly looking way to serve her fans too. Coco Chanel has some of the best quotes for inspiring women to be the best and most classy version of themselves. That is something that I feel is so lost today, an inspiration to be classy and timeless rather than trendy. Alison Faulkner inspires me on a daily basis through her Instagram and blog to be a free spirit. To live my life and have fun while I am doing it. Michelle Money has motivated me to put my dreams into plans and make everything I want a reality. From hairdresser, to YouTube channel, to shop owner, and now talk show host - she has done it all and she keeps reaching for her next dream. She shows love and appreciation to her fans. And she always speaks her mind.

And as I sit here thinking about the women that have inspired my life, I realize what I want my legacy to be. Because who knows, maybe someday someone will look to me as a role model. I want to show everyone that honesty is always key, and being honest with yourself is part of that. Own up to your mistakes and correct them when you can. Be present in the lives of those around you and put effort into friendships and relationships. I hope to be a role model of support and love, just like my mother, to all those around me. I want to motivate people to be there best. I want people to remember me as kind. And I want people to look up to my humor - my honest, to the point humor. I want to be a reminder and a female role model of hard work, of support, of a listener, and of good laughs. Of something, of everything! Because the world can never have enough positive female role models. How do you hope to leave a positive impact on those you meet? What do you want your legacy to be?

Bachelor Season 19: Episode 5


Another week, another shot at love on The Bachelor in the Fields of Love. Last week's recap is still sitting there waiting if you want to go back, but seriously... you are falling behind. Okay. So I have come to a realization with The Bachelor... it isn't that I am always watching something else when it starts.. it is more that the 1st part is really so bored I do not remember a single bit of it. This week was about to be the same until I remembered they announced going to New Mexico. To which one sweet contestant started talking about how she has never been out of the country. Winner.
Onto the first date. It was a solo shindig for Miss Cruise Singer Carly. It was, without a doubt, the most awkward date I have ever seen. Starting with a love guru which turned into a sex doctor. And second by second the whole thing made me uncomfortable in my own home - shout out to ABC for being about to do that - it is like they brought the emotion right to me. And lucky for the whole world, it all ended when Carly announced she felt uncomfortable undressing Farmer Chris. Good for you Miss Carly. And Farmer Chris also said he felt awkward. Let's wrap this date up with dinner and a rose. All that one needs to know about this is that it was SO uncomfortable.
Next up. Group date. THE GROUP DATE! A white - brown? - water rapid trip. With only one girl falling in and one girl telling us to watch out for the alligators and dead bodies. Followed with a lunch and crazy Kelsey, so glad they replaced the crazy once the Onion girl got booted. And then off to a cocktail party which started before it even started with week 2 drunk Jordan showing up in the lobby completely sober saying she doesn't know how she let him slip away. Oh, I remember, she was drunk the whole time. That is how. But he brings her to the cocktail party anyway, why not!? And basically every one on one time during that date is talked about how Jordan is there. Princess Ashley LOOSES it and says  that all the girls should mean girl Jordan into leaving and Whitney sticks up for women all over the world by saying that is a ridiculous reaction. Drama, drama, drama. But Farmer Chris sends Jordan home because he realizes the tension and gives he rose to Whitney. Which also pisses Princess Ashley off - she just doesn't see them together - which leads to her being called out for just being mad because she doesn't like Whitney. So much crazy for just one room.
Last date goes to Britt. Who apparently doesn't shower and wears a full face of makeup to bed. Because when Farmer Chris woke her up at 4AM she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine. She is seriously the most perfect looking human. Also, nothing quite like being woken up at 4AM... by the man you have been kissing, kissing someone else. Awkward, sorry to the girls that had to be in that room. Britt and Farmer Chris take a hot air balloon ride with the sunrise. Which, when Britt got her date card Britt was in tears because of her fear of heights but as soon as she saw the balloon she was miraculously okay. After that they head back to Farmer Chris' room for chatting, room service, and a nap. And then Britt pisses all the girls off by telling him that she took a nap in his room. Apparently she is very insincere, but I still really like her.
While Britt is telling all the details Kelsey sneaks away to his room to tell him all about her husband's death... which was so awkward. She is emotional telling him and then uses it to get a kiss. And then it cuts to her interview in which she is ALL smiles talking about how wonderful and special her story is. And she loves her story. And I feel like that is a really unfortunate way to talk about your husband's death. Also, ABC made her look all sorts of nuts.
And then from there we head straight into the rose ceremony. Only... Chris starts with a talk about how high emotions are and how Kelsey coming to talk about her husband - whoops! Cat is outta the bag Kels - made this a lot more real. And he walks out of the room all high on emotions. All the girls are chatting about how they needed time and how they felt like it was important to talk to Chris. In fact, we hear Samantha talk for the very first time - besides the first night intro - in the whole season if I remember correctly. Kelsey also spends a lot of time showing how confident she is and talking about how someone is leaving and it will be sad that she has to say bye to them. Then Host Chris comes in and says no cocktail party - straight to the rose ceremony. Sheer. Panic. On everyone's face. And then Kelsey slips and breaks her hip... scratch that, I guess it is a panic attack. And that is where they leave us. Right there on the bathroom floor.
Best cocktail outfits that we just got to see from a couch were Becca - without a doubt the VERY best one, Kaitlyn, and Jade. Also, Britt looked killer in red, so her color. My favorites are still Becca, Britt, Whit, and Kaitlyn. Tonight's episode starts with a rose ceremony and hopefully a medic to fix Kelsey. So strange. Who are your favorites going into week six?

GNO Valentine's Day Look


The other day I was having a conversation with one of my friends about the upcoming holiday. It is always interesting to me to get other people's perspective on Valentine's Day - single or not single, everyone has an opinion on it. But someone that is single is always the best opinion to me, probably because I never had a Valentine until I met my husband. I had friends in high school that would wear all black on Valentine's Day because they didn't support the holiday. I also had friends that didn't give a hoot and would go all out. I like to think of something in between. Why not celebrate with your friends? And of course you can still dress up. This is where pink and bows is loved and appreciated.

Top: Aro & Company c/o
Bottoms: Target
Shoes: DSW

If you love this top as much as me I would suggest heading over to Aro & Company right now and using the code VALENTINE for 15% off your entire purchase form now until the 14th. Plus they have other great items for your Valentine's Day ensemble.

There is no reason to not celebrate Valentine's Day as a single lady or even as a married lady with her husband out of town - which I have experienced thanks to baseball season. And I feel like the best way to celebrate is to have a girl's night out with all your single ladies. All the single ladies, all the single ladies - a nice dinner and some cupcakes. One of the best Valentine's dates I have had. This top is perfect for a GNO celebration because it is something your girlfriends will totally get - guys, not so much. Bows and pink is a woman's realm. So get your favorite ladies, plan a night out on the town, and celebrate with the people you love. Just because you don't have a special one doesn't mean you can't celebrate with your special people.

Now that I have filled your head with different Valentine's looks, you will need something to wear them to. Do you know what you're plans are? Any ideas how you will want to dress?
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