GNO Valentine's Day Look


The other day I was having a conversation with one of my friends about the upcoming holiday. It is always interesting to me to get other people's perspective on Valentine's Day - single or not single, everyone has an opinion on it. But someone that is single is always the best opinion to me, probably because I never had a Valentine until I met my husband. I had friends in high school that would wear all black on Valentine's Day because they didn't support the holiday. I also had friends that didn't give a hoot and would go all out. I like to think of something in between. Why not celebrate with your friends? And of course you can still dress up. This is where pink and bows is loved and appreciated.

Top: Aro & Company c/o
Bottoms: Target
Shoes: DSW

If you love this top as much as me I would suggest heading over to Aro & Company right now and using the code VALENTINE for 15% off your entire purchase form now until the 14th. Plus they have other great items for your Valentine's Day ensemble.

There is no reason to not celebrate Valentine's Day as a single lady or even as a married lady with her husband out of town - which I have experienced thanks to baseball season. And I feel like the best way to celebrate is to have a girl's night out with all your single ladies. All the single ladies, all the single ladies - a nice dinner and some cupcakes. One of the best Valentine's dates I have had. This top is perfect for a GNO celebration because it is something your girlfriends will totally get - guys, not so much. Bows and pink is a woman's realm. So get your favorite ladies, plan a night out on the town, and celebrate with the people you love. Just because you don't have a special one doesn't mean you can't celebrate with your special people.

Now that I have filled your head with different Valentine's looks, you will need something to wear them to. Do you know what you're plans are? Any ideas how you will want to dress?
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