Tee Shirt Shift Dress-ed Down


Tee shirt dresses are my new favorite. The reason being? They are incredibly comfortable and I can wear them all day without regretting putting it on halfway through. You know what I am talking about, right? When you put something on that you love and then about halfway through the day you realize it was a mistake and you with you hadn't thrown that on for the long day you have ahead of you. Maybe that is just me - it usually happens when I wear a pencil skirt or pants. Something about the constriction of it all... but whatever. Tee shirt dresses.

The one tricky thing with tee shirt shift dresses is finding one of excellent quality. So often they end up being really light, but also super see through. Which I am not a fan of. I don't want to feel like I have to wear a slip or an undershirt with a tee dress just to keep my privates private. So when I go tee shirt shift dress hunting I always look for a high quality one with a good material. I have finally found not just one - but TWO amazingly made tee shirt shift dresses. And I am sharing it in two versions - a dressed up and a dressed down, because we all know how I like versatile clothing. Today I am starting with the dressed down version.

Dress: Shabby Apple
Chambray: Downeast
Sneakers: Converse Outlet

The one bummer deal about shift dresses is that sometimes they take away all the shape we have and make you look more boxy. Take away my shape and take away any height without heels, I needed to create some shape back into the outfit. So I started this look by tying a chambray around my waistline for a little body definition. I am a huge chambray fan - because they are the perfect item to change the look and feel of an outfit while also being functional if for some reason - and in Idaho it always happens - the weather changes mid outing. Since I was going the dressed down route with this one I decided to go not only with flats over heels, but sneaks over ballet flats. And there you have it! A Shabby Apple fave dressed down for a day of errands and appointments. Make sure to swing by tomorrow to see another tee shirt shift dress styled in a more dressy way!
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