A Bad Equation


Remember this guy?
If you don't...
That is my husband.
He usually makes an appearance once a week and is in most my posts.
But lately he hasn't been.
Because it is baseball season.
Well he has been gone for the last week.
Doing this.

And he was supposed to come home for the weekend.
For the home opener
But now he isn't.
Because of this.

Now he will be playing here.

In St. Geezy.
Where it is 70 degrees.
And not only that. The double header was supposed to be Saturday.
But now it is Friday.
And Adam will be pitching right during one of my events.
So can you guess how I feel?
Like this.

But maybe I will sneak a trip down after work.
Because 70 degrees does not sound that bad.
Just remember Snow + Baseball = NOTHING. It will never work.
So Provo, if you could kindly quit snowing.
Not just for me, but for everyone, and baseball.
Do you wish it would quit snowing? Or are you loving it?
What is the weather like in your parts?
Are you looking forward to warm weather?


One Day More Flash Mob


Remember how my bestie got married? A little background on the happy couple. They met doing a play. They were in Oliver and played the male/female counterparts. As long as I can remember Sarah has been doing plays, her whole family has for that matter. And Uriah's family is incredibly musically talented as well. So it seemed fitting for Uriah's wedding surprise to be a musical theater flashmob. I really wish you were all there, it was so moving and powerful. And I cried. More than I should have. But here is the video.
As more filmings appear and they piece it all together.... I will probably share it again. It was honestly amazing. It was all made up of Uriah and Sarah's family members. The one that really kicked the tears into high gear was Sarah's father. Incredible. Remember? I cry a lot. What is inspiring to you? Do you cry when something just gives you chills?


Marriage Advice from a Newlywed


After a months of dating and a quick engagement. Adam and I tied the knot.
We got married this summer and we spend a lot of time learning...
about marriage, about cleaning, about laughing.

In the short time we have been married we have learned a lot. We have grown up. We have lived. We have explored. We have had trials. We might be newlyweds still and we might be young, but we are as happy as the day we met and we are more in love than ever. A lot of people wonder how. But it is simple.

1. We never avoid talking about one another's short-comings. That might seem like a strange concept. Why would we so openly discuss each other flaws? It is because we support each other. I want Adam to succeed and he wants me to succeed. If something is not going right we talk about it, we figure out a plan to improve, and we give each other honest feedback. We want to grow together and we want to grow individually.

2. We share chores. There isn't "Adam's jobs and Deidre's jobs". We tackle things together. That way someone isn't always to blame for the dishes not getting done. And we aren't pushed into a stereotype of tasks. Although, we do make deals, "If you do the dishes, I will clean everything else in the house." And those are fun. Because if Adam doesn't do the dishes. I don't have to clean!

3. We always eat dinner together. It is a good time to sit together and just chat. Even if I have to snack a little and not each as much at dinner time after his classes and practice. We can regroup. And discuss each other's day. And be involved.

4. We openly discuss budgets. We don't pretend we have more money than is in the bank. We set budgets early, so if last minute a friend invites us to dinner we know ahead of time if we can say yes or no. And even if we know ahead of time that we have money, we always ask one another before swiping the credit card if the purchase is over $10. Seems like a small amount, but I know we will never be in debt by trying to keep up with the Jones.

5. We always make time for each other. We are both busy people. Adam is a full time student athlete and I have a full time job. Sometime we get so caught up in our own tasks we forget we need time as a couple. We have started doing our own tasks in the same room. Adam will do homework and I will sit by him blogging. Adam will watch MLB on the computer while I watch my show on Netflix. We don't have to be doing the same thing to be together.

6. We always take the time to compliment one another. A few months into our marriage we started noticing that we weren't saying I love you, or thank you, or other kind things as often. It was fine, but it wasn't fine. We both have a similar love language, words of affirmation. So we made saying those words fun for us. We have a traveling journal. I write something nice or appreciative and hide it in the house. He finds it and then it is his turn. It makes the words more meaningful than just to constantly repeat it.

7. We laugh. Because that can heal a lot. We make jokes. We make funny faces. We try to keep the mood light.

8. We take time to learn about each others passions. Adam plays baseball, and I am learning ever single detail of it. And it is quickly becoming my favorite sport. I used to compete in pageants and now I volunteer, so Adam has taken the time to learn about them. Now they aren't just "his hobby" and "her hobby" it is part of our relationship.

9. We go on a date weekly. We are married, not dead! Having fun and making memories is just as important now as it was when we were just dating.

10. And last of all, we always put the other's comfort and concern first. If you are always putting your partner's comfort and concern first you will never have a selfish moment. You will be looking for something to do for your partner and you partner will always be looking for something to do for you. The selfish moments are what can kill a relationship. The constant care for the one another are what strengthens it.

Like I said. Adam and I have had trials. We have grown up. We have learned a lot. And I am in no way a marriage expert. I am just learning to take care of myself let alone a husband.I am not saying these things are foul proof, but they have been important to our marriage. Learning and growing together takes time. But that is what marriage is about. We are in love. And we love sharing that with everyone around us.


My Best Friend's Wedding.


Remember last weekend when I threw a shower? Well this weekend was the wedding. My best friend's wedding. But it wasn't a bummer deal like in the movie. Because. First, I am already married to the man of my dreams and so happy and in love. And second, my best friend is a girl and I like men... which is why I married one. But the wedding was SO perfect. And Sarah and Uriah looked amazing and happy. And everything just fit them and who they are. Here it all is summed up from instagram #uriahandsarah.
Cute right? When I was helping set up Sarah said, "I want it to look like a gypsy robbed a palace and put it all on display for her guests at this party." And she wanted the hair of her bridesmaids and herself to "look like we had just returned from a week in the wilderness." Well. Sarah. Here is to your gypsy's wilderness wedding. Love you dearly. I've never seen you so happy. 


Don't Let Them Take Your Sparkle.


I really wanted to have something good to say.
But after reading all those Bachelor recaps.
This is all I have for you.

Bridal Shower: A Portrait.


This past weekend I went home for three reasons. First. Adam was in Texas and being home alone is boring. Second. My Dad is in North Dakota for work and so my Mom was home alone, which again I say, being home alone is boring. And third, my best friend is to be wed and so my Mom and I threw her a bridal shower. About six months ago she was throwing my shower, so I was honored to throw her one now! Sarah has always been a huge part of my life. We grew up going to church, doing show choir, pretending to be twins, going to the mall every weekend in elementary school, and making ridiculous prank phone calls. We did almost everything together. And. We are were insane when we were together. So much laughter and too many memories to count. I am so happy that she has found a man that will treat her right. A man that loves her to the end of the earth. That would do anything for her. A man that is perfect for her. And she perfect for him. Sarah deserves the very best and she has found it in Uriah.

Sadly... The majority of my pictures look like a drawing. Because I didn't realize my parents' camera was set to "sketch".... what the what? Who knew cameras even had that setting?! So first you will see the bride to be and myself and the one photo I took on a regular setting. And then you will see what I like to call, "Bridal Shower: A Portrait."

We had a hot chocolate bar, french toast casserole (made by our youth group leader from when we were 12... it was BOMB), and fruit. Oh and bacon. Never forget the bacon. I am so excited to go home again this weekend for her wedding. She will be a beautiful bride. And you can look forward to hearing all about her wedding. Oh. And also. If you know how to work a camera, go ahead and let me know... because... I need some help. CLEARLY.


"...without me actually being there."


As I woke up to get ready for work and Adam woke up to pack for his trip to Texas he said to me, "This will be the best Valentine's Day you could possibly have without me ACTUALLY being there." A long hug and a quick kiss and I was on my way to work. My first thought? Baseball season sucks. My second thought. It doesn't actually suck but it sucks they are travelling on our first married Valentines Day. About an hour into work I get a text from Adam, "Hey... What do you want from Einstein Bagels?" Awesome. I love bagels. He came to my work to eat with me before he had to hurry to catch the bus. About an hour later I came back to my office from a meeting to find flowers and chocolates on my desk. Honestly, some of the best smelling flowers EVER. About 30 minutes later I get an email saying I have a massage scheduled at 7:00 PM. AWESOME. And then after text in between flights and whatnot I go home to find the sweetest note that brought my to tears on my pillow.

Food and flowers. Adam knows me so well.

And he was right. It was the best I could have had without him actually being there. Plus. After the massage I had a dinner date with my good pal Dani to teach her how to grill a chicken breast without turning it into some nasty tasting rubber thing. And Dani always equals a good time. So thanks to my Valentine Adam for making the day so special while you were gone and thanks to Dani for filling in. I sure do appreciate ya.


A Pre-Valentines Valentine.


Baseball season started last week. Which means Adam was down in Texas over the weekend. Which also means they had to be traveling on Valentine's. So we celebrated a day early. Which after talking to a lot of friends, it seems pretty common to move the celebration to a different day. Either way. It was great. And I loved our simple evening out. 

We went to La Jolla Grove for dinner. Adam had never been there, even though I tried to get him to take me there for Valentine's Day last year. Apparently he didn't pick up on those hints. It was an "order what you want" night since it was a celebration and Adam would be leaving for 4 days. I ordered the raspberry lemonade and it was SO good. And we shared the stuffed mushrooms appetizer  which was surprisingly incredible. Who knew someone could make mushrooms taste that good? For entrees I had the salmon and Adam had the chicken stuffed crepes. And now as I am typing all this... do you even care what we had? Haha. Either way. After that we walked around Riverwoods, spent some time in Provo Beach Resort, tried to shop but nothing looked awesome, and ended the night with a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory crack apple... because, if you didn't know, it is a special place in our history. After that we headed home to play scrabble, watch The Office, and Adam opened his gifts. A Dateviation love coupon book, Mega Stuf Oreos, and three tubs of Dubble Bubble for his baseball season. I didn't get my gifts until the next day, so you have to wait a day to hear about it too!


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My Valentine.


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! It is a day of love and friendship. Whether you have a valentine or not make sure to share your love with those around you. Call your parents. Tell your roommates you appreciate them. Give a call to your best friend from home. To all my readers, friends, and family, thank you for making this blog a success and for sharing in my life! Love and appreciate you all. Here is to the man I love, Skinny Mill. Adam. Thank you for being the best man out there, for being far better than what I could have hoped for, and for making me smile every single day. Here is to eternity and many more Valentine's Days to come. Love you.

The Glucose Test


Last week I posted this on Instagram (@lovetheskinnys)... 

What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Yeah. YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE! This is what my phone looked like for the next... 3-4 hours. I am giving you a small compilation...

Easy Chocolate Caramel Brownies || Recipe


It is a Saturday afternoon and your husband texts you, "Drew invited us over for (fill in the blank) tomorrow." In our case. It was the Super Bowl. And Adam didn't text. He told me when he got home at 7 PM from his baseball trip to St. George. "Great! We should probably take something, yeah?" But... I was tired and Adam had homework. And we didn't really want to make something from scratch. So we went to the store to figure out what we could buy.... what box mix? Brownies. But not just any brownies. Ghirardelli with a twist.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Caramel Brownies

One box mix Ghirardelli brownies
One bag Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Squares
One egg
1/4 cup water
1/3 cup oil

8" x 8" pan and something to grease it

Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Mix together brownie mix, egg, oil, and water.

Oh Pope.


And that sums up my day.

Love- Deidre

Go Red For Women


Did you know that it is Heart Health Awareness Month? Here are some facts about heart disease in women.

"Do you know what causes heart disease in women? What about the survival rate? Or whether women of all ethnicities share the same risk? The fact is: Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That’s approximately one woman every minute! But it doesn’t affect all women alike, and the warning signs for women aren’t the same in men. What’s more: These facts only begin to scratch the surface.

There are a several misconceptions about heart disease in women, and they could be putting you at risk. The American Heart Association’s Go Red For Women movement advocates for more research and swifter action for women’s heart health for this very reason. In this section, we’ll arm you with the facts and dispel some myths – because the truth can no longer be ignored."
In honor of this cause, I participated in National Wear Red Day! And what better way than with some red pants... and at night red lips! But that part isn't pictured.

Let's Talk Vlog || Movies


Hey everyone! Welcome to the Let's Talk Vlog series that I am so lucky to co-host this week! Hayley of Hayley's World and Maribel of Stroller Adventures were kind enough to let me join in the fun and let me pick the topic! We're all happy to have you joining in the fun! Please link up your posts at the bottom and make sure to check out the other videos, make some friends, leave them a nice comment so they know you were there.

Please place the Let's Talk button in your post too!

Hayley's World

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[CLOSED] iPhones and All Their Glory || Giveaway

Adam's baseball team is full of a bunch of guys with Apple products. And with those Apple products come apps. And with those apps come an addiction. Okay... not always addiction. But this time. Yeah. It is a serious problem. Does the app Clash of the Clans ring a bell? If not. You must not have any friends under 30 with an iPhone or iPad. Which is not a bad thing.

So over the last month or so Adam has had a lot of stories about Clash of the Clans. "So and so has this huge clan with his brother and everyone wants to be in it." Then there is, "So and so deleted the app because he got kicked out of said clan, and now that guy won't let any of our teammates in!" Or, "So and so buys all his green gems... that is how the app gets money!" And of course, "You should download Clash of the Clans for me to play! Please, please, please?" So I caved. I downloaded Clash of the Clans. And now I'm playing it too. I just joined a clan with Adam and my brother. I was really worried we would turn into all those boys Adam plays baseball with... and for the first day or so we were. At night all we talked about was attacking and elixir and what we were building. But now we are both back to our old ways. Which means Adam is back on MLB and I am back to One Tree Hill. But speaking of iPhones... my friends Sierra is here to give away on iPhone 5 cover to you today!

Hello dear blogging world!
My name is Sierra and I blog over at Oh, Just Living the Dream. 
Today, I have the wonderful opportunity to be giving away an adorable Iphone 5 Cover from Cath Kidston. 
I personally have this phone cover on my poor Iphone 4 (yes, I'm not as classy as all of you Iphone FIVE people) and I get compliments on it at least everyday. No joke. It is very feminine, but not to the point where it's tacky. 
The specific phone cover that is being given away is pictured in the photo below! Isn't it adorable?

Good luck :) Your phone is gonna look suh-weet. 
Unfortunately, this is not a present you will want to give to your husband for Valentine's Day, ya know? Haha. 
Let's not waste anymore time---enter away! 

PS... US followers only, please. Sorry! 

Mr. Wright & I || Spotlight


Well. It is time for me to introduce you to someone very special. She is so adorable. She bakes like a boss. She has the cutest little family you will ever see. And she is new to the blogger world. So read a little bit about her here and then go give her LOTS and lots of love. Okay?
Hi there! I’m Ashley and I blog over at Mr. Wright & I. Basically, I’m an overly-obsessed first time mom who thinks anything and everything her cute baby does is, well, cute. You get the idea? Just in case you want to know a little more about me, here are some fun facts…

One: I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints. (aka: I’m a Mormon) My family and I have found that happiness comes from trusting in our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. I know I am a daughter of God and He knows me personally and loves me. Nothing brings me more joy than having that knowledge.

Two: I am married to the most amazing man in the whole entire world! We were married in the Logan, UT LDS Temple on August 19th 2011 and have been living a fairy tale ever since.

Three: I have so far been blessed with one beautiful daughter. Staying at home, playing with her and watching her grow and develop has brought me such happiness! Being a mother is my passion!

Four: I have a not so secret obsession with Diet Coke. Some may call it an addiction, but IT’S NOT! I promise I can stop any time! (I just don’t want to...)

Five: I have always had blonde hair with occasional highlights thrown in. But what some people may not know is I secretly want to dye my hair brown. I’m just a little bit chicken.

Six: I will be a college graduate in 1,788 hours. {Or you can just think of it as 74 days!} My degree is in Child Development and with that degree; I’m going to be a mom. J

Seven: The proudest moment of my week was when my sweet, innocent, constipated little girl finally pooped. Not once, not twice, but THREE times! Guess who isn't constipated anymore!?! Take that constipation! (TMI?)

Eight: When I was younger, I was obsessed with Hippopotamuses. I can't count how many hippo stuffed animals I collected and even gave a report in 5th grade all about hippos. Thus, my favorite Christmas song is "I want a hippopotamus for Christmas" Don't know what I'm talking about? Find it here! (you wont regret it.)

Nine: I am not a very experienced traveler, except maybe when I'm playing the game ticket to ride. (I pretty good at that game.) However, my dream vacation within the United States is to go to New York and go see Hairspray on Broadway.{Oh I might cry just thinking about how wonderful that would be.} and my dream vacation outside the United States is Ireland. Isn't Ireland the most beautiful country you ever seen? I mean, I haven't seen it, but in movies it looks REAL pretty. 

Ten: All growing up I HATED Chinese food and tomatoes  I wouldn't try them if you paid me. Then one day, my taste buds grew up and Chinese food is the most heavenly thing you can put in your mouth! {But tomatoes are still nasty}

And there you have it folks. Ten things you may or may not know about me... Now Come over to my blog and say hi. I love meeting new people!

Workday Wardrobe || Week 3


This outfit looked a lot better in person than it does in this picture... so that is sad. Black flowy top (H&M) paired with my greyishtan skirt (Downeast Basics) and my new Christmas necklace (Boehm). This has been one of Adam's favorite outfits and I got a lot of compliments at work. Clearly this photo does no justice.

This outfit is brought to you by my mother. Because she picked it all out... besides the scarf. I replaced her scarf with my own, because frankly I didn't know how to wear the one she bought. Tan wide legged pants (Old Navy), orange sweater for some color (Loft), and my favorite animal print scarf (Soel). All finished off with the shoes of the month, nude pumps from Target.

The favorite outfit of the week. This outfit got the most love on instagram (@lovetheskinnys). I think mostly because everyone loves that mint pleated skirt (Soel). Paired with a simple patterned shirt (Forever21) and a hand-me-down braided belt from Mom's closet. Nude pumps (Target).

Taking it back to business with a mock little black dress made from a black basic tee (DowneastBasics) and a Halogen high waist pencil skirt (Nordstom). A belt to make it seamless (Target) and a blazer (Forever21) to bring the business. Two toned shoes (TJ Maxx) and a yellow and crystal necklace (Chicos) for flair.

I wasn't feeling well so this outfit was for comfort. A green maxi (Gap) with a basic black tee (SexyModest). Throw on a cardigan for warmth (Target) and... the first time I have ever worn flats at work... the silver bow flats which are hand me downs from Mom.

So there you have it. This week's outfits in a nutshell. I am debating to share them on Instagram or just in the post. Any preferences from you guys? Also. Any outfits or ideas you are looking for? What do you wear to work?


P.S. Look forward to a guest post and giveaway tomorrow!

Dance, Dance


I had all sorts of ideas of what I wanted to blog today. But alas, I started taking medicine on Monday and it has been making me very sick. So every night I just want to go home and lay down. So to make up for a lack of a post today. Here are a bunch of photos. From my dance years. Because I have been craving dance classes and my Stargazer Dance Team.

I hated this costume. Like really hated it. The leggings were plastic and made me really sweaty (TMI? Too bad.) And I "hated" pink when I was at this age. Also. I was in 5th grade. Who wear giant bows in 5th grade. So not cool. Although. Now. I realize how awesome that fringe vest really is and since it still fits me, I have worn it 80s dancing on 3 different occasions. Oh. And to make a music video.

These next two are from my cuter year. When we got sparkly little outfits with awesome headpieces and tutus. And when you are this little, everything is so cute and you just love being on stage. I'm right of the girl kneeling. Clearly I was a little thrown off.

See. Another awesome headpiece. Great tutu. Looking snazzy. This one was for Broadway Banana. I remember that distinctly  Also. I remember you shouldn't learn the banana walk and sugars on the same day. Willa Dean was having a heck of a time separating the two.

If you can't guess from this costume. The dance title was "Color Everywhere". Of course, what better way to match a song to a costume than by adding the rainbow. Also. Sequins under the armpits? Itchy. 

Can you guess what this dance number was? Nope? Okay. "Raining Men". We also had yellow umbrellas with tinsel coming off the end. Simply put. Favorite costume EVER. Favorite dance from childhood.

I don't remember why we had on wings and halo. But I do remember we would switch this white skirt out for a lime green one and add a hat for "Locomotion". Also. The two girls next to me, Hayley and Liz, were my best dance friends growing up. We would carpool together every class and hang out at someone's house from after school until carpool time.

This costume was a multi-use costume. Put the skirt on and add a silver spoon full of glitter? Spoon full of sugar. Take the skirt off and just wear the spandex shorts. You've got another costume. My Mom had requested I take the bandaids off my arm, but I refused. And now I will forever be wearing Minni Mouse bandaids.

And last but not least. Swing the Mood. Which we did two years in a row. It had 4 classes in it. It was 5 minutes long. And it was a tap dance. But it sure won us a lot of trophies. And... I still remember the majority of it. Because it was that awesome.
So there you have it. Dance costumes from my childhood. And me from my childhood. That red costume from when I was little is still one of the favorites. Did you do any fun activities growing up? Do you still have all your old costumes in a closet at home? Or is that just me?


P.S. The winner of the Datevitation giveaway is Jenni Taylor! Email me in the next 24 hours or a different winner will be picked.

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